Sunrise Windows Warranty Review

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Understanding the warranty is an important part of buying new windows and this Sunrise windows warranty review is here to help you make sense of the options. We’ll look at the Sunrise warranty to see what is covered and what is not. Understanding the warranty is the best way to avoid disappointment down the road if something goes wrong with your new windows.

How long is the Sunrise windows warranty?

This is a lifetime warranty which means it covers the windows for as long as you own and live in the house. It says that right on the very top of the warranty document. It’s possible a competitor could tell you that a lifetime warranty is only good for 7 years, but that is not true. I’ve never seen any real info to support that claim so I’d avoid any company telling you things like that.

So, the warranty is good for as long as you own the house and it’s also transferable. When you sell the house you can advertise it as coming with a warranty on the windows and that might help your resale value. It can’t hurt anyway.

Note that when the warranty is transferred there is a $150 fee that is to be paid to Sunrise. If that’s not paid promptly I would assume they’re not going to cover the windows down the road. That’s pretty common and I think it’s a way for manufacturers to avoid covering windows down the road.

What is covered by this warranty?

The Sunrise windows warranty covers the window frames, the glass, screens, hardware and moving parts. Overall it’s pretty comprehensive. It even covers their Madera window trim.

What is not covered by the Sunrise windows warranty?

There are a few things that are not covered so you’ll want to be aware of them. First, condensation on the outside of the sealed glass unit is not covered. This could be on the inside of the house or on the outside.

Condensation can occur on a window for a few environmental factors. Usually it’s a result of excess humidity. It could also be an indication of a problem with a window, but the condensation itself is not covered.

They also don’t cover caulking which is pretty common.

In addition there’s no labor coverage which is also pretty common. If you have a problem down the road they’ll provide you with the parts needed, but you’ll need to pay for labor.

What’s the bottom line?

Overall this is a pretty solid window warranty. It’s comparable to what you get from other companies and it’s better than some. We do see the commission based in-home salesmen often being a little misleading with warranty info.

If someone tells you this warranty is “unlimited” or that a lifetime warranty is 7 years you can probably discount everything else they’ve told you. Once these guys lie once you can be sure there’s another one coming.

On the other hand if someone accurately describes what is covered and what is not then they’re being straight with you and that’s a good sign.

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