Pella Windows Reviews

Pella windows reviews, warranty, prices and efficiency ratings.

Our Pella windows reviews are here to help you decide if these are the right windows for your home. Pella windows are some of the most well known windows in the country. Most folks only know the names of a few window manufacturers and Pella is typically one of them. Does that mean that Pella windows are any better than any other windows. No, it really doesn’t, but it doesn’t mean they’re any worse either.

We recently wrote a post about Pella window complaints that you might also find interesting.

As you read through our Pella windows reviews keep in mind that a large company like Pella makes many options. They make cheap windows and they make nice windows. Sometimes we meet folks who had cheap Pella new construction vinyl windows in their home when it was built and they’re sure that all Pella windows are junk. Then we’ll meet people who had high quality Pella windows for 30 years and they’ll think Pella is the greatest company out there. In reality, both of them are wrong.

Pella doesn’t produce the best or the worst replacement windows available today, but they do have some interesting options. As you might expect they produce vinyl, wood and fiberglass options.

The Pella windows that we’ll be reviewing are:

Wood windows from Pella:

  • Architect Series
  • Designer Series
  • Pella Pro Line

Pella fiberglass windows reviews:

  • Pella Impervia

Pella vinyl windows reviews:

  • Pella 350 Series- My favorite Pella option, now discontinued.
  • Pella 250 Series
  • Encompass by Pella

ThermaStar by Pella from Lowes

If you take one thing away from these Pella window reviews we hope it’s the fact that no company out there is either always great or always horrible. Just like every other company Pella makes options and the local company selling and installing the windows will have a very large impact on your overall experience.

It is the local installation company, not Pella, who sets the sale price, performs the installation, and provides follow up service. We hear about local installation companies all over the country who try very hard to trade on the Pella windows name. They try to charge a premium for the lower end windows because consumers know the name. Don’t be one of the people who fall for those tricks.

You’re off to a good start by going your research here. You can find more detailed window reviews on just about every manufacturer in the country here.

What should you avoid doing when shopping for new windows?

I tend to suggest you should avoid thinking that the only good windows are window brands that you’ve heard of before. for most people Pella, Andersen and Marvin are the only window manufacturers that they’re familiar with.

That means those companies tend to spend more money on advertising than their competitors. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best options available.

What if I have more questions about Pella windows?

We can help! Find our Pella windows FAQ page here. If you don’t see the answer to your question post a comment and we’ll answer your question for everyone to see.

Looking for any additional information on Pella windows that you’re not finding here? Post a comment and let us know.  We’ll be glad to help out!

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How can I find a great window company to work with?

That part is easy. Check this section to find our recommended window companies all over the country including my company. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the difference. Enjoy!

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307 thoughts on “Pella Windows Reviews”

    1. We haven’t yet, but Pella is known more for their wood windows. Their vinyl windows leave quite a bit to be desired.

      1. Hi,

        Thank you for your comment. We were looking at the Pella 250 series windows. Do you have any specific thoughts about those windows? Sounds like you’re not keen on Pella vinyl in general.

        From what I’ve seen, the Marvin clad windows are much more highly rated.

        1. You’re right that we’re not huge fans of Pella vinyl windows. We’re working on a review right now for the Thermastar vinyl windows that Pella sells through Lowes. They certainly leave something to be desired. Marvin wood clad products are well regarded, but it’s unusual that someone would be comparing them to a vinyl window. Have you met with any local companies to show you what they would recommend? Perhaps they’ll be able to help you focus your search.

          1. Hi,

            My wife and I are looking to replace 10 vinyl casement windows and the budget is $4k just for the windows. We were looking at American craftsman by Andersen 70 series and Encompass (Thermastar by Pella)
            Are they any different/better from each other ?

          2. I think they’re generally pretty similar. Are you looking at $4k for 10 casement windows including labor? Sounds like you’re shopping box stores so you’re probably working with standard sizes vs custom. There could be some tricks needed to get them in right.

          3. The 4k price is just for the windows not including installation. Encompass/ Thermastar by Pella casement windows are everywhere in my zip code.
            Are they worth 4k?

            Pella won’t make Encompass after April 7th

          4. I definitely would not buy something that was being discontinued next week. That price is ok, but not remarkable. For example my company would offer 10 casement windows custom made without installation for less, but not a whole lot less. I’d say the pricing is reasonable and I can get you another option if you’d like.

          5. We are looking at the Pella 250 line from lowes as well ,for 6 windows in our hone. Lowes came in a few hundred lower than the Simintion Assure quote we recieved from other companies.

            In your opinion, which is the better window, and do you have a comparision of the two?

          6. As far as cleaning, the windows are the worst! Very hard to get them apart to clean! Wish we had never spend the $25,000.00 to replace our windows! Screens are also hard to get back in after cleaning them. Would never recommend them to anyone!

        2. Lets just say I know Pella products very well….Now…compare to other windows Pella has many windows series to choose from
          ENCOMPASS : This isnt even a real pellaa product …just a name on the lock. Very low grade window

          250 SERIES…Imho best window they have due to operation and

          350 series; way to hard to operate for a older person or even anybody.just stiff..due to the extreme weather stripping. Which is good if you arent planning to open very much


          Think of a fiberglass ladder left out in the still on the fence about em

          Wood products are nice to look at…that it.operation is very hard and exterior cladding isnt water tight so it will eventually rot

          1. Encompass Window – When I received my special order windows (9 July 2019) my first thought was this was the same window that Home Depot and Lowes sells with Pella’s name on the latch. But at a much higher price. The packaging was identical as well as the construction and flaws evident immediately. For what I paid for these and the Pella name I would have expected a better quality product.

        3. Pella used to make the best windows around. We replaced 10 windows about 25 years ago and couldn’t be happier. Wood outside, vinyl inside, several were awning, some casement and a bow window for our dining room. In 2019 we had to replace 3 of those because of age and what we got was less than adequate. The awning windows only opened a few inches. Both exterior and interior could not be cleaned from inside the room. They also required 2 locks instead of one as the original window. The screens were cheap and easily damaged. We spend 6500.00 for these 3 windows and they were such a disappointment I would never have another Pella window on my home.

          1. Hi Marie,
            I work for a Platinum Certified Pella Contractor and that should all be covered under warranty.

      2. Why don’ you talk about the warranty. I purchased wood windows with the blinds inside , not on the low end when it comes to pricing. I purchased them less than a year ago and have been fighting with them since. They say there is nothing wrong with them. They are mechanically correct. But I can’t open them. I think the definition of a window should be a framed glass that opens and closes. But they work so hard I have to turn my back to them and pull up on the handles they added in order to open them. They will not fix, repair or replace them. I am unable to lock them or use the flip out cleaning feature. Stay away from pella. They are unworthy and the service is only talk!

        1. I try to talk about replacement window warranties as often as I can. I do agree that the warranty is an important indicator of how a company plans on dealign with you in the future. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. Be sure to let us know how things go.

          1. What nightmare! I needed storm-rated windows. Received an “expert” quote for two options and chose the more expensive option at about $13,500.00.

            I ordered the windows and it took two weeks for Pella’s computers to update and debug. After the computers were working again, another salesperson noticed the quote did not meet my storm requirements. The quote was re worked. After finding the windows cost more as requested than they did when mistakenly quoted, they refused the order. Of course they tried to manufacture other reasons for the refusal, it was because their salesperson screwed up. Untrained, untrained, untrained! This may cost me thousands.

            Thank you Pella. NO ONE WORK WITH THEM!

        2. I’ve sold and installed Pella Designer Series windows for 15 years. I have never heard of Pella service walking away from a problem. Your internal blinds should tilt and raise effortlessly like everyone else’s does (including the ones in my house.)

          If you are really having this problem it could be with the local Pella franchise. Elevate the issue and contact Pella Corp in Pella, Iowa with your order number and service event number and tell them you are not happy. I guarantee they will respond immediately.

          1. Joe,
            I would love to talk to you about Pella “walking away from the problem”on the wood windows. Specifically about the 450 series that I JUST installed in my new house. I’m pretty sure also 300+ people on consumer affairs would too! I’ve ordered 25K-36 windows, and 19 have issues. Oh yeah, they will give me 100 per window back but I have to sign a warranty release on those windows. I’m NOT going to do it. I’m too afraid that they will have rot issues and then they won’t replace them-as every other nightmare on the web states.

          2. Wow, sorry to hear about that. Please post more info as you have it. I’m sure we have other readers who would be interested.

          3. Joe, I built 3 homes using our local Pella franchise. My father was a builder and used Pella. Something changed around 2004 – 2005. Quality tanked and service is horrible. Within 2 years all 20 of our windows started to fail. Fogged glass, air leaking between joints, would not close properly, screens not fitting after winter season. We dealt with our local and with corporate. To “prove”to me our windows were fine the replaced 1 window. That is the only one that is holding up! Even the service rep who came out to our house admitted we were sold a bad batch of windows but if he said anything he would lose his job. It has been such a nightmare and huge waste of money. I am looking for replacements for 20 windows and I am not sure which company to use now. Sadly I was raised on Pella.

        3. The best way to deal with that problem is to write to the CEO of Pella – you will get action fast!

        4. Its really sad that Pella windows are actualy subpar compar to what sold at the in hone presentations.I installed for them for years …from almost every job mismeasured to the horrible quality control.when i first started installing 23 years ago.I alway heard not everyone can work for Pella due to the high demand for quality which it should be.I was so let down with the reality of pella,a d it really saddens me because the wood products could be amazing if they actually cared about customers instead of profits.Designer and architect series are my fav but not the quality but the design..I am not joking 3 out of 5 custoners were always unhappy due to a discrepancy of some nature.keep pounding on the door of pella for service dont give up ,you paid too much money to be let down

        5. My elderly mother purchased those as well, they are hard to open and close for her. The reason I was told is that the window with the blind is also the most weather tight. They use the side jam with some kind of spring mechanism to seal the window. This squeezes the window. After a winter of being closed it is a little looser. To me this indicates that over time the seal will get looser and looser.

        6. You can open these windows very easily with the blinds there are literally holes for an allen wrench that you poke to open the HINGED GLASS PANEL. Why the heck do you think they call it that!?! lmfao , these comments seem to be from people missing a brain… Stop trashing a company when you aren’t even calling the actual company for help. Pella has amazing customer service when you speak to their local branch. Lowes and home depot suck and if you are buying windows from them don’t expect quality whatever the brand and know that they aren’t going to come with screens. and for God sakes stop trashing the window when your installation was the problem….Gosh people are thick as heck.

      3. This post says you reviewed Pella but I am not finding it. I am in the middle of selecting windows for my new build and feel quite alone in understanding the best choice for my budget. Being a single woman isn’t assisting in the process. Most of the resources you provide are related to window replacements. In the meantime, the rep at Carter Lumber, though well meaning, really functions as a sales rep rather than an expert in material selection. He worked a deal for the proline, but when I go online, the posts of the rotting window and customer service truly appalls me. My builder, also kind, isn’t offering much in the way of expertise other than saying he’s not putting “builder’s grade” into my house. When I ask for a price/quality comparison with Simonton, I was told “they’re more expensive”. I have limited time as a teacher and mother of teenagers and could use some support. Suggestions on next steps?

        1. This may come a bit late, but a lot of the issues with Pella wood product were an issue with several window companies in the 90s and early 2000s, Andersen being another. From what I recall, it was an issue with an adhesive used in the production of the window that caused it to fail and resulted in a class action suit against Pella and a second class action suit against Anderson a few years back. Both companies have since resolved the issues, to the best of my knowledge.

          1. Pella still uses roll form cladding and that will always be bad. You can put all the words you want in a warranty but look at all the exclusions as well. Bottom line is roll form cladding is bad news. Thats why all the other major brands stopped doing it years ago. You dont spend millions of dollars retooling your factory if it isnt broken. Roll form cladding will ALWAYS have a susceptibility for rot. Do you really want to take a chance dealing with this?

        2. I don’t know if your still reading this site but your comment on the link saying it is for one thing but not finding what it is labeled as is my biggest complaint with the Window Dog website. Sooner or later as you read you may find what you thought you were going to get when you click the link for the page but sometimes even not. The Window Dog seems like a great guy but when it comes to website design something is not going right. Quality in design is needed here.

          1. Hi Cathy, which links are you talking about? If you can send over an example or two we’ll check it out. I’ll also send you an email as well.

      4. We installed pella wood casement vinyl clad windows 25 yrs ago. The crack mechanism are all broken and so are the gears. Total junk. The gears are made of a nylon type material and started failing within a year.

        1. Donna. I have Pella DESIGNER SERIES clad windows. They are all casement windows. I had them installed by my builder, in a new build in 1996. My move in date was January 1997. In 22 years I had problem with one window and it the entire window was replaced ed at no charge. That happened about one year after install. The other problem was my patio door lock. About three years ago. I think I paid about $300 for a new lock mechanism. Also I replaced the rubber weather stripping on the patio door due to cat scratching it. So I have no problems with PElla windows. My concern now , after all these years, is that the sealant around the windows might have to be replaced, if possible, due to possibly drying out after 22 years

        2. LOLOLOL what do you expect from VINYL!?!? its only made to last like 15 years at best. Find some money and invest into windows that will last like pella wood ones with a lifetime warranty.. How are you this clueless to window longevity?

          1. Pella makes quite a few vinyl windows with warranties much longer than 15 years. I don’t think it’s a vinyl windows problem, sounds more like a quality problem to me.

      5. I read in the consumers best buy magazine that the 350 (vinyl series) That Pella manufacturers is rated the # 1 vinyl window. Is that not true? Also rates the Lifestyle window (Which has now replaced the Designer series and the Impervia window # 1 as well over the other competitors are they not accurate in those series as well?

        1. I don’t think that’s accurate, but I do think that the Pella 350 window is a perfectly fine window. Consumer Reports has always had difficulty with the replacement window business due to the limited distribution of the higher end products. You can’t just go by most of the window out there and since they try to do things under cover they can’t get a hold of the nicer windows to evaluate.

          I remember years ago they said the best window was the CertainTeed BrynMar II which gave a chuckle to anyone in this business. That wasn’t a very nice option at all and was discontinued not long after.

          Their methodology just doesn’t work well in this industry to the way most products are distributed. Maybe they’ll bring me on board one of these years to help out.

          Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

          1. Hi There! I am so glad I found your site. It is super helpful! We are working with a builder to remodel our house. We will have 7 double hung and 2 casement windows to replace. In his rough estimate, he talked about using Pella 250 Vinyl Windows. After doing some research, I am totally lost on the quality of Pella. It seems for not much more, the 350 vinyl would be better? But that leads me to another question, if we can afford it (not sure on that) would the Pella Lifestyle or Andersen 400 series be a huge difference? Thanks!

          2. Hi David, this can be a challenging industry to navigate. I do tend to think the Pella 350 is nicer than the Pella 250 model. What’s your zip code? We may be able to recommend someone. Often times the brands you’ve mentioned aren’t the best value in replacement windows, in my opinion.

          3. Hi.

            We’re looking for vinyl casement replacement windows for an old log home. We’ve looked at Pella (via Lowe’s) but the reviews I’ve read for Pella windows are not at all encouraging. Any brand suggestions for the kind of windows we’re looking for?
            Near Delhi, NY. Thanks. Love your site.

            Also, any qualitative difference getting Pella through Lowe’s rather than directly through Pella.

          4. Hi Ennis, I don’t know anyone to recommend in your neck of the woods yet. If you find a great company let us know and we might end up featuring them in this section.

            I think Pella’s vinyl windows aren’t always the very best choice, but they seem decent. We do hear from a lot of folks who didn’t have great luck in ordering windows through a box store like Home Depot or Lowes. It’s usually my recommendation to find a window company for better results. Someone who focuses on windows and doors all the time is likely to have better options and probably better suggestions than a box store who just assigns a subcontractor to do the work.

            Good luck with the project!

        2. Just contacted paella dealer and confirmed on the internet, 350 series consumer reports rated #1, has been discontinued.

      6. Hi Windowdog,
        What is the latest view on their vinyl windows? I just had Pella give me an quote on their 250 series. Are they worth getting?

        1. I think the Pella 250 model is ok. I thought the Pella 350 model was a nicer option, but I recently heard they discontinued it. In general the big names like Pella and Andersen are usually not the best value around. It seems like they routinely try to charge more because you’ve heard of their name. If you’d like another option you can check this section to find our recommended companies.

        1. Well, they’re both available in a range of configuration so there isn’t really one comparison. I do think the Mezzo model likely provides a better value as the Pella products aren’t usually the best. I liked their nicer 350 model but they discontinued it.

          Were there any features or options that you saw in the Pella vs the Alside that you were interested in or that you thought stood out?

          1. Hello Windowdog! just finding your site and could really use your expert insight!
            i am renovating a beach house (approx. 1/2 mile from the water) in RI. I am working with a builder who is bending over backwards to help me decide on replacement windows. He suggested Pedigram; i opted for Pella, because of their warranty, brand recognition, ‘seemed’ to be the best window choice, etc. he suggested vinyl, i suggested fiberglass. I am now ‘digging in’ to read the reviews on the 250 series (vinyl) and the impervia (fiberglass); neither of which receive rave reviews! Help! I need great, maintenance free, lasting quality windows (no condensation, no leaking, easy to clean, etc!) ! 6 Double hung; 3 mulled DH, 2 awning, and an 8′ sliding glass door. I don’t know where to turn for an honest answer! any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    2. We decided to go with Pella because they quoted a lower price than competitors and said they could get the job done in 4-5 weeks, which was faster than competitors. 10 weeks later, the job is finally done. After the contract was signed, I spent the next 6 weeks trying to schedule an appointment for the job to be done. I called 5 times, and each time was shuffled around to different people and eventually told I would get a call back from someone who could help me. I received exactly 0 call backs, and no one ever even bothered to acknowledge that they had ignored my calls for several weeks.

    3. We recently upgraded our windows. After much research, we decided to go with Pella, despite the fact that they were nearly double the cost of the cheapest quote. Almost all of the reviews were positive.
      The sales process was fine but rather long but once we had signed the deal and paid our money the games began. We had a deadline to meet as we were having visitors from overseas and we didn’t want construction going on while our guests were with us.
      Without going into a long winded summary of the day to day issues we had with trying to get a response from Pella, I will tell you that we had our installation date changed 4 times and delayed nearly a month. We called everyone we could at Pella but got nothing and no one seemed to know what was going on. No one could help.
      As a result we decided to call the CEO, only to be told he doesn’t talk to customers. To me the only reason a business exists is to satisfy customers. If that’s not happening then the CEO had better be involved. This to me is the height of arrogance and is where the lack of customer focus begins. This company is on the slippery slope.
      We then wrote a very courteous letter to both the CEO and the Chairman. To date we have not had the courtesy of a response. This was more than a month ago, so there is no excuse.
      The installation was fine and in fact the installer was exceptional but he is an independent and doesn’t work for Pella. The windows look great and come with a great warranty but I can tell you that we would never recommend Pella to anyone. They are too big, too arrogant and too impersonal and their service is no better than Rogers.
      The interesting thing is that we have told a lot of people about Pella’s terrible service but almost no one about the windows. My wife tells anyone who will listen. I have read that angry customers tell 10 times as many people about their experience as do happy customers. I guess this item is proof of that.
      Think very carefully before you go with this company. I believe that management has lost sight of the customer and that can never be a good thing.

      1. Don’t ever do a major renovation on a tight timeline. After the first two sentences, for me this nullifies your opinion of this company. I read a lot of reviews and I look for product info, and I weed out the service issues because anything can happen to set back an install date and in the end I only care about how the product performs

        1. Someone else’s priorities might be different than yours. You are right that it seems a lot of people put artificial time pressure on projects like this and it only leads to frustration. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to solve that problem.

      2. Thank you for the heads up. I dont deal with arrogant fat heads either and i just scratched Lowes and Pella off my list of houses for windows. See we all that care about quality and trouble free performance do our home work too.

    4. We have their 350 series Brown on the outside and white on the inside. Everyone warned us not to do brown vinyl. After 5 years they still look and operate like new. The energy difference from the previous windows is night and day. So far zero issues!

      1. Just saw your post from over two years ago about your Pella 350 windows. Are you still satisfied?

    5. Brought two large Pella 250 style sliding windows and had to spend hours removing the extra welds left on the inside and outside of the windows. Quarter inch of material I had to remove from the corners inside was the worse.. Brought at Lowes and Lowes blame Pella and Pella blames Lowes for not checking the welds. Last windows at Lowes or Pella.

    6. Good afternoon all. I just wanted to share my experience with Pella Windows. Our home was built in 2000 and it has Pella windows in every spot that it can. I have always heard great things regarding Pella and their durability. I only wish that their customer retention and satisfaction meant something to them. Fast forward to 2021 and all of my “Premium” Architectural windows that are not cheap windows by any means is falling apart. Part of the second story window is in my rain gutter. Every window in the house is either already compromised or absolutely falling apart. I contacted Pella customer service and sat on hold for more than an hour and then finally got a pleasant lady to speak to. Now mind you I am not mad at them I just want to see if I have any recourse as far as warranty, prorated or depreciated value at all because they only warranty their windows for 10 years and the windows have been getting worse for the last 5-6 years and shame on me for not calling in before and trying to figure out what can be done. So anyway, I spoke to a couple of people and I received an email with a quote to replace just the sashes because the outer frame is ok and it is almost $7000 dollars. So I nicely asked if there was any discount at all because I was replacing what is supposed to be a top brand Pella window with another Pella window and would appreciate anything that they could do. Well I received a response and that response was they could not discount the windows at all! Really not even a small percent?? And what kind of window would these be? The same window that has fallen apart on my home already? The answer was yes, it was the same window and get this folks…………..The brand new supposed superior top brand windows that I was going to pay $7000 had zero warranty!! What??!! Really? So I am at a loss here and I will see what I can do but I promise you this Pella Windows. I will post this every possible place, including any retail outlet that offers your products and any home improvement site that I can to let people know how much you value your customers. And you can delete it off your site but I will repost it every day until someone calls me that can rationalize this and make me understand. Pics included and as you can see, the wood is totally gone and the aluminum frames are coming apart. Ask yourselves, is this superior quality and customer service.

    7. I would like to leave a review on Pella as it seems Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau might be paid off by them to block bad reviews. I wrote again to Pella this evening…

      Your reviews are a lie as you only publish the positive ones and not the negative ones.
      Buying Pella vinyl windows was the biggest mistake I have ever made. Shortly after installation I had to start calling as the windows became difficult to open and even more difficult to close. I purchased these windows from the Pella Store in Glenwood Springs Colorado in 2014. I have had technicians come out several times over the years but they haven’t made any difference in the slightest. The screens have always been impossible to remove to clean without bending the frame. I can no longer close the windows when they are open and have to get my husband to force them closed. The technician tried to say it was the installers fault but Pella chose the installer and I had nothing to do with it. Our house is built on a very sturdy concrete foundation so that is not the issue. Never once did I get a call from Pella after sending the technician out asking if I was satisfied….the technician knew I wasn’t. I filled out a customer survey from Pella that was never answered. I tried to post this review on BBB but it looks like its blocked. I plan to save this email and post on facebook, Nextdoor, Angi’s list and every where else I can to make sure people know Pella does not stand behind their windows or their customer service. 7 years after spending over $15,000 for windows for my home I am going to have to find a company to replace all these windows that hopefully will stand by their product. Obviously my supposed 10 year warranty with Pella for my windows means nothing. The frustration I experience when trying to close my windows has now made me want to reach out to every attorney in a lawsuit against Pella and make sure I share my story far and wide so no one else makes the mistake of purchasing windows from Pella. I was not notified of some of the lawsuits that I can see online are settled and closed. The feeling of being completely taken advantage of by a large company that only cares about the bottom line and not customer service is awful! I will definitely spend more time researching local respectable and honest companies for my next purchase!

    8. I work for a Pella Platinum Certified Contractor. We rep Pella and Provia. Currently Provia Vinyl is a superior window for the money. We actually install ourselves and a certified installer for both windows. We offer a 15 year install warranty. Its less about the window and more about the installer when it comes to vinyl in my opinion. Price points are very similar.

  1. 6 years ago I installed Pella Thermastar windows myself in a porch addition and never had an issue with them. Sure, they were inexpensive, but they have also survived 2 hurricanes on the east coast. They don’t leak, not warped and seal tight.

  2. I have a choice between Alside Mezzo Casement (Vinyl) and Pella Proline 450 casements (alum clad wood? for 1000$ more). The Pella air infl numbers seem poor 0.3 relative to the Mezzo and other vinyl windows <0.1. Have also heard about past problems with the Pella Proline wood rotting, class action, etc but Pella rep says they have addressed the issue and fixed it.

    I know you have said air infl numbers don't really matter too much after you get under a certain point but a factor of 10 better seems relevant. Contractor thinks I'm crazy not to just blindly go with the Pella (he has them in his house) What do you think?

  3. I live in New Jersey and am deciding b/w two windows. the weather isn’t has sporadic as Florida or Cananda but am looking for the best one for my buck. I was reading on consumer report about reliabilt 3000 from Lowes and Pella 250 or 350 series. What is your take on these two windows? I was wondering if you like the Okna 500 series and if that is better or worse than the two from Lowes? I can’t spend a whole lot but am not going to get the cheapest ones either. I don’t mind paying a little more if it is worth it. Please let me know what your opinion is b/c I am trying to make a decision in the next few days.
    Thank you for your time and efforts!

        1. The windows I bought from Lowes to test for the site were not the best quality products. Pay attention to which model you’re looking at if you’re looking for a quality result.

          1. I purchased floor and I stall from Lowes in May 2018. They require a signed contract paid In full, material and labor. The floors were never completed and what is done is wrong.
            Lowes sub contracts and no takes responsibility.
            I was told to work with the sub contractor. He walked out on the job and the store turned the issue over to corporate. It is difficult to get a response from the store or corporate either by email or phone.
            I no longer buy anything at Lowes.

          2. I thought the Pella window would be identical whether from Lowe’s or Pella. I am looking at both places right now, trying to Make a decision between the Encompass ThermStar….vs. the 250. Is there any product difference between the stores…or is the main difference the installation? Each places pushes a different product.

        2. If you want quality pella wondows, buy direct from pella.lowes sells pella windows built to lowes’ somewhat exacting specs.pella sells pella windows built to pella standards, which the bar is higher at pella. Also, buying from pella gets you the pella installation guarantee. Buy from lowes and either you install it & get no install guarantee, or if using a lowes installer what you will get is a contractor’s guaranty from 20 days to a year whatever he feels like giving you but bear in mind that all it means is, it isn’t really enforceable because even IF you can get him to admit fault and IF you can prove failure is due to his faulty installation, it’s subject to his still being on business to honor his guarantee, and you will have an easier time sneaking dawn past a rooster than getting him back to correct his mistake. Once you pay the install fee upfront to lowes, they pay him immediately and move on so repeat visits to make good on a faulty install isn’t what lowes is about and the installer just doesn’t care since he’s got his dough. However, if you deal directly with pella for purchase and install (they offer a form of financing), they stand behind their product and you get the 20 yr warranty on onstall. My own experience: thought I would save some $, bought Pellas fr lowes on sale, used lowes installer & lowes installer NAILED EXTERIOR TRIM ACROSS the louver window preventing it from opening & ruined frame, told me I wasn’t cranking it enough, wouldnt fix it & said window was factory defect that I should call pella.I photo’d it, sent to pella who immediately took lowes to task & forced lowes installer to replace the damaged window.Just sayin’…

          1. Pella doesn’t sell windows direct to anyone. All the Pella showrooms are independent franchises and offer nearly the exact same product as Lowe’s does. I say nearly because there are a small handful of exclusive items to the franchises, like the turn and tilt windows, but they largely use the franchises to test product before taking it large scale, as was the case with the Pella Designer Series. As far as labor warranties through Lowe’s, I’ve got 11 years of experience there. The warranty is through the store, not through the contractor direct, which is one of the benefits of buying from them. The labor warranty is still valid even if that contractor is no longer working with Lowe’s. It’s shorter than some other places offer, I’ve seen warranties on labor that are two years or more, but installation issues typically come up very quickly in the life of the product and I haven’t seen anyone offer 20 years on labor. Pella does offer a 20/10 year warranty on the product and, should anything fail in the first two years, they’ll service it at no charge. No window is good if it’s not properly installed. As for the contractor getting paid up front, that’s incorrect, though I’m not sure how much more I can say on that.

          2. Absolutely NONE of that is true. And I mean NONE of it. The installer doesn’t provide the warranty for labor, Lowe’s does, and if you know anything about them, they’ll bend over BACKWARD to satisfy an irate customer. No installer is EVER paid prior to completing the work. Pella produces EXACTLY the same windows out of EXACTLY the same plants nationwide; they don’t have any varying grades of vinyl, weld techniques, glazing procedures, or frame design from one to another. The glass comes from Cardinal, just like everyone else. It wouldn’t even be REMOTELY cost-effective to TRY to purposely build an inferior window, and its still Pella’s name on the product with Pella’s warranty and service teams. That’s ludicrous. There are obviously differences in the designs, functionality and energy efficiency of one window to another, but Ford makes cheap cars and expensive ones, too. Depends on what you want.

        3. I had Lowe’s install my windows and had a great experience. The quote was mid-range among the 5 local company estimates. The install was seamless and fast, and i couldn’t be happier with the end result. I had an issue after install and I only had to make one phone call to Lowe’s with my serial number and they did everything else for me.

  4. does anyone know a way to buy parts for Pella windows without having to buy from a Pella dealer? I have found their price for parts and installation outrageous. ;(

    1. Try contacting Pella at 877-473-5527. You can likely also order at Lowes as they distribute Pella products, although I’m not 100% certain that they’ll sell parts. If you need a pro to install the parts you’ll need to hire someone local. Service work is often more expressive than people expect. That’s one reason we make a big deal about warranties that include labor. Good luck and let us know how things work out!

      1. Hear..hear! It’s a get what you pay for situation…when you pay a little more by dealing with the source instead of a middleman, you are getting a little more…the cost of that window from lowes who makes $ from repeat sales of whole world dowsing not selling replacement parts just got a little higher..then add in the nuisance factor of finding the part and someone to do the repair, the inconvenience and trial-and error ’til you get it right and suddenly the cost of the higher quality window bought frm pella directly doesn’t sound outrageous.

  5. What do you think about Pella 250 custom windows vs. Alside Mezzo? I’m looking at Double Hung and Sliders flanking a picture window. I live in Philadelphia, PA. The replacement windows in the home were poorly installed previously. They are bowing in the center and the thermal seal has been broken with condensation between the panes. I want to ensure that the windows I have installed to last for years. I am confident in my contractor but I just can’t decide between manufacturers! Open to any other suggestions as well! You are so helpful and informative on this site!

      1. Hi Becky! I did not, but I ended up choosing Pella. Our friend was the installer who measured for what we wanted and also had his Pella rep meet him and myself at the house to custom measure the windows. We completely redid the framing and it turned out gorgeous. Pricing ended up being a little cheaper with Pella. I highly recommend using a wholesaler rep when you order if at all possible. Ultimately, I found the windows to be very similar after doing my research so price was the final deciding factor along with my installer’s honest recommendations.

        1. I was glad to read your comment, since I got 3 estimates:
          1. Alside Mezzo
          2.Soft-Lite windows
          3. Pella Proline
          I am analyzing and researching. I read many bed reviews about Pella Proline

          What is your opinion? I would greatly appreciate if you can respond.

    1. Sounds like the window opening/framing is exerting pressure on your window frame. Due to inadequate/improper or no window flashing of window opening, moisture/rain/leaks cause swelling of wood framework that then exerts pressure on window frame which in turn puts uneven pressure on seals holding the sandwiched window lights together;eventually seal ruptures letting gas leak out. This is very likely to affect any window that is installed unless corrected.since you will have the window out anyway?why not take opportunity to check out the condition of the flashing..btw it should wrap inward from outside of the window hole..if it’s not there do it before the next window goes in!

  6. My home was built in 2000 and Pella designer series windows were installed. They have leaked for years and all Pella wants to do is caulk them. They have rotted out the seal on inside of house. Have contractor at house today one widow has leaked and rotted out sub floor. Pella admitted in a class action law suit that there were problems with design of window but sold them anyways. Don’t buy Pella windows they don’t stand behind there product. This summer will install all new windows but not from Pella.

  7. Where is the discussion/review of the Pella Architect Series? If no such item exists, thoughts on Pella Architect Series (wood interior/aluminum clad exterior) VERSUS Renewal by Anderson (Fibrex)?

    1. There isn’t a review of the Pella Architect Series yet, but it’ll be around soon. We’re not huge fans of the Fibrex material from Renewal by Andersen. They charge quite a bit for windows with a 10 year warranty.

      1. Thank you; that was prompt! Other than the class action, and I don’t want to preempt your forthcoming review, any general, or specific, comments (good and/or bad) about the Pella Architect windows?

      2. I put Pella Architect Series windows in my home when it was built in 2003. I have been replacing sashes ever since. The upper sash will completely rot with the hardware falling out into the window frame. Under warranty, Pella would only send out a new sash, I had to stain, varnish and install it myself otherwise they wanted to charge for that. Now that the windows are out of warranty, I have a “quote” from Pella for $1,060 to replace 4 more that have rotted out. One of them being a large fixed window. If I could post a picture of what the rotted sashes look like, I’ll guarantee you would never consider Pella Architect Series windows.

        1. Hi Brad, I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. I you want to email me a picture I’d be happy to post them. You can send to me at Dan at Thewindowdog dot com.

    2. Fibrex contains wood fibers…just like composite decking…read up on pros & cons of composite decking.And a 10-yrs Warranty isn’t much of one.
      .Warranty expires just when developing problems become obvious.

  8. “…the local company selling and installing the windows will have a very large impact on your overall experience.”

    So very true. I contacted a big local Pella seller/installer (Beltsville, Md). They missed the scheduled appointment not once but twice, and never called to make an excuse or apologize. I called them to say what happened? A second appointment was made.

    Mind you one time my husband took off work; another time we wasted several hours on a precious Saturday waiting for Pella guy to arrive.

    After second missed appointment I called the Pella company complain, the sales guy refused to return my calls. I asked for a manager or supervisor, they never called us back either. The rudest behavior and strangest behavior I’ve had from a contractor. Needless to say I am down on Pella because of that.

    Recently, I did look at Pella vinyl windows (via Lowe’s) and they are not a decent window.

    1. The Windows sold at Lowe’s are not Pella’s best vinyl. They are the entry level vinyl window. The Pella 350 series is the best vinyl window but just like anything you have to have a great installer to put them in correctly otherwise it doesn’t matter what window you buy.

      1. You’re absolutely right. I was recently in a Pella store and their other window models look much nicer than the box store windows.

        1. You really need to stop spreading lies. The windows you get from Lowes or Pella store are exactly the same product. The only diffence is packaging label after production of the window. Thermastar and encompass are the same product. Do you really think a manufacturer will spend millions of dollars separate production runs and staff?

          The diffence is that Pella stores are franchises, and may get rights on new products a year before Lowe’s, to keep franchise owners happy. Example: self closing screens and impervia

          1. Excuse me, but lows, like most big box home improvement stores, in an effort to offer the whole market basket of complimentary home improvement materials, contracts with name brand manufacturers to handle their lower-end products and market these lower cost products to entice consumers that desire to handle their own home improvements.

          2. @ Norman

            You are mistaken. Lowes handles the lower end, along with higher end products. Go to the Pella website, and tell me a product there that you can’t order from Lowes.

          3. @Window Guy

            Done. The entire line of Pella Specialty Windows can not be purchased at Lowe’s. You sorta covered that, but I win on a technicality, right? And Norman is sorta right on this one. Lowe’s did contract with Pella for a very, very brief run on a 15 series Thermastar unit that was a step down from the 20 series reviewed here, to get a lower price point unit. This was a total disaster for the most part and the line was discontinued.

  9. Hi WindowDog,

    I’m comparing and contrasting the Marvin Infinity fiberglass window, which you’ve reviewed, with Pella’s Impervia fiberglass window. Have you reviewed the latter? I’d be curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

    1. We haven’t gotten to the Pella Impervia yet, but it’s on the list! Anecdotally I hear more positive feedback about the Marvins and we’ve installed them with great success in the past. I don’t have any first hand knowledge of the Pella Impervia window so we’re going to buy a couple of them to look over.

      1. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I didn’t think you were all that impressed with the Marvin Infinity window beyond its looks. You were critical of its AL rating and warranty and said its only real benefit for its price was its aesthetics. But you’re saying you’ve had great success with them? I’ve heard that the Impervia was well reviewed by Consumer Reports, but I haven’t seen many other reviews. Thanks again.

        1. The only real benefit is the aesthetics. People think I’m being derogatory when I say that, but it’s not a bad thing. For example, when I bought my car I got the fancy model with the extra trim and the fancy wheels. The only benefit of that is the look, and that’s what I wanted so I paid extra for it.

          It’s important to understand that what you’re getting for your extra money when you buy fiberglass windows is the look. Its not a better product, but it does look nice and that’s a perfectly fine reason to pay extra for something.

          If you want windows that seal tight and have max efficiency, then you’re probably better off with a nice vinyl window. Really just depends what’s important to you and there’s no right or wrong answer.

      2. Any updates on the PELLA 350 series vinyl or Impervia lines?
        I need to repair my sliders (Pro-Line 450) or replace with vinyl or fiberglass. The sliders are out of warranty, PELLA won’t cover the panels, which have the same problem as the rest of the Pro-Line series (leaks from the metal clad pulling away from the wood, breaks the seal).
        PELLA claims the fiberglass and vinyl 350 products are solid and carry a good warranty.

        1. If you’re replacing old failed Pella windows you may want to look at another manufacturer for the new windows. They probably would have said the Proline 450 windows were great too and look where you are. I’d suggest finding a great window company who can make a suggestion or two.

      3. We purchased three very large Pella Impervia windows (45 sq ft) and they were installed in April of 2019. The next day we noticed many scratches and broken seals on two of the three windows. The window company we used reps Pella, but the closest Pella store is in Chandler, AZ. They reordered the glass and scheduled the install for May. The installers brought out the glass and we had a Pella rep from Chandler to help with the installation. I asked him if they had inspected the glass. He replied that he had not, went outside to look and found that all three pieces of glass were scratched. Five months later, Pella has told us they have placed monthly orders for new glass and each time it arrived damaged. They are blaming Cardinal that produces the glass. Now they are saying they can replace the glass with glass from another company, but it won’t have the Pella logo on it. They say they will give it the same warranty as the Pella glass. We are caught in between the company we bought the windows from and the Pella franchise in Chandler. Should we contact Pella Corporate in Iowa? It’s been a nightmare!!!!

        1. Sorry to hear about your trouble. Why not just have them ordered it from another company if the Cardinal glass has been an issue? If the warranty is the same it should work out ok.

          1. They just told me last week that they got approval from corporate to use another Cardinal location since they are experiencing a “few” issues with the one they were using. Stay tuned. Now scheduled for shipping October 22 and hopefully installation soon to follow.

  10. Hi WindowDog,
    I am considering replacement windows for my house and narrowed down to Pella Proline series.
    Looking at the performance numbers, these windows with Advanced LowE IG glass provide a U-factor of 0.29. My question is whether there is a SIGNIFICANT improvement to stepping up to U-factor of 0.25 with the option of AdvancedComfort LowE IG glass? I understand that lower the U-factor, the better. Just not sure whether the investment makes sense as beyond a certain level, you may hit a point of diminishing returns. I am based in Northwest NJ.

    1. People ask us questions along those lines all the time and I struggle to find a good way to illustrate the difference in a rating like that. If it were my house I don’t think I would get too concerned about it, but some people get really into the numbers. If the house is completely well sealed and everything is insulated leaving the windows as the weakest link it might make more sense to be concerned about a difference like that.

      If your house is a regular older house I don’t think the difference in 0.29 and 0.25 will be too significant. Certainly 0.25 is better, but only you can decide if that difference is worth it to you.

      If anyone else has good suggestions on how to explain a difference like that I’m sure everyone would be glad to hear them!

      1. This is fairly old, but hopefully helpful. More people seem to be familiar with R Values in insulation than U values in windows, but they’re inverses. A U value of 0.25 equates to an R 4 rating, 0.29 equates to 3.44. Very, very similar, but one is better than the other.

        1. That’s technically true, but you’ll see a lot of rounding in R Values. Companies typically quote windows as R 4, 7 or 10 and that does NOT mean the U-Factor is .25, .14 or .1. it’s just a lazy way of doing it. If you want the right info look at the U-Fators.

          1. While you’re not wrong weighting u value more highly, if “lower is better” doesn’t satisfy people, which and the NFRC both point to, that’s been the easiest way I’ve been able to compare the two. I’m also curious who advertises as an R10 window, I’ve yet to come across a company that does that and there’s no way in hell I can see someone hitting that without replacing the glass in both sashes with rigid foam.

          2. You’re right. We use Energy Star as a guideline to help people understand what makes a window pretty good. Some people want more than that, but it’s a good starting point.

            Companies do advertise R-10. Usually it’s in their in-home pitch, not in their published marketing. They know what claims would likely get them in trouble so they only make them when they are in someone’s house and nobody can prove what was said.

  11. Thanks for your input! I think I’ll stick to the 0.29 U-factor as my house is well insulated. Makes more sense to invest that extra money in other home improvements.

  12. I would like your thoughts on Pella 350 series with double pane slider vs Sunrise Vinyl slider window

    1. You know I was just recently in a Pella showroom looking at a 350 series and I think it’s a nice looking product. Sunrise also tends to make a good looking window. The distribution for both products may be limited depending on your area. I would start assuming both are nice windows and decide which installation company you’d prefer to work with.

  13. Im a window salesman with a background in construction and installation. I will give my two cents as Ive dealt with Pella, Jeld Wen, Atrium, Plygem, and United. I work in Northwest Ohio area, so I have some competition with Anderson, Vinylmax, and Therma Guard Windows. There are a few others mixed in also not coming to mind.

    I will sum this up simply, all companies make bad windows, and have bad customer service at some point. The reports to pay attention to are the most recent going back 5 years. A lot changes with a company in 5 years. Pella’s problems tend to come from 7 years and farther back. As stated a great window is only as good as its install work. Bad installation will make a Great window fail.

    As for Pella windows, its a matter of comparing what you want, what looks and feels better when you get your hands on it. Personally, I will sell Pella windows over most vendors hands down. I have a report with the Pella reps, and know how take care of customers when an issue arises. Bad service comes from how you talk with Pella, or how the Salesman helping you with the issues and whatever vendor.

    As for quality..I would trust United , Pella, and Atrium’s 3900 series over other companies any day.

    1. Sorry but their problems continue to this day. When they still sell wood/aluminum windows that rot, and can not be repaired they are not a good company. When their service staff tries to say a rotted leaking casement window is ” condensation damage ” in July…. That’s the sign of a pathetic company. When their service techs say the window is sagging because of a house settling, even tho the frame is still square and the sash is clearly degrading. This is an ongoing issue with them.

  14. Pella is not worth the amount of money they cost. I have had 3 replacement windows in 5 years. Though the materials were covered, at $240 per hour labor and having to wait 2 months for service Pella is putting themselves out of business.

  15. 1991 Family Room Addition…Pella Designer Series…casement & fixed windows…wood sill and wood sash bottom rail totally rotted out…wood components do not appear to have been treated for rot…defective design of sash glazing…as an Architect I thought Pella was a superior product which should last a life time…I was very wrong…I recently started to repair what appeared to be surface rot…what I discovered is an horrendous problem…I will be contacting the local Gunton/Pella architectural sales representative tomorrow morning…my 1927 home has wood double hung which are in great shape and I expect they will last at least another 88 years…

  16. I’m building a new house. I’ve decided to go with vinyl windows. There are so many big and smaller companies out that it’s difficult to choose. I have been reading reviews from customers and go back and forth between several companies.

    I want a “good” vinyl window from a company that stands behind their product.

    I really need help…need to make final decision very soon. Thank you.

  17. We have narrowed down the replacement of 9 windows (vinyl) in a 1981 house to Pella or Window World. My biggest concerns are: Warranty response history and ALTITUDE (leakage, argon changing if manufactured at sea level) — I live in Colorado Springs at about 6300 feet. Pella orders glass with a capillary tube and says they have “cold rolled processed virgin vinyl” both attributes which not only made sense, but the first (for pressure adjustment) an independent window man in town confirmed is particularly important with bigger windows (ours are not huge, but a couple are mid sized). Window World’s warranty SOUNDS better, but Pella was more honest about the limitations of the warranty, and all warranties, for that matter. We are looking at the Pella Encompass series and Window World 4000 Series with Solarzone Plus Elite glass. Ideas?

    1. Good questions! I believe Window World does offer windows with capillary tubes for high altitude, at least they used to several years ago. I don’t think it would be a huge issue and any company based i Colorado Springs would certainly have more experience with those issues than I do.

      In my experience Window World does offer a pretty strong warranty. What did Pella say about the limitations? I’m not a huge fan of the Pella windows sold in the box stores, but their other lines look pretty nice. I haven’t dealt with them as much as some other brands so I can’t comment specifically.

      I’d be curious to hear what they had to say about the warranties.

  18. Hi Window Dog,
    I’m looking at the Pella 250 vinyl windows and was wondering if you had a look at them when you were in the Pella store looking at the 350 series and what you thought? A lot of people are trashing the pocket sill aspect of the Pellas but when I compare them to say a Soft-lite Essentials, where there is only a small piece of “Comfort Foam” on their sloped sill to prevent water from getting in, I wonder which will hold up in the long term? Thanks!

    1. Hi Chip, I would agree with the sentiment that a pocket sill is an older design. The main drawback is the they’ll typically drain water through the frame and out weep holes. This design tends to come with higher air infiltration ratings and the potential for problems down the road when the weep holes get filled with dirt and dust and leaves and junk. It’s an older design that most manufacturers are getting away from.

      Hope that helps!

  19. Hi WD –
    Thank you for such an informative site.
    We are replacing 30 wood windows which are 28 years old. We are not considering Vinyl mostly due to asthetics and color options.
    We are considering Pella 450 (aluminum-encased wood), Anderson Renewal (Fibrex (wood dust / Vinyl) composite), and Marvin Integrity (fiberglass). All double hung with a few picture windows. Thoughts?
    I like both the Pella 450 and the Marvin. Pella had wood rot issues in the past but told me they have addressed it. Anderson is in 3rd place because their sales person was too pushy although they seem to have a nice product ($$$)
    My reason for not researching wood is my perception of longer life / less maintenance (i.e. painting) afforded by these products.
    What other options might you suggest?
    Also, my plan is to have our wood trim capped with rolled aluminum, again for the reduced maintenance. Would be interested in your thoughts on this as well.
    Thanks so much.

    1. We are considering the same widows, except we are looking at Marvin Infinity windows instead of the Integrity windows. Does the 450 still suffer from rot? Also I’m not crazy about the flexible window jamb on the 450. You have to push it in to pull out the window for cleaning. Add to that, the proline 450 only has a full screen and not a half screen. The sides of the 450 are bare wood too.

  20. My husband and I are building a house and chose Pella 250 Series double hung 6-lite prairie style. The first set of windows for the entire house needed replacing due to being built out-of-square or crooked grilles/mullions. Some of the windows came with the mullions upside down. In addition, the spacing used for the mullions was off by as much as 1/4 inch on left vs. right side of window glass. The Pella rep came to our house and indicated that Pella would replace the bad sashes/window units. After almost 2 months of waiting, which has caused a delay in our home construction, the replacements came. What we ended up receiving was much of the same. Now we are waiting again to get the rep out to the house. This is our first experience with Pella windows and it will be our last. I would never recommend Pella windows to anyone.

  21. Pella is truly the worse service company I have ever contracted with. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! I written the chairmant and got a boiler plate thanks for your concern, call the local office letter. I called the Pella customer service desk, they said “Oh Sorry” but never got anything fixed. I called the local Pella store manger and got no response. Out of five new window sets, three were damaged and as work on the fourth appointment to get the repairs done, it is imposible to talk to anyone. Will never do bussiness with them again

  22. I’m in Tampa, FL area. Hurricane alley. or at least that’s what the state says and I must have impact windows or replace 25% per year, or have impact coverings. The coverings make the cost almost as much as impact windows and 25% per year makes it hard to know they’ll all be the same windows. personally, i don’t think the impact windows will be needed but they will reduce outside noise.

    i have currently jalousie windows. 11 of them. have estimates from PGT, Simonton and Pella. (some local Reese builder magic glass company, but they’re ruled out based on their slimy sales man). Price was roughly: 10k, PGT. 15k Simeonton, 15k Pella. Pella seemed to offer the best window. they claimed the glass was impact on the outside (miami-dade) and offered 40% + energy savings due to the thermo rating. I think the simonton and PGT had the impact portion on the inside, and wasn’t as energy efficient (SHGC).

    There’s some much out there on all these companies, that i’m pretty scared to invest 15+k on my house.

    1. What did you end up deciding on? I also live in Tampa, FL and am looking for guidance. I live in an area that requires impact glass same as your area.

  23. I am in southwest Florida and have been reading all of the blog posts. I have not anything specific on Pella 350 series windows. These are available at our Lowe’s locally. Your thoughts and recommendations. Also, available in the area are PGT, CGI, and EAS. We do have NON standard window openings, and one window is very tall. How will that effect the possibility of double hung window?

  24. I had a problem with a 20 year old Pella window and called Jessica at Pella Windows #630-588-3870 – problem was fixed within 5 weeks. and I was very satisfied – she did a good job.

      1. Hi the window dog. I have a 1922 colonial in CT that needs to get the windows replaced. I’m close to pulling the trigger on Pella 350 series, but am concerned that the vinyl look will not work in my older house. nforutnaley, I haven’t found a wood replacement window that is in my budget. the 350’s seems to have a decent overall look, but I’m wondering if you have a recommendation for a replacement window in the same price area that will have more of a wood look to go with my old house. thanks.

  25. I live in Illinois. I have received an estimate for Pella 250 from Lowes from a contractor, an estimate for Reabilt 3900 from Lowes where both estimates were around $6000 for the windows plus $6000 for labor to install 15, windows. I also got a bid for around $7000 total for windows and installation from a window company in town for Thermoloc triple pane windows. He has been installing window for over 30 years and has a good reputation in town. He even installed them in his home. I am very confused on the price difference. Have you ever heard of Therm o loc? Are they a good windows?

    1. I hadn’t heard of Therm o Loc, but their website doesn’t make the windows look too special. $6000 for labor to install 15 windows feels pretty heavy unless there is a whole lot involved. You may be comparing a full replacement to a pocket replacement.

  26. Hi I am trying to replace my 13 old windows in a town house , upstate New York. I am confused between Pella 250 and Simonton 5500, I have got Quotes for both and Pella 250 (from Lowe’s) ~ $3300 and Simonton 5500 (ABC Supply) ~$3900. Both ratings are very very close and meets energy star for north region. Which would you say U say is better window. My contractor is asking to go with Simonton and other quotes (just to make sure I am getting correct labor price) I got said to use Pella.

    1. I’m not a huge Simonton fan, but I’d probably pick the Simonton option over the Pella 250. If you’re in love with the Pella name look at the 350 window.

      1. Here is the straight up on Pella:

        1. They manufacture the same windows for Lowe’s as they do for their local franchise.
        2. Local franchise have Pella employee’s as local service techs to handle concerns. If you buy through Lowe’s, you need to go to Lowe’s 1st to handle any concerns.
        3. Our local reps are thoroughly trained, professional employees who do windows and doors everyday. They can help with house plans or a few replacement windows.
        4. ALL of the Pella vinyl windows are built the same way but each level offers more options (just like buying a car). I could name a large list of attributes on the 3 vinyl lines that the competition may not have.
        5. Buying from a box store doesn’t provide you with the expertise of a local rep who will work with you on the jobsite or at your home.
        6. Pella is the ONLY, of the large window companies, still private and family owned. It is now 96 years old and you can still purchase replacements for windows 30/40 years old. They certainly are not perfect and everyone can find something wrong with any manufacturer, no matter the industry.
        7. I’m reading your comments and replies to some of these questions and you aren’t even explaining the product or product lines very well.
        8. My house was built with Simonton and I have replaced 2 sashes and almost half of the weather stripping because they fell off and I could feel cold air coming through the window. It took me several months because Simonton doesn’t have local reps or service techs so you have to go through a lumber yard.

        1. Hi Art, thanks for chiming in. I have seen the nicer Pella windows and they do look much nicer than the cheap ones at Lowes. If you’d like to provide any more info we’d be happy to have it.

          1. Windowdog

            If you read arts comment, the windows at Lowe’s are the same as the ones you get from the Pella store. How can they be different? If you want 350 series or impervia, you can order it.

            Art’s point is the service you get at Pella store, might be better than Lowe’s, which may be true depending on which store/franchise you deal with.

            Lowes did pressure Pella to sell a 10 series at one point of time, which wasn’t available at the Pella store. That window was pure garbage. So maybe thats what you are comparing it to? That is a discontinued line, made for chuck in a truck.

          2. For clarification, the line Lowe’s pushed wasn’t the 10 series, that’s Pella’s single hung Thermastar/Encompass new construction unit. It was the 15 series Thermastar, which, like you said, was abysmal. The only benefit to that window was the initial cost.

        2. I just purchased 5 pella 250 Windows from lowe’s . They were inexpensive and I couldn’t wait any longer to save enough for the expensive wood Windows. This is perhaps experimental , but I have lived with wood Marvin Windows and there is always moisture on the inside wood and they require upkeep. The Windows being replaced are 35 years ols single pane aluminum casing. I don’t really see what the big deal is. I’ll let y’all know how we do!

  27. Building a new home can go with Pella Proline Series

    Anderson or Marvin

    Which would you feel is the best value casement
    windows total 50K

    thank you

    1. Simon,

      Each product is a little different. What are you looking for in a window?

      1. Pella is and all wood product with aluminum clad on the exterior for protection and maintenance free exterior.
      2. Anderson 400 series? This has a vinyl exterior and I do not believe this is a full wood window all the way through (but I may be mistaken).
      3. Marvin Integrity? This is a full fiberglass window with a wood veneer on the inside for aesthetics.

      Marvin tends to be higher in price with Pella in the middle and Anderson a little less . You can buy Pella direct while you typically need to purchase the other 2 at lumber yards.

  28. Thanks to all these comments, I am backing up on pella windows, I was about to purchase 6 energy star windows but now I won’t purchase them.

  29. am stuck and can’t make a decision. I have a nice home in Northwest suburb of Chicago. It is 30 years old and it’s time to replace my windows. I have 3 estimates.

    1. Alside Mezzo windows
    2. Soft-Lite Pro
    3. Pella Proline.

    I don’t know if it will make a difference when I will try to sell my house in about 5-7 years from now. Also does it make a difference in pocket installation versus ruff opening installation. Which window would you choose or recommend? Please give me your pros and cons. I value and appreciate your opinion.

    Thank you in advance,


    1. I’d probably pick the Alside Mezzo window out of that bunch. You may want to touch base with my friend Leo and LJ Neal and Sons. They’ve been working in Chicago since the beginning of time and they do great work. You can find their info here.

    2. Roxanne, the best thing that you can do is make a list of your goals and objectives for the project and then find the product that best matches those. The reason that I say that is because vinyl windows (Mezzo and Softlite), and the wood clad (Pella) have very different characteristics from performance and warranty, to appearance, cost, and anticipated life span. I would try to narrow down the material that suits your goals first, then choose the best product from that material.

        1. hi Windowdog,
          We purchased 24 pella proline casement and awning windows in 2001 when we remodeled our 1924 home. And yes the sash rotted like everyone else’s. including the 8 ft sliding patio door. As a party to the class action lawsuit, we were blessed with an eight hundred dollar settlement. Yep, $800!
          We have had quotes from several different window companies for total replacement, but that is significantly more than replacing the sash only. My question is: If we replace with a new Pella sash, is it the same construction (crappy) as the original. Or has Pella corrected the problem and improved the quality so that we can get more than 10 years without the same problems.
          thank you,

          1. Hi Patrick, I can’t speak to the exact changes that Pella made in manufacturing over the years but I have to assume they did make changes after a class action lawsuit. Perhaps someone else will chime in with more info on that. If there’s nothing else wrong with the windows you might be ok with just new sashes. It is a bit of a gamble based on the problems Pella has had before. I would guess you wouldn’t get a new warranty with the new sashes but that’s something to ask about.

  30. Thank you for your reply. Can you please give me more details on why you chose Alside Mezzo out of that bunch? I read some bed reviews on them. It looks like Soft Lite Pro has much better reviews. I would appreciate your detailed feedback.

    I waiting for your fast reply, need to make my decision this weekend.

    Thank you so much in advance

  31. I am in exact same position as Roxanne and would like to hear answer to her latest question. I am just east of Cleveland.

  32. Good day people,

    I am a person that has been around sales for the majority of my adulthood. I have seen and realized that the level of customer service starts at the local management. Meaning, that if the local manager or even the reps are poorly trained or coached then they will always provide poor customer service. It’s like the big battle among cable and satellite companies. It doesn’t matter which one you go with, the service is always the issue. Just about all manufacturers have made a product that failed or continues to fail. I.E. Toyota and their major recall with their break system. Did that stop people from buying Toyota vehicles? NO. Because, despite the set back, Toyota is still a quality built product.
    Which brings me to another point, if you read the Pella Warranty it states that the installation warranty is only valid if purchased at a Pella Branch and installed by Pella certified installers.
    “The Pella Care Guarantee is available exclusively for replacement customers who purchase and install Pella products through their local Pella Window and Door Showroom. The Pella Care Guarantee is not available through other retail stores, Pella Certified Contractors, Pella Select Contractors or independent contractors.1”
    My point is to make sure, as a consumer, you are fully aware of the “terms and conditions” of the warranty so when the time comes there won’t be any upsets. Again, it goes back to how the individual branch handles the claim or even your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. Keep in mind, Lowe’s has there responsibility for their own warranty on Pella windows and installation, not Pella Corp.

  33. Hi,
    I’m in New York and Trying to decide between United 8000 series or Pella encompass window. Can you provide feedback please?


    1. Diana, I’ve had experience with both companies products for several years and the United 8000 is several steps above the Encompass/Thermastar products offered by Pella. Weaving all their vinyl lines in a good/better/best set up, Encompass/Thermastar is at the very bottom in my opinion, next up being the United 4800. The 4800 is a very, very solid unit for the price point, built very tight, but has some rough looking welds that get cleaned up as you progress. Pella 250 vinyl is next in line, with cleaned up seams, but the balances are an “inverted constant force” system. Not bad, but the block and tackle balances tend to be the preferred system. United’s 8000 slots at 2nd from the top, again with cleaner welds than before, more options available with some of the nicer looking wood laminates I’ve seen, and block and tackle balances. Top dog from this group is the Pella 350, which is one of the nicest vinyl units I’ve ever looked at. One of the most rigid frames you’ll find in a vinyl product, due to the extra chambers and extra vinyl in the extrusions, and nearly invisible welds on the interior, though all that does come at a price.

  34. I have a 3 season room which needs new windows on two of the three sides. There are a total of 18 casement windows on this room and 10 of them need to be replaced. What do you recommend that would be the least expensive option but still look decent? We were given quotes by Lowe’s for the Pella Pro Line and also the same windows by a local window installer. We were also given a quote for Okna Vinyl windows. The interior of our 3 season room is painted white, and the exterior is beige, so we need something that will match as closely as possible.

    Thanks so much for any advice you can provide!

    1. Hi Amy, there are approximately 1 million options for replacement windows so you have many choices. A good first step would be to check this page to see if we have a recommended window company in your area. If so I’m sure they’ll be able to help out.

  35. I neglected to mention that the windows on the 3 season room which need replacing are Caradco wood windows. All the windows on the rest of the house are Pella original casement (wood) windows.

  36. Hey WindowDog,
    I bought an old home (1890s) a few months ago and am looking to replace all or most of the 31 windows very soon. I’m stuck weighing the pros and cons of doing all of them in Window World’s 4000 series or doing the 23 high priority large windows in Pella Impervia and the remaining 8 smaller windows in the Pella 250 series.

    Window World has really impressed me with their customer service, and explanation of products and attention to detail for installation. Most of the windows on my home have an arching exterior trim which they took close notice of and explained the capping/sealing process. The main draw is Window World is also much less expensive (about 38% less).

    Having an old home with very large windows attracted me to Pella’s Impervia series. I like the idea of the strength of fiberglass for windows which are 33″X77.5″ and 23.5″X77.5″. Those size windows make of 23 of the 31 windows needing replacement.

    Can you offer some advice on this decision? Does the Impervia Series (or fiberglass in general) justify that much of a price difference? It could just be my perception, but it seems like Window World has a better grasp of the installation for my unique and really old home.


    1. I don’t really get the pitch about fiberglass windows being stronger. The windows don’t hold up the house. The advantage to fiberglass windows is that they look more like wood windows which is a fine reason to buy them. I wouldn’t pay 38% more for strength.

      Have you checked our section on the best local window companies? We may have someone who can offer an alternative.

      1. Typically, the added strength benefits come from not needing as much material to support the units, and from what I’ve seen, fiberglass units have quite a bit more visible glass than a comparably sized wood or vinyl window. It also expands and contracts at a lower rate than other materials used, though this doesn’t seem to matter much unless you hit really, really extreme weather.

  37. I have read a lot of comments here so I thought I should let you and everyone know about my experience with Lowe’s and Pella. Just over a year ago I decided to replace my windows because they came with the house in 1980 and we’re heavy and the pieces that held them up were broke. I have MS and can hardly walk so I knew my old windows would not be safe for me in case of a fire. I have had contractors take advantage of me so much so I decided to go with Lowes. I told the salesman I wanted a good window. Double hung so it would be easy to clean. I stressed I did not want a cheap window but a good window. It took him alost an hour to give me a quote on 9 windows only 2 were different from the size of the other windows. Now I have windows that are really cheap made. I can run a credit card brtween the frame and glass on the inside of ever vindow. When I close them I have to hold the top window and push up because the bottom window will pull the top window down. They do not close level. The bottom window sticks up more than it should ever when you lock it and then I have to double check that it did lock and the top window did not come down too far. Another thing is after I do all this you can take hold of the top window and you can move it up and down a little. Where it is locked you can take your hand and move the window up and down. These windows are not stable. There is a lot of wrap and calking inside and out. I had Marble window ledges on the inside that sat at the the bottom of my old windows up against them. Those marble edges now sit under the new windows. Almost every window is not level. Lowe’s has been here at least 6 times and Pell 2. The first man from Lowe’s could not believe how terrible the windows and the instillation was. The first Pell man said the same thing and said Pella would take care of it. I never heard from them again. I called cooperate so many times I have lost count.That was useless. Lowe’s sent more people and all they did was act like I had complained about the caulking. They would not look at a window unless I pointed it out to them. One man from Lowe’s went through and unlocked some windows raised the bottom one pulled it back down locked it said the window was level and worked fine. After he left I had to raise the windows hold the top shut the bottom then make sure they were locked because most of them weren’t after Mr expert from Lowe’s left. The other Pella man said there was nothing wrong with the windows also. I could tell he did not want to look at none of thewindows. I ask him if he was going to check to see if they were level. He reluctantly got his level. He checked one and said it was not off that bad so I said what about checking my kitchen window. I know how to use a level and the first Pella man had already said it was not level. Mr number 2 Pella man stood there and said the window was level. He lied to me and I told him so too. Most of the people that came to my house knew nothing about windows. The just laughed at me and told me windows were supposed to be like that. I did not even get my screens that were torn, bent and most of them been screened with different material replaced. My house was so cold this winter. If you held your hand close to the glass you could feel cold air and your hand would feel like ice in just a few minutes and now that summer is here I raised them only to find I am going to have to clean mold and mildew out of every window. Stay away from buying Pella windows from Lowes. Lowe’s does not stand behind their warranties and Pella does not either. If you buy the vinyl 250 double hung windows I hope you do not regret it like I do. The first Pella man got fired for poor job peformance and they have offered to replace one window.I forgot to say I think the windows are already leaking behind my vinyl siding and you should see how it looks. It is only below the new windows. What do you think about these windows?

  38. help. We are really confused. We have a estimate from lowes on the pella 250 series. 6 Windows for $3100. We have estimate from Home Depot for the simonton 6100 series for $4200. Huge price difference. The reviews seem to favor the simonton 6100 series. But is it worth the higher price?
    Thanks Helen

    1. There are a lot of variables so it’s hard to know if they were both offering similar options. Have you checked our section on the best local window companies? We may know someone in your area who can help out. If not you can find it here.

  39. Ii actually just left a job that i put 250 pella in .3100 is a good price.the 250s are my favorire pella product. Smooth operating constant force balance system very nice ratings u-factor the Simonton hands down wins but does not justify the price increase

  40. We replaced almost every window and glass door in our house with Pella products. We regret every purchase. Half of the windows leaked and had to be replaced. The materials were covered under warranty, but not the labor (over $600). Now the aluminum sills are rusting and we haven’t been able to get anyone to call us back or look at them. The screen door we bought is constantly coming loose and the roll screen on the sliding doors has never worked properly. Needless to say, we are very disappointed. I would never recommend them.

  41. I just want to clear one thing up in regards to Pella Windows and Lowe’s!
    I have direct knowledge of both, and I suggest to do your homework.

    * The first point I need to make is that regardless of what brand of window you go with, the window is only as good as the install.
    * Lowes’s sells Pella Product, but there installers are Not Pella Certified as Lowe’s would like you to believe, Lowe’s offers a 1 year workmanship install warranty “There is a reason for this” Not all but many of their installers install roofs, decks, windows and anything else given to the installer. They hate to sell wood, they would rather sell Atrium Windows, I wonder if that is because the CEO of Lowe’s sits on the Reliabilt Atrium Window board of directors. Over 70% of all Pella complaints will have Lowe’s involved and were not sold from a factory Pella Distributorship.
    * A Pella Store has certified installers, has to deal with all Lowe’s problems because they are handle all product service issues, and 75% of Lowe’s issues that are directed to a Pella Branch are directly connected to the installation from Lowe’s not the product itself and referred back to Lowe’s because they are responsible for their own installation! Pella Branches have a 10 year workmanship warranty not 1 or 2 that is the industry standard.
    Pella now offers a on lifetime warranty on all wood window products and wood doors / When will Fibrex and Andersen do that?
    The 250 series and 350 Series is as good or Better than any other vinyl product on the market, and the Architect Reserve window has been deemed the most historically correct wood window on the market.
    Do not be fooled by internet trolls and those who are paid to post bogus reviews whether good or bad.

    1. I am not an internet troll. Pella sucks. Anybody want to question me about it? I’ll show receipts and will be willing to share my story. Reply and I’ll give you my phone number.

    2. Jay,

      You must not be a contractor. Understand the facts are that in the case of Pella windows, There is not much installation error. You square, plumb and level the frame, foam inject, and caulk as per manufacturer spec. How the hell is water intrusion behind aluminum clad an install defect which cases the wood beneath it to rot?? Please do explain this to me. Install, would cause more problems inside the walls and house. I mean please DIY installers on here really need to be silenced.

  42. Don’t do it. Just don’t. I bought 36 for my new house, and 19 of the 36 had chips or edges that weren’t quite matched up. Not super serious issues, but enough that it pisses me off that I paid almost $700 per window and their quality of workmanship is NON-exsistant! Go with another brand. Any brand, just not them. I FINALLY got a partial refund, but after many phone calls and them wanting me to sign a waiver releasing my warranty on those windows.

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience. No company can please everyone all the time, but it certainly does seem like some companies try a little harder than others.

  43. Hi,
    I’m deciding between Pella 350, Great Lakes Comfort Smart, and Kensington Kingston. The quotes I got are about $900/window for the Pella 350, $800 for the ComfortSmart, and $600 for the Kingston. The glass options included are such that their performance data is pretty similar. I personally think the Pella 350 look the nicest, and I’m willing to pay a bit extra for that, but probably not $300 per window extra…

    Any recommendations?

  44. Thanks for the response!

    We are in Chicago (city proper), and it doesn’t look like Window Universe is available here, nor does there seem to be a recommendation for the best local window company yet, unfortunately.

    1. You’re right that we’re not in the city yet, but you never know what the future holds. I’m sorry I can’t help with a project right now.

  45. I am looking at Soft-lite Barrington vs Pella 250 series. Which is better window? Or could you recommend another window to look at such as element etc. I live in Tennessee.

    1. Hi Jerrod, I’d probably pick the Soft-Lite. I like the look of the Pella 350, but I don’t have a lot of personal experience with it. Did you pick one yet and how did it turn out?

      1. I did some research and went with soft-lite Imperial LS. I really like them so far. I went with the primitive prairie grid pattern and it looks great on our long windows.

  46. We have replaced all of our windows with Pella 350 over a 3 year period, 1/4 at a time, through Lowe’s. In the last group, one large arched window was misordered and clearly too small. Lowe’s reordered, and the installer came out and said he didn’t have the right materials to install (needed a molding). Several days later, a different installer came, with the molding, and said the window was improperly cut and wouldn’t fit. The following week, 2 different installers came back, no appointment, to install the same window. We declined, and had the Lowe’s rep come out with the Pella rep. Pella agreed the window was cut wrong and wouldn’t fit. Now they are telling us they can’t make a window that fits the opening because they no longer make an arch that large. The old window has a vertical mull, dividing it in half, and we would be okay with that, but they will only make the new one with a horizontal mull. Not what we were promised, nor what we ordered and paid for, as I think it’s going to look really odd. Can you recommend a different manufacturer who could make a matching window, or is the size the problem? They can make it in the wood with metal exterior, but it seems like that will look very different than what we had. Any suggestions?

    1. Sorry to hear about your trouble. We generally her good things about the Pella 350 windows, but we get mixed feedback on the installation process from Lowes. I’ve never understood why the box stores don’t hire an expert and turn the window business into a powerhouse. They have the scale to really take over the industry and they don’t seem to do anything about it. It’s a real missed opportunity in my mind, but I guess it’s better for my company that they don’t do it.

      Anyway, what’s your zip code and what’s the approximate size of the arch? I may be able to recommend something.

      1. Zip code is 75022. I’m not sure of the size, but large, and 1 inch larger on each side than Pella can make. Lowe’s says they can order the window from a local company, NT Window, and will credit the original payment toward that one. They are trying to make it right. But would welcom info on that company, if you have any, or other suggestions. Thanks.

  47. smart puppy! Stay away from Pella…..they are even crappier now that I’ve used them for a while. The wind whistles through them, and the other day, the wind was a little high, and it felt like the casement windows were going to fly off!

  48. Mezzo double hung. .04 air infiltration. That is an extremely tight window. Been making windows a long time. Alside is a great company to deal with.

  49. Hello
    Can someone just recommend a good quality window product for a decent value …less than $1000/window, from a good company in Brooklyn NY. Pls.

  50. Hi,
    I’m replacing some windows and trying to decide between Pella 250 Series through Lowes or Anlin Coronado through a mom&pop outfit. The Anlins are more expensive by about 10% but my prior window replacement project used Anlin and those same installers and have have 5 years of problem-free operation. What is your opinion (if you have one) of the relative quality of these windows?

  51. We had 10 windows, a sliding door, and a front door replaced with designer series and needed to get 6 more windows a 1 more door done in a couple of yrs and i received a letter from pella saying they were discontinuing my windows which forced my hand to get the rest of my house done, pella knew they were discontinuing these windows before I had the first order in so why didnt I get a bigger discount than what they have me the first time. Now I’m forced to get the rest of the windows in to match the rest of what I have and had to take a loan out to do so, disappointed that I didnt get a bigger discount for discontinued windows and doors

  52. Very disappointed in Pella Windows. I paid 5000 for 5 windows and one of them has a leak in the seal. I barely had the windows for two years and now have to pay for the labor for Pella’s defect. I will NEVER buy another Pella product and I will advise my friends and coworkers to not do the same.

  53. Reading varied comments on here, I’m curious if someone can answer this question. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being least and 10 being most, what impact do the following have on the post install user experience with their windows?
    Pre-sales support (measurement, ordering the right product for the consumer need, goal, etc)
    Quality and fit of the window itself
    Post-sales support (addressing issues, warranty standing up to what’s expected etc)

    Now, not to introduce some bias into responses, but the reason I ask is that I am about to undergo replacements to Hurd windows in my c. 20 year old house and my highly trusted do-it-all tradesman is recommending Pella Architect wood clad alumninum line. I am most impressed when he describes HIS install process, sealing, insulating, etc. It occurred to me that probably has as much to do with how people feel about their windows than the window itself. Am curious to hear what people think and if there are any strong opinions on the Pella Architect series.

  54. I’m building a home and going through the options of the windows available in my price range. I have had a Pella impervia,350,and jeldwen builders Vinyl priced. All have Been with in 1000 of one another. I also had Alside Sheffield Price and they were considerably cheaper the Alside rep told me he would pick them over the mozza. what is going to be the better window? I have done so much research I am tired And just ready to make a decision

  55. Pure crap – bought a house with the unfortunate pleasure of having Pella already installed in a few places. They condense and get mold on them when windows of another brand in the same room do not. The front door is fading and they blame it on a 3rd party refinisher when their own tech says that the doors came that way from the factory. The door warps and is almost impossible to lock when weather gets warm or cold. The best part is that my sliding doors were installed without the optional draw shades that can be installed in the door panels…. so I asked for a quote to get some installed – $1500!!!! These people have some serious dellusions of grandeur! I IGHLY recommend staying away from Pella!

    1. It is important to remember that a large company like Pella makes a wide range of options. Their lower end products are geared towards very price sensitive builders and that leads them to be less than fantastic. They do also make nicer products. Unfortunately it’s likely you have the lower end options.

  56. Looking to put Pella Impervia bay window in my home with low e gas. Is this a good window? I got a quote from Anderson Renewal for 7,500-10,000. That seems high. Thoughts?

  57. I just started shopping for replacement windows for my home, and I just received my first quote… from Pella. Granted it is a large project. 37 windows and 4 sliding glass doors. The windows range is size and there are a few that are fairly large, but many small as well. Probably 75% of the windows are fixed, the others simple sliders. Nothing fancy and we had the Impervia Fiberglass quoted as Pella said that would be a significant savings over the Architect Series. Long story short, the quote came in at $101K! I didn’t expect it to be cheap, but seriously? Even if you take out the 4 sliding glass doors (which were about $20K of the quote), that’s $80K in the windows alone (about $2,200 per window!)… and again they are mostly fixed windows. Am I right in thinking this is outrageous?

  58. We have Pella 250 series windows, purchased 5 years ago. They include 5-double hung, one 2-wide casement, and 1-direct fixed window. Except during the installation, (the casement window had to be changed out twice), we have been happy with Pella. Now we are going to purchase 20 more windows, of varying types, for the rest of the house. The Pella sales guy, different from the first sales guy, is pushing the Pella Encompass ThermaStar over the Pella 250 series, obviously for the price factor as he knows we are considering Simonton Reflections too. Is it true that Pella does not even make the Encompass window? He says that in our Georgia weather, we would not know the difference. However, I am worried about how each window is built comparably. What say you?

    1. I bought a ThermaStar window at Lowes to make a video and it wasn’t the nicest window I’d ever seen. Look at samples side by side. You’ll be able to tell if you’re comfortable with the difference. Let us know what you decide. I’m sure other people are comparing Pella 250 windows vs Pella Encompass ThermaStar.

      1. My wife and I visited their showroom to compare Pella 250 windows vs Pella Encompass. The physical differences were difficult to ascertain. But there was approximately a $4,000 difference for 20 windows 20%, which is too much to not pay attention. We really need some more help to determine the differences.

        1. Strange that they couldn’t easily explain the differences. If they struggle to tell you why one Pella window is worth $4k more than the other then I think the answer is clear, it’s not.

        2. The encompass is a very poor window especially compare to show to what you actually get as far as quality control The 25o is the best all around window pella has in vinyl not the 350

  59. The price difference is $4k more for 20 windows, not 1-window. The price difference per window is about $200. It is interesting because they are trying to down-sell us to the Encompass from the Pella 250. After considering both windows, I believe the Pella 250 is a better, longer-lasting window.

  60. I live in Vermont (single mom) and 26 year-old wood double hung windows leak too much cold air around the window frame (which are all crooked with the jam). Main reason replacing is that I need warmth and tired of taping and putting weather stripping over 1/4-1/2 inch gaps between bottom and sides of window and frame in winter. I was going to go with Andersen 400 or 200, but decided to check May 2019 Consumer Reports, and Pella 350 is highest rated (by far) for keeping out wind and cold, tested at 0 degrees with a 70 mph wind blowing at it. Andersen was way down the ratings. I looked at the Pella 350 windows at Lowes and not so bad looking, and was going to hire a local contractor who seems good. Now, after reading all of these reviews, I’m thinking I need to go with an install by the window seller for warranty purposes, although everyone in my neighborhood seems to use local contractors of their choice. What do you think about Pella 350 for keeping out cold wind, in light of the fantastic test results in Consumer Reports?
    Or, given so many warnings by others that I may get defective windows or they won’t last, maybe I should forget the great CR tests and just get Andersen and hope the contractor installs them tightly? Will sell the house within 3-5 years probably. 25 windows, 3 of which have 3 windows each.

    1. I think the Pella 350 is a perfectly nice window. Definitely nicer than their cheaper options. Did you get the new windows installed already?

  61. Although Pella is often thought of as one of the premier window manufacturers, a “buyer beware” issue needs to be kept in mind by consumers interested in their Proline series. The company, after many years in litigation, finally was tagged with a class action lawsuit judgment that will require them to pay out close to $26 million. The problem is related to rot of the wood frame in their Proline aluminum-clad wood windows (casement, awning and transom types). Their design allowed water to seep in where the aluminum clad wood meets the glass eventuating in the frame’s demise. The Proline warranty covers the glass for 20 years, but the other components(i.e. the wood) for only 10 years. By the time the owner realizes there is a problem, he is usually past that point of coverage. Unfortunately for me, the settlement, for some strange reason, did not cover the double hung windows in their Proline series. This was the type installed in our home. These windows have demonstrated the same problem with the development of wood rot requiring the replacement of several sashes. To make me gnash my teeth a bit more, Pella, in figuring up the replacement costs for my current rot problem, was going to tag me with a cost for the new sashes almost double that which I have incurred acquiring them through Lowes. Not only did Pella sell me a poorly made product on the front end, but they wanted to add more to my misery on the repair end of the equation. With my initial investment of $12,000 plus dollars in “quality” windows, this home maintenance issue certainly was not anticipated.

    1. Hi Scott, sorry to hear about your trouble. Be sure to let us know if there is any update on the Pella class action lawsuit.

  62. Building a new home and trying to decide between Pella Encompass and Pella 250 Series Windows
    Is it worth paying more for 250 series
    Thank You Bill

    1. I think the Pella 350 is naiver than the Pella 250, but now that I think about it the 350 might only be a replacement window. Did you look at the two options side by side? I do think the 250 will be a nicer product.

  63. I would not buy Pella windows under any condition. I have tried repeatedly to get them to fix the windows in my home that leak. I have windows that they replaced and installed 3 times that leak so much that we have to put towels down to keep the water from damaging the furniture. Their service is an absolute joke. We have done everything they ask us to do to try to solve this problem. I honestly think this company must be having financial problems and that is why their service is so bad. They are only concerned about the dollar coming their way.

  64. We are looking at a couple of impact resistant windows that meet HVHZ code. I have been quote a price for Pella 350 impact windows. I also got a price for EAS Bertha windows. I’m not in the zone, but are looking for them as a security feature as well since we travel quite often and would like a little comfort in the window being a difficult entry point.

    What are your feelings on these two windows for impact, security, and HVHZ code? Thanks,

  65. As an installer the 350 pella impact is a pretty nice window.The only feature I do not like are….that the balance system is using block and tackle(the little string that breaks) Constant force balance system is the current standard.The block and tackle makes it very difficult Now while a seal is very important the sealed are so large that it extremely difficult to lock and compress the weather strip to get the window to lock.

    Now as far as security it’s a beast.but I always tell customers to open and close the window once a month to exercise the balance system but its not totally necessary it just helps it operate better freeing pollen and air born debris

    1. You’ll find most higher end windows use block and tackle balances and most cheaper windows use constant force balances. They’re typically tested to last longer and operate smoother. There are different types out there so they’re not all the same.

  66. I had Pella Mid Atlantic come out and install 5 entry doors at my home for the price of a new car, the sales person was very nice knowledgeable about the products and the ordering process. It all went south when the workers came out to install my doors, the paperwork clearly states that the trim is to match the interior door color in “Pella White” and that there would be no painting done on site. On the install day they had a second party company come to my home for the install by the name of Donato, never during the whole install did a Pella mid Atlantic team member visit the job site. The interior trim fitment with cracks and nails showing and the sloppy paint work done on site with drips and improper sheen is why I am writing this review. I have been forced by Pella Mid Atlantic and the CEO George Ballman to take the company to court for breach of contract. If you like being lied to and having work done that does not comply with the paperwork you signed this is the perfect company for you. If you like trying to deal with a company that won’t help you and forces you to press charges against them look no further. Don’t take my word for it, look up the CEO George Ballman in Maryland Judiciary Case Search and see the case I have filed. This company does not care about its customers or making things right and this go to market strategy trickles down from the CEO to all the employees.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your trouble. Seems like it would be a whole lot easier for them to install new trim than to go to court. Let us know how it turns out.

    2. That’s unfortunate. I’m sorry you had to deal with that. I’m currently debating whether I should get my front window and door from Pella because after I received the agreement, it came with the useless “limited warranty” which after reading it, it’s pretty useless. Here in Washington state, the warranty also states (in caps) that you:
      As you can see, this raises some questions as to the quality of their products. Good luck on your case and I hope you get reimbursed!

  67. I am in the market for new windows in Southeast Michigan and wish I had seen this site before soliciting bids. I am currently vacillating between the Pella 250 and 350 series. I have a Pella 350 sliding door that was installed about 6-years ago purchased and installed through Lowes. Lowes did not order the door correctly and ordered Low-E coating for the fixed portion and unglazed for the sliding portion. The contractor from Lowes also installed the track upside down, making the door seem heavy but not totally impossible to open. By the time the replacement came for the incorrect glass, the lower track was cracked. Service was provided by Pella, not Lowes, and I was completely satisfied with the service Pella provided. I also like the door, despite a local fiberglass replacement salesperson trying to make me believe the door is warped. It is not, and I am certain the competing salesperson was attempting to plant a bad seed in my head about vinyl and Pella. The door has a nice high-quality look, does very well to dampen sound, and functions quite well.
    In terms of window replacement, I’ve compared the 250 and 350 displays at my local Lowes and found the 350 to appear and feel to be heavier duty than the 250. Aesthetically, the 350 also looks nicer from the inside but both look similar from the outside. The interior of the windows will be mostly covered, so aesthetics are only a minor consideration. The 250 is noticeably easier to open and close. The insulating values are almost identical according to the Pella rep, with only a very negligible improvement from the 350.
    With current promotions from Pella (not Lowes), the 350 would cost in total $2600 more than the 250 series. I am having a lot of difficulty finding any review of either other than Consumer Reports glowing recommendation for the 350, which is also a review that is surprisingly lacking in detail. I’ve found almost no reputable information other than the discussion above regarding either series. Are there any thoughts on whether the apparent quality justifies the price increase for the 350 over the 250, or if functionally the windows will be indistinguishable?

  68. We’re in the middle of trying to purchase a new picture window and front door for our home here in Seattle and the salesperson was very nice and helpful with choosing the best window and door for the climate here. We didn’t go back and forth with the pricing because we wanted the best product. She explained how the quality of their products is above others, but after reading through their warranty, I’m not convinced about the quality part. The wording almost comes across as though they don’t stand by the quality of their own products. While reading through it, it seems like you have to go through a struggle to even get to arbitration if you have a problem. It also states that by agreeing to have Pella install the window, we waive the right to a court or jury to decide disputes. So it would be handled through arbitration.

    Some of the things that concerned me were the parts where the “warranty” states that:
    Pella is not responsible for or makes no warranty as to:

    1. Product failure, loss or damage due to:
    a.) Normal wear and tear from product usage or age, including normal wear and tear of weatherstrip.
    Why would there be wear and tear during a limited warranty period? That doesn’t sound like quality to me.
    b.) Normal wear, fading or discolouration of finish from product usage, age or exposure to direct sunlight.
    The window and door are facing North and will get full sunlight in the summer. Why would a “high quality” product fade during the warranty period?
    c.) Warping less than 1/4 inch, which is deferred for twelve [12] months, as the door panel takes time to adjust to local humidity levels.
    Again. High-quality products? Should we not use the door for “[12] months”?
    d.) Accidents, including accidental glass breakage, not the fault of Pella, that results in seal failure.
    So if I’m mowing my lawn and a pebble hits and cracks the window, they won’t replace it? Even Home Depot would replace the entire window.
    e.) Damage and/or discolouration, not the fault of Pella, to blinds or shades sealed between glass associated with wear and tear through product use, sun exposure, abuse or age.
    Why would this happen during the warranty period? Again. Quality?
    f.) Discolouration or fading caused by product’s exposure to direct sunlight.
    Again. Quality product? Why would this happen during the warranty period? Our window gets direct summer sunlight

    2. Minor imperfections in the product.
    a.) Minor imperfections in the glass that do not affect the product’s structural integrity or significantly obscure vision (including random variations in textures, level of opacity, swirls and bubblelike characteristics in decorative glass).
    Quality product? We’re paying for something that we’re being told is a high-quality product. Why would the Pella glass have such imperfections?

    These are not even half of the things listed in their “limited warranty”, and the one for the doors is even worse. So, even if you were one of the ones that didn’t have problems, Pella does not stand by the quality of their own products if one of their products does happen to become defective during the “limited warranty” period. I was sent the warranties with the contract I was supposed to sign, so I emailed the salesperson about the warranty and she hasn’t replied yet (2 days). If I’m going to pay 8.5k for a picture window and a door, I want a good warranty that doesn’t make me feel like I was robbed. I’m not going to hound her and will shop around for someone with a better warranty that won’t lead to a headache to even get to arbitration a year later.

  69. I have a small house in central Florida and want to replace all 5 windows to complement a new HVAC system. Also, one of the old windows cracked from the heat while waiting for the new HVAC system to be installed so that helped the decision. I’ve only found 2 local companies on Home Advisor. Both are peddling Simonton 5500’s for about $4k installed. The other option I’m looking at is ordering Pella 250’s from Lowes and installing them myself for about $1,500. I’m not impressed with what I’ve read so far for either window. Then again, this house doesn’t need anything extravagant and may become a rental property within the next 5 years. Not sure which would be better or if there is a 3rd option out there I am missing.

    1. Hi Kevin, Florida is a strange market for replacement windows in my experience. We offered windows in Tampa and Orlando for a little while but stopped for several reasons. I don’t have much of a suggestion, but maybe someone else will chime in.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I ended up receiving more quotes from a broad spectrum of companies and ended up with PGT windows from a small local company. I will have to make another post about how that turns out.

  70. We moved into our custom built brand new home in June of 2000. We opted for Pella windows because at the time, they were considered to be the best. We had the wooden, double hung windows with double pane for insulation and thermal control. Approximately 3-4 years ago, we were forced to replace a number of windows that the wood had simply rotted away and the panes had nothing to hold them in place. We learned there was a class action lawsuit which found Pella at fault and they were required to pay $25.75 million in damages. We were never contacted. We are now required to incur the expense of the many windows in our home that will need to be replaced. Pella is at fault as a result of their faulty glue.
    We were not contacted, although we should be on Pella’s records as a consumer that had serious/costly issues due to their inadequate materials. The money collected was not made available to us as consumers. Never again will I do business with Pella.

    1. Hi Terry, I’m sorry to hear about your trouble. Have you tried contacting Pella about the class action lawsuit? Maybe there are still claims to pay out. I don’t have any details, but doesn’t hurt to ask. I’m sure you’re not the first person to call them about it so the person answering the phone probably knows the answer.

  71. I’m building a new house and trying to decide between Pella Vinyl 250 and 350 series–is there a big difference between the 2?

  72. Was talking to pella direct about replacement windows & patio door, for both product & installation. Salesman said only difference between 250 and 350 series is the range of available options on the 350 series and since i was happy with basic white/white, 250 would be fine. Reading through this page, i’m sensing this isn’t quite the case. I have asked for photos of 250 & 350 cross section to compare as well as if same SKUs are sued for IG & Balance. We’ll see see how he responds. At well over 15K for just 9 double hung replacement windows and 1 sliding patio door, ought to be getting straight talk, no?
    My number one concern is noise abatement (i’m not near an airport – just a GREAT deal of bird noise & street facing bedroom) followed by good air seal, then ease of opening. Energy efficiency is actually low in my priority list.
    I prefer to have same company as both Mfr & installer, but open to recommendations, except no Andersens.

  73. I live in an HOA community that has guidelines for Window replacements which include the width of the frame on the replacement. So far my choices seem to be the Pella Encompass or the Sunrise Restoration windows. Both have narrow frames. I can’t seem to find any direct comparisons. My priorities are 1 Heat Gain reductions and 2nd noise. But sales people did the infrared test on their double pane product and had basically the same result. Noise reduction there was no way to test but both claim a significant improvement of the aluminum frame double pain builder grade windows I have today. Any guidance. I have a bunch of windows to replace. 25 plus transoms. The noise is more important in the bedrooms which have 11 of the 25 windows. I also have a triple eyebrow window that is 5″h x 36″w x 12″h on both ends and 12″h x 36″w x 12″h and 14″h in the middle. Pella says they can’t make an eyebrow that small but the rep for Sunrise said it isn’t and issue.

  74. Great site, we have learned a lot. We are getting estimates to replace 18 windows. Our first estimate is for Pella 250 series, two tone vinyl casement. Their total price was $22,000. We have asked for the breakdown of the cost per window and the cost for labor; this seems to be an issue to prove us. Although we do like our salesman, we hear more about why not to buy from “the other guys” without much proof as to why buy from Pella. Frankly, we have reservations with all the window companies in area. Do you have any contacts in the San Antonio market?

  75. Right now, it looks like our home vinyl, energy efficient window replacement project is coming down to Pella vs PGT (installed by Home Depot). The pricing is about the same within $2-3k.

    -Has Pella gotten any better in recent years with their vinyl, energy efficient windows?

    -Some of the pre-Y2020 comments say PGT window quality is declining after its acquisition. Is that still the case? HD offers a double lifetime warranty and unless PGT is at risk of going out of business in the future, the HD offer seems hard to pass up.

  76. Which is better? Pella 250 or Milgard Tuscany? I am also wondering if Lowe’s installation service is good.

    1. From what we see installation from Lowes or Home Depot can be hit or miss. They could really be a force in our industry if they were more effective. I suppose it’s good for the rest of us that they’re not very good at it.

  77. Hi Windowdog, I could use your advice.

    We are planning to replace 16 windows. Our home was built in 1905, and we are replacing the original windows. We live in New England and while we don’t live in a historic district we live about a block outside one, and the historic look is important.
    We got a few quotes, including for vinyl windows from a contractor we trust.

    We also got quotes direct from Pella and from Lowe’s for Pella windows. The Lowe’s and Pella quotes could not be more different.

    Lowe’s gave us a quote of $9,698 for the Impervia (not installed). Pella quoted $20,960 (installed).

    Lowe’s quoted $14,262 for the 850 Architect series (uninstalled). The 850 seems to be their best window. Pella quoted $21,505 for Lifestyle (installed), which is not as nice as the 850.

    I looked at the Architect, Impervia and Lifestyle windows in the Pella showroom.

    Our preference is to get the Architect series windows, due to aesthetic reasons. But I am wondering a few things:
    – Is there any advantage to getting Pella to install the windows when their installation price appears to be so inflated? I’d be willing to pay a little more for Pella installation if there is an advantage with the warranty or some other aspect (but not as much as they quoted!)
    – Are the Pella windows at Lowe’s the same as the ones sold direct by Pella? Or are they selling different products under the same name?
    – Is Pella known to ever match or honor quotes from Lowe’s?
    – what’s the disadvantage to just buying from Lowe’s and having my contractor install it?
    – Is the Architect series a good quality window? How about Impervia, which also looked nice in the showroom?

    Thank you for any help you can provide as we try to sort this out. Your site has been really helpful!

  78. Building a cabin in NW MT – mixed climate with a lot of rain/ice/snow for winter and heat for summer.
    Looking at Pella 250/350 series, this is new construction – thoughts between the two products?

    1. I think the 350 is a nicer looking product. Pella 250 is the lower end option as I recall. Depending on the price difference I’d probably pick the Pella 350 vs the Pella 250 window.

  79. Ok windowdog so where is your review? Also what is the difference between Architectural series, reserve and lifestyle.

  80. I live near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (hot summers; freezing snowy winters) We live in a 1970s one story ranch home with original windows and I have gotten 5 quotes. We are on a budget and it is not our forever home, but we will be here a few more years until we decide to sell. In the meantime, we need something functional and safe for our young children. I also don’t really care about saving money on our energy bill-our house is so little that I don’t think our energy bill is that high. I don’t really care about how they look. Function over form for sure! What would you pick out of these options?

    Home Depot & Window Word: $8-9k
    Okna 500 vinyl: $10k
    Pella 250 vinyl: $10k
    Pinnacle/Lindsay: $10k
    WeatherTight $18k

    Basically, I am trying to decide between the Okna, Pella, and Lindsay windows.

    Also, any tips on how to save a few dollars? Slider windows are saving us a few hundred dollars on 2 of the windows.

    1. I do know an Okna dealer in Milwaukee and I know them to do great work. Since the pricing is all about the same that’s probably what I would pick out of those choices.

  81. I am looking to replace a picture window that was replaced by my local glass dealer, big mistake. Obviously, I need an energy efficient window and am confused about the types. I am getting several cold flyers in the mail but need to get true information, not a grab a sale tactic. What guidelines should I look for in the window and business? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  82. In 2014, Pella Windows in Monroe, Connecticut installed several windows in our house in Redding, Connecticut. Within a few months, one of the triple windows began to leak water and their installer had to return to fix the problem. This past spring, 6 years after the window installation, in the process of renovating a bathroom, we discovered that two sets of windows had not been properly sealed and water had been leaking into the insides of the respective walls ever since. We had to spend thousands of dollars repairing the walls, including the removal of the outside stucco. Had we not discovered the leaking as a result of the renovation, further damage would most certainly have occurred and the walls may eventually have fallen apart from the damage. Despite one of their store managers AND their current installation manager acknowledging the error in their installation, the Monroe store has disclaimed responsibility for the repairs based on the “expiration of their warranty period”. While we disagree with the store as to the length of the warranty period in the first place, and while the damage was DISCOVERED (fortunately) after their claimed warranty period, the damage resulting from their faulty installation did not occur AFTER the expiration of ANY warranty period. Instead, it occurred on the date of installation (well within any warranty period). Despite these facts, they are unwilling to cover the actual costs of repairing the damage they were totally responsible for causing. In hindsight, we would never have contracted Pella in Monroe to install our replacement windows if we knew they were unwilling to stand behind their work. Thomas F.

  83. We are thinking of going with Pella 250 replacement windows. All of the other quotes we have are relatively the same. Is this a good choice? Anderson was almost 8k higher which takes them out of the running. We had a VinWinTech rep come out also and they where compatible but had to get another contractor to wrap the windows for and extra $1200. I’ve never heard of VinWinTech so I figured we should stick to a national brand like Pella. Our zip code is 61265 if you have any other options I’d appreciate the feedback. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jesse, I think the Pella 250 windows are perfectly decent. Did they tell you what the price difference would be for the Pella 250 vs Pella 350 windows?

  84. Sir,
    i am replacing seven windows and a sliding glass door. From a reputable contractor I have a price of (window, door and installation) $7,800 for Pro Via, $9,200 for Pella 350 series and $12,400 for Anderson 400 series.
    Pro Via seems to be a solid window for the money and reviews are generally good (The installer is pushing this as a best bet all around but do they have a ulterior motive in pushing this product?).
    Pella seems to be hit or miss on the reviews (either a great window or constant problems) and Anderson seems to be the best but i feel it may be more than I need in a upgrade for my condo in Alexandria, Va.
    Do you have any opinion in regards. Thank you.

    1. Hi Edward, I’d say the Pella and Andersen aren’t worth the money in my opinion. The Provia is fine but there are other nice choices too. My company started in Alexandria and we can offer online quotes with no salespeople all over the country. If you’re interested in another option check this section to find us. We’ve been at this for a long time with many thousands of customers and I think we could suggest an option that might work even better.

  85. presently looking at the pella 250 (through a pella rep.) and the reliabilt 3900 (through Lowes). we are open to other suggestions for service in our area 28352.
    but given our present 2, do you have an opinion?

  86. Hi windowdog,

    Curious to get your thoughts between the Pella 250 or Great Lakes Harborlight windows. Our contractor suggested these two and I’m not sure which to go with. We bought an older home from the ’60s w/ original windows and these are replacing those. Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated, thank you.

  87. Two of my single hung builders grade window sashes blow in from the storm on Christmas eve. One was intact by hitting the cat litterbox but the other one, the inside was shattered but I was able to put both back in with wooden shims to prevent them from falling in again, since the hardware is broken and the OEM, Alenco or El-cheapo went bankrupt several years ago. I need to replace them ASAP before New Year Eve storm. Which double hung to you recommend in the Philadelphia Area for vinyl double hung. Please provide 3 options.

    Thank you,


  88. Can I get some opinions on the new Pella Lifestyle Series clad /wood Window? We are looking to put them in our house as replacements. Thanks in advance

    1. I purchased about $20k of Pella’s clad windows and doors in 2001 for a custom home. They are beautiful. Last year I noticed wood rot in the lower portion of two casement windows and one double hung. Sadly, Pella will not stand behind their warranty. After much hesitation, I ordered replacement sashes for these items through Pella service group in Louisiana. They were very helpful and professional; my order was placed, reviewed, finalized, paid in full, install date set for today, March 9, 2021. Then…crickets. After a third attempt to get through to someone in service I learned the order due to be built on Jan 14th had not been built yet and that my install date was moved out to May 18th, with no notification.

      Again, their clad products are beautiful, just be pro-active in your home maintenance and put a small bead of clear silicone caulk around the entire perimeter where the glass meets the frame on the exterior. This is where Pella’s seal failed on the three windows I am replacing.

  89. Go with any other company. Not Pella. I put them in my new build and they came damaged and Pella was so hard to deal with. I would go with a company that specializes in replacement Windows.

  90. I’m trying to choose between Pella Lifestyle and Marvin Integrity. My main concern is the sash. From what I read, Marvin uses extruded aluminum and Pella uses roll form aluminum which is said to be much thinner. General Contractor says both are great but that Marvin will be 30% more. 14 double-hung, 2 2-wide casement, 1 3-wide double hung. Total cost for windows (no installation) is just under $11,000. Thoughts on Pella over Marvin, price quoted, and whether Marvin would be worth another 30%? Thanks!

    1. I do believe the extruded aluminum is stronger. I’d get an actual quote for both to see what the difference really is. Then you can decide based on that. If it fits into the budget nicer windows are defininltey nicer.

  91. I have received 2 quotes thus far for 5 sliders, 1 double hung, and 1 fixed in zip 55125

    Pella 250 Series is at $20K – Can be $18.5 if I pay all up front
    Renewal Fiberx is at $18.9K

    Maybe I was unprepared for the price tag, but do these estimates seem on the extreme high side?

    I do have other estimates coming with Marvin through a 3rd party and Champion.
    Thoughts? Thanks

  92. We fell in love with the look and minimal frame– and the promises of the Anderson Renewal windows. But can’t justify spending nearly 2K per window, when they are just double hung windows, roughly 30 by 60.”
    We have been leaning toward Pella because they have the triple-pane option which would address one of the primary reasons we want new windows: city noise.
    The Pella guy prices them at about half of the Anderson Renewals.
    What we care about? Reducing noise and having a sleeker, uniform look on the outside. The aluminum casements and exterior for most vinyl windows are kind of an eye sore.

    1. Hi Michael, are you looking at Pella wood windows or vinyl windows? They can both have drawbacks. There’s definitely nothing super special about the Renewal by Andersen windows so nothing to fall in love with, but their sales pitch is definitely designed to try to make you fall in love!

  93. Hi. The wood Pellas seem to be a little quieter than the vinyl, by STC and OITC. Some research I have done suggests that one gets diminishing returns on sound reduction once one gets to 30 or so STC– though the diminished returns come at more and more of a premium.
    Any suggestions?
    Another wrinkle in this is that we live in an older east coast home with no central air. And so we have these ugly AC units in our window for half the year in each room. Spend all that money on beautiful, quiet windows, only to find that all the street noise still makes its way through the cheap plastic accordion-like mounting hardward, and the air channels in the AC unit itself that surely are connected to the outside.

  94. Nice products UNTIL they are asked to stand behind them which they DON’T. They want $150 just to come out and let you know if your problem is covered, which it NEVER IS. I have their windows & doors and the doors warped, Sorry NOT covered. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE INDUSTRY.

  95. I thought Pella had a name value. So I thought that even a cheap vinyl series would be fine if it is as much as the quality of the samples the salesman showed. But that was a huge mistake.

    I recently replaced whole house windows with Pella vinyl windows (about 20 windows and 2 doors). It was a really terrible experience I ever had. Product quality (it’s a joke.), installation and customer service were all unsatisfactory. It was nightmare and still going on.

    All of them, including the 250 series, had no protective film on the glass, so they were dirty with sticker, black bond or silicone and all sorts of dust. Also, I don’t know if there is a shortage in their production line due to the pandemic, but about half of the windows were defective, such as broken glass, bent frames, windows not opening. All windows came with residue left over after plastic molding. I’m pretty sure they don’t have a QA manager.

    The installer didn’t come without contact and hasn’t been on time since then. It took 6 days to install 20 windows and 2 doors (without interior trim). In fact, I wasn’t informed when the installer would come until the day before the installation, and it was forecast that it would rain on the day of the installation, so I asked when they would come and if installation can be canceled by rain. They said the installer would come early in the morning on the day of the installation and never canceled due to rain. But the installers didn’t arrive until the afternoon and when I called, they replied that the installation was canceled due to rain. I should have canceled everything at this point.

    Installation was slow and the installed windows have issues such as broken glass, dent or bent frame, wrong size and terrible outside trim. At first I took pictures one by one and documented the problems, but later I stopped doing it because there were too many. I’m going to ask them to send someone to check all these issues. I will never buy their products in the future even if they solve all of these problems.

    BTW, I have a question. Is it normal to have a gap of 1 inch or more between a window and a wall? I don’t understand that the new window has to be an inch smaller than the old one. Only two of them are like this. FYI, the exterior is vertical wood sliding and the interior is drywall.

  96. We have received several quotes for replacement windows. So far, Pella Lifestyle is our top choice directly through Pella. I do question the overall quote though and would love feedback to know whether it is high or not. We are looking to replace 28 windows (6 have to be upgraded to Architect in order to achieve the Cottage style), 11 are going to be stained interior, and the rest just painted white, and the total is about 40k. This is a HUGE investment so I am trying to gauge if I should expect to be shelling out this much money. Thank you!

    1. Hi Shea, usually when you buy Pella windows it will be through a dealer rather than from Pella directly. The dealers will sometimes act like they’re Pella, but that doesn’t make too much difference anyway.

      The wood interior windows can be very pretty, but as you’ve seen they do cost more than other materials. $40k for 28 windows with finished wood interiors is probably about normal.

      If you’re not sure you can always get another quote or two to see how they compare.

  97. Pella impervia windows are they worth it to replace old windows ? Pella sales rep says vinyl would not be a good choice. Any thoughts? Thank you

    1. Pella sells lots of vinyl windows so he probably just gets higher commission on the more expensive models. The advantage to a fiberglass window is the look. It looks more like a wood window. Fiberglass is not more efficient, doesn’t have a better warranty, isn’t a better product, but does look more like a wood window.

      If that look is worth the additional cost of fiberglass vs vinyl then it’s a fine choice. Fiberglass makes up a very small share of the market compared to vinyl so most people look at that option and decide it’s not worth the increase in cost. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

  98. I have received a quote today from Pella for 250 series, 10 windows regular price 19k but if I signed while salesman was here it would be about 17k. I also got a quote from Window world for their 4000 series for total about 7K. I was sure that Pella would be so much better because they are a lot more expensive and “you get what you pay for” but after all these reviews I am not so sure which direction to go …
    Any suggestions or recommendations?? PLEASE

    1. I’m not a huge fan of the Pella 250 series. I liked the 350 series more, but I hear it’s no longer available. You might ask the Pella window salesman why they’re worth $10k more. I’d be curious to hear his answer. You can use that to decide if you think it’s worth the extra cost. I expect it’s not worth the difference in price, but it would be interesting to hear what he says.

  99. I purchased a Pella triple-pane with the sound package. We live beside a busy road. I only purchased one from Pella and had it installed as a test because just one window with installation by Pella was over $2000. Good thing I did a test and didn’t replace them all because the triple pane casement with sound package did nothing to alleviate the noise. An expensive mistake but could have been much worse.

    1. Hi Stuart, I’m sorry to hear about your issue with Pella windows. If you’re looking for sound reduction it’s important to compare the STC rating of different options. That will let you know how much sound gets through the window. Do you know what the STC rating of the option you picked was?

      Also, it’s worthwhile to keep in mind that sound will get through the walls and ceiling in your house too, not just through the windows. Imagine if the room had no windows at all and there was a fire truck outside with the siren going, you’d still hear it.

      So, new windows can definitely help to reduce sound transmission but they won’t eliminate noise. The STC rating is the best place to start if sound transmission is a concern.

      1. It is a Pella Lifestyle Triple Pane casement window with sound package. Their specifications say the STC ranges from 31- 37 and OITC of 25 – 34. We’re near a highway and it does very little to block out the typical highway noises be it swooshes of vehicles are anything else. This was very disappointing to say the least for sure because it wasn’t cheap just for one of these. I’m looking at testing another window with an acoustical window insert and see how that works out.

  100. We’ve been drawn to Anderson windows well I guess because of the name but after reading through the comments it seems there may be a better option.

    Looking to replace our 32 year old Caradco wood windows, all odd sizes. We have cedar siding and looks like we might be better off going the new construction route because of the off sizes and to avoid custom sizing.

    So my question is do we stick with Anderson wood windows or consider vinyl? We’ve got pricing on Marvin and Anderson wood windows and they are pretty close in pricing.

    Are we overlooking other options? Zip code 13132

    1. Hi there, when considering wood vs vinyl windows the main question is how concerned are you about the look of wood windows. Vinyl windows are generally more energy efficient, last longer, have better warranties and cost less. The upside to wood is that it can be really pretty. If the trade off of higher prices, lower efficiency, etc is worth it for you in order to get the look of a wood window then that answers your question. If not, vinyl may be a better option.

      Usually vinyl is about half of what a wood window project would cost and there is no issue with custom sizes as all vinyl windows (almost) are custom made anyway. Good luck with your project.

      1. Thank you. We’re not concerned with having the look of wood, in fact we were looking at getting pre finished white. Do you have on suggestions on brands or where to start our research on vinyl windows?

  101. Replacing our 14 windows in Western North Carolina. Down to three bids:
    1. Window World using Alside Messo with black int/ext and metal wood wrap on exterior. In house install. ($17.5K)
    2. Lowes using Pella Impervia with black int/ext and metal wood wrap on exterior. Subs for install ($20.6K)
    3. Local Pella office using Pella Impervia with black int/ext and metal wood wrap on exterior. In house install.($21.5K)
    Appreciate any advice you can provide

    1. Hi Barry, for starters I don’t believe the Alside Mezzo window is available with black interior. It is available with black exterior, but not interior.

      If that’s critical for you I’d suggest confirming that with them prior to ordering. I’ll be curious to hear what they say.

      Interesting to me from a sales standpoint that you’re considering paying $1000 more for the same Pella windows for different installers. I guess that makes sense as I’m not known for being a fan of Home Depot window installs. I don’t necessarily think the tax status of the installer makes any difference in the quality. It may be true that the local Pella office would be more accountable than Home Depot if there were problems, but that’s not really guaranteed either.

      What about the different Pella dealers makes you think the value is (or isn’t) worth the difference in price?

      1. Hi windowdog, That’s interesting. Window World brochure clearly shows black interior on their 6000 series. When I questioned my sales person what window line that is, he replied Alside mezzo. Guess I’ll be calling him today.
        Regarding the two quoted for Pella windows. I’ve read that Fiberglass installs are harder than vinyl (perhaps you can confirm that). Since Lowes seems to sell mostly vinyl and uses subs for installs, it got me thinking there might be some advantage to using Pella directly with their inhouse crews.
        Any thoughts on the above? Also open to other window llines that offer black on black in the Asheville NC area

        1. I would defininltey confirm the color because I’m pretty confident a black interior is not available in the Alside Mezzo model. There tends to be a lot of turnover in those in-home salespeople roles so it’s possible he doesn’t know what model he’s offering.

          I don’t think there’s really any difference in installing vinyl vs fiberglass. I suppose it’s possible they could manipulate a vinyl window a little more to make something work that isn’t perfect, but assuming the windows are measured and ordered correctly they’ll be installed about the same way.

          I do see the logic on the Pella installers. It’s definitely possible that they’d have more experience with the specific models, but not guaranteed. It’s also possible they’re subcontractors just like the home depot installers and the company is just lying about their tax status. I don’t know anything about the Pella dealer in your area so not accusing them of anything, but companies saying their installers are in-house installers when they’re actually sub contractors is something I’ve seen happen 1000 times. And, to be fair, it’s also not that big of a deal since the individual installer can be horrible or great and whether or not taxes are withheld from his paycheck doesn’t make a significant difference either way.

          This can just be a tricky business to navigate. I don’t know anyone to recommend in Asheville, but your options will be limited with a black interior. I’ll be curious to hear what the salesperson says about the model with the black interior.

  102. Just got off the phone with Alside directly and they confirm black inside is available. It’s a special request process. With that said. Do you have a preference in Alside Mezzo in vinyl vs Pella Impervia Fiberglass? Just looking for a decent mid grade, budget friendly window

    1. Interesting, I’ll look into that, always like learning something new.

      I tend to suggest vinyl over fiberglass in a lot of cases. In this case the price difference is a little closer than I would have expected. I think you’d probably get a fine result either way. Window World is often not my first recommendation as they’re historically the low priced option which can sometimes come with drawbacks. I think you’d probably be happy with either option.

      What did they show you was the upcharge for the black interior and exterior on the Alside windows? I’ll see what I can find out about that option.

    2. I just talked with the folks at Alside and they tell me that there is no option for black interior on Mezzo windows on the east coast. Sounds like there may be a way to do it on the west coast product line, but that wouldn’t be available in North Carolina. Who did you call? And did they ask your location? I wonder if they could have been referencing the west coast line.

  103. That’s really odd. I specifically told them I was in North Carolina. (would not be the first time a person answering the phone got it wrong) Looks like Window World also installs MI windows, which purchased sunrise back a few years ago. He stated MI was offering some discounts and might save me a few bucks. I looked on line and the MI Sunrise series V4500 does Black inside and out. Your thoughts on that line?

    1. That’s probably what it was, the front line person answering the phone isn’t necessarily the ultimate product expert. I’m not a huge fan of most of the Mi window line, but the Sunrise windows are perfectly decent. You might compare the air infiltration ratings for the Sunrise vs the Pella Impervia. Then of course you’d need to confirm the Window World person was actually referencing that model which might be tricky.

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