Viwinco Windows Reviews

viwinco windows reviews warranty prices and information

If you’re looking for Viwinco windows reviews we can help. Viwinco is a smaller window manufacturer located in Morgantown, PA. They’ve been in the window business for quite a while. As I recall they made windows for CertainTeed long ago, but that deal has ended as far as I’m aware.

Back when they made the CertainTeed windows they weren’t the best windows around. I worked for a window manufacturer back then and we would always use that window as an example of what you shouldn’t buy. To be fair, that was a long time ago.

Here we’ll be reviewing the full line of Viwinco windows including the models listed below.

Viwinco Windows Reviews

  • Cambridge
  • Edgemont
  • Oceanview Impact Window
  • Patio Doors

What about the tilt-n-lock hardware?

This is a feature that I’ve never been a huge fan of. It integrates the lock with the tilt latches so you can tilt in the windows by turning the lock mechanism. It can sound fancy and salespeople love it. When you see someone using it in their house the drawbacks become clear. it’s just not that easy to use.

viwinco windows reviews warranties hardware prices and more
Here’s the ad for the tilt-n-lock hardware

I’ve been in customers houses while they’re trying to show me a problem with their windows and they just can’t get it to tilt in. The problem isn’t that the hardware failed it’s just that it’s not as easy to use if you don’t use if very often.

In my opinion this option is solving a problem that doesn’t exist. Tilt latches are easy, why reinvent the wheel?

Viwindo cambridge windows reviews warranty prices and more.
Here you can see the Viwinco Cambridge window model. It has some decent features, but it’s very typical. There’s nothing too unique that I’ve seen. The Edgemont model looks even more basic.

Is the Viwinco window warranty any good?

The warranty on the Viwinco windows looks pretty decent. You get lifetime coverage of the vinyl frames and the insulated glass. There’s only 1 year of labor coverage which is a little short.

They also say they can just refund your purchase cost rather that fix a warranty issue. That might be a challenge in 20 years. For example if you paid $500 for a window now and then 15 years from now there’s an issue they might just give you your $500 back. In 15 years a new window might cost $1000 so that wouldn’t be a great deal for you.

Overall the warranty looks similar to a warranty you’d get from any smaller manufacturer. They make pretty good claims but they’re small. If they were to vanish next year like make companies have (see Traco, Gorell, Republic, Kensington, Serious, Vista and more) then you’d be stuck with no warranty at all.

You don’t want to undervalue the risk associated with these small manufacturers.

What if I have more questions about Viwinco windows?

We can help!  Find our Viwinco windows FAQ page here.  If you don’t see the answer to your question post a comment and we’ll answer your question for everyone to see.

Looking for any additional information on Viwinco windows that you’re not finding here?  Post a comment and let us know.  We’ll be glad to help out!

What should you do if you think I’m wrong about something?

Post a comment below and let us know. It’s always our goal to post accurate info along with our opinions and I’m interested in your opinion as well. 

How can you find a great window company?

When shopping for windows I do always suggest finding a great installation company before you fall in love with any particular window model. There are plenty of great window options out there but not as many local companies that are great to work with.

To know which companies to avoid you can find common window sales tactics here. That’s become one of the most popular sections on the site. You can also find the most detailed window reviews on the internet here.

Remember, for more great window company info you can find our suggestions for the best local companies in 2022 right here. There’s no need to work with a company that gives you the run-around or makes the process difficult. There are plenty of fish in the sea as they say. The best way to get started is to check out our list of great window companies here.

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9 responses to “Viwinco Windows Reviews”

  1. Matthew Eggleston Avatar
    Matthew Eggleston

    The warranty for Viwinco insulated glass is only 1 year.
    Matthew Eggleston

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Thanks Matthew, that’s a pretty short warranty. I’m sure anyone considering buying Viwinco windows would be interested to know that.

      1. Michael Johnson Avatar
        Michael Johnson

        This is inaccurate. Insulated glass warranty is lifetime. Labor is only 1 year.

  2. Carol Eich Avatar
    Carol Eich

    What are the levels of Titanium Dioxide blended into the vinyl in the Viwinco windows?

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Carol, that’s an interesting one. I’d love to hear what a salesperson told you about that. Did they tell you they had a way to measure that or that the products they were selling were better than another in that regard?

  3. Mark Spaulding Avatar
    Mark Spaulding

    Hi I’m getting ready to replace two windows and this is the manufacturer i was quoted with. Are the windows worth the value?

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Mark, do you have any details on what was quoted? And, the price that was quoted?

    2. Mark Avatar

      Yes $2280.00 for two windows. One fixed approx 35w by 46.5h
      The other about twice the size but it slides open. Bronze color outside, white inside. New construction install with outside capping, reset exterior stops, caulking and sealing inside and out.

      1. thewindowdog Avatar

        At todays prices that doesn’t sound unreasonable to me. The bronze exterior adds a decent amount to any order and in general labor costs, on a per window basis, will be higher for a small project like that.

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