Alpine Windows Reviews

alpine windows reviews

Alpine windows are manufactured in Bothell, Washington and are available throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  Alpine windows is owned by Associated Materials, Inc.  They are a holding company that owns several building products manufacturing companies throughout the US and Canada.

Historically Alpine windows were produced for the new construction market, but in recent years their Westbridge Elite line of replacement windows has been gaining popularity.

best replacement windows of 2015

Here we’ll provide detailed reviews of all of the Alpine windows and sliding patio doors including:

  • 70 Series
  • 80 Series
  • Westbridge Elite
  • Westbridge 6500 Sliding Doors

As you can see Alpine windows only come in 3 lines.  This makes understanding the options much easier than it is with many manufacturers.  The 70 and 80 series are designed for new construction, the Westbridge Elite line is designed for remodeling projects along with the Westbridge 6500 sliding patio doors.

One real advantage to Alpine windows is that they’re backed by a billion dollar manufacturing company.  When you’re purchasing products with a long-term warranty it’s important to consider the financial strength of the company itself.  In recent years we’ve seen many small regional manufacturers go under leaving all of their past customer with no warranty at all.  Example of this include Gorell windows, Kensington Windows, Republic Windows and more.

You can be relatively confident that a large company like Associated Materials will be around for the long haul which will be important if you ever need to use your warranty.

If you’re thinking about Alpine windows you should also check out our other replacement window reviews along with the most common window sales tactics that you may encounter.


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12 thoughts on “Alpine Windows Reviews”

  1. Looking at a local company that came highly recommended from a good friend, friend is a contractor as well. The company gave me a great quote and are recommending the Alpine Westbridge Elite replacement windows and 6500 sliding patio door. Any thoughts on the this series other than what is mentioned above?

    I’m new to replacement windows and I’m loving the info on this site, so thank you. I just want to make the right decision.

  2. I have defective Alpine Windows in my home, and I am extremely disappointed in their quality and even more so by their “warranty” practices.

    If you are building a home and leaving the choice of windows up to the builder, you should insist on better quality windows. Having the seals fail within a few years is not a good sign for a product that is “warranted for life.”

    To enforce their “warranty”, the process is so convoluted that many people will simply give up and replace their defective Alpine Windows at their own cost.

    1. Sorry to hear about your trouble. My brother in law lives in Anchorage and he has Alpine windows. Whenever we go up there I’m always impressed with how warm and not-drafty his house feels. Just stick with the warranty process, I bet it will take you where you want to go.

  3. Our initial installation of Alpine retrofit windows were in 2009. Since then, of the 17 windows, (33 panes of glass), that were installed, we’ve had to file 4 claims to have the poor quality windows replaced. We were told the original batch of windows we received were a bad design and it’s been a continual problem getting them replaced. Seems to take 2-3 months to get the windows replaced with Associated Materials which is the company to file the replacement claim. I can see how people just give up and pay out of their own pockets. DON’T GIVE UP!!!

    We filed our 4th claim for replacement windows on 11/1/17 and just today they were finally replaced. Of the 33 panes of window glass in our home, 18 have been replaced. Horrible product and worse customer service.

    1. …at least they got replaced. Just today I’ve responded to several people who bought windows from companies that are not out of business and they have no warranty at all.

  4. I likewise am disappointed in new construction Alpine windows. Our house was built in 2007 and we had to replace two Alpine windows with failed seals shortly after we bought the house in 2010. Recently I noticed several growing rust spots between the pains of large picture window which is a sign that a failing seal is letting moisture enter. The windows have a lifetime warranty, but only for the original owner which we are not.

    1. Sorry to hear about your trouble. I would bet you can order the replacement parts from them. They’re typically not too expensive and often pretty simple to replace.

      1. Thanks, Windowdog. Unfortunately this window is about 20′ above ground in a very awkward place to get to. Just noticed I misspelled “pane” as “pain.” A Freudian slip for sure.

        1. Architects do seem to design houses with little concern for the maintenance needed as they get older.

          If you can’t make it up a ladder it probably wouldn’t cost much for a handy man to take care of it. Good luck!

  5. I just can’t believe how sloppy their single hung windows are uugghh I will never recommend alpine to any of my clients again the quality is a big O I just installed these 6 months ago cheapest quality windows I’ve ever installed junk

    1. Alpine is generally a new construction product which means very focused on cost. There are nicer new construction windows out there. Unfortunately builders tend to drive down the pricing of new construction windows to the point that they’re just not as nice as a lot of replacement windows.

  6. Selkirk Construction in Hayden Idaho is building our new home.
    We’ve been given the option to upgrade from Alpine to the Milgard Trinsic windows. The cost increase for the whole house is $1970.
    Our home will be at about 3000 ft altitude.
    Would you recommend the upgrade?
    We’ve had good experience with Milgard in other homes, but never had Alpine.

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best replacement windows of 2015