Silver Line Windows Reviews

Silver Line Windows Reviews

Silver Line windows are vinyl replacement windows produced by Andersen.  If you’ve been exploring the replacement window market for any length of time you’ve probably heard that Andersen doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to vinyl windows.  Their nationwide network of dealers selling Renewal by Andersen products routinely tell folks that vinyl windows are completely horrible.  While that’s not the case, it does illustrate the internal conflict that Andersen is dealing with.

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Under the Silver Line (often written as Silverline) brand they produce a range of new construction and replacement window options.  They distribute the Silver Line brand across the country through various distribution channels.  The products are very similar to the American Craftsman window line that Andersen sells through Home Depot stores.

It is important to note that nice vinyl windows often compete with wood windows.  When large wood window manufacturers like Andersen get into the vinyl window business the last thing they want to do is cannibalize their very popular and very profitable wood windows.  So what do they do?  They produce low end vinyl windows that are not real competitors to wood window products.  Just about nobody is torn deciding between Silver Line and Andersen 400 Series wood windows.  They’re just not in the same ballpark.

This is a smart business decision for Andersen, but it leaves the Silver Line brand producing a price-focused product that leaves a lot to be desired.  If you’re looking for a really inexpensive option Silver Line might do the trick, but if you’re looking for a nice product you might want to save yourself some time and look elsewhere.

We’ll be reviewing the following models of Silver Line windows:

  • 1200 Series
  • 3000 Series
  • 3600 Impact Series
  • 8500 Series
  • 9500 Series
  • 9500 Impact Series
  • 9520 Series
  • Traditional Replacement
  • Traditional New Construction
  • Contemporary New Construction

As you can see Silver Line by Andersen offers MANY models.  This makes a little more sense for them than it does for smaller manufacturers as they do offer a very full range of replacement and new construction window products.  Silver Line windows are available on the east and west coast and they offer impact windows for hurricane areas.

We’ll be posting these reviews as soon as they’re completed.  In the meantime you can find the best window reviews online right here and you can also learn about common window sales tactics here.

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57 thoughts on “Silver Line Windows Reviews”

  1. This is one of the worst companies I have had the displeasure to deal with. We are now on the 4th “replacement” window, each of which were defective. The company does NOT stand behind their windows. They will replace the window but, you must pay for the installation. We had one that was not sealed followed by one that has a chip in it, followed by one which was the wrong size and currently one that has handprints between the glasses. Do no use them.

    1. I totally agree!!! We’ve had nothing but problems with our handles falling off and never having the problem resolved. Now we have 3 windows that will NOT close and have no options but to force them closed and never use them again! The company is extremely hard to deal with and has no desire to work with you to resolve anything without major cost.

    2. You had better luck than I did,they wouldn’t cover a penny for my window replacement.Yes I’m also on having my forth window replaced due to cracking.Let me guess were
      all of your windows that cracked picture windows on the second floor?

  2. Never ever use Silverline Windows. Yes they are poor. I just won a judgment against my builder because of these windows (amongst other things). Now I am putting in the right windows with the correct contractor, windows I had for 10 years at my last house that I built. They were great! With Silverline at first, the screen tabs break the first time you take the screens out for cleaning. Then they fly away to never, never land. After the first month or two you are without screens and can’t open your windows for fresh air, or bugs and stuff will come in. So turn on the A/C and spend more money on energy! Wait, I thought these were energy saving windows? Not! Yes, as for the Silverline casement windows, the cranks fall apart. With double hung, the seals/welds fall apart, then they leak. These windows are atrocious. The representative from Silverline did blame the builder. But it was clear that he blew off the issues with screens! The screens, clearly were a poor product.

    1. Would you contact me? We have similar issues with Silverline Windows in our newly constructed home. The builder has not been responsive. Silverline rep has been out to our house and claims it’s installation. We may need to get a lawyer to get any where. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

        1. HELP – I’m in the process of buying a town home in WI and I’ve discovered that they use the Silverline Model 2900. The builder’s warranty is only 1 year and the manufacturer’s 10 yr. warranty states that they are not responsible if it’s due to poor installation which is done by, you guessed it, the builder. Any guidance on how to protect ourselves with contract language?

          1. If you’re concerned about it I’d suggest having a home inspector take a good close look at them and if anything needs to be corrected I’d get it fixed before you buy. After the deal is closed it may not be easy to get the builder to care.

      1. Hi John , I received this message in a email and I’m not sure if you wanted me to contact you or the window dog. Thanks and good luck.

        1. Cory,
          pLease call me at 518-527-0690. We just had a visit from our builder rep. We documented this window issue within our one year period after moving into our home. Although the builder has sent people over to review and investigate, they can’t understand why the excessive icing occurs and they continue to study it. We are going on our 3rd winter in this house and so far the winter has been mild in upstate NY but we want some resolution. Thank you for any help you can give us so we know how we should proceed. We are tired of the inaction and stall tactics from the builder.

      2. The blame game. The builder’s warranty is one year. If u are within the year notify your builder via mail and email. Then if no response contact your attorney general for guidance.

    2. I have Silverline windows in my home,now eleven years,they have been great not one problem with 20 windows. I installed myself may be the reason.

  3. Help! Please say something good about these windows (Silverline). I just had seven of these installed, finishing up the trim tomorrow. Now I am nervous. Joan

    1. On a windy day hold a candle by the edge of the window. If u see the flame moving, it means the widow sucks. The seal is like bristles / pipe cleaner. Go to a widow store and compare seals. Good luck.

    2. IM DAVIS DESIGNS ive been repairing and installing windows and replacement windows for 10 years. I have used numerous brands of windows usually at customer request. As with any product don’t purchase the low end product (you get what you pay for ) silverline has a variety of levels of windows . I recommend these windows to all my customers they are better quality than others on the market. As a matter of fact I have these in my office and am going to replace the pella vinyls that I purchased from lowes just a few years ago and the silver lines are a 100% better quality than the pellas. But as with any product proper installation is the key. Yes sometimes you might have slight problems with product . As I just finished installing 10 for a customer upon recipt I inspected windows and had to have them send me a new screen missing expansion bar. if you have a good contractor you should not have any problems.

      1. William what is considered their top of the line in the Silverline series? I am going to build a new home. I have talked with many people that have built and the ones that used Pella ended up having tons of issues and having to have them repaired and or replaced. I am not willing to spend the $$$ for Marvin. I was looking at using the Anderson 200 series, but several reviews stated if you have moisture issues it can effect the wood on the inside which could cause issues down the road. So, that is why we are leaning towards Silverline series.

      2. You are absolutely right W.D. you get what you buy, that’s why anybody with half a brain should never buy windows that you have to get a 3rd party (installer) involved to install them. Get a window company that builds, installs and performs their own maintenance or repairs to the windows. This way you are not being bounced between the installer and window company playing the blame game ( pong ). That’s exactly what happened with a 6 year old Anderson Silverline window in the 6 year old house i bought so I’ll be contacting Champion Window Co. or Gilkey Window Co. Which gives a transferable life time warranty.

        1. I understand the sentiment. It’s not uncommon for very nice windows to be offered through local dealers. I think you may find there is a better value in the market than the windows you mentioned. Lots of companies (mine included) perform their own warranty service and help customers anytime they need it. It’s unfortunate that your windows weren’t installed by a company like that.

          I think that’s one important difference in buying from a reputable company vs a one man band type installer. The installer can be cheaper, but you get a lot less.

          Good luck with the new project.

    3. I have 20 Silverline windows now eleven years old,haven’t had any problems in fact would recommend them highly.

  4. Cory,
    could you contact me also? We just signed a contract with a builder for a quick delivery home with these windows and I am also of the opinion they are garbage. Any help you can give me before I fork over the remaining $$$s would be appreciated

  5. Hello Everyone. I had my house built. The builder was going to install silver line windows. I don’t remember the model number. I do remember the widows costing 150.00 at windowrama . I never came across a good review. Vinyl windows contract and decontract with the weather. I would say it depends your budget and how long u plan to stay leaving in your house. My house is pretty large 3850 above grade. I opted for Anderson 400 series.I paid an extra 10,000.00 . I figured ,I don’t want to deal with headache and Silver line windows look cheap. Consumer Report gave Anderson 400 series great reviews .

    I just had the SilverLine sales rep tell me he wouldn’t give me a quote because “he could tell that I wasn’t serious”…
    He said that he wasn’t going to waste any more of his time and said, as he walked out my door “…thanks for wasting my gas” (I had been biting my tongue and was showing him out of my home calmly).
    I am in the process of collecting 3 quotes (minimum) for this work and will now spend time warning others not to waste their time on this company.

  7. I would never buy Silverline windows again! They are the worst windows out there. After a few months of installing, I tilted in to clean them and it fell right off the track. Talk about garbage! All the screens are broken and the flimsy little tabs to hold them in are busted so I use packing tape to hold them on the house (real attractive). All the sills are rotten because they’re full of condensation. The cranks on the kitchen window doesn’t work anymore. After having them for five years, I went back to Moynihan Lumber where I bought them and asked if I could get some money off on a better window because they sold us these and they’re so bad. They walked away from me and wouldn’t even talk. I now have 15 windows to replace because I made a bad choice to start with. By the way, I installed them myself because I am a builder!

  8. No one ever leaves comments when they buy a product that is fine. Not great, but not bad. You pay for what you get. We’ve had this products for 4 years in Michigan winters and have no issues whatsoever. There is no candle flickering when held close to these windows; it’s fine.

    1. You just left a comment saying the product was fine! You are right that most of the time commenters are either thrilled or unhappy. The majority of customers who are perfectly satisfied just go about their day without posting comments.

      1. I have over three dozen silverline 2900 windows in our house which was built in 2007. No problems after ten years, no binding, broken hardware or anything else. The only issue we had was that someone removed all the screens before we moved in and we had ace hardware make us new ones. That thievery was not a problem with the windows.

        1. Thanks for writing. It’s always the case that some people have good experiences and some bad. I see people pile on one brand or another sometimes, but there are always happy customers out there too.

  9. I recently purchased a 2009 Wayne Built Home that have Silverline windows installed through the entire house. I was relatively satisfied with these windows until I had window seal problems with three different windows in the house after 5 years of service. The seal between the pains failed causing mildew and window fogging that could not be cleaned. I figured this would not be a problem since the windows came with a life time warranty, but I was wrong. After dealing with three rude customer service reps, I found out I had to pay for each of the replacement window pains cause technically I wasn’t the original owner. I bought the home from a developer, not a home owner, so I struggled to understand why I couldn’t get the replacement windows for free.

    Moral of the story, be caution purchasing or buying a home with silverline windows. I promise you will become disappointed due to the quality of the windows for the price you pay. Also I would like to prevent anyone from having to deal with the same head ache that I went through with their customer service department. They will sell you that they are lifetime warranty, but from what I learned, they do not stand behinde their word.

  10. Had 44 Silverline windows installed 2004, new construction. No track issues, leaking, streaking. No problems opening, closing, Yes, screen tabs do break easily. Biggest complaint is paid extra for Low E but have areas where wood floors have faded as well as framed family pictures; however, we chose not to put on window coverings (blinds, curtains) since we live remote. Anyone know details of their Low E warranty; kind of doubt floor repairs would be covered but would like to know.

    1. Low-e coatings, especially cheaper ones, do not block 100% of uv rays. It’s like sunscreen, you can still get burned even if you use SPF 15. There’s no guarantee I’ve ever heard of that would cover your floors in a situation like that.

  11. silver line sliding glass doors and and crank up windows seem to be ok,I guess,only broke one window crank in four years.However their picture windows are pure junk and since this company will not even warranty the part they must know it is.I had three picture windows on the second floor crack before we even moved into the after it was built.Our builder covered those costs.Now the forth window just cracked and the house isn’t quite four years old.I called silver line and was told by the rep that they would not cover a penny of the costs.You can make up your own mind about this product,but you are a fool if you buy their picture windows.Too bad,I would have been happy to pay the labor if they would have just supplied the part. Kevin Berner,Portage,Mi.

  12. 2900 Series Andersen Silverline is a proven leader in our market area in NW Arkansas. Meets and Exceeds Energy Star Ratings and has a much better Warranty that most other brands that I am aware of in our area. .

    1. It’s unusual to find an enthusiastic supporter of Silverline windows. If you install over 5000 windows per year and are interested in another option send me an email. I can probably help.

  13. I was surprised to read all the negative reports on Silverline. I installed 20 series 3000 in 2001 on my custom built home and then 6 more arched top windows in 2006 on a a Florida room addition. I have 3 windows that need new balances after 15 years. We live on a hill in the Hudson Valley of NY state and in the winter, I do get some cold air leakage on the 6 arched top, when it gets windy. But we live with it, because we like the look of these windows 11 months out of the year as we look out over the valley to the western sunsets.

    1. Just beware when the seals all start to break and your beautiful view is all fogged up. I have 12 windows in my beautiful home with the seals broken and Silverline refuses to do anything at all except sell me new ones–which given how bad they’ve been, no way would I put these things in anything other than a garage. I’m going to replace them all with good windows like Pella or similar. Silverline is junk and their customer service is worse. I WOULD NEVER PUT SILVELINE IN MY HOUSE AGAIN.

  14. Silverline 9500 were installed 8yrs ago in our CBS home to get impact resistance and insulation.
    Upon investigating swollen drywall under window during interior painting a leak was found.
    Home Depot Installer attached the bottom of the window to building with flat head TapCon screws. The 5 screws were installed in the trough beneath the exterior/ upper sash and sealed by an adhesive sealant blob around each projecting screw head. The scuppers for the trough don’t drain. Install specifications for the window call for screws to be in the trough beneath the inner/ lower window with pan head fasteners.
    Whatever the cause , the only solution I can think of is to seal the trough and slope to drain to the scuppers. Does anyone have any suggestion as to how to do that ?

  15. Our 8700 Series SilverLine vinyl replacement 6×4 sliding window purchased & installed via Home Depot in 2009 has been fantastic. The installation was flawless and the product design and construction quality is excellent. Seals and slides like new still.

  16. This summer I purchased my windows at Bargain Outlet after previously buying the 1200 line the year before with no problems. This time I bought the 8600 series for a more upgraded window. We do the installation ourselves. After having trouble installing due to not being plumb the side coils and balances broke. I called the 800 number for solutions and was provided with the replacement parts with no questions asked, no cost, but was asked to pay a minimal shipping cost. Sure the part shouldn’t have needed to be replaced but quite frankly I am 100% positive had the opening been leveled and plumbed first this would have been avoided. I’m pretty sure the majority of problems can be traced back to the prep not being done to the opening first.

  17. We are in the process of having a new home built. The builder has listed Anderson Silverline for the Windows but no specific model. I’m starting to wonder about this builder. He comes off as a high quality builder but as I go through the Declaration of Materials I’m starting to wonder because heveryone has Amana as the furnace brand, which are manufactured by Goodman and are the cheapest which is why builders like them. So Silverline yes/no? If yes what model? If no, suggested windows in that priceline.

  18. We have the casement version of these windows. The high end low E Argon gas. They have been a continuous problem. The seals don’t hold and you are left with fogged windows. The hardware cranks break. We have had the glass inserts replaced multiple times and the seals don’t last five minutes. Do not buy these windows from anyone no matter what they tell you.

  19. My husband installed 27 silveline windows in our home 8 years ago. 20 were the 8500 and the other 7 the 9500 as we needed the wood look and a little extra insulation in our sun parlor. So far we have no complaints with any of them. He is a diy guy and had never done windows before. And the next winter our heating bill was down, our rooms felt warmer & quieter. Plus the cost wasn’t ridiculous.. We haven’t found a single reason why you wouldn’t use these!

  20. This website has the exact same review of every major window model then tries to push other brands on consumers. It’s a fraudulent review site. Search for reviews elsewhere.

    1. Hi Mark, I wrote the reviews and I promise we don’t have the exact same review for every window. I have discovered that some other sites have been copying my reviews so they’ll be hearing about that soon. What is it that you don’t like about what we do here?

  21. I am replacing 50 yr old wood single pane double hungs in my apartment building in SW Virginia. Considering using the Silverline 8600 series from 84 Lumber. Sales reps recommends Low E only and not Argon Gas…he says it eventually leaks out within a few years and not worth the additional cost. Would like to get your feedback on this and if you think the 8600 is a good choice for a rental property. By the way, I have decided not to do a pocket window (install the replacement window in the existing frame) but go back to the original brick and block opening of the windows. I don’t like the way you lose size when doing the pocket style installation. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

    1. That is not the case and I’m not at all surprised to hear a rep at a lumber yard has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to windows. My advice is to get windows that are Energy Star rated at a minimum. You’ll need argon gas to get an efficient window.

  22. Well, it now appears that the corrosive air we breath caused my Silverline windows to fail – 15 year old windows with rust between the glass is not a manufacture defect but caused by acid rain, etc which caused a chemical reaction between 2 pieces of glass. REALLY? Between 2 pieces of glass there is rust but it was caused by the air we breath? I live in the burbs of PA, yes there is some manufacturing done a few miles away but so far no one else’s windows in the area seem to be affected. I got these windows in 2001 and now need to replace them, a window should last more than 15 years. I am just outside of my 10 warranty.

    1. Andersen told you that’s not covered by their warranty? Sorry to hear about your trouble. If you could send over a picture of the window and a letter or something official from them I could write up a post about it.

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