Accu-Weld Windows Reviews

accu-weld windows reviews

Accu-Weld windows were offered for years in the area surrounding their plant in Pennsylvania.  They were typically sold on price as a rather inexpensive offering.  When the economy went south in 2008 they suffered along with many other small window manufacturers.

The assets of the company were purchased and renamed Haddon windows in 2009, but that effort didn’t last long either.

Today we could barely find an old copy of the Accu-Weld logo to use in this post and the domain name is available for sale.

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We include this post for folks who might be searching for Accu-Weld windows due to a warranty issue and as a cautionary tale about what can become of small manufacturing companies.

We often suggest that folks consider the size of the manufacturing company they are considering when making their purchase.  Of course a large company could go out of business as well, but of the many recent failures in the windows business including Kensington, Accu-Weld, Gorell, Republic, Schuco and more only one was a company with any real size.

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  1. What am I suppose to do? I have 11 ACCU-Weld windows with a life time warranty and all my windows are yellow on the glass.
    Please help. 2-7-15

    1. You don’t have a lot of great options. This is a great example of the dangers of working with smaller manufacturers. I wish I had more helpful info. You can try to get the glass units replaced, but that often costs as much as new windows. You might want to get a quote for the glass replacement and one for new windows and see which looks better.

      Remember, replacing the glass will still leave you with old windows.

    2. The window had inherent design flaws that were noted in some blogs on the internet as far back as 2008. The window had a molded spacer extruded in the sash itself. For the manufacturer it was supposed to minimize glass handling, but also meant that the glass could not be replaced correctly without remaking the whole sash. If the manufacturer went out of business, the window could not be correctly fixed. Most vinyl windows are designed to have a premade glass pack from mostly any glass manufacturer regardless of whether the parent manufacturer is still in business. The Accu-Weld 6500 appeared to have a design flaw of vinyl in the spacer being too this and melting causing the glass to blow. Unfortunately, after Accu-Weld/Haddon windows went out of business, so did the ability to remake the sash, which, oddly enough, still had the same design flaw. Some install companies had the idea to cut the spacer out and glue in a glass pack which they charge the customer for. This is just a bandaid repair as the integrity and energy efficiency of the window is not what the customer paid for and almost assuring the glass will blow again. Social Media, as well as, legal means are good viable options, as many, many people have the same problem and most of the install companies knew of the window problems as well as the company bankruptcy problems and continued to install them.

      1. I would remind you that a local investigative newscast in the Philadelphia area brought action and eventual demise of Window Wizards, a large Phila area install company. That was just over foam not being in the windows. The Accu Weld problem is a much more serious problem. The window is basically worthless to the consumer. Social media, like this one, and other ones are important because the more that is written, the more evidence exists for a lawyer to take up the case. They normally will not act upon a single case. Hundreds, if not thousands of people are affected by this as the window was sold over 5+ years. Contact your state consumer advocacy, Angie’s list or anything that identifies the problem with the install company

        1. And that was Okna the manufacturer that didnt foam fill the windows enough. They drove Window Wizards out of business. Okna skated somehow.

        2. Ok, so you are telling me there is no recourse other than a class action suit? We had 23 windows replaces in our house 8 years ago and almost every one has a broken seal (air has gotten inside the window panes and we have mold and clouding on them). Of course the company that installed them went out of business. Now What??

          1. I don’t think there is any recourse when the company is out of business. Who would you sue in a class action suit? You can’t get blood from a turnip as my grandmother loves to say.

            I always suggest that folks buy from larger manufacturers to reduce the chances of being in this boat. Some people take my advice and some don’t. I know it’s easy to trust the contractor pitching them or some recommendation from a stranger, but small manufacturers are just a risky bet and there is no two ways about that.

          2. I have 16 windows that are cloudy, dirt/dust build up in between the panes. Whether the installer is still in business or not, I was told Today by the original installer “sorry, but I can’t help you, good luck”. My windows were installed in 2008.
            Something has to be done about this, this is unreal.

  2. I didn’t purchase the Accu-Weld windows direct from the company. I went through Sears. (Didn’t have a choice as to what Window Manufacturer they were going to use.) After using these for a few years I could see how they were cheaply made. They do not tilt easily for cleaning for one thing.

    1. Same problem. I purchased mine through Sears. No choice in the manufacturer. I trusted Sears’ name to provide a decent product. So far the glass has held up; but two of them are very difficult to raise and one has to actually be propped open! I was doing research online to find out who to contact about this situation since I have this “Lifetime Warranty” only to find out that it’s worthless, not only because the company has long been out of business, but because the warranty only covers parts, not shipping or labor to fix any problems. Unfortunately, I didn’t go to construction and renovation school. The only way to fix my problem now is to completely replace these ‘brand new’ windows. I am disgusted as the windows these replaced were over 70 years old, and not one was broken. We just wanted energy efficient windows.

      1. Lisa I have the same problem. The fact that sears has used their brand for shoddy windows is ridiculous. If accu weld went out of business that is sears responsibility. I will use social media if I have to but my voice will be heard.

    2. If you know of a class action suite, I would like to be part of it as I bought my windows from Sears as well and they are defective.

  3. I purchased 7 Accu-Weld windows from Atlantic Remodeling on May 27, 2010. The seal has now failed on all of them; there is a brown haze in between the glass. The company will not return my calls to replace or repair them. It appears as though Accu-Weld went out of business in 2009, so this company Atlantic sold me windows under false pretenses. I’ve now sent my information to another lawyer to look at. One attorney said I didn’t have a case because they covered themselves in their contract stating that the “Contract carries a limited warranty for workmanship for a period equal to the warranty period provided by the manufacturer.” But what if the warranty was non-existent, without my knowledge, when I purchased them since the company was already bankrupt?

    1. We’re not lawyers around here, but I don’t think you’re going to find much success. Be sure to let us know how it goes, I’m sure our readers will be interested.

  4. Please read my reply to Patricia Williams. I worked for a company for 12 years that installed the window from beginning to Haddon closing the plant. If you want to pursue it legally, which I do recommend as there are thousands of customers with the same problem, I would be happy to help.

    1. All windows replaced with these Haddon windows in late 2010 and early 2011. At least 75% have gone bad. With the company out of business, anything legally to be done?

      1. Not that I’m aware of. If you find anything be sure to post it. I’m sure others are looking as well.

  5. I am working with Atlantic to replace the glass in some more of my windows, at my expense. The windows where that has been done are not perfect but it is an alternative to all new windows. Is there any point in going to court looking for relief? It is my belief that Atlantic knew what they were selling. Not very happy about this but even a another window company can go out of business and then my warranty is again worthless.

    1. There are many great window companies out there that have been in business for many years making quality products. The Accu Weld Invisions window was a known problem( check Haddon Windows Better Business Bureau 2009 complaint), but the install companies chose to install it because it was inexpensive and the $1500 Energy Tax Credit provided the fuel. The company I worked for toyed with the idea of replacing all of those windows with new windows. The absolute RIGHT THING TO DO. But they didn’t, instead choosing a terrible bandaid approach that has no chance of succeeding. In my years in this business, I have seen Andersen, Pella, Marvin, Weathershield class actioned and all had to replace every window including labor. The Accu Weld/Haddon Invisions window affected thousands of homeowners. I have advised people to stand their ground with these companies to get new window. Some have gotten them only to be given Affinity Vinyl windows which are the same people that brought you the Accu Weld window, just reformed into a new company. The more that people can write on blogs like this and tell their story, the better the odds of legal action

      1. There was no known problem at the time we purchased these windows thru Sears. The windows were warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship. What is the good of warrantying a product and having no recourse when it is defective and the company is bankrupt.

      2. I knew they had to just “go out of business” and rename themselves. All 16 windows look dirty. There’s a film in all of them and my lifetime warranty will give we a discount on new glass but I worry that will go bad as well. I don’t trust my window company Tom Adam’s who sold me the windows and warranty. So sad because we wanted to go small business, but now Im being ripped off. 2008 we got all new windows and in 2010 they started to fog up. Today they are so bad. Now they want to charge be 800.00 to replace 6 pieces of glass. I don’t understand how companies are allowed to go this.

  6. I also bought windows in 2006 through BJ’s Warehouse and Bil-ray group installed the accu-weld brand windows. The window seal evidently was faulty and now my triple pane windows are growing this brownish mold. Has anyone had success with getting replacements either through BJ’s or Bil-ray?

  7. I bought a full house of windows in 2009 or 2010 and in less than a year they all failed. If the company knew these were faulty, then they definitely sold them to me under false pretenses.

    1. You bought Accu-Weld windows? That’s a real shame. It’s one of the reasons I tell folks to look for a larger manufacturer not just a pretty brochure.

  8. Add me too the list of windows failing. Most of the windows purchased in 2007 now have the yellowish haze due to seal failure. Wish there was some sort of class action we could take.

    1. Yes add me to the list of faulty windows…16 to be exact. I want to be made aware of any class action case that can be filed.

      1. I don’t think this is a thing, but if there is any new info please post about it. I’m sure there would be other people interested.

  9. Hi,
    I am reading all these post. We replaced 22 windows on April 2,2010. Accuweld windows. Almost every window in my house has a cloudy haze and or long brown lines through them. When I called the window company that installed them they told me that Accuweld was out of business and that made the warranty null and void.
    If Accuweld went out of business in 2009 how were they aloud to install these windows in my home? I am heartsick at the money we spent and now they want $55 per sash to replace the glass.
    Any advice?????

    1. Unfortunately I don’t think you have too many options. $55 per sash is probably a pretty good price, but you could always get a few quotes from glass companies.

    2. Let me know if you have had any luck with your issues, I’m searching for which way to go with this rip off

  10. How sad to read all these post. I would of never known about all this if not looking for a # to Accu-Weld. Only to find out they went under a while back. I guess the brownish color I found this summer wasn’t caused from having insulation blown in from the outside. I truly thought that the seal broke and it seeped in. Well the seal did break. I don’t have any other issues, they operate fine. I don’t have air coming in or anything. I am thankful for that. I do think something SHOULD be held in account to fix the problems. Thanks for reading.

  11. Purchased garden windows with warranty jonly to find out they have went out of they are leaking and have mold I will seek legal action asap

  12. I too spent over 10K on 10 windows purchased and installed by Atlantic Remodeling with the lifetime warranty. All have mold growing between the panes. They refuse to replace them. They will replace the glass for $3,500 but that’s outrageous. I purchased in 2011 which was after Accu Weld and Haddon had gone out of business. I have no doubt that Atlantic knew the issues with the windows and purposely deceived me/us. Maryland has a fund to help people with this type of issue with remodeling companies. Unfortunately the complaint has to be within 3 years of the contract and since I wasn’t aware of the fund they won’t assist me. I believe if I could prove Haddon wouldn’t honor the warranty, and Haddon did own Accu Weld when I purchased them, then I’d have a leg to stand on. I’m working hard to come up with the money for lawyer because Atlantic Remodeling is a fraudulent company who takes advantage of its customers. They knew the windows were bad and if they didn’t, as a window replacement company, they had a responsibility to know. Also Atlantic Remodeling was still selling Accu Weld on their website as of October 3, 2014. And by the way Atlantic Remodeling phone number in MD is (877) 259-2462 or (888) 733-2368 or 888-Red-Cent. Keep posting here and if anybody hears of a class action suit please let us all know.

  13. In 2008 Windows Depot USA, Jacksonville FL sold me 22 windows for my house with the GOLD package, (I didn’t know that meant the color they would be in a few years) . I now have 4 that have turned color. I’m worried after reading here that more will eventually fail. I’ve attempted to reach the Corp offices of WDUSA and not until I sent a request that I was interested in purchasing new windows did a representative from the local dealer contact me. Harrington Home Renovations in Jacksonville is now the local WDUSA Dealer who says they are not involved and cannot give me corporate contact info. I’ve contacted Window Depot USA via email only, appears they don’t like to communicate directly. They informed me (via email) the warranty was cancelled because Accuweld is out of business. They did agree to replace the windows for $50 each plus shipping. My problem is to order, The company is very elusive and has not responded to my order request. After a lot of internet research I did find a # to their Corp office in Ohio -330-871-9978 which only transfers you to VM. Still waiting for a call back. WDUSA has updated their warranty info but I have the lifetime warranty doc that came with my purchase and it does not have any statement about existing as long as the manufactures warranty, per Cynthia’s message above.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. I always encourage folks to buy from large well established manufacturers because of situations just like this. I don’t think there’s much I can do to help, but if you can think of something just let me know.

  14. Like Roger C above I purchased windows from Window Depot USA but in Atlanta in 2008. I now have slight separation of the glass to the frame and brownish color in the window. I tried to contact the office of the salesman I bought them from but (yes you guessed it) their out of business. I sent an email to WDUSA since I could not find a phone number directly to them and after two more emails I received a reply that offers three options none of which covers my “Lifetime Warranty.” Option 3 is the real kicker saying they will offer me a deeply discounted quote to deliver new windows to my home, BUT, I have to bring in a contractor to measure and install and pay that contractor directly. Now why would I buy replacement windows from a company that won’t stand behind the products they sell regardless of who they contract to manufacture them. I’m going to still try and get them to replace our windows that is if I can speak to a real person. If anyone knows of a way to contact them directly without having to go through voice mail I’d appreciate knowing how to do it. I’m also going to contact our State Attorney General and explain my situation and to see if there is any legal way they can keep unscrupulous companies like this from selling in the state of Georgia

    1. Unfortunately I don’t think I can be of any help, but please post a follow up if there are any new developments. I’m sure other readers will be interested to hear what happens.

    2. We have the exact same problem. Contracted with Window Depot USA of Depew, NY back in 2008. I started to notice brown streaks on the windows back in 2018. Since Window Depot USA of Depew is no longer in business, I contacted Window Depot USA directly. Even though the stickers on our windows showed Window Depot USA, we were told they were Accuweld windows and the company went out of business in 2008. We are now left with 14 replacement windows that are not covered by any warranty. I have contacted the BBB and also Ed Kalaher, CEO of Window Depot USA who told me they are a network of authorized dealers and they do not participate in retail window installation.

      1. Best of luck to you. There are thousands of us who haven’t found a solution. If you come across someone who has figured it out please let the rest of us know. I still have 13 windows with mold and fog inside. And it’s all good for people to say use a reputable company but when the Home Depot’s and Sears sell them and tell the consumer they’re warranted for life that’s pretty much what we believe. I doubt if more than a few actually researched the window brand itself. And if they did and the company was up and running why would anybody think there is an issue. It’s all bogus crap.

  15. I purchased the Windows in2004 with the same problem. All these stories are terrible. I will try a local glass company. Lifetime warranty 🙁

  16. Same story as all of you. In 2007 I bought 13 windows and 2 patio doors. I tried cleaning them 5 times until I realized the problem.
    As soon as the discoloration began I called the company that sold the windows to me. They went bankrupt. This is so unfair. I paid $9200.00 and $314.00 for an additional warranty.

  17. If someone is starting a class action, I would like to be part of it. So far we have replaced one window a short time after installation, and another because it became foggy and now the window has come off the hardware which enables it to open inward for cleaning. I need HELP !

  18. In addition to sliding doors, we had two energy efficient windows installed by MEDALLION SECURITY  DOOR AND WINDOW COMPANY

    in 2010. One of the windows is a bit foggy and the other has brownish stains which I think is due to leaks. Spoke with the service manager Gerson who claimed that the company that the windows came from, has gone out of business. Apparently, the windows were made by Accuweld but our invoice says Haddon. In any event, Medallion says they cannot replace the sash because the company has gone out of business. Our contract was not with the supplier but with the installer – a company that claims 25 years of being in business. I will be continue to pursue a replacement.

    1. Your contract was with the installer, but your warranty may have been from the manufacturer. Ultimately the installer didn’t produce the windows. It’s like if you buy a TV from Amazon. The warranty on the TV is from the manufacturer not from Amazon. They’ll probably still try to help out. Hopefully you get a great outcome.

      1. Hi,
        I am a home owner in NC who purchased Accu-Weld windows in 2009 through a company named Windows Siding Roofing Company in Creedmoor, NC. I had 15 windows replaced all
        of which are now defective (film buildup in between the windows). Obviously the windows appear dirty and cannot be seen through clearly. If you know of any ligation that has been or is being setup please contact me. I am a senior citizen and need help to replace these windows. It is a shame that businesses take advantage of customers. I too thought lifetime warranty meant just that!!!. Shame on Accu-Weld, Windows Siding Roofing Company (now called Builder Services of NC — who also claim windows aren’t their problem to resolve even though THEY were the ones we bought windows from). It was Builder Services who sourced the product from Accu-Weld not me!!!! Where is the”we stand by products and/or services” clause. It seems that it’s gone the same way as “the customer is always right”.

  19. I have the same problem with Accuweld Windows. I went through Sears whom Itrusted. My windows are getting some brown rsidue between glass and two are cracked . I am so unhappy with the unanswered phone calls I feel that my calls are being ignored Everytime I call there is only one person there they say I have to talk to which is always not there. I would definitely want to be involved with a class action suit. Please keep me involved.


  20. Same story here.. 2008-2009 time frame. bought the 6500 series from Premier Window . 2 years into it after seeing the first spots appear, I called to find not only had my dealer/installer gone out of business, but so had the manufacturer, leaving NO recourse to us warranty holders. All of my 13 windows are now defective and worthless, so Lowes is coming out to give me a quote on Pella replacements. I know I should have done my homework better now, but the local dealer gained my trust. My fault on that part, I should have googled it like I do most things I buy. Regarding a class action suit, who is there to file against? The Haddon brothers? I for one would assume they protected themselves in the acquisition of Accuweld first and foremost, but I’m in if one comes to fruition. No doubt a lot of people knew of the design flaw and issues customers were having, but they continued to ship the units out the door!!!!

    1. I also purchased (13) 6500s windows from Premier Windows. I liked Ward the owner but boy did he pack it up and leave town literally. All of my windows are what I call ‘blown out.” Fogged over with mold inside. I see a lot of folks wanting to sue. I do too but there is no one to sue in my case. Everyone filed for bankruptcy or shutdown. I did have a reputable glass replacement company come out. They measured everything and said they would send me a quote. As the guy was walking out he said “I have to look at something before I leave. Something doesn’t like right with these windows.” He tore down one window to access the glass. After looking at it he said “I want to sell you glass but I have bad news. You are not going to be able to replace the glass in these windows. I have never seen a design like this.” So I have learned my lesson. Research more, maybe pay more and find someone that has been in business for many years. I went with the best deal, slick salesman and lost.

  21. Wow after reading all of the comments, I realize that I’m screwed. I purchased an Accu-Weld bay window from a local business in 2010. It’s double paned and condensation has built up in between. I wasn’t worried, since I had a “Life-Time Warranty”. Not only did Accu-Weld go out of business, but the local business disappeared too. I learned my lesson the hard way & will always research the companies my products come from. I will contact a local glass company to see if they can replace the glass, but after researching it, it seems as though its very costly. If anyone has any advice, please let me know…

  22. This was a really informative/heartbreaking conversation. So awful that there are so many of us dealing with this BS. I have been put through the ringer only to find out that none of the window companies are going to help me. I bought my windows through Window Depot which is a huge company and you would assume that they would stand by their work. Wrong. They say that my windows were installed by Window Depot of Anapolis and that particular branch is out of business. So they wanted to drop it there. I wasn’t feeling that and kept pushing. I eventually found out that the actual windows were manufactured by Accu-Weld, which was sold to Haddon Windows. But the original warranty was going to be covered by Bensalem Windows ℅ Aluminum Shapes. But after a million unreturned calls to Aluminum Shapes & Haddon Windows – I just spoke with an ultra rude woman who said, “We don’t know anything about that company and we aren’t going to do anything about your warranty.” Like previous posters, I’m sickened by having to replace these windows again. The windows that were originally in were there for 50 years, and I just “upgraded” them for energy efficiency. It’s insane that they didn’t even last for 10 years. Disgusting. I really hope someone does file a class action suit, I’d love to join you.
    In case anyone else wants to drive themselves crazy, here’s the info that I got from a 2009 letter. Aluminum Shapes 856-662-5500. And now I’m SO scared of buying new windows at all because I’m scared another company will have the same problem, they seem to have an endless number of ways to avoid honoring the warranty.

  23. I did some research on Accu-Weld and realized that the original team that owned Accu-Weld, and then bankrupted it, formed a new window company called Affinity Windows. I spoke with my dealer who said Affinity produced similar low-quality low-price windows as they did at Accu-Weld and had many of the same employees. From what I can tell, Affinity Windows also shut down. They claim to have been making windows for 20 years – first called Weather-Tite, then renamed Accu-Weld and then they restarted as Affinity Windows. Either way, it seems like the best option is to replace them from someone like Lowes who I trust will be around and will take care of any issues in the future.

  24. We purchased an entire house full of windows through a company call Tom Adams in Doylestown, PA in 2002. We are having all the same problems especially with the seals breaking in the double paned windows & moisture getting in there. Not to mention the rubber gasket is falling in between the windows. What a huge RIP OFF from both Tom Adams (who doesn’t care) and obviously the manufacturer Accu-Weld. Ughh. I cant believe Accu-Weld can get away with stealing everyones’ hard earned $$. I’m disgusted! 🙁

  25. I have a 110 year old house in Brewster, NY.
    In 2003, I bought 13 custom vinyl windows from Sears Home Services in 2003 for my 100 year old house, paying $6466. Sears…a name you can trust?
    They were installed by Bil-Ray Aluminum Siding Corp of Elmont, NY.
    They were manufactured by Accu-Weld.
    About half of the windows now have a haze between the panes.
    Just adding my similar experience to the list.

  26. I had Accu Weld windows installed well over 10 years ago never had a problem until the August 7th 2020 storm and 2 of my windows cracked one cracked & broke with glass everywhere another 1 just cracked these were the top inside panes of both windows on the 2nd floor These windows were installed by The Home Fix corporation. The Home Fix now is refusing to honor the lifetime warranty & are refusing to replace these 2 windows Also my Kitchen Garden Window started to leak & The Home Fix Corporation is refusing to Fix that window as well

    1. Hi Dee, sorry to hear about your trouble. Unfortunately those small manufacturers do go out of business rather frequently leaving you with no warranty. There’s probably nothing that can be done as the Accu Weld windows in particular use an unusual glazing that might be hard to replicate.

  27. I purchased an Accu-Weld Garden Window several years ago, and my only problem is that one of the lucite flanges that supports the 2nd shelf broke, and I’m looking for a replacement. Would you have any idea who might be of help and could supply me with a replacement or two?
    Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have on this broken flange issue.

    1. I would bet that’s a pretty common part. Many manufacturers all buy their garden windows from the same supplier. They market them as their own, but really they’re from another company. Check with a wholesale distributor or roofing center type place in your area and they may be able to order that part or a shelf kit. I’d bring in a good one to compare. If they have a garden window in the warehouse, and if they’re feeling helpful, they can probably compare the part to see if it’s the same.

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