Provia Windows Reviews

Provia vinyl windows reviews

Provia is a company that has experienced significant growth over the last several years.  They’ve gone from a regional door manufacturer in the midwest to a significant player in the building products business.  Provia is still primarily known for making doors, but Provia windows have been available for quite some time.

Provia started as Precision Door based in Sugar Creek Ohio.  They purchased Sugar Creek Aluminum and were one of the first companies to offer doors and storm doors that were built to go together.  As they continued to bring on new product lines they changed their name to Provia.  They now offer a range of building products all over the country.

best replacement windows of 2015

Provia windows come in several product lines.  There is the Endure and Aspect vinyl replacement windows along with the lower end ecoLite and the wood Aeris Collection of windows.  As you can clearly tell from the marketing  materials the Aeris is the fancy line.  The Endure is the nicest vinyl option and Aspect and ecoLite are the more basic lines of windows.

As is the case with most vinyl windows there really isn’t much that goes with “high end” vinyl windows other than fancy brochures and higher prices, but the Aeris WX1000 line comes with real wood interiors which can be a really nice option.

From a business standpoint Provia has always done a good job of maintaining their profit margins.  They’re used to charging a premium price for their doors and they maintain that same attitude when pricing their windows.  Unfortuantley for the consumer that means you typically pay a little more for Provia windows that you would for comparable windows from another manufacturer.  Does that mean they’re better windows?  Well, the fine folks at Provia would like you to think so, but in most cases they’re just typical vinyl windows.

Here we’ll be positing individual reviews of the following models of Provia windows:

You can also find our Provia window warranty review here to see how the Provia warranty stacks up and you can find our post on Provia window complaints here.  

You can also find our Provia window FAQ page here.  If you have a question that isn’t answered post a comment and we’ll be happy to help out.

You’ll notice Provia also makes a very nice storm window, but as of yet we’re not getting into storm window reviews.  They also offer vinyl siding and stone veneer, but for now at least those products fall outside the scope of this site.

To make sure you’re getting the best deal on new windows you might want to take a look through our section on common replacement window sales tactics.  Don’t get taken for a ride!

Disclosure: based on the info provided here and our detailed consideration of all of the replacement windows available today our company has elected to offer some Provia window models in select markets due to some specific features and designs that are available.  

They’re not a product line we offer all the time for several reasons but we have done business with them in the past and we continue to offer their door models in several markets. 

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219 responses to “Provia Windows Reviews”

  1. Hi there. Trying to decide between Provia, Okna and Soft-Lite windows in SE Wisconsin. Just 8, standard, double-hungs, and first quote from Provia dealer seemed VERY high (nearly $17,000) compared with what I’d been seeing as your basis of $1,000 – $2,000/window. Does that seem out of line for current state of affairs or normal? Also, what’s your take on double-pane vs. triple-pane windows, given new energy star guidelines coming out. Worth it for ~$100/window? Thank you!

  2. Diane Avatar

    We are contemplating purchasing the Provia casement windows with blinds.
    However the sales rep, who I like, mentioned that the screen has to be taken out every time you want to reposition the internal blinds. He didn’t have a sample window to show me, then went on to try and up-sell me the Anderson wood line!
    Is it true about the screens with the Provia windows with internal blinds?
    Many thanks!

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Diane, I suppose I don’t know that with 100% confidence but I do believe he is correct. On all casement windows the screen is on the inside. In order to access the sash it would make sense that you’d need to remove the screen. I’m generally not a big fan of internal blinds as they add a lot to the cost, come with rather short warranties and don’t usually work as well as people think. It’s the kind of option that a lot of people as about but not too many actually order.

      Perhaps someone else will chime in with more certainly on whether or not you need to remove the screen to operate internal blinds on a Provia casement window, but I do tend to think he is correct.

      1. Kevin Avatar

        Here’s what I know. We have pella windows with the shade inside. When you put the screen on you can run the shade drawstring through a designed hole in the screen frame. Also the windows are 32 years old and the shades stil work quite well. Are they in perfect condition? No. I too was in better shape 32 years ago. Now again these are Pella brand. Sounds like the manufacturer needs better design engineers.

    2. Cheryl Putnam Avatar
      Cheryl Putnam

      Hi Dian. I wish I would have seen you post earlier. We did get the blinds and screens on awning windows. No one told me that you couldn’t operate the blinds with the screens in. I am really dissapointed in this. I wanted to get blinds because I don’t want curtains. My windows look good, but I wasted a lot of money and probably won’t use the blinds Provia was no help at all.

  3. Cheryl Putnam Avatar
    Cheryl Putnam

    I got replacement ProVia windows. I had a contractor install them and the look great. The contractor is doing a great job. Most windows are awning or casement. I got blinds in 12 of them. I also got screens with the upgraded mesh. When I ordered them, no one told me that you cannot control the blinds with the screens in. That is extremely dissapointing and a huge waste of money. If I would have known, I would have picked a different brand. I looked on ProVia’s website and do not see that disclamier anywhere. PorVia told me that they would reach out to their marketing team to add that information elsewhere. They did not provide any help to me. Also, 2 locks are broken. So, $2,400 plus, down the drain.

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