Alpine Windows Reviews

Alpine windows reviews

Alpine Windows are manufactured in Fife, WA and are available throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The brand is owned by Associated Materials, Inc based out of Ohio. Alpine offers several models of replacement and new construction windows and we’ll review them right here.

best replacement windows of 2015

Alpine Windows Reviews – Replacement Windows

  • Montrose Vinyl Replacement Windows
  • Westbridge 6500 Sliding Doors
  • Westbridge Elite Windows – Discontinued

New Construction Windows

  • 70 Series
  • 80 Series
  • 170 Sliding Patio Doors
Alpine Montrose windows reviews

As you can see Alpine windows only currently produces one line of replacement windows and two lines of new construction windows. This makes understanding the options much easier than it is with many manufacturers. The 70 and 80 series are designed for new construction. The Montrose line is designed for remodeling projects along with the Westbridge 6500 sliding patio doors.

Do Alpine windows qualify for the federal tax credits?

Yes, maybe. Alpine offers efficient glass packages that do qualify for the federal tax credits for energy efficient windows and doors. All options do not quality.

If you’re interested in this you’ll want to talk to the dealer or installer to make sure the option you’re ordering will qualify. These options do come with additional costs which may cost more than the tax credit you’ll get, but you also get very efficient windows.

SolarTherm PriME glass for Alpine windows.

The qualifying packages are called SolarTherm PriME. Despite their ridiculous capitalization they are very efficient packages.

What is the warranty from Alpine Windows?

The warranty is pretty solid and that’s one of the strong points for this brand. These windows come with a lifetime warranty that is backed by a billion dollar company with a 70+ year history in the building products business.

The warranty includes lifetime coverage for the windows and the labor required to repair a problem. That’s pretty good, better than the warranty you’ll see from some other companies.

One problem we’ve heard about affects people who bought windows from Alpine before they were purchased by Associated Materials. Customers from the old days have had trouble with their warranty claims. If your windows are 15+ years old you may be in that boat. In my experience that will only impact customers who bought windows before the company was acquired by Associated Materials which was around 2003 give or take.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve had any trouble with the warranty. If you’re looking to file a warranty claim for Alpine windows you can do that here.

Why order Alpine windows?

One real advantage is that they’re now backed by a billion dollar manufacturing company. When you’re purchasing products with a long-term warranty it’s important to consider the financial strength of the company itself. In recent years we’ve seen many small regional manufacturers go under leaving all of their past customer with no warranty at all. Examples of this include Gorell windows, Kensington Windows, Republic Windows and more.

You can now find our Alpine windows FAQ here.

Casement windows made by Alpine.

Many of these little window companies can look great in a brochure, but they’re not so great in real life. In my opinion people routinely undervalue the risk associated with a little manufacturer which is why it’s always my recommendation to work with a larger and more well established company.

You can be relatively confident that a large company like Associated Materials will be around for the long haul which will be important if you ever need to use your warranty.

If you’re thinking about Alpine windows you should also check out our other replacement window reviews along with the most common window sales tactics that you may encounter.

What’s the bottom line?

Overall these windows are decent. Like most manufacturers they make cheaper new construction windows and nicer replacement windows. The Montrose line is a solid choice for a replacement window with a solid warranty.

Remember, before you fall in love with a window manufacturer you should find a good local dealer who can help to make recommendations.

We commonly see people put the cart before the horse by deciding which window model they want before they find someone to install it. This is understandable, but it’s not a good strategy.

It’s possible that the product you’ve decided you love is only offered in your area by someone you don’t want to work with. In that case you’ll be frustrated, I guarantee it.

Your best bet is to find a great local company and talk to them about what they recommend. You can find our listing of great local replacement window companies here.

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25 responses to “Alpine Windows Reviews”

  1. Gail Herrmann Avatar
    Gail Herrmann

    Selkirk Construction in Hayden Idaho is building our new home.
    We’ve been given the option to upgrade from Alpine to the Milgard Trinsic windows. The cost increase for the whole house is $1970.
    Our home will be at about 3000 ft altitude.
    Would you recommend the upgrade?
    We’ve had good experience with Milgard in other homes, but never had Alpine.

  2. Kathy M. Avatar
    Kathy M.


    I’m just trying to get a grasp on your website. I know that most of these reviews say something along the lines of….”we’ll provide a detail of all of the alpine windows and sliding glass doors”….and then list the ones you’ll be providing a detailed review on. But when I read further…there is no detailed review on the products? There are some generalized statements but nothing detailed. Am I missing something? Please let me know as we will be replacing our windows soon. Thanks!

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Kathy, we don’t have all of the reviews finished yet. We’re at several hundred pages and posts written so far and it will likely take several hundred more to get the site mostly finished. There are many window reviews written but it’s defininltey possible to come across some that are not.

  3. Judy West Avatar
    Judy West

    I bought Alpine window’s when we built our 36 hundred sq.ft. home completed in 1989. One of the resons I chose them is because it came with a life time warrenty as long as origenal owner still lives there and or their family. I always planned on staying in home so it seemed worth the investment. Now I am retired and on fixed income. About 1/3 of windows have failed by 2009 or sooner and I can not get them to replace or reimburse me for my loss … should I seek legal action for this?

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      1989 is a long time ago, but in my experience they’ve been pretty easy to deal with. Do you have a copy of the warranty and what have they said when you filled out their online window warranty claim form? Generally companies will do what’s written in the warranty and they won’t do more than that. If your issue is covered and you provide the relevant claim info I’d expect it will work out just fine.

      1. Judy West Avatar
        Judy West

        I could try again….should I call Associated materials? Thanks…Judy West p.s. you can text me at 425 870 4416 would be greatly appreciated!!!

        1. thewindowdog Avatar

          Yes, that’s where I would start. If something isn’t covered by the warranty they’d probably be able to order parts.

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