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The Sunrise Restorations windows are the “top of the line” option from Sunrise. Does that mean they’re great windows or just good marketing? Let’s find out.

First, it’s been claimed that they call these windows “Restorations” because they were designed to look like wood windows to be used in restoration projects. That just feels like sales fluff to me. Many vinyl windows try to look like wood windows, that part makes sense. Unfortunately most historic projects will still require wood windows, vinyl just isn’t the right product for a historic restoration.

That said, vinyl is a great choice vs wood, fiberglass or composite windows in many circumstances. Let’s find out if the Sunrise Restorations windows are the right choice for you.

Sunrise Restorations bay and bow windows.
Here are examples of bay and bow windows. Sunrise offers these in several window lines including Sunrise Restorations.

What are the advantages of Sunrise Restorations windows?

The salesmen selling these windows may tell you a lot of fantastic stories about their greatness. In my experience these windows are usually offered by the most sales focused companies out there.

That doesn’t mean the windows are bad, but it does mean that you’ll want to be careful which stories you believe.

It is true that the Sunrise Restorations windows will use the higher end block and tackle hardware vs the cheaper constant force type used by other companies.

These windows can also be very energy efficient and we’ll have more on that below.

The look of these windows can be a selling point, but it’s pretty subjective. Some customers want a window with many style details and other customers want something that looks more plain and blends into the house. There isn’t really one best option when it comes to style.

Sunrise Restorations windows air infiltration rates.
I’ve always liked this picture from the Sunrise windows brochure. It’s illustrating air infiltration, get it, the air comes in? Get it?

What are the disadvantages?

I would say the biggest downside to the Sunrise Restorations windows will be the price. There’s typically only one company in each city selling these windows. They do this to avoid having two dealers competing with each other. The goal there is to allow the dealer to maximize their profit. That’s good for the dealer but not always good for you.

Are Sunrise Restorations windows energy efficient?

Yes. The Sunrise windows will offer a range of energy efficiency glass packages that will provide perfectly good efficiency ratings. In general all nicer windows will have similar efficiency ratings available. That means one won’t typically be substantially better than another, but these windows will offer good ratings.

The air infiltration ratings for the Sunrise Restorations double hung windows will fall into the same category. The ratings will be perfectly good and in line with options from several manufactures.

Is the Sunrise window warranty any good?

Overall Sunrise does offer a decent window warranty. The fact that they’re a relatively small manufacturer is real. You’ll want to understand that if they were to have a lot of problems and vanish you’d be out of luck. This could happen with any company, but with a small company the risk is greater.

We’ll have a whole post coming out reviewing the Sunrise window warranty soon. When it’s published we’ll link it below.

What’s the bottom line?

Overall the Sunrise Restorations windows are nice windows. They’re usually sold at higher than average prices. It’s my suggestion that you may be able to find a comparable option from another manufacturer at a substantial savings.

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