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The Sunrise Vanguard windows are typically offered by one dealer in any town. The downside is that there is no competition, there’s nobody else in town offering these windows. That’s not necessarily great for customers.

Of course the very limited distribution doesn’t necessarily mean these windows will be sold at higher than average prices, but it’s a distinct possibility and something to watch out for.

What are the advantages of Sunrise Vanguard windows?

There are some nice advantages to these windows. For example, they use a very strong frame that is designed to hold up for the long run.

They also use the upgraded block and tackle balances in these windows. That’s the type you see in most higher end windows. This would include other popular brands like Okna, Gentek and Preservation to name a few.

Beyond that you’ll see many of the same efficiency options in the Sunrise Vanguard windows that you’ll find in most of their models. They do offer a range of energy efficient options. These will generally have efficiency models similar to other nicer window brands.

What are the disadvantages?

There are also a few downsides to the Sunrise Vanguard windows. For example, they will use a thicker window frame than some other models. That means you’ll see less visible glass area in the same size window when compared to some competing models. This can be a big deal to some folks and it can be less important to others.

Other downsides have more to do with Sunrise as a company rather than the individual Vanguard model.

For example, the limited distribution model may mean that the only company offering Sunrise Vanguard windows in your area is not very pleasant to deal with.

It’s also true that they’re a relatively small manufacturing company that has gone through some management and ownership changes over the last few years. This could be a sign of a problem or it could just be a busy time.

Currently, Sunrise is owned by Mi windows which is a low end producer of vinyl windows. A skeptic might say that they don’t worry about quality so Sunrise will suffer. An optimist might say that they’re a large nationwide company and they bought Sunrise to gain exposure to the fancier end of the market.

What’s the bottom line?

Overall the Sunrise Vanguard window can be a decent choice. It’s a good quality window with high end hardware and good efficiency packages.

The downsides are that you can only buy these windows from one company in town and Sunrise isn’t a very large manufacturer.

If the local company offering these windows is good to work with and offers fair prices you’ll probably be happy with the results. I would NOT suggest dealing with a company that isn’t great just to get these windows. There are plenty of fish in the sea, there’s no reason to over pay or to work with a company that uses the silly sales tactics we talk about here.

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