Buy 2 Get 1 Free Replacement Window Sale!

buy 2 get 1 free replacement windows

We see ads like this running all over the country.  Sometimes it’s a buy 2 get 1, sometimes it’s buy 3 get 1 or even buy 5 get 1.  Maybe some discount levels seem more plausible to folks which is why they would vary the amount.  While that would be an interesting psychology experiment, it’s a silly way to shop for replacement windows.

If you remember anything from this site, remember that nothing in the window business changes every day or every week or every month.  If the company charges prices that are high enough to allow them to run a buy 2 get 1 free sale then they were charging people way too much before that sale started.  Do you want to work with a company that charges folks way more than they need to?  I hope not.

Ads like this are designed to instill a sense of urgency.  To reinforce the idea that you’d better buy now or you’ll miss the boat on this great deal.  We know you’ll see ads like this for shoes or pizzas, but replacement windows are a different animal.  Notice the great pizza ad at the top of the page, makes me hungry.

Consider that you’ll buy windows for your home once.  They’ll likely last 30 years or more and the typical contract price will be $7,000 or so.  That makes windows different than a pizza.  The proprietor of the local pizza shop may offer a real sale that will eat into his profits on the order because he knows you’ll be impressed with his work and you’ll come back for more.

If the window company does a great job your windows will be done and you won’t be coming back for any more.  Sure you may tell your friends or you may order something else in the future, but if you do you’ll just tell them about the great sale and they’ll never buy at full price.

Here’s how this really works.  Many window companies will operate on hugely inflated starting prices.  They call these list prices.  For a typical vinyl window they’ll tell you the list price is around $1,200 – $1,500.  Then when they come to give you your quote they’ll say, “sure if you buy 2 at list price you get one free.”

We’ll do the math for you.  That’s 2 windows at $1,200 each so $2,400 and they’ll give you another free.  They’ll be installing 3 windows for $2,400 or $800 per window.  That’s a horrible deal.

All of the sudden your fantastic savings has turned into a pretty bad deal, but they’re not done.  You’ll soon hear about their appointment saver discounts or time management discounts which are designed to push you into signing up on the spot.  Now if you don’t buy today you’ll lose the appointment saver discount and the buy 2 get 1 free sale ends tomorrow.  You wouldn’t want to let those savings get away would you?

C’mon, this is one of the silliest tricks in the book, but companies use it every day.  We know, you’re probably saying. “oh I would never fall for that”.  We know, everyone says that, but these companies do millions of dollars in business every year.  Someone is falling for it every single day.  Don’t let it be you!

You can find more info on replacement window sales scams and our in-depth reviews of replacement windows here.

If you have a copy of an ad showing a discount like this we’d appreciate it if you can send it over.  We’ll be posting them as example for folks.

Have fun!

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25 thoughts on “Buy 2 Get 1 Free Replacement Window Sale!”

  1. Johanna Brinkman says:

    I am finding my way through the arduous process of replacing our home windows. I stumbled upon your site and now rely on it for information. Thank you for clarifying my choices and offering such transparency to the window industry.
    I would love to use your company but, ironically, I just moved from the Akron, Ohio are to the Atlanta area and you don’t have a presence here.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Glad you’re finding the site to be helpful Our company doesn’t have an office in Atlanta, but I do know of a great window company in Atlanta. Give Don a ring, I’m sure he can help out. Good luck with the project and be sure to let us know how it goes!

  2. Linda Roberts says:

    I own a 1930 Craftsman house with 32 windows which are drafty and cold and need to be replaced. Could you recommend a trust- worthy company for the purchase and installation of them in my area of Ravenna, Ohio? Thank you.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Have you tried my good friends at Window Universe in your neck of the woods? They’re in Cleveland and Akron which look to be pretty close to Ravenna. Give them a ring, here’s their info.

  3. Linda Roberts says:

    I have an appt next week with them.
    I don’t understand:
    “There is a new comment to Buy 2 Get 1 Free Replacement Window Sale!.”
    Is this a good thing? Do you endorse it?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I don’t typically endorse cheesy sales gimmicks like a “buy 2 get 1 free” or a “half off installation”. Companies that advertise like that are typically the higher priced companies even after their fantastic sale. I’m sure the folks at Window Universe in Ohio will be able to help you out.

  4. I am looking for a good window supplier for both replacement & new construction in or near El Campo, Texas. Do you know of any?

  5. I need 3 residential windows installed. Do you know of a good company in Memphis, Tn.?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Sorry, I don’t know anyone in Memphis. Did you find a great company yet?

  6. Window Dog, you stated “We’ll do the math for you. That’s 2 windows at $1,200 each so $2,400 and they’ll give you another free. They’ll be installing 3 windows for $2,400 or $800 per window. That’s a horrible deal.”

    So, do you think $800 per window installed is too much for good quality vinyl windows? I had assumed that I would probably end up paying $750 to $800 per window but the quote above makes me think that I can get good quality vinyl windows installed for a more reasonable price.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of a project, but in general it is definitely possible to get nice replacement windows installed for less than $800 each. What’s your zip code? I may know someone to recommend.


        My zip is 21403. Please let me know if you have a recommendation.

        1. thewindowdog says:

          Hi Stephanie, my company can help you with an order in MD if you’d like. You can fill out the form on this page and I’ll keep any eye out for your request to help you out myself. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help!

      2. Gregory S Attaway says:

        Who would you recommend in the 29680 area (near Greenville, SC)?

        1. thewindowdog says:

          You know, I don’t really know replacement window companies to recommend in SC, but we do get a lot of requests. If you find a great window company just let us know, you’re not the only one looking!

  7. Leo Sterger says:

    I want to replace all our windows in our house with Hurricane rated glass, I live in the Tampa, Florida area …who can you recommend?

  8. Brian Gross says:

    I have determined that he U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient give an objective comparison (apples to apples) Widows with the same ratings are the same window, It does not matter what they are made of (vinyl or fiberglass) they produce the same results. It is like shopping for a car. If one dealer will sell you a Ford Mustang for $28K and another dealer will sell you the same Mustang for $30K, which Mustang will you buy? The cheaper one.

    I just had Champion Windows offer to sell me 18 windows for $20K. Their numbers were 2% better than Marvin Integrity and Window World windows. Marvin’s price is $15K and Window World’s is $9K. Why would I choose anything other than Window World?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      You’re absolutely right that a lot of factors can be easily quantified. If a window is more efficient it has a lower U-Factor and if it’s less efficient it has a higher U-Factor and it doesn’t much matter how long the salesman talks about foam or glass or heat lamps or anything else.

      On the other hand you’re not just buying the efficiency. You’re buying the rest of the window and the installation and the warranty, etc. For example Window World uses windows that use components that are not as nice as the components the windows my company typically recommends. They’re known for using the cheapest subcontractors they can get, etc. That doesn’t mean that they don’t provide great service sometimes, but the Mustang example doesn’t quite hold.

      I think it would be more accurate to say you got a quote on one car that got 28 MPG for $20k and another different car that got 28 MPG for $9k. The gas milage is an important factor for a lot of people and it should be considered, but it’s not the only factor involved. It’s one of several factors that you as the buyer should balance.

  9. I’ve been trying to replace our windows, getting plenty of quotes and i can’t help but laugh when one salesperson uses a tactic from your site. Any recommendations in MN? Zip 55316

  10. I am in South Florida. I am researching whether low e or argon is the best choice for impact windows. Also whether vinyl or aluminum. I am finding conflicting opinions.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Kim, my company isn’t currently offering windows in South Florida so I can’t help out directly but I can probably help with ideas. Are you finding companies that are saying low-e glass and argon gas is not a good idea in Florida? That seems strange to me.

  11. We’re looking to replace all of our windows for a traditional brick front house which would include 9 facing directly south, full sun, and a large stationary window over the front door. We have a price from Marvin Integrity for our family room only, from about 2 years ago at about $1,000 each, not installed. They are long and narrow w a semi circle on top.
    We just visited a Pella showroom and liked the look of the Architect Series. My next door neighbor did Renewal by Andersen 2 yrs ago and was very happy with her experience. I also like to look of RbA for my home. So confused. We live about 40 miles outside of Philadelphia. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi there, if you’d like another option for windows near Philadelphia you can get an online quote from my company. I think it would probably be worthwhile to see the difference. You can find us in this section. Just click through to Philadelphia and request an online quote right there. Let us know what else we can do to help out.

  12. Any good companies in Detroit MI.
    Thank you!!

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