ThermaStar by Pella Windows Reviews From Lowes

ThermaStar by Pella windows replacement and new construction from Lowes

ThermaStar by Pella is a brand of both new construction and replacement windows sold through Lowes stores across the country.

You’ll notice that ThermaStar windows are lot listed on the main Pella website.  That’s because they’re trying a little bit of “have your cake and eat it too” type marketing.  They want to product a low priced window for sale at Lowes, but they don’t want to lose customers of their higher priced windows.  We’ll see how effective that strategy is, but big box stores can be a dangerous place for a manufacturer to operate.

The do have a separate site focused on Pella products that are available at Lowes stores and of course the ThermaStar windows are listed there.  These are considered to be the lowest end products Pella makes.

Any nationwide manufacturer will typically offer different products on the east cost than they do on the west coast.  The type of homes is different and the typical styles are different as well.

Here we’ll start with the east coast products.  They are:

Once you’ve read through the differences here you’ll likely find that you may want to look at other Pella window models.  These leave a lot to be desired and it’s clear that they’re designed for the bog box store market.

You can find more of our detailed window reviews here.

Looking for any additional information on ThermaStar by Pella windows that you’re not finding here?  Post a comment and let us know.  We’ll be glad to help out!


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2 thoughts on “ThermaStar by Pella Windows Reviews From Lowes”

  1. While most of what you’ve listed is fairly accurate, ThermaStar isn’t my favorite line of windows by far, it’s not listed on Pella’s website because it’s known as Encompass with their franchises. They are, quite literally, the same product in different packages according to my connection to Pella.

    1. Hi Marc, thanks for sharing that. That’s just the kind of info folks are looking for and I wasn’t aware that they were the same option.

      Be sure to let us know if your friend has any more inside info.

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