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Find our Renewal by Andersen FAQ below. Here we’ll look at all of the common questions we get about Renewal by Andersen. If you have a question that isn’t answered we invite you to post a comment at the bottom to ask your question. We read all of the comments and will be happy to answer your question for everyone to see.

Who owns Sunrise windows?

Sunrise windows was purchased by Mi windows out of PA. Mi windows is known for being a very low priced brand with low quality to match. Historically Sunrise windows was a higher priced option and it is yet to be seen how the purchase by Mi windows will impact the Sunrise window brand.

Where are Sunrise windows made?

Sunrise windows are made in Temperance, MI which is right over the border from Toledo, OH. From there Sunrise windows are distributed throughout the eastern United States. They are typically not available west of the Rockies.

What are Sunrise windows made of?

Vinyl. Sunrise windows makes vinyl replacement windows. Vinyl is the most popular window material because it is energy efficient, durable and cost effective.

Are Sunrise windows any good?

Yes. Sunrise makes perfectly good windows. They are often priced higher than other models due to the limited distribution that Sunrise uses so you can sometimes find a better deal with other brands. You can find our recommended option and get a quote completely online here.

How much should Sunrise windows cost?

The pricing for Sunrise windows will vary a lot depending on the local dealer and the particular situation. It’s not uncommon to see prices in the range of $700-$1200 per window including installation. Most Sunrise dealers will not show you the prices until you let them send a salesman to your house which can be inconvenient.

Where can you buy Sunrise windows?

Sunrise windows are sold through a network of dealers. There may only be one or two Sunrise window dealers in any town so your options are limited. If the dealer in your area is good then you’re in good shape. If the local dealer is not so great then you’ll probably want to look for a different window brand that you can buy elsewhere. Don’t lose sleep over that, there are plenty of great window options out there. Find more window reviews and info here.

Are Sunrise windows “high end” windows?

Like most manufacturers Sunrise makes a range of window options. Some of the Sunrise windows are nicer than others. On average Sunrise produces nicer windows than many other companies. You can find reviews and info on all of the Sunrise windows here.

Are Sunrise windows custom made?

Yes. All Sunrise windows are custom made to the exact specifications that the dealer orders. When an order is submitted it will need to include the exact size, colors, options and features required for the project. There are no standard sizes and each window is made to order.

Do Sunrise windows use block and tackle balances?

Yes. Being a nicer window manufacturer means Sunrise windows will use upgraded parts and components in their windows. Sunrise uses the same type of higher end hardware that you’ll see from most nicer window manufacturers.

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