Provia Windows Reviews

Provia vinyl windows reviews

Provia is a company that has experienced significant growth over the last several years.  They’ve gone from a regional door manufacturer in the midwest to a significant player in the building products business.  Provia is still primarily known for making doors, but Provia windows have been available for quite some time.

Provia started as Precision Door based in Sugar Creek Ohio.  They purchased Sugar Creek Aluminum and were one of the first companies to offer doors and storm doors that were built to go together.  As they continued to bring on new product lines they changed their name to Provia.  They now offer a range of building products all over the country.

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What models of Provia windows are available?

Provia windows come in several product lines.  There is the Endure and Aspect vinyl replacement windows along with the lower end ecoLite and the wood Aeris Collection of windows.  As you can clearly tell from the marketing  materials the Aeris is the fancy line.  The Endure is the nicest vinyl option and Aspect and ecoLite are the more basic lines of windows.

As is the case with most vinyl windows there really isn’t much that goes with “high end” vinyl windows other than fancy brochures and higher prices, but the Aeris WX1000 line comes with real wood interiors which can be a really nice option.

From a business standpoint Provia has always done a good job of maintaining their profit margins.  They’re used to charging a premium price for their doors and they maintain that same attitude when pricing their windows.  Unfortuantley for the consumer that means you typically pay a little more for Provia windows that you would for comparable windows from another manufacturer.  Does that mean they’re better windows?  Well, the fine folks at Provia would like you to think so, but in most cases they’re just typical vinyl windows.

Provia windows reviews

You can also find our Provia window warranty review here to see how the Provia warranty stacks up and you can find our post on Provia window complaints here.  

You can also find our Provia window FAQ page here.  If you have a question that isn’t answered post a comment and we’ll be happy to help out.

You’ll notice Provia also makes a very nice storm window, but as of yet we’re not getting into storm window reviews.  They also offer vinyl siding and stone veneer, but for now at least those products fall outside the scope of this site.

To make sure you’re getting the best deal on new windows you might want to take a look through our section on common replacement window sales tactics.  Don’t get taken for a ride!

Disclosure: based on the info provided here and our detailed consideration of all of the replacement windows available today our company has elected to offer some Provia window models in select markets due to some specific features and designs that are available.  

They’re not a product line we offer all the time for several reasons but we have done business with them in the past and we continue to offer their door models in several markets. 

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219 thoughts on “Provia Windows Reviews”

  1. Dear Window Dog,
    I just had some ProVia windows installed, 2 casements, 2 double-hung and a picture window, all in the Aeris WX1000 Series. Great looking windows and happy with the product. The one drawback were the double hungs and the grid inserts. They only had matching grids for 3 woods, so my initial choice for wood wouldn’t work. But overall, the quality of the window and price was worth it. I’ll probably go back to them for more windows in the future.

        1. As a ProVia provider and installer, we find the Endure line to be our most popular line. We sell by far more of those than the others. The endure line has most of the features of the higher line, minus the wood, but the glass energy ratings are the same. With the Endure line you are getting a budget conscious, quality, aesthetically pleasing window with the best warranty available and some of the highest energy ratings you can get in a window. All for a price that is in some cases literally thousands less than the competition.
          Do an apples to apples comparison and you’ll be convinced. We’re not afraid of the competition.

  2. Provia does have a overpriced product. But with that you get exceptional service. In in the world of sales if you can get someone to trust your product, the price has little to do with it. I really like the function of the integrated sash lock/tilt assist. WX1000 comes prefinished with the best of both worlds(wood & vinyl).

    1. Thanks for taking the time to write. We’re a big fans of Provia doors. The doors are pricy too, but you’re right their service is great and customers are very happy with the end results.

      1. What services are you talking about, the installer? I’m very disappointed in my installer and WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THEM..SPRINGER CONSTRUCTION.

      2. That’s because they’re tired of the trash they are getting from box stores. As installers we deal with peoples frustrations, by the time they’ve experienced the issues with cheap doors, they’re ready to pay for something that lasts. Most areas of a ProVia door are warrantied for years. Other doors are rotten and falling apart before the warranty on a ProVia door is even up. That’s why they cost more. It’s not a throw away solo cup philosophy.

    1. I was happy with the Aeris line from Provia. I was apparent that Provia wanted to make improvements to gain better air infiltration numbers to go along with the already industry best glass. There was a few issues with the Endure most notably with the casement screens and the way they come out of the frame. This was resolved. The other being the brickmold profile on the window. It was flimsy and would not recommend. This was an effort to get more traction in the new construction market. To my knowledge this has not been fixed but is with engineering. Other than that i have great things to say about Endure. Had a few installed in my own house. Have performed great. I also have a few Aeris VT800 in my house as well so it was nice to be able to compare.

      1. Hi Mark, industry best glass sounds like quite a line. What makes the glass in Provia windows any different than the glass in any other replacement windows? We install many Provia doors and I’m not aware of anything that makes the glass better than another product.

        1. The glazings that they offer. DLA, TLA, TLK. Couple that with the ComforTech spacer and a breakage/seal failure warranty and you have what very few others can offer.

          1. Right, so just about every company offers those options. There’s nothing unique in there as far as I’m aware.

          2. Wood window MFG do not offer glass breakage as Provia does in all there window lines.
            I love that feature along with there lifetime warranties compaired to wood window 5/10/20 warranty.

          3. I got mine from precision windows. glass coverage only covers “natural disasters” not accidental such as a child throwing a ball into it. My salesman said I should just lie to the company about how it was broken. something I won’t do. Also there is no caulking or weather stripping to keep the cold from coming through the edges of the storm. I could have gotten the same thing from Home Depot and had proper installation for half the money.

      2. Would you mind speaking to one of our potential customers for Provia Aeris windows as they would like to speak to someone who has had these windows installed.


          1. It’s simple, configure a sample window from ProVia, and another manufacturer of your choice, compare energy ratings and price. MANY companies struggle to get a .3 or below U-factor, because of their stupid aluminum spacers. ProVia will get there cheaper than… I guess I’m not sure who’s got a better value. Let me know if you know of someone.

          2. HI Ernie, basically every decent manufacturer will offer U-Factors below 0.30. From what I’ve seen the efficiency ratings of Provia windows are pretty similar to most of the competition. That doesn’t make them bad, but I don’t think it separates them much. In looking at the efficiency ratings of Provia Endure windows which ratings do you think really stand out?

          3. I didn’t say they can’t or don’t, I basically said ProVia does it cheaper than most companies, if not all. There are cheaper windows, but not as efficient, there are as efficient, but not cheaper. This is the relevance to the general consumer, to reduce energy loss as cheaply as possible. That matters to lots of people.
            Opportunity #2:
            If you’re aware of someone who offers a more efficient window for less, please let me know, and the rest of the people out there that are in the market.
            To kick it up a notch, ProVia offers triple pane windows for roughly 10-15% of the window price, which takes the u-factor down to something around .18-.22. Follow that act for $40. Good luck.

          4. You’re talking wholesale prices for Provia windows? It’s been a while since I considered offering them but I remember the pricing to be pretty similar to what we’d see from other companies. Are you buying them direct from Provia on one of those fancy semi trucks or through a distributor?

    2. I wish I would have checked around and not went with what the contractor recommended. I bought the ProVia Endure and they were just installed today. They are very cheap looking and look cheaply made, definitely not worth the price. I see it’s been awhile since you ask but just thought if anyone else is looking, look somewhere else!!

      1. ProVia is the worst. I put triple pane casements with laminated glass in my previous home for sound reduction. They let more sound in then my cheap old Champion double pane double hung windows. My new house has ProVia everything…siding, windows, stone. It is all just as bad. I had somebody come out to price Endure replacement windows thinking I had their cheapest windows. They informed me that I had Endure windows already! This house was just sold and my only requirement for my new home was absolutely nothing ProVia.

  3. Thanks for clarifying that. I am a big fan of Provia products as you can tell. Customers that we run into are impressed with offering. What were heari is options are not being presented to them on other brands.

  4. Hi, I am looking to replaced failed Pella Proline casement windows. They are only 12 years old, but the clad has come loose on all and Pella won’t stand behind the warranty (duet to the class action lawsuit).

    So I now have 16 windows to replace and a sliding door. I am looking at the Provia windows as well as Revere. I can’t seem to find the condensation rating for the Revere windows. I did find that the rating for the Provia is 61. Condensation has been a real issue with the Pella windows. Which is a better window? Would you do all vinyl or would you do wood interior?

    Thanks for the assistance,

    1. The ratings will vary based on the model and the glass option you pick. The company offering the windows can probably tell you, or I can look it up if you know what windows you’re considering. Just let me know if you’d like my help.

      1. The Revere window we were considering is the Sovereign vinyl window. Double pane, low E, argon filled. These are casement windows. My understanding is they have some form of the warm edge technology. The dealer says he does not know what the condensation rating is for the window, just that “they won’t sweat and are much better than the Pellas that I have.” We live in Kansas where we have temperature that vary greatly. Any help or advise would be appreciated. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice.


        1. The Revere casement with the typical Barrier XP glass has a condensation resistance rating or CR of 59, the ThermD glass gets you 61, the Barrier XP Plus is 62 and just for fun the Barrier XP TK2 SC is 74. There are many options and they’re easy to lookup so your local dealer should be able to help you with the options.

      2. Would you know who makes the operator (crank) mechanism for Provia casements? I will have one awning window that I would like to put an electric operator on (the window is very high), but need to know who makes the operator assembly.


        1. Hi Mark, I know Truth Hardware makes hardware for many manufacturers, but I don’t know about Provia specifically. Maybe someone else will chime in, or give their corporate office a ring, I’m sure they’ll tell you.

  5. We live on the PA\OH border and I’ve been studying your site for patio door replacement. I’ve had 5 estimates. Pella, although beautiful, I did not like the backward design with the screen inside and the reviews that I was seeing. I considered the internal blinds because you could open the glass. Window world ( all vinyl) wanted to put up vinyl trim inside but I wanted oak. I had never heard of Provia until I saw your site. I liked the wood\ vinyl Aeris and the Endure oak laminate inside\ vinyl outside. I found a good dealer and probably will choose the wood (oak) inside\ vinyl outside. I’m impressed with the stats and the quality and the warranty. I gave up on the blinds. Most manufacturers will give you 10 years in the glass with blinds. If the blinds go crooked or turn hard then you are stuck paying labor fees or worse replacing glass.
    Thanks for the info on Provia. I’ll let you know how the work out here. By the way, would you get their triple glass or double pane. I don’t want to go dark. ? We have enough gray skies here.

    1. You’re right about the blinds in the glass. They sound like a great idea, but folks aren’t always happy with the results.

      I also HATE the interior screen on the Pella sliding door. It’s like it was designed by someone who has never left the door open and screen closed in the evening. The bugs are drawn to the screen and you need to open the screen when you want to close the door for the night. Makes no sense at all. If anyone knows the reason that product exists I’d love to hear it.

      Anyway, now that I’m done with that, good luck with the project. Provia makes nice doors and I’m a bit surprised Window World wouldn’t do oak trim.

      1. My understanding they have the sliding panel on the outside so if there is a storm with heavy wind the wind pushes the sliding panel towards the house increasing the pressure on the sealing surfaces. Doing this forced them to move the screen to the inside. I don’t like it either.

        1. Having the screen on the inside of any sliding window or door doesn’t work out very well. Imagine you have the door open and screen closed on a nice summer night. You have all the lights on inside the house and there are bugs outside the screen due to the light. Now you want to go to bed and you need to open the screen all the way to close the door. It’s like the people who design products like that don’t actually use them.

  6. Our contractor quoted us a ProVia (Endure) double hung to replace double casement windows in a bedroom in our home – just as a replacement, leaving the existing wood frame. The window opening is about 58″…should I be concerned 1) With a window of this size (overall is 58″ x 54″), and 2) since he is using the existing frame, is this going to look odd from the outside?

    1. No to both questions. That’s how the vast majority of replacement windows are installed. If he measures it and installs it well I expect you’ll love the look.

      1. Thanks. At first when i thought about one large window, i wasn’t sure i liked the idea but the idea is growing on me. I had another company tell me that they would not be confident in a large window like that to due to a risk of sagging in the vinyl window. Would you expect that to be an issue?

        1. Companies typically won’t make a window that is expected to cause problems. I’ve never installed a Provia window, but we’ve installed many vinyl casements lager than that with no troubles. It will need to be installed very level and square and adjusted property. If it’s done right, it should work right.

  7. I am looking at several windows for the new 2 story bay window i am building on the front of my house. Double glazed argon filled Double hung and picture windows with a nail fin. this is a south facing wall that gets sun all day with no protection from vegetation, so i need a low SHGC anywhere from the high teens to low 20s. i also live in Omaha Nebraska witch is in the northern zone so i need a low U-value something in the mid to lower 20s. Im not looking to brake the bank but i will pay for a good window. nothing to fancy just good white vinyl windows with good preformance. I started with the Pella 350 Series U-.27 SHGC-.21 for the Double hungs U-.24 SHGC-.16 for the pictures. Grand Estates 600 brickmold witch are Simonton windows U-.28 SHGC-.20 DP 35. and the ProVia Endure EN600 U-.23 SHGC .20 AI-.05cfm/ft2 on the Double hungs. U-.22 SHGC-.20 AI-.01 cfm/ft2 on the pictures. from the numbers i’m thinking of going with the ProVia. What do you think about these windows, and is there another window/windows line i should be looking at? Thanks in advance.


  8. We live in southwestern PA and a week before Christmas this year replaced a 6′ Andersen sliding glass door with a Provia sliding door with the internal blinds. What a difference this new door makes! So much so that we will be replacing another this summer along with all of our windows and door. The Andersen door was always cold and in winter we had to keep blankets at its base. Haven’t needed to do that with this one and their glass replacement warranty is by far the best in the industry. Top of the line customer service too and in all honesty the price we paid was only $100 higher than Home Depot wanted for a kit version of the Andersen door without internal blinds. We purchased the door from MRV Siding and it came in completely assembled. Delivery was free and they made an extra free trip out to deliver a single piece of trim stock. I had a friend help install it and installation took less than 2 hours. This included the removal of the old door.

    1. Glad to hear you’re happy with your new door. Their warranty is the same as what you’d get from many other companies, but it is a nice product.

  9. I have a ProVia front entry door with 2 sidelights and a transom. I was replacing a Therma-Tru fiber classic. I requested a bore for a Baldwin lock. The factory requested that the lockset be sent to the factory so they could properly insure the bore and strike plate alignment. When the door was installed the mortise that receives the deadbolt was 3/4 of an inch to low, not allowing the deadbolt into the mortise. When I called the customer service to complain they told me they wouldn’t talk to me and hung-up!!! The contractor called the supplier who furnished the door and was told a factory rep would come out. NEVER HAPPENED! The next thing I was told was that they would bore a new door slab so that the lock would be 3/4 “lower. Great that will work. They sent a new frame with sidelights instead. This door was already in place and my contractor would not pull the door and frame out since all we needed was a new slab. Then I was told that Baldwin was going to make a custom strike plate to receive the deadbolt. I said great that will work too. What I got was not a custom strike plate from Baldwin I got a stock strike plate from Pella! Another Fail!! This fiasco is been going on for 3 months and still at square one. I would seriously consider your purchase with this company in advance if I were you!!!

    1. That seems pretty odd and not at all in line with my dealings with Provia. Is the contractor a real company or a local handyman type? We install hundreds of their doors and any issues we’ve ever had have been fixed up pretty quickly. I wonder if someone isn’t giving you the whole story.

    1. We’ve installed about 150 ProVia 600 series replacement windows in the last year. Over all, the windows are solid and work nicely. However, they have a rail on the sill that goes into a groove on the bottom of the bottom sash as the window closes, the rail has a slight “L” shape to it which sometimes catches in the groove in the sash as you are trying to open the window. We’ve had to bend the rail to the side on some windows so you could open the window easily.
      Other than that, we really like the way they perform, lots of happy customers!

  10. So we are looking at replacing double hung windows with Either the Anderson American Craftsman 70 Series or the Provia Endure windows. The majority of windows we are replacing would be inserts. Any preferences would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I suspect most people would recommend the Provia over the American Craftsman. Have you checked our section on the best local companies to see if we have someone in your area who could help out?

  11. You have a great site! Thanks for all of your advice so far, it’s been really helpful. We are in the process of replacing 14 of our old single pane, 1940s windows. We are trying to decide between double-hung Provia Endure (triple pane, argon) and Great Lakes Energy Guard (triple pane, krypton). Both dealers use their own installers and have excellent reputations in the area. It seems from my research that Great Lakes might have a more extensive warranty and a bit more energy efficiency. We live in Wisconsin, so winters are brutal. Both quotes are $9800. Any preference for one over the other?

  12. We had 11 Provia double hung windows installed this year. We recently noticed discloring around the vent locks. It appears something is leaking from within the glass. They are provia aspect windows. Any thoughts as to what may cause this?

    1. Could it be condensation on the meeting rail? I’ve never heard of something leaking and discoloring the vinyl. It’s been a little while now. Did they get it fixed for you?

  13. We are building a new home in Northern Indiana, the winters are varied, some are frigid cold with high winds and heavy snow and others are wet, rainy and mild. We are debating between ProVia Aeris or Anderson 400 series, does anyone have any advice for one or the other? We are moving from a home that had Pella double hung casements and they were HORRIBLE, so I am sure anything will be better then those.

    1. Hi Gina, if you’re within about an hour of Indianapolis or Chicago I could probably help out with an order. Just let me know.

      1. I live in Porter County IN and too would like to purchase ProVia Windows, Endure. Any installer recommendations ?

        1. Hi Mary, I don’t know anyone to recommend in Porter County. Maybe someone else will chime in. You’ll probably need to order them through a dealer so you could check with Provia to find their dealers in the area.

  14. I am looking for 53 vinyl window replacements for a 4-plex. Unfortunately Provia does not offer lifetime warranty for homes where the purchaser does not live. But Richlin does. Any advice on Richlin or other window companies which offer lifetime Product warranty to rental property owners?

    1. The reason you don’t typically get a lifetime warranty for in investment property is that an investment property is typically owned by a business, an LLC or other type. Those entities don’t have a “lifetime” so a lifetime warranty is meaningless. Ask them about their commercial warranty and then you’ll be getting the right info.

      Did you pick a winner yet? If not I may be able to help out.

  15. I’m having a tough time deciding between ProVia endure r value of 6 triple pane or Okna 500 series. Both are double hung triple pane. Which is the better product? Thanks! Michael

  16. I’m in Atlanta, GA. We are replacing most of our windows – 16 double hung, 3 solid unusual shaped picture windows (1 pentagon, 2 trapezoids). I have proposals from 2 well established, highly recommended companies. The windows are the difference and I’m overwhelmed by the decision ?!?
    One is Provia Endure double pane DLA-UV insulated Low E. The other is Sunrise Essentials with Omega – 12 glass which is the highest rated glass pack in the Restorations window (I’m told).
    Could anyone provide some clarity and ways to make a decision? Comments on either of the windows could be helpful.

  17. Living in North East Ohio, in farm area (no wind break), would you recommend double pane or triple pane windows?

    1. If the wind is your concern I’d look at the air infiltration rates. A double pane vs triple pane decision wouldn’t really be affected by the wind. In general terms triple pane gets you around a 25% improvement in efficiency. It’s the kind of thing you pay for once and benefit from for a long time. If the windows have a higher air infiltration rate you’d feel that even more than the average person if you’re in a windy area. I’d definitely focus on that.

  18. Thank you for your wonderful website!

    We live in the Lehigh Valley part of PA and are now considering Provia’s Aeris windows for replacements in our 25 yr old home, because they offer vinyl on outside and real stained wood on inside . Other options, we’ve considered are Sunrise and Harvey. Best price offered for the Aeris so far by a local installer is $770 complete total per window installed.

    We’ve been leaning toward Aeris because we wanted to match our home’s interior stain trim/moulding package (MinWax’s puritan pine). Unfortunately Provia doesn’t offer an exact color match so might have to settle for one of their existing choices, but don’t want another completely wood window and I would rather avoid doing the staining myself if possible. We considered Sunrise and Harvey because both offer vinyl with fake wood finishes for the insides, but the colors offed by each are nowhere near the color of our existing stained moulding.

    A few questions if you don’t mind and have the time.

    1. Is $770 total per window a decent price for this product?
    2. In general, how do you think Provia Aeris windows compare in quality/price to the other products mentioned above, as well as Anderson?
    3. Do you have any other product suggestions that would help us get the longevity of vinyl, with the interior look that matches the stained wood in our home?

    1. I think $770 for the real wood interior probably is a decent price and I don’t really have another other suggestions if you’re stuck on the wood interior. Provia has a good reputation and they certainly take quality seriously.

  19. Window Dog. Great site lots of information! We putting in new replacement windows(37 replacements). I have 1 window installed it is a Provia Aeris brand – vinyl exterior, wood interior, double pane.

    This first window looks great. My only concern is that it is difficult to close and lock completely. I have to put a decent amount of pressure on the top sash(upwards) and bottom sash(downwards) in order to get the locks to engage.

    I’ve had the sales guy stop out and he says the window is operating as it should(and it was a good install – I have high confidence in that). My thought is that the emphasis on a new window should be keeping out the elements and ensuring it is airtight. That might explain the behavior. What do you think?

    1. Hi Graham, thanks for writing. There is always a bit of a battle between making windows that are easy to operate and windows that provide a very tight seal. When I worked in a window plant years ago we dealt with that issue in relation to screens. Customers complained the screens were too hard to get in and out so we made them 1/8″ smaller then we got complaints that you could see daylight around them and bugs might get in. The same thing happens with sashes in double hungs.

      I would suggest you start by leaving the window closed and locked for a few days then try it again. A new window will have new thick weather stripping and that may cause it to require a little pressure to get it to lock. After it’s been closed and locked for a few days it may operate better.

      Next, I’d look inside the frame where the sashes move to see if there is any debris or bits of anything left over from manufacturing that might be preventing it from closing all the way. If there was any scrap from the welds or extra bits of vinyl they may be causing the issue. If you see anything you can probably cut it out with a box cutter or a sharp chisel (easier than it might sound). If it still doesn’t work well I’d put a level on all surfaces and see how square it is. Everyone usually says things are installed well because they don’t want to throw their buddy under the bus. It may be installed perfectly, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

      The cause will make itself evident. As a last resort if you really can’t figure anything else out you could probably order a sash that was 1/8″ shorter, but that’s not a first or second or third option as it may add a little space leading to a draft. In my house I’d probably leave the window a little hard to lock before I did that.

      Let us know how it goes.

      1. Window Dog – I locked the window and kept it shut for 2 weeks. It does seem easier to operate now. I would prefer a window to be airtight, and I will take on some operational issues to ensure I am getting the correct barrier from the elements. Also the Pro via Aeris brand is an attractive window. These new windows will be a significant upgrade in efficiency over the windows that are in my home(1920 brick home and the windows are still original). With all that said I’m moving forward with the bulk order I will let you know when the windows are installed.

        Thank you for the insight!!

      2. Leaving the window locked for a few weeks seems to have done the trick. We replaced 20 other windows and haven’t had the exact same issue(a few are tight but not as tight as the first one). At this point we’ve had the 20 Provia replacement windows in for 9 months and overall they have been good(they are attractive but maybe a little tight operating wise). I have to replace 11 more in a different part of the home, this time it will be new construction windows not just the inserts, at that point I hope to be able to better guage the efficiency improvements in the home. Appreciate the feedback and I will write back once the next phase is complete.

    1. I like both of those models. They can sometimes be a little expensive, but I think they’re both nice doors.

  20. We had a casement Provia window installed and can’t get the screens to stay in securely. The company that we bought it from installed it and have been out several times to rectify the problem. They ordered new screens, tried to shim the window, etc. Nothing has worked. Any ideas?

    1. It’s hard to make a suggestion without seeing how it’s falling out. Can you send over a few pictures of it?

  21. I was wondering if you had any comment on the Provia Aspect windows. We are considering them vs the Simonton 5500 series.

    1. Just wondering if you ended up going with the Aspect windows. Have been looking at them myself and trying to see if people are happy with them.

  22. We are considerin ProVia replacement windows. We need a wood interior because of the design of our house. Does anyone have any experience or insight on how well the wood strips on these windows adhere to the vinyl? Are there any issues we should be aware of?

    1. Check out the details in the warranty to get a feel for how well they’re expected to hold up. It would be interesting if we heard from someone who has had windows like that installed for a few years, but not sure if we will. I haven’t heard of any specific problems or issues with Provia windows with the wood interior.

  23. Hello Window Dog, we live by a somewhat busy street. We are looking to block out some noise from cars travelling by. Our current windows seem to be very cheap windows that let all sound in. Would the Provia windows block out more sound. The salesman demoed by knocking on our window, then on a Provia sample window, but I didn’t know if this was just a sales gimmick. Is there somewhere I can see ratings for how much sound dampening they would provide? Or… do you have another recommendation for such a circumstance as ours. Thank you for your advice.

    1. Luckily you don’t need to take the salespersons word for it. You can ask them for the STC rating to see the difference in sound transmission. Typically the best option for reducing sound is laminated glass and the next best option is often triple pane glass.

      We hear from folks who’ve had salespeople tell them that triple pane glass is the best option for sound reduction and that’s usually wrong, but it will likely be better than double pane glass.

      If they can’t or won’t get you the STC ratings then I’d find another company. Don’t make a decision based on a silly sales demo.

      1. Dear Mr. Window Dog, regarding the reduction of noise when installing new windows. Different thicknesses of glass reduce different sound frequencies. For BEST results you should find a company that makes a double pane unit with two different glass thicknesses. For example, look at airport windows and windows in big city high rises. All are only double pane but use different thicknesses of glass. A triple pane unit with three panes of the same glass does very very little to achieve noticeable sound reduction. However, this is not often done on standard residential windows because of the cost incurred. Do you know anyone who is a musician, or recorded in professional studios?

        1. Hi Mr Van. You’re making this more complicated than it needs to be. Window salespeople will often do this. They’ll try to use qualitative metrics rather than quantitative metrics. I have to think the only reason for doing this is to make things confusing.

          You definitely don’t need to assume or guess or think you know how airport windows work. All new windows will have an STC rating which shows you exactly how much sound transfers through the window. If reducing sound transmission is the goal you’d look for windows with a higher STC rating.

          Think of a car salesman telling you that one car must get better gas milage than another because it has a sleek shape. He might be right and he might be wrong. You don’t need to take anyone’s word for it, you just look at the fuel economy ratings and you’ll know. It’s easy.

          The same is true with windows. You can look at the ratings to know for sure. There’s absolutely no need for theories or ideas, just look at the ratings to compare the options. A window with a higher STC rating will block more sound than a window with a lower STC rating.

        2. I used to live on a very busy road and decided to splurge and upgrade my windows last year. My Champion double hung double pane windows were replaced with Provia triple pane double casement windows with varied glass thickness and laminated glass. The new windows were significantly louder and had constant issues. I put the house up for sale and would NEVER recommend any Provia products.

  24. I have been Looking at the provia Endure? The only thing is the interior stain color options are not real close to my home trim colors. (Golden Oak) Any other windows you could recommend with more options.


    1. Hi Matt, different companies will offer different sets of options. You’ll find some of them are exactly the same from one manufacturer to another and some are different. To my knowledge there are only one or two companies that make the woodgrain interior laminates for most window manufacturers. The only way to find one you like would be to check several manufacturers. Have you found a winner yet?

      1. Was thinking about going with the soft lite imperial LS, med oak. The VT rating is .51 and that concerns me. The other option I’m looking at is the Heritage Hayfield. They say there Dura wood will not rot and I can stain to match which would be great. Wood windows scare me, should they? The windows are roughly the same price. Any recommendations? Thank You

  25. I am considering the Provia Aspect Windows for replacing 16 of my home windows. the quote was provided by Tom Adams Windows in Doylestown, PA. In researching I came across Windowworld? have you even herd of them? or Berkshire Elite Windows?

    1. Hi Ginny, I have heard of Window World and my company offers Berkshire Elite windows in Doylestown. Let me know if we can help out.

  26. Need 5 foot patio sliding door. Have received quotes for Provia Endure and for Sunrise(not Essentials). 2 concerns the spacer systems and the air infiltration numbers. I know Sunrise AI is really low(somewhere around 0.02 but cannot find anything for the Endure other than seeing something like less than or equal to 0.3??? Which seems high. Can that b right? Recommendations appreciated. Thanks

  27. 1). What is a good price for a decent quality 6’ sliding vinyl door, installed in Columbia sc?

    2) Can a reasonably qualified person, with a helper, install these himself?

  28. Thank you so much for all the information you provide. This is such a great resource. We are in NC considering two bids on double hung vinyl double pane windows, one on Provia endure at about $460 per window, and one on Alside mezzo at about $370 per window. We are also getting a sliding glass door in an 8 foot opening. The Alside quote is about $3300 for a two panel slider. The Provia installer quoted about $8000 for a smaller two panel slider with a fixed sidelight on one side. Significant cost differences. We are wondering if the quality difference is proportional. Would be very interested to know your thoughts?

    1. $8k for a 2 panel sliding door with a sidelight feels a little heavy even for Provia. Have you picked one yet?

  29. Hello-
    I am looking to compare the Provia Endure Series Vs the Simonton 5500 Series. I have watched your video and see the physical size difference in the frame. Is there any additional light you can shed on comparing these two? I am not looking to grind over pennies but would rather have a quality product.

  30. Hi, I’m in Wichita KS trying to figure out what kind of replacement windows to get that are a solid product at a decent price. I used the installer locator on your site, which took me to Home Advisor and the guy who came to the house was a real piece of work. I don’t even know what brand he was selling because his stuff went in the recycle bin immediately. Anyway, it sounds like you have experience in KS. What windows have you found to be the best there?

  31. Hello,
    I am looking at Provia Endure for my home in WI. The contractor quoted the double pane hard coat low-e glass (DLA-UV-HC) with a U of 0.22, and CR of 49 for a casement. The CR seemed low. Removing the hard coat low-e, now a DLA-UV, gives a U of 0.25 and a CR of 60 for a casement. I read that the hardcoat, while helping the U value is hurting the CR value.

    Should I worry about this low CR for a home in WI? What is the better choice? The DLA-UV is slightly less ($25) per window per the contractor (no quote on that yet).


    1. It is true that the hard coat low-e does lower the condensation resistance rating quite a bit. You might want to find an option that will get you a better balance of ratings.

  32. I am looking at replacing my windows with either Wincore 7700 series or Provia En600 series. The bids are 9250 for 13 Wincore 7700 and 1250 for 13 Provia EN600. Keep in mind that 5 of them are floor to ceiling windows with the bottom 1/3 of each a casement that opens outward from the bottom. We are replacing them with single hung that open 1/3 of the bottom. Which is the better window? a few grand more isn’t going to stop me from getting a better window. Marvin’s for about 20k, that isn’t happening.

    1. Hi Ed, I don’t think one is significantly nicer than the other. Did you see anything that stood out when the companies were explaining the options?

  33. Hi there, I’m looking for replacement windows for my whole house where they’re one color on the outside (beige/tan) and white on the inside. The two estimates I’ve gotten so far have lead me to believe that I’m going to pay more for this option. Since this is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase I want to do it right, but I don’t want to get taken for a ride either and I simply can’t afford top of the line windows (doesn’t make sense for my house either since it’s in a blue-collar middle class neighborhood – I would never install chandeliers or marble countertops in a house that’s suited for boob lights and formica).

    I came across a company in my area that sells Provia Endure, and they have the interior/exterior color options I’m looking for. I haven’t requested an estimate yet but a brief search on the internet and looking through your website it sounds like they’re going to be a pricier option.

    Question: In the world of two-color window options, do you think Provia Endure is a good value? Are there any other window brands you recommend with this option that might cost less?

  34. Windowdog, Thanks for running this website which is full of quality information. I have learnt a lot in last 3 days since I came across your website.

    I got a quote from local zen windows dealer in MN at about $800/window. Double hung, two pane Nirvana series (Basically soft lite classic). The reviews on both the windows and the installer are great. The installer and Zen in the twin cities has five years of history. A few questions,
    1) Is this a fair price for Nirvana windows to pay
    2) My concern is being a smaller and newer company, what happens in case the company goes away in a few years for any reasons. With RBA and HD, at least that won’t be the concern.

    1. What did you select? I’m in the same boat with ZEN windows being much cheaper, but I think i like the quality (and installer) of Provia windows. Did you go with one or the other? Thoughts or things you would tell yourself from August 2019? Thanks!

  35. Hi Windowdog,
    We are looking to replace 19 windows in our house. We are looking at the Pella 250 vinyl and the Provia Aspect vinyl windows which I have not seen any feedback on. What can you share on comparing the two? I have not seen many good things about Pella and their service.

    1. I just had provia endure casement installed in Rhode island.i live in a brick house they had to drill out all around my old Anderson frames.i really love the windows and I have the double glass, took me 2 years to decide which brand to go with.l used a local contractor who ordered windows and installed.l paid around $900 per window with installation.had them do just the back of my house first to make sure I liked the windows so now the rest is on house has 18 openings with 47 just to let you know I do love provia windows.

  36. We are shopping for good quality replacement windows, double strength, double pane with argon and gteat U factor/R factor. What is better Joyce or Sunrise? Do you know anything about Joyce Heritage Signature Series? Thank you, Lin

  37. Help! ?‍♀️ I’m replacing all my windows and my patio door here in Colorado. The Provia rep said his Ecolite series is heads above Amerimax windows, a local brand here. I don’t want a builder grade window. He claims Provia Ecolite is NOT a builder grade window. I want my windows flush with the siding as opposed to sticking out like so many appear to be and Provia rep claims the only way to do that is to get the Ecolite line. Any thoughts would be appreciated. He’s coming over today and I’m supposed to sign the contract. Thank you!

    1. Hi Nancy, did you end up ordering the windows? If the final look is critical for you I’d suggest getting that in writing in the contract. That way if it’s not flush on the exterior at the end you can at least have something to point to. Let us know how it goes.

      1. I am just getting ready to order now. Do you think there is a much difference between Provia Ecolite, Anlin and Amerimax? Is that a reasonable ask for them to be flush with the outside of the house?

        1. Hard to say without seeing the house. If the salespeople think it’s reasonable then I’m sure it is. If not (hopefullY) they won’t be shy about telling you.

  38. Hey Window Dog,
    We had 28 Provia Aspect windows installed and all of them are leaking air where the side sash and frame meet and air will blow out where the springs are. Whenever the wind blows some of the windows will howl and whistle as well. We have had Provia Rep out 2 different times and first said that it was the anchor plugs need to be covered and needed new pads where the upper & lower sash meet. This proved not effective. When the windows were installed they didn’t want to cut into the drywall inside since it is drywall trim so the windows do stick out about 3/8″ from the house but they have it taped up. They are going to replace the weather strippings and also “tuck in the sides” even more next week. The rep told me about the infiltration rate of the windows was .05 but I don’t even know what is equivalent of that. The winds aren’t even above 10-15 mph when we get wind inside the windows. Has anyone else you know of have had these types of problems?

    1. What does the company that installed they say about it? My first guess would be that it’s an installation issue rather than a Provia issue, but hard to tell without seeing them. You definitely shouldn’t be feeing drafts in a 10 MPH wind.

  39. Hi windowdog, I live in Delaware in a house built around 1960, it’s a ranch house with old wood single pane windows which I’m replacing all 14. I got three estimates as follows: Harvey Classic at $8,700, Window World at $10,500 and Provia Aspect at $ 12,500. The Harvey Classic brochure is very specific about the particular window they are offering, Window World talks more about the company than the window I’m looking at buying. Provia brochure isn’t window specific either as far as U-factor, SHGC and VT. I’m having a difficult time trying to pick the best value from the information at hand. In your experienced opinion considering the age of the house, which window do you feel would best fit my situation?

    1. Hi Paul, I’d suggest talking to the companies about what they’re offering you to get any additional information. They’re asking you to spend $8-12k so it’s reasonable that they’d be able to get you more info.

      Depending on where you are in Delaware my company may be able to help for our office in Philadelphia. For more info on that, check this section and click Philadelphia.

  40. Hello,

    I have received three quotes to replace 15 windows and would appreciate your thoughts:

    Pella 350 series (casements): $26K (after discounts)
    Provia Endure (casements): $22K (after discounts)
    Renewal by Andersen (casements): $22K (after discounts)

    Thank you for your time.


  41. Hello,
    I like what I hear about the Provia Aeris wood/vinyl windows. A couple of questions, though…
    1) These windows are (I think) actually a vinyl window with real wood adhered to the interior, instead of a wood window with a vinyl wrapped exterior (like Pella). Since vinyl and wood both expand/contract to different degrees, will the wood stay solidly adhered to the vinyl window long term? Or will they expand/contract differently and separate from another eventually?
    2) Also, the sales rep said they can do tan vinyl for the interior track, to better match the wood interior (with white vinyl exterior). I’m having trouble picturing how that will look – any photos you can share?
    Thank you!

    1. I don’t have any photos of that color combo as that’s not a window my companies carries. I don’t think you’d have any issue with the wood falling off, but it would be wise to read the warranty to understand how that would be handled.

      I think the vinyl window with wood stuck on it is probably a more durable solution than a wood window with vinyl cladding. You see a lot of people complaining about issues with cladded wood windows regarding rot from water getting behind the cladding.

    2. Hi Ellen! Our families’ new Provia Aeris windows are really nice, strong and beautiful. The Provia company website had a nice tool that will allow you to see different combinations of color. You can also look for the catalog. We have a Puritan pine stain throughout our house. We ended up going with the fruitwood for the wood interior of the window and we are very pleased. I am a real customer.

      1. Hi Frank, my name is Kerk and I am looking, next Tuesday, at the Provia Aeris, wood/vinyl window. I have been searching for new windows for almost one year now and just now getting a chance to see the Provia brand. I will be doing white painted wood inside and white vinyl exterior. If you would, can you tell me what you don’t like about the windows if anything and if you are still happy with your purchase? I have 18 windows to replace and am in NE so trying to make sure I make a good choice in windows since we have such a swing in weather patterns. If you could, please share the price you paid per window installed. Thank you!

  42. Does anyone have a problem with the window glass outside being black and kind of fun house looking.i have provia endure casement which I like but don’t like the look of the black weird looking glass outside and I have lots of windows so it’s very noticable.also on my grids not sure what material it looks like painted aluminum grids to me heard they are windows are all vinyl.does anyone have any experience with this. Thanks.

    1. Hi Carol, I’m not sure I know what you mean. You’re saying there’s black material on the outside of the glass on your Provia Endure windows? Feel free to send over a picture and I’ll be happy to help if I can.

      1. Hi
        Not sure how to send pic but the window glass is blackish on the outside not inside .it just looks weird to me especially looking at it sideways walking in the house.
        Thanks carol

  43. Hi windowdog!

    I’m writing to ask your opinion on restoring my home’s 120 year old windows or replacing them with ViWintech 6000 or Provia Aeris windows. Replacement windows would certainly be cheaper than restoration and offer better energy efficiency, but people keep telling me to stay away from vinyl. I’m also looking at some widows from Menards, the Case 3500 series. Do you have any professional insight you can offer on these options, or others I should consider?

    I live about 20 minutes north of Zionsville, IN.

  44. Hello, I’m looking for some post-window replacement help. In April 2020 we replaced all the windows in our older house with Provia ComforTech DLA windows. However, for the two second level East facing rooms with poor hvac we decided to upgrade to ComforTech TLA. Beginning last week 5/29/2020 both of those rooms have been filled on and off with a terrible odor. No smell in the attic above or the room next door, and only wafting smell in hallway. There are no vents, water pipes or gas anywhere in that part of the house. I even went outside and smelled the gutter. It is not the smell of anything rotting, that makes one gag, but smell that turns the stomach. The smell is strong but dissipates completely when the windows are opened. The only things new/different in the room are the windows and the whole house wood floor refinishing. I’m wondering if it’s the window tinting reacting to the stronger sun? I’m eager to find a solution because that’s my temporary home office and I’m unable to work. I’d appreciate thoughts or resource referrals. Thank you

    1. I would bet the smell is coming from the caulking rather than from the windows. Did they get it figured out?

  45. your opinion on Simonton Reflections 5500 vs. Provia Aspect? Seems like the numbers between them are very similar except for air infiltration where the provia seems much better. IMO the Provia is a much better looking window. Installed cost is very similar/competitive.

    1. I’d probably pick Provia if faced with those options. The Simonton model is an old design. What’s your zip code? We may be able to help with a suggestion or two.

  46. Don’t buy them, they are drafty and hard to install correctly. I’m sorry I had them put in my house.

    1. What makes them hard to install? What would you have installed instead, and what did you have before/why were you replacing them?


      1. According to Provia, the windows have to be installed exactly to their instructions or they won’t fix things like being drafty. And they are really drafty.
        They need to make them installer friendly.
        This was a new build.
        You would have to do some research to find the best recommended windows. But that is not Provia.
        I ended up caulking some of them shut and I’m building inside storm windows to put in.
        Don’t buy them!

        1. Sounds like they’re saying the windows were not installed correctly. Have you talked to the company that installed them? They should probably be the ones to fix the issues.

          1. The windows definitely are not supposed to be really drafty. I’d say the company you bought them from should be taking the lead in getting it fixed. If it’s a small company it can be harder to get decent service when you have an issue like that. Hopefully they’ll help to get it resolved.

  47. We’re looking at replacing 12 original aluminum 1986 windows for something pretty energy efficient. We’ve gotten good pricing on Provira Endure DLU-UV, Vytek Fortis, and Gentek Signature Elite. To me, it seems the specs for the Provia are the best. However, it also appears that their frame is larger than the others, less glass real estate. Which are best for sliders vs. double-hung? Independent installers are selling the windows.

    1. Hi Ellen, what’s your zip code? We might be able to help out with an option. My least favorite of those choices would be the Vytex if that helps.

    1. I’d be happy to help with an order for new windows in Maryland. Check this page to find out how to get a quote from my completely online with no pushy salesperson. It’s the easiest way to get new windows.

  48. I’m trying to decide between Provia Endure and Okna 7500 series. Both double pane with Argon. Same price $21500 for 12 windows and a patio door.

    Also have quotes to upgrade the Okna’s to triple pane for another $1500 or save $1800 by switching to the 800 series.

  49. Hi Windowdog,
    Great website, thank you in advance. I am looking to replace 8 windows and 2 patio doors on the middle level of my townhouse. We receive lots of sun from the front of the house. I received an estimate from Lowes – Reliabilt 3900 windows and United 4500 patio doors- 8500. A local window company 1st recommended Simonton Reflections 5500 patio doors and Provia endure windows – 7700. I asked for an estimate for Provia endure windows and doors – 87oo. Which package is my best bet? My home was built in 2001 with builder grade windows and doors.
    Thanks so much,

  50. First and foremost, thank you for this site. It provides of wealth of knowledge for a novice consumer. I received two quotes for 6 double hung windows with grids. The prices are comparable so I am trying to go with the better window of the two. The first quote is $3300 for Provia Endure windows and the second quote is for $3000 for Ideal Ultratite windows. In your opinion, which is the better window?

    1. Of those choices I’d probably pick Provia. What’s your zip code? We may be able to make a better suggestion.

  51. What are your thoughts on Provia ecoLite Window – EL400 Series & Okna 600 series windows? Which one would you recommend or are they fairly similar? ($2,500 cost difference)

  52. Hello there! I’ve gotten several quotes for replacement windows ranging from $16K for Marvin and $4K for Window World. I should be getting a quote from a local contractor to install eight Polaris windows today or tomorrow. I’ve reached out Provia for a quote, but haven’t heard a thing yet. As of now, I’m leaning toward Polaris or Provia based on what I’ve read up to this point. If you these two were your final choices, what would be the tipping point between choosing one over the other?


    1. Hi Brennon, what’s your zip code? We might be able to help out with a better quality option than Window World at a lower cost than Marvin.

          1. I have a quote from Window Universe. The price is one of the lower quotes I’ve received and I tend to see that as a flag since it is so much cheaper than the others.

          2. That’s understandable, but in this case it’s typically caused by the different business model. Send me an email with any questions and I’ll be happy to explain how the system works. You end up not paying for a lot of things you probably don’t care about when buying from Window Universe. That’s one reason the company has grown so much over the years.

        1. I am down here in Dayton and I’m curious as to what company you ended up going with and what window you got and are you happy?

  53. Thank you for the site windowdog. It’s been a huge help. I need 6 replacement windows and have received about 6 quotes. So far i’m stuck between Zen Windows Nirvana Soft-lite at $5,800 or Provia Endure installed by Dreamstyle Remodeling for $9,000. We like that Dreamstyle will paint our window frame to match the replacement window color (and Zen wont), but could the windows be $3k better? The warranties are the same and both seem like very reputable companies – but will i be just as happy with either windows? Especially in the long run (I’m not moving anytime soon). This is also at high altitude (Denver) in the 80209 zip code. Thanks for any help!!

    1. Did Dreamstyle Remodeling tell you what the warranty would be on their paint job? I’d be a little nervous about that. Not that it would necessarily be a problem, but you’d want to have some kind of warranty in writing and then decide how likely it is that they’ll be around in 5 or 10 years.

      1. Thanks for the input. They said they would include a 20 year warranty on the window trim paint color. They also reassured that they will be around (they’ve been around for over 30 years). Do you think the paint + windows is worth the 3k additional over Zen Windows (your site directs me to Zen windows for my zip code)

        1. Dan, I’m also in Denver. Can you share what you went with, total cost and # of windows, and if you are happy with the windows and installer? Thanks!

  54. We are currently shopping replacement vinyl windows and are having trouble finding any concrete specifications. How does the Provia Aspect compare to the Alside Fusion? The windows are being offered by competing companies, and for 12 windows (pocket replacement double hung) installed company A is asking $8400 for the Aspect vs Company B at $7400 for the Fusion.

    The fusion seems, and is cheaper, but are they $1000 cheaper or $1000 worse? We only expect to be in this home for another 4 years. Thanks again for this awesome site.

    1. Hi Chris, the Alside Fusion is definitely a cheaper options and definitely not the nicest window you’ve ever seen. If you’d like we may be able to help out with another options. What’s your zip code?

      1. Ha, just noticed I was already emailing you today. Feel free to get back to me with any questions. The option I suggested will be an upgraded product over both the Provia Aspect and Alside Fusion models.

  55. Hello,
    Thank you in advance for your thoughts. We are replacing 19, 43 year old anderson wood windows. We have had 2 companies provide bids using ProVia windows. One company went straight to the triple pane vinyl windows (don’t have the exact specs), while the other company went to the double pane vinyl windows (Endure EN600 Series 601). Of course each had their version of why you want to do triple (the best energy efficiency) vs double (triple pane costs more and doesn’t let as much light through, darker window). We live in St. Louis, MO with all four seasons and not extreme winters or summers. Lastly, thoughts on 1/2 screen vs full screen? Appreciate all your help.

  56. I live in Colorado and am deciding between the Zen Nirvana, Provia Aspect, and the Anlin Catalina. The prices for 11 windows and 1 sliding door go from Zen $12,000,
    Provia $9,500 and Anlin 12,000. Would like best deal, but long term thermal is most important.

    What do you suggest.


    1. I’m also in colorado. Can you share what/who you went with, total cost and final # of windows/doors purchased, and if you are happy with the windows and installer? Thanks!

  57. Dear Window Dog,
    I recently purchased the ProVia windows in their triple pane products. I am amazed with how quiet they are, however I was extremely surprised how dark they are. I was aware that there may be a decrease in light, but I was unprepared for the significant light reduction and any savings I would have with heating and cooling is going to be lost in the increased use of lights in my home. This was not something that I was prepared for and I was wondering if you could lend any advise on how to broach the subject with Provia, because we are very unhappy with the dimness in our home.



  58. Curious about the differences between the ProVia Aspect and Endure. They both appear to be fairly similar vinyl windows. I’m looking to replace two sliders in my finished basement.

  59. We are replacing our 54 year old windows. We have bids from 8 different companies. We have narrowed it down to either ProVia Endure, Amerimax or Pella 250 series. What do you recommend? Zip code 68502
    Thank you so much.

  60. I’m looking to have 8 windows replaced in my 1970’s house. Have been looking at 2 different window manufacturers. First one is Pella lifestyle series wood on inside and vinyl clad on outside. The second is the Provia Aris series wood on inside vinyl clad on outside. I’ve read more bad reviews for the Pella windows than good ones but I don’t think they’ve been on the lifestyle series. The Provia windows seem to be pretty good windows from the reviews. I built a house back in 2000 and had Pella proline series in them and they started molding and mildewing after about 5 yrs. I would hope the lifestyle series is a better window than the proline series. I already have a quote on the Provia windows which is about $8900 just for the windows not including labor. I’m meeting with a consultant on the Pella ones this week. Just would like your opinion on this decision.

  61. I recently had my whole house replaced with the Provia Endure windows. My bedroom is a slider with grids. When we slide the window open (screen side) it’s fine, but when we slide the window back to close the other side opens, which makes you have to stand there and hold the left side while closing the right side. Our sales rep said this is normal and that eventually the left side will no longer open….IS THIS NORMAL??? We weren’t told this is how the slider would work.

    1. Sounds like something from the side you opened first is rubbing against the other side so when you close it it’s pulling the other side open. I’d look to see if you can see what is rubbing. It’s not designed to work that way, but probably also not the end of the world. Maybe a little silicone spray on where it’s rubbing will lube it up so it slides and doesn’t pull the second side open.

      1. The installer said it’s suppose to do that because it’s a double hung. If I’d known that I would not have ordered the double hung, nor did he explain that this would happen. VERY DISAPPOINTING. When we spoke with the company who installed they said it’s on our paper work that the window does this and that he’s not going to order the window that doesn’t open on both sides. He said if they made the left side to close permanently (side without screen) it would VOID THE WARRANTY. SO VERY DISAPPOINTING.

        1. It’s a double hung window that opens up and down? I was envisioning a sliding window that opens side to side. Either way it’s not supposed to do that. They could also pin one side shut. Warranties don’t get voided, that’s not how it works. If what they did caused an issue that would be between you and them, but the whole warranty is not voided.

          Not sure about the best course of action because they’ll likely be the only people that can help you. I don’t think Provia will be able to help out since they only sell wholesale. Years ago they had Provia service technicians who were out running around. I suppose you could ask if they still have those guys and if anyone could check it out.

          Generally you should be able to close one side of a double hung or a sliding window without the other side opening. Usually it’s not a huge deal though, and it may get better as the window settles into place.

          1. It is a slider (side to side). That’s when we were told if they pin it, it will totally void the warranty. It just amazes me how when they are trying to get your business they are as kind as can be, but once you’ve paid (paid cash in full) the attitudes change. Yes, he did say it should stop after a few openings. We’re stuck with it, we’ll live with it. THANK YOU.

  62. Hello – I live in NE Ohio approximately 10 minutes away from the ProVia factory. I have 5 Signet doors 4 of which have Lehigh glass. I recently had trouble with the glass just a week past the warranty and they are replacing all of the glass with the updated Laurence. Since they took care of me and I’m in the market for some new windows I’d like to give them a shot. I live on a very busy road and the main purpose of the window replacement is to reduce noise. I had a local installer price out Endure double casement TLA-UV with laminated glass for my bedrooms. I asked about varied thickness glass and was told that is not an option due to weight. The window will consist of all double strength glass. Currently I have 20 year old Champion double hung dual pane windows. Do you think the new ProVia windows will make much if a difference in sound reduction?

    1. Hi Matt, it’s hard to say how much, if any, difference in sound transmission you’d hear with the new windows. I would say they probably will be better, but there’s no way to say how much better.

      Remember you also get sound though the walls and the roof so replacing windows with any option won’t eliminate sound transmission. Good luck with the project.

  63. Got quotes which is better deal 11-sliders and 1-slider door 6 ft. Alside mezzo 2- pane. 3 -pane berckshire elite. Dame price

  64. We would NOT recommend Provia. They installed a door for us OVER TWO YEARS ago. There have been multiple problems with this and, as of yet, NOT ONE OF them has been addressed. Poor follow up and customer service.

    1. Hi Miriam, thanks for writing in and I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with your Provia windows. Keep in mind Provia likely didn’t install anything for you. They usually sell to dealers and one of them probably installed your windows.

      What sort of problems are you having? We see people will sometimes blame the manufacturer for installation problems or sometimes they’ll blame the window installer for manufacturing issues. Maybe we can help to make a suggestion.

  65. Hi windowdog
    I saw a few brands and most recently the Provia “ Aspect”. I was also shown the Endure but I thought the Aspect was nicer looking with a more narrow frame and allowed for more glass area. The performance numbers are the same but the pricing is a little better on the Aspect.
    The Aspect has a uvalue of .27 and a DP rating of 50. The company also talked about the excellent air leakage rate on the Aspect. The company quoted me $6800 for 10 replacement windows including install and debris removal. This was for double pane glass.
    I was thinking of asking them to quote triple pane glass. I am in the Northeast, would triple pane be worth it in your opinion?

  66. I’m looking at Provia double hung windows with the built in blinds. Would I be better off with the Endure vs. the Aspect? Is their a lot of difference price wise?

  67. We had our windows replaced with Provia replacement windows a year and a half ago and are happy with them. One thing did surprise me though. All the screens are pull down screens without any latches. They come up pretty easily. Is there a way to add a latch or devise of some sort? I just don’t want a child or pet to open them (intentionally or accidentally) and fall out.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Chris, I don’t believe Provia offers a separate screen latch. Most new windows don’t come with latches on the screens anymore. I think people view it as one more part that can break and they don’t really provide any security anyway. A child or a pet could accidentally go right through a screen so the latch might provide only a false sense of security.

  68. Can anyone tell me the approximate wait time for Provia windows? My contractor ordered 3 in the EN600 series back in July and we are still waiting. So disappointed

    1. That’s probably not too unusual. Every manufacturer is still running quite a bit slower than in the olden days. They want to get your order completed just as badly as you want it completed. It’s just life in 2021. Hopefully things will get back to normal one of these days.

  69. I got the ProVia Aspect windows installed in my house about 19 months ago by Joe Guida. I have three windows that the seals have failed. I have been in touch with Joe Guida who has came out to the house to inspect the windows and they have agreed that this is a problem and they and I have been waiting for some news from ProVia about correcting the problem. Do you think that this failure of the seals and condensation build up between the glass is an installation issue or a product failure?

    Thank you

    1. Usually that’s a manufacturing issue. I’d expect Provia will be able to get you the new sashes to get that fixed up. Seal failures can happen, usually it’s a very easy thing to get resolved. Let us know how it goes.

  70. I’m being told by Anderson that I need new construction windows. My house was built in 2001. They will not offer replacement windows. This sound right?

    1. Hi Ronald, it could be that new construction windows are a better solution because of the way the old windows were installed. If the house is from 2001 I would guess you have new construction vinyl or aluminum windows in there now. If you have exterior trim around the windows then a new construction window might be an easy solution.

      Did you ask them why they were suggesting new construction windows? They should be happy to explain it, if not you can defininltey find someone else.

      A replacement window could also work depending on a few details. I’d say get another quote or two and see what someone else says. Then you’ll have a little more info about the options.

      1. Thanks for the feedback. Anderson says construction windows are required for this job. I have 3 other quotes already in. I’m going with a local construction company. Thanks again.

        Ron Mathieu

  71. Hi Windowdog, thanks for posting lots of useful info. Could you please help me decide if Marvin Essential is worth the extra cost vs Provia Endure? We’re replacing most of our windows in our Pittsburgh PA home-trying to decide between Provia Endure EN600 with Neopor Insulation at $14055 installed and Marvin Essential IG – 1 Lite Low E2 w/Argon for $22221 (13721 + 8500 inert installation). We need 20 windows, mostly casement, for 15 openings. Our brick home is not insulated so window energy efficiency is key, but I don’t want a low VT. Is there another window we should be looking into in this price range?
    six 1 light casements
    two 1 light fixed
    two 1 light awnings
    five 2-light casements 13,720.94
    Insert Installation
    Ballpark Project Total Net Price: USD

    1. Hi Christine, the only advantage to the Marvin is the look of the fiberglass. It’s not a better product, just a different look. If that look isn’t worth $8k to you then I’d skip that. The pricing for the Provia sounds decent, but there defininltey are other options.

      My company offers windows in Pittsburgh and our folks can email you pricing and product info if you’d like to see another option. You can find info here.

    2. I had ProVia Endure TLA casements with laminated glass installed July 2021. They are absolute trash and I’m getting quotes from other companies to replace them already. With my old double pane double hung windows I could hear a loud vehicle directly in front if my house. Now I hear every single vehicle from a block and a half away. They have ruined my house. In addition to the sound issues I have had many warranty claims. Just filed another yesterday when the Pella salesman pointed out a 5 inch crack in the laminated glass that happened sometime over the winter.

  72. We are in Northern Alabama and looking to replace 4 south facing windows. Our house was built in 2006, but has cheap contractor grade windows with near zero insulating properties and horrible UV protection. Only a few of our windows get direct sunlight so those are the 4 we are replacing. We have had quotes as high as $12K from Renewal by Anderson, $6K for Champion and $3300 for a local contractor to install Provia Aspect AP500 series. These windows are not overly large with two of them roughly 30×60 and one (side-by-side double hung) at about 60×70 inches.

    The prices were quite a shock for 4 windows, but I am leaning towards the Provia AP500. Any thoughts or comments on both the windows and prices?

    1. Hi Chris, my company could help with an option if you’re within about an hour of Birmingham. Otherwise I can’t help with an order. Of the choices you listed I do think the Provia windows sound the best. As you saw the prices for Renewal by Andersen windows can be astronomical and Champion is definitely not my favorite choice either. Let me know if I can help with anything else and good luck with the project.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply! We are just south of Huntsville, so its actually about 1.5-2 hours from Birmingham depending on location.

    2. I have ProVia Endure triple pane casement with laminated glass and they are complete GARBAGE. Just yesterday somebody from ProVia was here to replaced panes with cracked glass (randomly cracked over the winter). Now the pane is impossible to crank open and the entire frame bends when cranking. He said give it 2 weeks for the new vinyl to “settle in” then if no improvement file another claim. It is issue after issue after issue. I have problems with the seals as well and they won’t address the issue. My windows don’t seal and they sound like they are open. I’ve never been so disgusted with something in my entire life.

  73. Purchased Provia Aspect double hung windows 14 of them Spring 2021 and sliding door March 2022. Have experienced problems with top sash sliding down, stink bugs getting in sliding door and windows and they’re drafty. Company’s first stance is to explain away the issue. My installer keeps contacting them and they ignore until they’re good and ready to respond. I checked this site and based on the reviews for Provia, I went with their product and totally regret it. Find another company. Do NOT waste your hard earned $$ here.

    1. Hi Melissa, I’m sorry to hear about your trouble. It seems we’ve seen several negative comments about Provia lately. I don’t know if that indicates a problem with their manufacturing or just a bit of bad luck.

      In my experience ordering their doors they’ve always been very easy to work with. They do have local reps in many areas. You might see if your installer can get the local rep to come to the house to look at the Provia windows and sliding door. I don’t know if they’ll do that, but if they did it would probably be helpful.

      Let us know how it goes.

    2. My Casements are garbage. They just replaced a sash due to the glass randomly cracking over the winter. To make a long story short they told me to let the new sash settle in for a few weeks because it was very difficult to open/close so I did. Fast forward and I still have the issue. They advised I needed to file a new warranty claim so I did. The warranty department called and said the sash they installed was 1/16 inch larger than the old one. The installer knew and installed it anyways. So now I wait on another replacement. Meanwhile my house has so much traffic noise from their garbage product that I had to start sleeping in the basement. Beware if you post any of their window issues in their Facebook page they will block you and remove it.

  74. I just had 2 Signet doors installed after waiting 7 months for back order reasons. Both had manufacturing/cosmetic defects inside the glass. Now I have to wait for new replacements to be built so I can have contractors back in my house for a second time. Not at all acceptable quality for the price.

    1. Hi there, we’ve seen a lot more complaints about Provia windows vs Okna windows lately but hard to say if that’s really based on any sort of trend. What did you like or not like about one vs the other? Both are very customizable so there are a pretty wide range of available options.

  75. Hello. We are looking at getting out windows replaced. We had Marvin windows replace our front room ones a few years ago and were happy with that, but the estimate to do our other 9 windows was way out of our budget. A local repair man gave us an estimate on the ProVia Aspect windows and it was more in the line of our price range. Are those a good window for long term or should we ask him to look at the prices for one of the higher ends of ProVia?

    1. It would probably be worthwhile to understand the differences in cost and features so you can make the best choice. You might also look for more of a window company than a handyman type. Of course, lots of people out there can do great work. When we see people with outstanding problems that aren’t getting resolved it’s often a handyman or do it all type contractor that is in the middle of it and unable to fix the issue. That’s not to say all handymen aren’t capable of helping but sometimes a company that is focused on windows can be a better resource.

  76. Hi there. Trying to decide between Provia, Okna and Soft-Lite windows in SE Wisconsin. Just 8, standard, double-hungs, and first quote from Provia dealer seemed VERY high (nearly $17,000) compared with what I’d been seeing as your basis of $1,000 – $2,000/window. Does that seem out of line for current state of affairs or normal? Also, what’s your take on double-pane vs. triple-pane windows, given new energy star guidelines coming out. Worth it for ~$100/window? Thank you!

  77. We are contemplating purchasing the Provia casement windows with blinds.
    However the sales rep, who I like, mentioned that the screen has to be taken out every time you want to reposition the internal blinds. He didn’t have a sample window to show me, then went on to try and up-sell me the Anderson wood line!
    Is it true about the screens with the Provia windows with internal blinds?
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Diane, I suppose I don’t know that with 100% confidence but I do believe he is correct. On all casement windows the screen is on the inside. In order to access the sash it would make sense that you’d need to remove the screen. I’m generally not a big fan of internal blinds as they add a lot to the cost, come with rather short warranties and don’t usually work as well as people think. It’s the kind of option that a lot of people as about but not too many actually order.

      Perhaps someone else will chime in with more certainly on whether or not you need to remove the screen to operate internal blinds on a Provia casement window, but I do tend to think he is correct.

      1. Here’s what I know. We have pella windows with the shade inside. When you put the screen on you can run the shade drawstring through a designed hole in the screen frame. Also the windows are 32 years old and the shades stil work quite well. Are they in perfect condition? No. I too was in better shape 32 years ago. Now again these are Pella brand. Sounds like the manufacturer needs better design engineers.

    2. Hi Dian. I wish I would have seen you post earlier. We did get the blinds and screens on awning windows. No one told me that you couldn’t operate the blinds with the screens in. I am really dissapointed in this. I wanted to get blinds because I don’t want curtains. My windows look good, but I wasted a lot of money and probably won’t use the blinds Provia was no help at all.

  78. I got replacement ProVia windows. I had a contractor install them and the look great. The contractor is doing a great job. Most windows are awning or casement. I got blinds in 12 of them. I also got screens with the upgraded mesh. When I ordered them, no one told me that you cannot control the blinds with the screens in. That is extremely dissapointing and a huge waste of money. If I would have known, I would have picked a different brand. I looked on ProVia’s website and do not see that disclamier anywhere. PorVia told me that they would reach out to their marketing team to add that information elsewhere. They did not provide any help to me. Also, 2 locks are broken. So, $2,400 plus, down the drain.

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