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silver line windows

Update: For several years the Silver Line brand was owned by Andersen windows.  The Renewal by Andersen salespeople were routinely out there telling people how horrible vinyl windows were while their company was producing and selling many thousands of them.  We always found that to be funny.  They’ve since sold to Ply-Gem who is a large manufacturer of vinyl windows.  We’ve updated this post to reflect that change.  

Let’s get to the Silver Line windows reviews

Silver Line windows are vinyl replacement windows produced by Ply-Gem windows. They had been opened by Andersen windows in the past and were sold to Ply-Gem in 2018.   If you’ve been exploring the replacement window market for any length of time you’ve probably heard that Andersen doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to vinyl windows.  Ply-Gem on the other hand makes a wide range of vinyl window products with Silver Line being on the lower end.

best replacement windows of 2015

Under the Silver Line (often written as Silverline) brand they produce a range of new construction and replacement window options.  They distribute the Silver Line brand across the country through various distribution channels.  The products are very similar to the American Craftsman window line that Ply Gem sells through Home Depot stores.

It is important to note that nice vinyl windows often compete with wood windows.  When large wood window manufacturers like Andersen get into the vinyl window business the last thing they want to do is cannibalize their very popular and very profitable wood windows.  So what do they do?  They produce low end vinyl windows that are not real competitors to wood window products.  Just about nobody is torn deciding between Silver Line and Andersen 400 Series wood windows.  They’re just not in the same ballpark.

Now that Silver Line is owned by Ply Gem instead of Andersen we haven’t seen any change to the products.

This is a smart business decision for Ply Gem as there is a market for lower end windows, but it leaves the Silver Line brand producing a price-focused product that leaves a lot to be desired.  If you’re looking for a really inexpensive option Silver Line might do the trick, but if you’re looking for a nice product you might want to save yourself some time and look elsewhere.

We’ll be reviewing the following models of Silver Line windows:

  • 1200 Series
  • 3000 Series
  • 3600 Impact Series
  • 8500 Series
  • 9500 Series
  • 9500 Impact Series
  • 9520 Series
  • Traditional Replacement
  • Traditional New Construction
  • Contemporary New Construction

As you can see Silver Line by Ply Gem offers MANY models.  This makes a little more sense for them than it does for smaller manufacturers as they do offer a very full range of replacement and new construction window products.  Silver Line windows are available on the east and west coast and they offer impact windows for hurricane areas.

We’ll be posting these reviews as soon as they’re completed.  In the meantime you can find the best window reviews online right here and you can also learn about common window sales tactics here.

What if I have more questions about Silver Line windows?

We can help!  Find our Silver Line windows FAQ page here.  If you don’t see the answer to your question post a comment and we’ll answer your question for everyone to see.

Looking for any additional information on Silver Line windows that you’re not finding here?  Post a comment and let us know.  We’ll be glad to help out!

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153 thoughts on “Silver Line Windows Reviews”

  1. This is one of the worst companies I have had the displeasure to deal with. We are now on the 4th “replacement” window, each of which were defective. The company does NOT stand behind their windows. They will replace the window but, you must pay for the installation. We had one that was not sealed followed by one that has a chip in it, followed by one which was the wrong size and currently one that has handprints between the glasses. Do no use them.

    1. I totally agree!!! We’ve had nothing but problems with our handles falling off and never having the problem resolved. Now we have 3 windows that will NOT close and have no options but to force them closed and never use them again! The company is extremely hard to deal with and has no desire to work with you to resolve anything without major cost.

      1. Has anyone had silver line v3 windows installed recently? I only see 15 ur old reviews for these. I’d like to see current reviews.

        1. We are currently building a new home and our builder is using Silver Line windows. We have a sunroom with tall windows and they are not easy to open but can be. I opened several just to see and they did open smooth. I guess we won’t truly know more until we actually move in around March.

    2. You had better luck than I did,they wouldn’t cover a penny for my window replacement.Yes I’m also on having my forth window replaced due to cracking.Let me guess were
      all of your windows that cracked picture windows on the second floor?

    3. I’m in the same situation . Our stationary kitchen window has a gas leak. They want the inventory number off the Windows , well all stickers are faded and can’t see the numbers. The company who installed them is no longer in business. So I guess we are screwed.

      1. I would think they could find a way to pull up the order to get the details. Have you told them you can’t get the serial number?

      2. They sent me 26 replacement sashes and only 2 of the 24 fitted tight. I am going to see if I can have the glass from the replacement sashes put in my old sashes. In addition the locks for the windows did not come with the windows. Very disappointing.

  2. Never ever use Silverline Windows. Yes they are poor. I just won a judgment against my builder because of these windows (amongst other things). Now I am putting in the right windows with the correct contractor, windows I had for 10 years at my last house that I built. They were great! With Silverline at first, the screen tabs break the first time you take the screens out for cleaning. Then they fly away to never, never land. After the first month or two you are without screens and can’t open your windows for fresh air, or bugs and stuff will come in. So turn on the A/C and spend more money on energy! Wait, I thought these were energy saving windows? Not! Yes, as for the Silverline casement windows, the cranks fall apart. With double hung, the seals/welds fall apart, then they leak. These windows are atrocious. The representative from Silverline did blame the builder. But it was clear that he blew off the issues with screens! The screens, clearly were a poor product.

    1. Would you contact me? We have similar issues with Silverline Windows in our newly constructed home. The builder has not been responsive. Silverline rep has been out to our house and claims it’s installation. We may need to get a lawyer to get any where. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

        1. HELP – I’m in the process of buying a town home in WI and I’ve discovered that they use the Silverline Model 2900. The builder’s warranty is only 1 year and the manufacturer’s 10 yr. warranty states that they are not responsible if it’s due to poor installation which is done by, you guessed it, the builder. Any guidance on how to protect ourselves with contract language?

          1. If you’re concerned about it I’d suggest having a home inspector take a good close look at them and if anything needs to be corrected I’d get it fixed before you buy. After the deal is closed it may not be easy to get the builder to care.

          2. Silver line was going to send me a replacement window the glass seal is no good this was three months nothing yet I have tried to contact them again but can’t find phone number or some one from silver line to answer my complaint

      1. Hi John , I received this message in a email and I’m not sure if you wanted me to contact you or the window dog. Thanks and good luck.

        1. Cory,
          pLease call me at 518-527-0690. We just had a visit from our builder rep. We documented this window issue within our one year period after moving into our home. Although the builder has sent people over to review and investigate, they can’t understand why the excessive icing occurs and they continue to study it. We are going on our 3rd winter in this house and so far the winter has been mild in upstate NY but we want some resolution. Thank you for any help you can give us so we know how we should proceed. We are tired of the inaction and stall tactics from the builder.

      2. The blame game. The builder’s warranty is one year. If u are within the year notify your builder via mail and email. Then if no response contact your attorney general for guidance.

        1. We got useless silverline 3600 we have flies like Amityville horror they hatching in the basically beyond useless company service. Useless contractors WHAT A JOKE.

      3. John, how did things turn out for you? Did they replace your windows? Did You have to consult a lawyer? My vinyl windows in my brand new home are awful! They leak very badly mostly by the side tracts. I have to stuff them with rags! Any advice?

    2. I have Silverline windows in my home,now eleven years,they have been great not one problem with 20 windows. I installed myself may be the reason.

      1. omg I’m freaking out!! just bought a 2 yr old home in clay ny that used silver line windows, I’m praying they are good! I know its the installer that makes the diffrence usually but reading here, I’m now re thinking this

      2. I agree. Our installer really knew what he was doing and I LOVE my windows! Never a problem over the past 3 years.

    3. I just bought a new home and the builder put in the silver line vinyl windows. I have rags stuffed into the side tracts of the windows. When the wind blows, you could stand by the windows with a candle and the candle would blow out. I have had 3 other homes built, and they had wooden windows and I never had a problem such as this. It is freezing out, today at one point was 5 below zero with blowing snow. All the windows leak, and I have ice on the windows in the morning. We’re your windows replaced?

    4. What window did you change to? We’re about to get new windows and a slider that the contractor said are Silverline so I’m really concerned after reading these comments

      1. To all… we installed pella. If you love your hone and plan on staying it’s an investment! Remember lots of people such as Lowe’s sell Pella but they are builder grade and according to our pella rep the very new expensive subdivision nearby (500,00 to over a million) many homeowners are UPGRADING FROM BUILDER GRADE… comfort, insulation etc. if you plan on moving soon don’t get Pella. 40 yrs ago we installed Pella windows . Those windows are still there. I am now in a 30 yr old neighborhood and 2/3 of the homes have had to buy new windows. Please also stay away from RENEWAL BY ANDERSON. YOU LOSE ALOT OF WINDOW SPACE BE forewarned! YOU SELECT THIS PRODUCT. OTHER PROBLEMS TOO! We did our homework/ due diligence. There are lots of companies out there and not many are good.

    5. Good evening, I’m currently building a home and I just saw they are using Silverline windows. What should I be looking for during the installation and what do I need to know to communicate to the builder.

      Thanks for this review and any help you can provide.

    6. I too have problem with 5 screens that don’t come out without forcing them and that’s what our builder wants us to do. We’ve only been on our newly built home 2 months and have these windows. We have other issues to address. Can you contact me?

    7. Hi Cory, I know this is an old three but a contractor duped us and told us we were getting “Anderson” windows and he put this silverline crap in. We have had nothing but problems. We’ve had almost every single sash replaced and we have a frame that is completely bent. They are “willing to go above and beyond by replacing the unit” but refuse to pay for install. We are to the point that a lawsuit may need to be started.

  3. Help! Please say something good about these windows (Silverline). I just had seven of these installed, finishing up the trim tomorrow. Now I am nervous. Joan

    1. On a windy day hold a candle by the edge of the window. If u see the flame moving, it means the widow sucks. The seal is like bristles / pipe cleaner. Go to a widow store and compare seals. Good luck.

    2. IM DAVIS DESIGNS ive been repairing and installing windows and replacement windows for 10 years. I have used numerous brands of windows usually at customer request. As with any product don’t purchase the low end product (you get what you pay for ) silverline has a variety of levels of windows . I recommend these windows to all my customers they are better quality than others on the market. As a matter of fact I have these in my office and am going to replace the pella vinyls that I purchased from lowes just a few years ago and the silver lines are a 100% better quality than the pellas. But as with any product proper installation is the key. Yes sometimes you might have slight problems with product . As I just finished installing 10 for a customer upon recipt I inspected windows and had to have them send me a new screen missing expansion bar. if you have a good contractor you should not have any problems.

      1. William what is considered their top of the line in the Silverline series? I am going to build a new home. I have talked with many people that have built and the ones that used Pella ended up having tons of issues and having to have them repaired and or replaced. I am not willing to spend the $$$ for Marvin. I was looking at using the Anderson 200 series, but several reviews stated if you have moisture issues it can effect the wood on the inside which could cause issues down the road. So, that is why we are leaning towards Silverline series.

      2. You are absolutely right W.D. you get what you buy, that’s why anybody with half a brain should never buy windows that you have to get a 3rd party (installer) involved to install them. Get a window company that builds, installs and performs their own maintenance or repairs to the windows. This way you are not being bounced between the installer and window company playing the blame game ( pong ). That’s exactly what happened with a 6 year old Anderson Silverline window in the 6 year old house i bought so I’ll be contacting Champion Window Co. or Gilkey Window Co. Which gives a transferable life time warranty.

        1. I understand the sentiment. It’s not uncommon for very nice windows to be offered through local dealers. I think you may find there is a better value in the market than the windows you mentioned. Lots of companies (mine included) perform their own warranty service and help customers anytime they need it. It’s unfortunate that your windows weren’t installed by a company like that.

          I think that’s one important difference in buying from a reputable company vs a one man band type installer. The installer can be cheaper, but you get a lot less.

          Good luck with the new project.

    3. I have 20 Silverline windows now eleven years old,haven’t had any problems in fact would recommend them highly.

  4. Cory,
    could you contact me also? We just signed a contract with a builder for a quick delivery home with these windows and I am also of the opinion they are garbage. Any help you can give me before I fork over the remaining $$$s would be appreciated

  5. Hello Everyone. I had my house built. The builder was going to install silver line windows. I don’t remember the model number. I do remember the widows costing 150.00 at windowrama . I never came across a good review. Vinyl windows contract and decontract with the weather. I would say it depends your budget and how long u plan to stay leaving in your house. My house is pretty large 3850 above grade. I opted for Anderson 400 series.I paid an extra 10,000.00 . I figured ,I don’t want to deal with headache and Silver line windows look cheap. Consumer Report gave Anderson 400 series great reviews .

    I just had the SilverLine sales rep tell me he wouldn’t give me a quote because “he could tell that I wasn’t serious”…
    He said that he wasn’t going to waste any more of his time and said, as he walked out my door “…thanks for wasting my gas” (I had been biting my tongue and was showing him out of my home calmly).
    I am in the process of collecting 3 quotes (minimum) for this work and will now spend time warning others not to waste their time on this company.

  7. I would never buy Silverline windows again! They are the worst windows out there. After a few months of installing, I tilted in to clean them and it fell right off the track. Talk about garbage! All the screens are broken and the flimsy little tabs to hold them in are busted so I use packing tape to hold them on the house (real attractive). All the sills are rotten because they’re full of condensation. The cranks on the kitchen window doesn’t work anymore. After having them for five years, I went back to Moynihan Lumber where I bought them and asked if I could get some money off on a better window because they sold us these and they’re so bad. They walked away from me and wouldn’t even talk. I now have 15 windows to replace because I made a bad choice to start with. By the way, I installed them myself because I am a builder!

    1. How did the sills rot? These windows are vinyl. If you are referring to the framing that window sits on, then that is an install issue. And the sash falling off the track is also an install issue. Sounds like they were not shimmed properly on the sides. After installation, all windows should be open and closed a few times to verify proper operation. I have never had issues with screen tabs.

      1. Hi Tom, I’d bet you’re right. Installation issues are pretty common with windows that can be bought at box stores. Either DIY installations or projects completed by inexperienced installers are typically the cause.

  8. No one ever leaves comments when they buy a product that is fine. Not great, but not bad. You pay for what you get. We’ve had this products for 4 years in Michigan winters and have no issues whatsoever. There is no candle flickering when held close to these windows; it’s fine.

    1. You just left a comment saying the product was fine! You are right that most of the time commenters are either thrilled or unhappy. The majority of customers who are perfectly satisfied just go about their day without posting comments.

      1. I have over three dozen silverline 2900 windows in our house which was built in 2007. No problems after ten years, no binding, broken hardware or anything else. The only issue we had was that someone removed all the screens before we moved in and we had ace hardware make us new ones. That thievery was not a problem with the windows.

        1. Thanks for writing. It’s always the case that some people have good experiences and some bad. I see people pile on one brand or another sometimes, but there are always happy customers out there too.

  9. I recently purchased a 2009 Wayne Built Home that have Silverline windows installed through the entire house. I was relatively satisfied with these windows until I had window seal problems with three different windows in the house after 5 years of service. The seal between the pains failed causing mildew and window fogging that could not be cleaned. I figured this would not be a problem since the windows came with a life time warranty, but I was wrong. After dealing with three rude customer service reps, I found out I had to pay for each of the replacement window pains cause technically I wasn’t the original owner. I bought the home from a developer, not a home owner, so I struggled to understand why I couldn’t get the replacement windows for free.

    Moral of the story, be caution purchasing or buying a home with silverline windows. I promise you will become disappointed due to the quality of the windows for the price you pay. Also I would like to prevent anyone from having to deal with the same head ache that I went through with their customer service department. They will sell you that they are lifetime warranty, but from what I learned, they do not stand behinde their word.

  10. Had 44 Silverline windows installed 2004, new construction. No track issues, leaking, streaking. No problems opening, closing, Yes, screen tabs do break easily. Biggest complaint is paid extra for Low E but have areas where wood floors have faded as well as framed family pictures; however, we chose not to put on window coverings (blinds, curtains) since we live remote. Anyone know details of their Low E warranty; kind of doubt floor repairs would be covered but would like to know.

    1. Low-e coatings, especially cheaper ones, do not block 100% of uv rays. It’s like sunscreen, you can still get burned even if you use SPF 15. There’s no guarantee I’ve ever heard of that would cover your floors in a situation like that.

  11. silver line sliding glass doors and and crank up windows seem to be ok,I guess,only broke one window crank in four years.However their picture windows are pure junk and since this company will not even warranty the part they must know it is.I had three picture windows on the second floor crack before we even moved into the after it was built.Our builder covered those costs.Now the forth window just cracked and the house isn’t quite four years old.I called silver line and was told by the rep that they would not cover a penny of the costs.You can make up your own mind about this product,but you are a fool if you buy their picture windows.Too bad,I would have been happy to pay the labor if they would have just supplied the part. Kevin Berner,Portage,Mi.

    1. Purchased and moved not our new build June 2018, by October the wind was blowing hard (fall weather) and the curtains were moving. It blew so hard, it blewhe candle lighter out easily. We had to stuff rags into the window track and the side of the windows and completely tape around the whole window. We had to do this with 8 windows. The sliding glass door let in gushing air on the top and the bottom. When it rains the water comes pouring in at the bottom and the snow comes in and melts in the bottom track. The builder was notified in October 2018, 4 months after we moved in. These are Silverline. They were sold by Anderson when they were put in. Then Anderson sold to Ply Gem in the Autumn of 2018. I have called, I have emailed, I have sent certified letters and nothing has been done. They keep saying they are “working on it”. The windows are warped etc. Silverline is the worst window! In all the other homes I have lived in we had Pella wood windows and never had a problem with them. We are seeing a lawyer. Snow will be flying again soon. The builder seems to not care.

      1. I don’t know why PlyGem or anyone would have bought Silver Line as I’d expect they get a whole lot of calls like that. Feels like they paid money for a bad reputation. If it were me I might have bought the factory and changed the name. Doesn’t make a lot of sense for them to use Silver Line, but they still do.

        Sorry to hear about your trouble. Let us know if it gets worked out. I’m sure there are others in your situation.

        1. Buying a lousy company and changing the name puts you on my radar as an unethical businessman. How can we trust you after a slick move like that?

          1. Who are you talking about? I’ve never bought any company, but Silverline windows did change hands recently. They’ve never been a product we’d recommend.

  12. 2900 Series Andersen Silverline is a proven leader in our market area in NW Arkansas. Meets and Exceeds Energy Star Ratings and has a much better Warranty that most other brands that I am aware of in our area. .

    1. It’s unusual to find an enthusiastic supporter of Silverline windows. If you install over 5000 windows per year and are interested in another option send me an email. I can probably help.

  13. I was surprised to read all the negative reports on Silverline. I installed 20 series 3000 in 2001 on my custom built home and then 6 more arched top windows in 2006 on a a Florida room addition. I have 3 windows that need new balances after 15 years. We live on a hill in the Hudson Valley of NY state and in the winter, I do get some cold air leakage on the 6 arched top, when it gets windy. But we live with it, because we like the look of these windows 11 months out of the year as we look out over the valley to the western sunsets.

    1. Just beware when the seals all start to break and your beautiful view is all fogged up. I have 12 windows in my beautiful home with the seals broken and Silverline refuses to do anything at all except sell me new ones–which given how bad they’ve been, no way would I put these things in anything other than a garage. I’m going to replace them all with good windows like Pella or similar. Silverline is junk and their customer service is worse. I WOULD NEVER PUT SILVELINE IN MY HOUSE AGAIN.

  14. Silverline 9500 were installed 8yrs ago in our CBS home to get impact resistance and insulation.
    Upon investigating swollen drywall under window during interior painting a leak was found.
    Home Depot Installer attached the bottom of the window to building with flat head TapCon screws. The 5 screws were installed in the trough beneath the exterior/ upper sash and sealed by an adhesive sealant blob around each projecting screw head. The scuppers for the trough don’t drain. Install specifications for the window call for screws to be in the trough beneath the inner/ lower window with pan head fasteners.
    Whatever the cause , the only solution I can think of is to seal the trough and slope to drain to the scuppers. Does anyone have any suggestion as to how to do that ?

  15. Our 8700 Series SilverLine vinyl replacement 6×4 sliding window purchased & installed via Home Depot in 2009 has been fantastic. The installation was flawless and the product design and construction quality is excellent. Seals and slides like new still.

  16. This summer I purchased my windows at Bargain Outlet after previously buying the 1200 line the year before with no problems. This time I bought the 8600 series for a more upgraded window. We do the installation ourselves. After having trouble installing due to not being plumb the side coils and balances broke. I called the 800 number for solutions and was provided with the replacement parts with no questions asked, no cost, but was asked to pay a minimal shipping cost. Sure the part shouldn’t have needed to be replaced but quite frankly I am 100% positive had the opening been leveled and plumbed first this would have been avoided. I’m pretty sure the majority of problems can be traced back to the prep not being done to the opening first.

  17. We are in the process of having a new home built. The builder has listed Anderson Silverline for the Windows but no specific model. I’m starting to wonder about this builder. He comes off as a high quality builder but as I go through the Declaration of Materials I’m starting to wonder because heveryone has Amana as the furnace brand, which are manufactured by Goodman and are the cheapest which is why builders like them. So Silverline yes/no? If yes what model? If no, suggested windows in that priceline.

    1. Noooo, we just built our home this past fall, in less than a month these silver line windows have been major headaches from the installment to the actual product, these windows suck and now we have to retain an attorney to invoke our warranty against the builder who I pray karma gets him back. Mr Massachusetts

  18. We have the casement version of these windows. The high end low E Argon gas. They have been a continuous problem. The seals don’t hold and you are left with fogged windows. The hardware cranks break. We have had the glass inserts replaced multiple times and the seals don’t last five minutes. Do not buy these windows from anyone no matter what they tell you.

  19. My husband installed 27 silveline windows in our home 8 years ago. 20 were the 8500 and the other 7 the 9500 as we needed the wood look and a little extra insulation in our sun parlor. So far we have no complaints with any of them. He is a diy guy and had never done windows before. And the next winter our heating bill was down, our rooms felt warmer & quieter. Plus the cost wasn’t ridiculous.. We haven’t found a single reason why you wouldn’t use these!

  20. I have had my 8500 series Silver Line windows since 2010, I just called, as I had broken two window stops and they are sending replacements for free – just had to pay $8 for shipping. The customer rep was very friendly and I didn’t have to wait on hold for hours to get help. The windows have been great, are easy to clean and I have had no issues. The rep told me I have lifetime warranty and to call if ever anything breaks. I am happy with my purchase, even seven years later!

  21. This website has the exact same review of every major window model then tries to push other brands on consumers. It’s a fraudulent review site. Search for reviews elsewhere.

    1. Hi Mark, I wrote the reviews and I promise we don’t have the exact same review for every window. I have discovered that some other sites have been copying my reviews so they’ll be hearing about that soon. What is it that you don’t like about what we do here?

        1. I mean I’m the person who wrote the reviews on this site. The previous person said all of the reviews are the same so I was letting him know that they are in fact all different. I know that because I wrote them.

  22. I am replacing 50 yr old wood single pane double hungs in my apartment building in SW Virginia. Considering using the Silverline 8600 series from 84 Lumber. Sales reps recommends Low E only and not Argon Gas…he says it eventually leaks out within a few years and not worth the additional cost. Would like to get your feedback on this and if you think the 8600 is a good choice for a rental property. By the way, I have decided not to do a pocket window (install the replacement window in the existing frame) but go back to the original brick and block opening of the windows. I don’t like the way you lose size when doing the pocket style installation. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

    1. That is not the case and I’m not at all surprised to hear a rep at a lumber yard has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to windows. My advice is to get windows that are Energy Star rated at a minimum. You’ll need argon gas to get an efficient window.

  23. Well, it now appears that the corrosive air we breath caused my Silverline windows to fail – 15 year old windows with rust between the glass is not a manufacture defect but caused by acid rain, etc which caused a chemical reaction between 2 pieces of glass. REALLY? Between 2 pieces of glass there is rust but it was caused by the air we breath? I live in the burbs of PA, yes there is some manufacturing done a few miles away but so far no one else’s windows in the area seem to be affected. I got these windows in 2001 and now need to replace them, a window should last more than 15 years. I am just outside of my 10 warranty.

    1. Andersen told you that’s not covered by their warranty? Sorry to hear about your trouble. If you could send over a picture of the window and a letter or something official from them I could write up a post about it.

  24. I am having my house rebuilt after a fire. I wanted Andersen new windows but my contractor convinced me that wasn’t worth the extra cost and that vinyl replacement windows perform and last mostly as new windows. He has installed Silverline V3 series windows and one 6′ sliding door. After reading all these reviews I am worried that I made the wrong choice and that I should had paid the extra money on new windows. I’ve tried open and close the windows and they seem sturdy enough, however the sliding door feels like handle is weak and panels also feel easy to dislocate and unable to stand the every day use. I have 3 boys and they don’t always treat things gently. Any comments on this please? I wonder if I should fight with my contractor to have a better quality windows/door?

    1. There’s nothing you can do now so the best advice I have is to enjoy the windows and move on. Silverline is owned by Andersen. For as much as the Andersen salespeople like to pick on vinyl you wouldn’t think that they also own a pretty large vinyl window manufacturer.

  25. Our builder has installed Anderson Silver Line windows in our homes and the method they used for installation baffled my husband and I. They didn’t put flashing on all of the window sills when the windows were installed and even where they did the flashing does not come up on along the sides of the windows at all, it just sits on the sill and runs outside under the window. We asked him why their installation practice doesn’t align with the installation instructions from Anderson Silver Line and he presented a letter to us from Anderson, dated 2009, stating that their installation method for the windows was “sufficient” and went on to describe the same installation method our builder used for the windows as verification the installation “approved by Anderson” was the same. Is anyone familiar with builders doing this (working with suppliers to get special permissions to install things differently than per manufacturer’s guidelines)? Additionally, do you think we would have any success reaching out to an Anderson rep and asking them about the installation since this letter from Anderson is dated 2009?

    1. You can definitely call Andersen and ask them questions. I’ve called them before and found them to be very helpful. Let us know what they say.

  26. Hi Mark, I just happened to see you web page concerning Silverline windows. We currently need to replace 3 windows in the front of our house. We are the original owners and have lived here alittle over 30 years. We’re at an age, were both in our early sixties, and thinking we might move in the next couple of years, or not. We were shown Silverline windows, new construction the V3 series. I’ve been trying to get any information about this series and I really haven’t had any success. I’ve seen reviews about all the other series and I’m very nervous, any information from you would be welcomed. Thanks so much!

  27. This company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. We have silver line windows in our home and have discovered that the reflection from these energy efficient windows is what has caused melting of plastic parts of side view mirrors on 3 of our cars. I called this company to get an idea of what we can do to fix this and the customer service rep acted as if he had never heard of such. I have since discovered from a local window company that this is widespread with these windows and they are coming to repair the problem. The silver line customer rep wanted to charge me $190 for a site inspection not repair but just inspect when they have to know that this problem is widespread-there are several articles on the internet documenting damage to cars or even siding on neighbors homes from the heat reflection from these energy efficient windows. The customer service from this company is deplorable

    1. Hi Gary, thanks for taking the time to write. Your comment is a great example of the often misplaced frustration that customers can feel. I’ll tell you the first time I heard about the reflection from a window melting vinyl siding I didn’t believe it. Then I went out to the house and saw it with my own eyes. The low-e coatings on the glass are designed to keep the heat out and they work pretty well. If the heat stays out it needs to go somewhere, it can’t just go away.

      What you’re seeing there is the heat reflecting off of the glass and unfortunately it’s focused on an area near your cars. That’s not really a product defect. Andersen doesn’t make the glass anyway and the windows are doing what they’re supposed to do.

      Now I’m not the biggest fan of Silver Line windows by Andersen so I’m not trying to defend them, but I think your frustration is misplaced. When I experienced this issue back when I was working for a manufacturer I put a full screen on the window and that blocked enough of the heat so that we didn’t have any more melting siding. You might see if you can order a full screen to cover the window. A pretty cheap solution that might do the trick.

      As an aside, I once had a customer whose large front window would reflect the heat from the sun back into the cul-de-sac and you could see how the snow would’t stick in that area. There could be a foot of snow outside and there would be an empty spot in the middle of the road maybe 40′ from their windows. Science.

  28. When I called the 888 number, Anderson silver line couldn’t even answer what the STC rating of the windows they supplied is.

    1. That’s not a great sign. I’ve never dealt with the Silverline by Andersen customer service people, but the regular Andersen customer service people have always been very helpful for me. If the retailer also can’t provide the info you’d like I’d suggest finding another product. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

  29. My experience with siverline. Since the winter (now fall of following year), my windows in my new home have had gaps leaking air. 4 times they’ve sent replacement windows (every window). Not one of them made it past my door. Horizontal /vertical designs all wrong- multiple times. Some with locks, some without, some one lock instead of two. You would think they’d learn from their mistakes. I’ve even sent pictures of my windows and they still mess up the orders. It’s been a year and no progress made. Take what information you’d like.

  30. Just had 10 Silverline hurricane rated impact glass units and one PGT six-foot, hurricane rated, pocket sliding door, and three more PGT single hung impact glass units. The reason for the mixture of the PGT and the Silverline is because the color of the vinyl on PGT and Silverline is different and the installer didn’t want to risk that it would be noticeable…….great company!! Silverline did not make a pocketing slider that would fit my requirement and the two single-hung windows were close to the slider. Seller wanted all to match. (Clear Choice Windows, Inc). I’m in SWFL. Anyway, long story short. The PGT’s are a premium product, the sliding is nearly ‘bullet proof’ and slides effortlessly and the PGT windows are OK. However, when compared to the Silverline I would judge them inferior at nearly twice the price. The Silverlines are much more attractive without the black glass seal between the panes that the PGT’s have. The Silverlines have double catches vs single, tilt-in for cleaning and screen placement, better screens, and overall better appearance. Although both windows are Miami-Dade hurricane rated I will say that the glass in the PGT which are made here in SWFL seems to be a bit more substantial. Would love to see a comparison of the two in that wind tunnel test with the 2X4 fired into the glass at 140mph. Who knows.

    1. I would bet they’d both perform about the same in the 2×4 test. I got to shoot 2x4s out of the air cannon at the Mi plant in Pennsylvania a while back. That’s a fun job and a very regulated test. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  31. I was told that acid rain is what caused my patio door seal to fail that or the fog in the area the window or should I say the door is only 8 years old

    1. If that was the case you’d probably see the same failure on all of your windows and all of your neighbors windows and every window in the area as they’ve probably all seen the same amount of rain. Feels like a story to me.

  32. In 2013, I ordered custom-size vinyl Silverline replacement windows from Barton’s Surplus Warehouse to replace all 14 windows in my home during a major renovation. I was on a limited budget, which drove my choice—these were low-middle price range. I’ll note that all but two of the windows were ordered as single-hung models because I’ve never had much reason to open double-hung windows from the top. I find that on vinyl windows, the top sash often wants to slide open when trying to close the bottom, which can be frustrating. I ordered two large casement windows for my kitchen. It has been five years now, and so far all the windows have performed well. Living in the Southeast on a shady lot, I open most of them frequently for fresh air. The cranks on the casement windows still work well, I have removed some (not all) screens to clean windows with no problems, there’s one latch that I am careful with because it feels a little tight, I have no cracked glass, and as far as I know, none of the windows are leaking. I treat my home with care and never slam anything open or shut, so usage is likely lighter-handed then average. Also, my installer was very competent, which I am sure was advantageous. So, in short, I am very satisfied with these windows so far.

  33. I think that god makes these windows because they are out of this world! And you can see straight through them when you clean the glass!

    1. That’s unisual. Usually the labels are designed with adhesive that allows them to peal off without leaving residue. Must have been a funny batch. A little goo gone or citrus based adhesive remover will probably do the trick.

  34. I had these windows installed when we built our home in 1997, not sure what series. None have failed. None have be replaced or even repaired. I guess we are the exception.

    1. You might be much more the rule than the exception. Remember that most people who are perfectly happy with their windows don’t go online to write about them. Silver Line windows are a cheaper option, but it would be a mistake to think they all fail.

  35. so where are the reviews on anderson windows?
    north jersey here. Castle salesman was totally obnoxious.
    Local construction company will handle any windows I want from Home Depot.
    I want vinyl, either casement swing out or double hung. definitely looking for good insulation.

    1. The Andersen vinyl windows aren’t typically very well regarded. I heard they recently sold Silver Line so they’re not Andersen windows anymore. You might find that you’ll be able to get a better product through a dealer than at a box store. What’s your zip code? I may know someone to recommend.

  36. Around 8/2018 I had 13 of the 8600 series installed in my home. I am in Ohio and last month we were in that deep freeze. One morning when I got up I raised the blinds and seen moisture and in some places it was frozen. 12 out of 13 were like this. I bought them from a dealer. I let him know what was happening. He sent an email to the company 1/31/2019. The guy never answered. He was not around or something like that. 2/5/ 19 I was asked if Silverline contacted me. I said not. The dealer sent another email to someone else 2/7/19. As of 2/11/19 no answer.
    I am a retired senior citizen who had to get a loan for these window. I did not expect the new window would leak air like my old ones did. I have seen a lot of bad reviews about Anderson Windows on this site and others. A lot seems to be about leaking and it also seems the company does not do much about it. I will have to considered my options to see what I have to do.

  37. I have two year old Silverline windows that leak so bad they blow out a match next to the side channels every time the wind blows. The Silverline Tech came out twice to change out the side insulation to a thicker version and put in foam “Channel Blocks” which did nothing. The fact that they even have these Channel Blocks tells me that the window design is inherently defective. They told me that’s the best they can do. They were sold to Plygem Windows and changed out the model numbers now. I am looking for replacement windows now to the tune of $18K. Not what I expected in a new house! Avoid Silverline at all costs.

  38. the worstshit garbage we ever purchsed in our lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i swear these windows are junk u dont like it fools???? do omething about this vinyl shit u sold us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Who are you writing to? My company didn’t sell you anything. Silver Line windows have had issues in the past. Good luck getting it fixed up.

  39. hese damn windows were worst investment ever. what a disgrace they are nothing but junk and u know it!!!
    now i have 2 more windows in front of my house that are all fogged up and ruined. we cant even see thry them

    stop telling meto call 800 number i am not an idiot

    u fools tell me windows warrantied for life???? what a lie and a joke. the srvice and install fee costs more than theswe junk shit windows!!!!! i cant afford to keep doing this. windowa are suppoed to last 30 years not 13

    i want a damn answer from somebody in ur corporte offices not some useless 800 number idiot who dont know up nd down or timeof day

    last time i called that useless 800 number i was on phone with the fool for45 minutes cus he had no clue????? where do u hire ur phone people???? from dominos pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. We had a new home completed in august 2018. We had issues with both our patio doors not closing correctly and being very hard to slide. Silverline sent out a repairman from Chicago today. “Shane” fixed all our issues and was a very professional courteous person. So far we could not be happier with their attending to our requests for service. We are in central Wis so he traveled a long way. Have an issue? call them and ask for Shane.. He was the best!!

  41. I Installed American Craftsmen windows in a log home high on a mountain top. They have been subjected to some of the harshest weather on the planet and have performed well. I have read most of the reviews posted here. It seems to me that no research was done before purchase. Also there is low end windows and then there is low,low end windows. Many people don’t understand that even American craftsmen by ply-gem has many levels of window quality. It’s really funny when you consider that most people don’t open the window in the winter. In the spring if you open the window you leave it open sometime for days in the fall it’s the same. In summer heat everyone has air conditioning so the windows are closed. Exactly how much use do windows get? All these window snobs that believe that you must pay $1000 and up for windows find comfort in the price and not in the product.

  42. I’m commenting on this old thread out of desperation more than anything. My friend has a 9 year old Silverline L.R. window. Stationary in the center, flanked by awnings. The stationary is fogged up and she did order a replacement a a year ago, but can’t find anyone to remove the old and install the new. A contractor told her the old one will just pop out, but i can find nothing online and Silverline is no help what soever. They are friendly and responsive but have no idea what i’m talking about. Sorry to read that they are not good windows. I’m not telling her.

  43. Silverline windows are the absolute worst windows anywhere! I bought my new construction home 22 years ago and from day one the Silverline windows were problems. We eventually removed half of the Silverline windows and replaced them with the Anderson 400 series windows. I would see my drapes and blinds move in the winter because the closed windows would let in the wind. The wind would blow mulch into my kitchen right through the frame. The screens are some sort of fabric which has torn and every screen has holes in it. The screen tab does break as soon as you try to take out the screen. The window flips down for cleaning but it shifts and racks and you can’t get the window back into place. I have had the window fall out of the frame when I tried to clean the window. Trying to put it back into the frame is nearly impossible. In doing so, I have ruined the nearby sheet rock because the window keeps falling out and hitting the wall. Now when I open the windows, they do not stay opened. I need to use a piece of wood to hold up the opened window. These windows are a hot mess. I am selling my house and these windows will not be a selling point. I can’t put the screens in the windows because every single one of them is torn and there are no replacement screens. You can be sure my next home will have Anderson 400 Series of Pella windows. Silverline windows are a hot mess. I can’t believe this company is allowed to stay in business. DO NOT BUY SILVERLINE WINDOWS EVER! RUN. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM THESE WINDOWS!

  44. I replaced 20 windows in my home. All of the replacement windows were Anderson silverline. I replaced them eight years ago. One of them failed and the pane and sash was replaced within 2 weeks…FREE. Get your windows from a local dealer, not a big box.
    There is no blow by from high wind… even 8 years later. I live in New England in our winters can be pretty tough. If you’re having blow-by around your windows that’s an installation problem, not the window. They still clean up crystal clear. I would buy them again.

  45. Thanks for the article. I am considering building a new home and a builder was using the Silverline and Ply-Gem as their window supplier. I was leary since he is a higher end builder but only using single hung windows. I currently have Anderson series 400 windows that I installed nearly 20 years ago and have had zero problems with them. I think I want to stick with the Anderson mid to higher end if I decide to build.

  46. I purchased Silverline casement windows from Building 9 and installed at my home. The windows consisted of operable and fixed casements. Two of the 3-window units have operable sides with fixed center. One 3-window unit consists of all fixed. All the fixed casements appear unfinished with no trim piece covering the slotted channel. The operable units look fine with the screen installed. Please advise.

    1. They might be able to order you a filler piece for that channel. The casement windows we offer can be ordered with or without that piece. The companies we deal with call it a groove filler. Silverline may use a different name, but I would guess it’s available.

  47. Well after reading all of the comments in this thread I see two glaring true facts that any builder, installer, or educated consumer should know and if you don’t, you are not helping yourself or anyone else.
    1- Someone mentioned very few happy consumers take the time to give credit or positive feedback unless specifically asked to do so. So true! A person when asked will definitely give you their opinion on any topic or product, but a specific venue like this forum tends to collect consumers who are looking for answers. The consumers who are looking for answers are questioning a product that catches our attention. Like windows that leak air or water or that you can’t see through, windows that act like windows that act like windows get looked right through no question. So keep in mind that there will be a higher number of consumers who are looking for answers and who are frustrated when it’s not the answer they wanted or worse yet don’t have answers.
    2- This is the most important aspect of any assembly, construction, or application of a product, part or component. The proper and correct application, integration and installation is the greatest factor in the overall performance and life expectancy of the end product no matter if it’s a house, a toaster, a car, or a new hip. There is no substitute for a skilled well trained properly equipped and encaustic men or women to use the right products in the right way. Saving money is good consumer and business sense, cutting corners, or ignorance is not. I would bet that most problems described can be traced back to a poor install, or failure in the related envelope like framing, foundation, ventilation, and even in application/design in the planning stages, not the window. Or good old fashioned ignorance, consumers should be more educated on what they are buying and how to buy or partner a consultant, agent, or if building a home a good general contractor who can spot unskilled craftsman, out of date practices, incorrect applications, and other mistakes and verify their correction. Every builder and business owner wants to be successful and profitable from the business owner that owns a window company to the builder who has carefully selected the right windows for the intended project.

  48. I’m a contractor and we’ve been using Silver Line windows in our personally owned apartment buildings for several years now. Now lest you think I’m a ‘slum lord’ that only cares about price think again. We fit up our units very nicely with quartz and/or Corian counters, stainless steel appliances, real hardwood floors, etc. We needed a decent window at an agressive price point (due largely to our higher cost per square foot price on the interior embelishments), and Silver Line has served us very well. Would I put them in my own home? No, but I’m extremely fussy and I can afford the craftsmenship of a Marvin for instance. My biggest complaint about them is the lack of color choices; for me it’s always a choice between either white or ‘putty color’ – ugh ! Whenever I call my rep at the lumber yard they always try and stear me toward Anderson (nothing wrong with Anderson, mind you) but I tell them I’m fine with Silver Line. By the way, I have them in six of my buildings and I’m in the Northeast (Maine)

  49. I just bought a home that needs all 18 windows replaced and 1 sliding patio door that I will be installing myself. I have been quoted locally $11,000 after tax (central Vermont) for all (18) Harvey Classic vinyl windows and (1) slider door – NOT installed and after tax. I have also received a quote from the local lumber yard for the Silver Line V3 Series windows & Slider in the amount of $5655 – not installed and after tax.
    Can you tell me if there is any comparison between the Harvey Classic and Silver Line V3 vinyl windows and sliding patio door? Which should I go with? Also, does the quote for the Harvey seem high? Lastly, can you recommend a brand as Good or Better then the Harvey Classic line but less money? As mentioned, I live in central Vermont between Rutland and Burlington Vermont. Thanks

  50. Hi windowdog. I am looking to replace my sliding glass patio door with a blinds between glass sliding door. I am choosing between a Pella 150 series and a Silverline 5500 series. Which would you recommend?

    1. Hi Dan, those are both kind of lower end options, I’d say they’ll probably be pretty similar. If you’d like another option we may be able to help out. Just let me know your zip code and we can see if we can help.

  51. I built my home in 2015, we used Silverline double hung. Now we are adding an addition, we are going with the Silverline V3 windows due to the fact we have had no issues and the price. Our home is rated 32% more efficient than homes that are similar size in the area from our utility provider. We look forward to the windows being installed, we will have the same installers as we had in 2015. Any issues or changes I should look for when the windows arrive?

    1. Hi John, I know Andersen sold Silverline a couple years ago but I’m not aware of any substantial differences in the products now vs the Andersen produced products back in 2015. It’s not a product line that we deal with so I’m not necessarily the Silver Line window expert. Perhaps someone else will chime in with more info.

  52. I would not install any silver line windows or doors in my house. I worked at silver line and the quality of the window is extremely bad. Low level craftsmanship. Bad quality windows are passed as quality windows. If someone complained about a window they would just replace it. These windows are very poor quality. Go with Ply gem or Pella. Ply gem owns silver line windows. But plygem seems like a better built window. Stay away from silver line product.

  53. The Silverline brand of windows (that Ply Gem now owns) have terrible quality, and we would not recommend these windows for any application. Our contractor has used these windows for years, but the Silverline brand has been bought and sold so many times, he feels they drop quality with every sale. We were the last straw, and our contractor will “never buy Silverline again.” After installation of 8 Silverline replacement windows, we physically noticed light shining through a large gap between the lower sash and frame on one window…which means there was nothing stopping the air flowing right in. We bought these windows to replace 30 year old windows and wanted Energy Star compliance. We even went with the Argon-filled windows to meet the federal tax credit requirements. After further inspection, all 8 windows had this same problem to one degree or another on the lower sashes, and 2 windows on the upper sashes. We were getting better energy performance from our old windows than these new ones! With the Midwest winter coming, we actually used painter’s tape to cover the gaps on all of the windows while we waited for warranty services. We finally connected with warranty services, who rather than sending out a technician to review the issues personally, a rep from New Jersey (1000 miles away) required me to take a bunch of photos and do measurements with much back and forth, and much misinformation on how to get the sashes and who would install them. His solution…replace all 8 lower sashes with 1/8″ wider ones. Our contractor and I had to install these 8 sashes ourselves, which just exacerbated the gap problem in many cases. Also along the way, we had balance issues on 2 of the windows. A Cornerstone Building Brand (parent company) technician was eventually asked to visit our home to install the replacement balances. He was the saving grace in this whole mess! He did not quit until he was satisfied with the product…and then we were satisfied with the final solution! When the tech saw the replacement sashes, he said “that is not the right solution!” He determined that the ultimate issue is that the sashes were not manufactured “square.” They were all off, like a polygon. He requested that we get replacements all of those sashes again, but the right size and square. We were transferred to a new telephone rep/manager in West Virginia. She was extremely rude through the rest of the whole process. Bottom line….we originally ordered 8 windows (16 sashes). We required 24 warranty replacement sashes! Along with that, we needed 6 different balances to get all the windows functioning. We lost count, but we believe that the technician was to our house 9 times. It was 53 weeks (1 year and a week) from the time we ordered our original windows, until the final visit by the technician.The technician restored our faith in humanity, but the representatives on the phone, the poor workmanship, and the horrible quality control were terrible. These sashes should have never left the manufacturing plant. We received 40 sashes for the price of 16, so that also shows what the markup is! Don’t buy Silverline windows.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your trouble with Silver Line windows. They’d defininltey be on my do not buy list so hopefully your story will help someone else avoid the same fate. It is good news that the technician was able to stick with it to get it resolved in the end. That’s not always how we see these posts ending up.

  54. I think I may have silver line windows but does anyone know where to find a model number? There’s no stickers I can find. Thanks

    1. Hi Nicole, identifying windows can sometimes be half the battle. If they’re double hung windows that open up and down, I’d suggest sliding down the top sash and looking up into the frame. If nothing there, check the top of the top sash. That’s a common hiding spot for a warranty sticker.

      It’s always possible a previous owner or installer removed the stickers which will make it challenging to try to identify.

  55. I would appreciate your opinion of Plygem Silverline 8600 series replacement vinyl windows? I see you note that you will be reviewing the 8500 series, among others…not sure if 8600 series is a 2021 new series.

    1. Hi there, you’ll find Silver Line is designed to be the bottom of the line brand so that’s about what you get with any of their models. Plygem owns several window brands and to my knowledge Silver Line is the cheapest option they make. I would definitely suggest looking for something else, especially if you’ll be living in the house.

      1. Hello – does anyone have experience with windows that are mulled or joined together? I recently moved to a place with Silverline 2900 series windows where some of the windows are joined together (either two or three windows). These have a mullion I believe it’s called. What I have noticed is the mulled windows rattle badly, specifically what seems to be the area where the windows attach. I believe there is some type of metal balance device in there that allows the window to move up and down. The rattling occurs if you touch the windows and also sometimes just walking by. I don’t think this is at all normal and curious if anyone has an idea or seen this before and what may be causing this? Is the window parts broken or badly installed?

        1. Hi Rick, it’s hard to say what’s causing that, but you can probably get to the bottom of it. I think you’re right that it likely has something to do with the balance mechanisms inside the frame. If the window has balance covers that are covering the balance mechanisms you can probably remove them to see the internal hardware. Then you may be able to see what is rattling.

          I’d compare a window that makes the rattling sound with one that doesn’t and you may be able to find a way to solve it. It may not have anything to do with the windows being mulled. That might just be a coincidence, but they could be less stable or a little more wiggley which could lead to the rattling sound in the mulled windows.

          I think the only way to find out will be to expose the balances and see if you can see anything different in one window vs another.

  56. I’m in battle with the Builder/Cornerstone/Silverline as I write. Air is leaking through the sides, apron, and sash of my windows. The builder warranty department states that my year is over (although I complained and grandfathered within the year) and want me to go to the 2-10 warranty on my home. Silver-Line will not come out to inspect the windows due to the technician living out of state (VA) and using me as their bait to take pictures, and answer questions outside my homeowner expertise. While my neighbors have the same window leaks, one neighbor has a website of complaints on these windows and what to look for. I already had many windows replaced due to internal scratches and window fog from seal damage. My screens were all replaced as well from being smaller than the window and frame. My gas bills during the winter are very high in a NEWLY BUILT HOME. I’m trying to resolve amicably, but I need someone on my side to assist in getting this business in compliance on their defective (not quality controlled) product.

    1. Unfortunately new construction windows are often very low end. Stories about drafty new construction windows are pretty common. What’s the website that your neighbor made?

  57. I placed silverline windows in my house after a fire. Supposedly they’re top of the line double pane with argon gas, Now 14 years later all 15 windows are so discolored you can hardly see through them. Also disabled veteran I can not afford the $5000 to replace them.

    1. Hi Douglas, I’m sorry to hear about your trouble with the SilverLine windows. Have you looked into the warranty? I would guess it will cover the parts and not the labor. Depending on the type of window they might be very easy to replace yourself. I’d say it will defininltey be worthwhile to check with Silver Line to see what the options are. Let us know what you find out, I’m sure you’re not the only one in that situation.

  58. McNaughton development is currently building townhomes in Bluff Point located in Orland Park, Illinois. So far 39 townhomes are done with Silver line double hung windows. Unfortunately they are building another 13 and continue to use Silver Line windows but have switched to casement which appear not to be much better. . The Silver Line windows and service has been terrible. Windows originally had gaps where you could see daylight. 21 sashes were to be replaced but the replacement 19 of the 21 were sized incorrectly even though their warranty technician measured and ordered them. McNaughton is not responding to our requests for a remedy. I recommend staying away from this line of windows bases on first hand experience.

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