Accu-Weld Windows Reviews

accu-weld windows reviews

Accu-Weld windows were offered for years in the area surrounding their plant in Pennsylvania. They were typically sold on price as a rather inexpensive offering. When the economy went south in 2008 they suffered along with many other small window manufacturers.

Accu-Weld is bankrupt and out of business

The assets of the company were purchased and renamed Haddon windows in 2009, but that effort didn’t last long either.

Today we could barely find an old copy of the Accu-Weld logo to use in this post and last we checked the domain name is available for sale.

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Is there a warranty on Accu-Weld windows?

No. To the best of our knowledge the warranty vanished when the company failed. Unfortunately they used a relatively unique design that glazed the insulated glass into the sash itself.

The problem with this method is that it will be very difficult, or impossible, for a glass company to replace a broken or sealed pane.

That means if a window breaks or a seal fails the entire window might need to be replaced. That’s expensive and unfortunate.

We include this post for folks who might be searching for Accu-Weld windows due to a warranty issue and as a cautionary tale about what can become of small manufacturing companies.

We often suggest that folks consider the size of the manufacturing company they are considering when making their purchase. Of course a large company could go out of business as well, but of the many recent failures in the windows business including Kensington, Accu-Weld, Gorell, Republic, Schuco and more only one was a company with any real size.

What replacement window companies should you consider today?

For more info on window manufacturers that do still exist take a look through the best replacement window reviews online here. It’s always our advice to start by finding a great local company to install the windows and then talking with them about the options they recommend.

That is a much better strategy than falling in love with a window manufacturer only to find out the local dealer isn’t a great company to work with. We see people do that every day and it’s the hardest way to buy new windows.

You can find our recommend local window companies here.

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70 responses to “Accu-Weld Windows Reviews”

  1. Barbara S Hoffman Avatar
    Barbara S Hoffman

    I purchased an Accu-Weld Garden Window several years ago, and my only problem is that one of the lucite flanges that supports the 2nd shelf broke, and I’m looking for a replacement. Would you have any idea who might be of help and could supply me with a replacement or two?
    Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have on this broken flange issue.

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      I would bet that’s a pretty common part. Many manufacturers all buy their garden windows from the same supplier. They market them as their own, but really they’re from another company. Check with a wholesale distributor or roofing center type place in your area and they may be able to order that part or a shelf kit. I’d bring in a good one to compare. If they have a garden window in the warehouse, and if they’re feeling helpful, they can probably compare the part to see if it’s the same.

  2. Davita Mitchell Avatar
    Davita Mitchell

    I too am adding to the long list of failed windows from Accu-Weld even though purchased through a local company called Medallion. I am so mad and disappointed. Please keep us all informed if there are future reparations.

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