Home depot window complaints and cost, prices and warranty

Home Depot Window Complaints – What’s wrong with Home Depot?

The process of buying new windows can seem complicated. Sometimes people think it would just be easier to order windows from a store they know, like Home Depot. If you’re thinking about going this route you should understand what causes Home Depot window complaints so you can avoid ending up an unhappy customer.

Home Depot is obviously a huge company. They’re in almost every town all over the country. They carry all sorts of home products so you might think they’d be a great place to order windows. In my humble opinion you’d be wrong.

You see they’re a retailer, just like a Wal-Mart or Costco or another big store. That’s a completely different business than being a window installer. In fact, Home Depot isn’t really a window installer at all. If you order windows from them they’ll hire someone else to install your windows. Will that person be a good person to work with? I don’t know and you don’t know either.

Home depot window complaints and prices and warranty

Are Home Depot window installations bad?

Not necessarily, but it’s a risk. I’d suggest it’s a risk that’s not really worth taking. While it’s true that there’s a Home Depot in almost every town, there’s also likely a great window company in every town too.

Why hire a box store to do a job they don’t really specialize in instead of a company that focuses on windows every day? I’d suggest that it doesn’t really make any sense to do that. There are plenty of great window companies that are full of people who work on windows every single day.

You see Home Depot will still send over a commissioned salesperson, they’ll still try to get you to place the order. They’re not making the windows, rather they’re buying them from one company, marking them up and selling them to you.

There’s really nothing special that you get from Home Depot and there are a few downsides. The subcontracted installations are one factor that can lead to Home Depot window complaints, but they’re not the only factor.

Are the windows Home Depot offers any good?

They’re not great. In most markets it seems that Home Depot offers windows from Simonton. You can find our reviews of Simonton windows here.

Simonton makes several product lines, just like most window manufacturers. They use a special model number for windows sold through Home Depot. Usually it’s Simonton 6500 but that can change.

The windows are fine, but they’ll have higher air infiltration rates than many other options. That means they’ll let in more light when closed and locked. They’ll also use thicker frames that block more light which is not ideal.

Why isn’t Home Depot great at windows?

I can only guess it’s because selling home services has never been a huge focus for them. They could very easily be a real force in this industry as they have enormous scale, but they’ve never really been able to take advantage of that scale.

I guess it’s good for me and most owners of window companies that Home Depot has not figured out the window business. Maybe one day they’ll buy my company and we’ll leverage their scale to take over the industry. Until then, I’d look elsewhere if you’re looking for new windows.

So, how should I decide who to work with?

The window business is challenging, that’s for sure. Every company says they’re the best and they all say that everyone else is horrible. It can feel difficult to navigate, but luckily it’s really not that hard.

I always suggest starting with a company with a good reputation and a solid track record. Then listed to what they have to suggest. Ask any questions about it, ask about options both more expensive and less expensive. When you feel like they’re offering a reasonable value that fits your needs you should buy it.

It is not a good idea to fall in love with a window brand before yo’ve found someone to install them. That said, you can find the best window reviews on the internet right here.

To try to help in that regard we’ve compiled a list of great companies all over the country. We may not know anyone in your neighborhood yet but it doesn’t’ hurt to ask. You can find our list of the best replacement window companies right here.

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7 responses to “Home Depot Window Complaints – What’s wrong with Home Depot?”

  1. Steve Butler Avatar
    Steve Butler

    Please get my comments to Home Depot and share this story as they don’t seem to allow google reviews.
    Steve B. -Salem Oregon
    Home Depot Windows and window installation team was absolute garbage. We ordered the higher end version of the Simonton Windows with the installation being provided by Home Depot. A total of 19 windows were being replaced during our home remodel. The original order and contract was Feb of 2021 with a deliver date of March 2021. Our windows didn’t arrive until June of 2021 pushing our construction remodel way past our original completion date with our GC. When the windows did arrive with the installation Team we learned they were a subcontractor “Not Home Depot Service Employees” as promised. I questioned the installation of the windows several times since they did not arrive with the installation nailing flange as was ordered. They indicated everything was fine and not to worry. However once they were complete and my GC returned to finish the siding we learned the windows were installed incorrectly according to my GC. So he had to reinstall all the windows using correct flashing material prior to his team installing the siding on the house. We had 3 windows with damaged sashes and 1 window exterior pain was broke on arrival. Its now October and we still cant get them back on site for the replacements and repairs. On top of that we had to pay for all the windows and installation in advance since we were using our Home Depot credit card. My recommendation is use a quality manufacturer and one of there licensed representative companies that professionally provides window’s and their installation as there primary business function. Don’t use a big box store.

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Steve, I’m sorry to hear about your trouble with Home Depot and Simonton windows.

    2. Hunter Avatar

      Home Depot has zero control over the timeline of the window being produced, that’s on the manufacturer and as of today it’s taking 4-5 months to get windows in from any reputable manufacturer. All Pro Services offered by any Home Depot or Lowe’s are subcontracted out to local General Contractors, this is across the board.

  2. Margaret Bowes Avatar
    Margaret Bowes

    Ordered a 36”x 60” window from H.D. Salesman came to our home. He then said a fella would come in a few days to measure. At that point I told him there is nothing to measure. I have to cut out the section of the house and frame it. All I need is the rough in measurement. So, 3 days later who shows up. I ask him just give me the numbers and I will build it. The window will not be ready for 8 to 13 weeks according to the salesman. Now the measurement guy said oh no it will be only 3 weeks. So now I’ve got to get my butt moving. Well, it’s been 12 weeks now. Guess who calls. The salesman. Now he wants to measure. Then tells me the window will be ordered now. Huh? You mean I have to wait 13 weeks. Yes. Now trying to get my down payment back. Now looking at the cancellation form the dates were change

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Sorry to hear about your trouble. Buying windows from a box store is not always as easy as people tend to think. I’ll be curious to hear if they’ll let you cancel the order.

  3. Steven Avatar

    “Why hire a box store to do a job they don’t really specialize in instead of a company that focuses on windows every day?”

    Hmmm? Did you know that Home Depot is the largest installer of windows in North America? Bigger than all of the other window installation companies combined. Seems to me they have a LOT of experience!

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Steven, where’d you get that info? I would be skeptical of that claim, but you’re certainly free to hire anyone you’d like for your project.

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