Vytex Windows Reviews

Vytex windows reviews

Vytex windows is a relatively small vinyl window manufacturing firm located in Laurel, MD.  Vytex windows reviews can be hard to come by because the products are only available in a relatively small geographic area.  Here we’ll cover the 3 main lines of Vytex replacement windows.  They are:

If you’re considering Vytex windows for your home you might want to ask yourself why is drawing you to them.  They do have very nice brochures (especially the Potomac HP Series), but there really isn’t anything remarkable about the product.

best replacement windows of 2015

Their efficiency ratings are typical of nicer windows, their features are somewhat limited and they do use the cheaper constant force balances which is a small, but real drawback.

If you happen to live near their manufacturing facility in Maryland that proximity might seem like an advantage, but geography really shouldn’t be a factor in your decision.  Most major manufacturers have trucks in populated areas every day.  Does it matter to you if any replacement parts took a 30 minute drive or a 4 hour drive in a semi truck?  It shouldn’t make any difference, but this is a common sales pitch when it comes to “local” manufacturers.

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What if I have more questions about Vytex windows?

We can help!  Find our Vytex windows FAQ page here.  If you don’t see the answer to your question post a comment and we’ll answer your question for everyone to see.

Looking for any additional information on Vytex windows that you’re not finding here?  Post a comment and let us know.  We’ll be glad to help out!

What should you do if you think I’m wrong about something?

Post a comment below and let us know. It’s always our goal to post accurate info along with our opinions and I’m interested in your opinion as well.

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116 thoughts on “Vytex Windows Reviews”

  1. I got the CPD from the local Vytex contractor with the NFRC sticker. But when I go to http://search.nfrc.org/, that specific CPD doesn’t show up. Should I be concerned?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Seems odd. Are you sure you have the number correct? The system can be finicky.

  2. You can check it yourself… I tried several times…


    They seem to be low numbers (maybe they’re old?).

    1. thewindowdog says:

      You’re right. It appears these are invalid numbers The VYW-M-24 is the prefix for the Vytex Potomac double hung window but the next set of numbers should start at 00051 or higher as far as we can tell. I would ask them for the correct numbers and compare the info you get very carefully with the ratings you were given before. The fact that the CPD#’s they gave you are wrong isn’t necessarily a sign that they’re trying to trick you, but it’s red flag. There are three possible ways this will go from here:

      1. They’ll give you the correct number and everything will check out fine
      2. They’ll give you the correct number and you’ll see that their claimed ratings were not accurate
      3. They will refuse to give you the correct number

      Let us know how it goes, this will be a great example for folks to see. Hopefully everything checks out just fine!

  3. The numbers are off of a PDF they sent me of the three stickers (a scan). So I’m thinking these are old stickers. I am following up and will let you know what I find out.

    It has been a challenge to get this info from most of the contacts I’ve been talking to. It’s not that they are outright saying “no”, but I wonder: Is it common for customers to ask you for these numbers or does this indicate to you that the customer is going to be a pain in the a**? Sometimes I feel like I’m asking for some secret information that they would rather me not have.

    In other words, do contractors prefer NOT to work with informed customers?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Depends on the company. If you get the vibe that they would rather work with uninformed customers you might want to consider who you’re working with.

  4. Update:

    I just got these numbers from the contractor and they show up in the system:

    Potomac Plus – VYW-M-24-00056-00002 grids, VYW-M-24-00051-00001 no grids
    Potomac Max – VYW-M-24-00071-00002 grids, VYW-M-24-00058-00002 no grids
    Potomac Ultimate – VYW-M-24-00072-00001 grids, VYW-M-24-00059-00001 no grids
    Titan – VYW-M-17-00159-00006 grids, VYW-M-17-00159-00005 no grids

    Making progress.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      That is progress. Do the ratings shown on the site match what you were told? If so you’re doing great.

  5. Yes they do. I’m still waiting on some others… Once that I really want is from Window World. They are claiming that their 4000 series window is the Alside Mezzo, but I need the CPD to confirm that. I like the Mezzo because the frame is narrow so we won’t lose much glass when we move from out wood windows.

    We’ll see…

    1. thewindowdog says:

      We’ve heard from other folks that Window World has move to the Mezzo window from the old Excalibur. We have no reason to doubt that as it makes good business sense.

  6. Yes, but it would be nice to get the CPD number for the windows they’re quoting… Just to verify they are what they say they are. The CPD should show up as an Alside product, right? I see no “Window World” shown in the list of Window Manufacturers on the NFRC website.

    It’s a nice “good faith” gesture and frankly I’m a little skeptical of contractors who refuse to give me that information.

    1. Jim Mader says:

      Vytex is expanding it’s area and are now available in MD, N.Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia.

      The Potomac is very good but “too much” as far as the climate goes. And it’s HEAVY.

      The Fortis is a higher end window with the standard 3 1/4″ thickness which is great for Common Wood and Wood Special (old wood casement) openings but not so good for metal openings (aluminum sliders or surface mounted new construction removals) the thickness crowds the opening and you will lose a good portion of your window sill.

      The Georgetown (and the new Grandview) have a 2 3/4 jamb depth and a slimmer extrusion which means more glass per window.

      Depending on what glass options, the Energy Star ratings are the same-if not better- than most vinyl windows out there.

      I disagree with scepticism toward smaller manufacturers. The larger companies lose a lot in the quality control department as they produce by volume.

    2. Jim Mader says:

      Window World isn’t a manufacturer. They are a franchised window installation company. Which essentially means there is no installation standard.

  7. can you elaborate on the vytex windows (performance, cost, comparability to other brands)? i live near them, and they’re apparently preferred by a local window company that’s highly rated on angie’s list. thanks.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      We’re always hesitant about the smaller manufacturers. I wouldn’t let their proximity to your house be a factor at all. What does it matter to you if the windows had to ride 30 minutes or 4 hours on a truck to get there?

      1. yes irrelevant. now i’m wondering if vytex glass is less dark than okna (of which they’re supposedly a copy).

  8. Which vinyl window replacements would you recommend for the best bang for your buck? Like, K, I’ve found a window company who sells vytex and raves about them. Many of my friends and neighbors have used this window company and therefore have vytex and have been happy with them. What’s so bad? I know nothing about windows so would love some direction. Thanks!

  9. Ok I’m in the market for 19 replacement windows and received a quote of 505/window for vytex potomac. For a similar softlite imperial ls, I got 568/window. This comes out to 1200$ difference. The soft lite has AI value of .02 while the Potomac is .05. Do I spend extra money for the softlites? Sick of drafty builder grade windows.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I don’t think you’ll ever notice the difference between .02 and .05.

    2. Susan K Muglich says:

      I just got a quote of $605/window for Vytex in Cleveland. Where do you live?

    3. If you’re getting a Potomac Window for only $505 a window INSTALLED, then I guarantee they are cutting every corner in the world on installation as far as materials go like insulating foam around the window, exterior trim coil, and the caulking. Any window from a company below $500 installed for a standard size double hung WILL give you problems. I’ve been in this industry for over 10 years installing and selling. It’s common sense if you just look at the breakdown of all the costs that go into a window. The company has to buy the window from the manufacturer first right? That alone will be anywhere from $200-600 or more JUST for them to buy the window. Next is installation and labor costs. That’s around 100-200 a window for a quality certified license installer. Then they have to pay the sales rep. That’s around a 10% commission typically. Then the company itself has to make a profit. I’ve never heard of a reputable, growing company that has anything less than 25% profit margins, but typically 30-40%. Add just those costs up alone and that’s between $600-900 per window INSTALLED. And there are more costs associated than that, like advertising costs and service costs and warranty costs, etc. Anything less than that and you are gonna have leaks and headaches out the wahoo for years to come. No offense to “the window dog” but he shouldn’t be any customer’s go to source for window advice. Go to GuildQuality or Best Pick Reports for top companies, or Remodeling Magazines Cost versus Value for your local average costs what customers in your area are currently paying. The National Average alone is over $1000/window INSTALLED. I’m not biased to any company, but doing this as long as I have, I know for a fact 100% that any window INSTALLED under $500 an opening is the equivalent of buying the cheapest car out there and it’s a lemon. You WILL have problems and you WILL regret your choice.

      And PS, anyone on here (and just on this post alone it’s almost every other person) who is trying to decide between two different windows and it’s less than $100 difference per window is frankly way under-informed about window replacement. Anything less than $100 per window difference is negligible. Again look not so much at the WINDOW but at what materials their crews are using to install, their installer certifications, and the best indicator of all, that company’s track record for customer satisfaction. If a company has over a 90% on Guild Quality for customer satisfaction and they have more than say 1000 reviews and have been in business ATLEAST 5 years, then that is a good indicator that you will be satisfied as well because they have steadily proven themselves.

      Best of luck

      1. thewindowdog says:

        Hi Jeremy, thanks for taking the time to write. I’ve been doing this a pretty long time in a pretty wide variety of roles. Your sentiment is correct, that there are a lot of costs involved that people don’t consider, but your numbers are way off. It’s easy to get a good quality product installed for under $500, we install several hundred of them every week.

        Good luck out there.

        1. Dear window dog, I’m a small business and kind of hit a little bit of a road block. I am 4.6/5 star rated and have only been in business for the past 5 years on my own but have about 15 years of experience installing and repairing windows and doors. Making sure every customer is beyond happy is definitely my utmost priority but also having a sustainable business to make it to where you are in this field. I deal with Kensington HPP but they’re starting to pull out of my area (NY) and so I’m looking for another manufacturer to deal with. Any help with acquiring some decent product lines would be greatly appreciated, specially ones that are within the 400-600 range after installation. Currently I’ve been selling the Kensington hpp at about 430-500 range for their Huntington series without grids (including expansion foam insulation and exterior capping). And most companies sell cheaper products with their in house “lifetime warranty” in a range of 700+….I know the market and the sales tactics others use and having the right product makes the biggest difference in convincing consumers so any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. FYI I am a licensed insured and bonded company and have A+ rating with BBB. Hoping to hear from you and getting some guidance.

          1. thewindowdog says:

            Hi Rob, I’m a little surprised to hear that Kensington HPP is pulling out of a market in NY. I’ll send you an email, maybe we can help out.

      2. HandymaninSC says:

        Thank you for your post. I am a handyman/contractor who has installed a fair amount of windows, from different manufacturers. There is no such thing as a perfect window, in my book.
        There is always something I will like on one brand that I would like to have on another brand. Sometimes it’s just the aesthetics, but I look for an overall “clean look” without sacrificing quality. I tear out all windows to the studs, install insulation/foam as needed, install the new window and new stops/trim. I would never allow anyone to replace just the sash and leave the old framework to hold the new windows. First, the old window frame is attached to the studs, and you’re new window is only supported by the few screws, nails in the old frame. Second, you lose glass space. MOST of the time I’ve found the area adjacent to the original windows were not adequately insulated. Not the installers problem or issue to remedy. It would probably be hidden by the drywall anyways. So, if the installer just removes the sashes and installs a new window inside the old frame, what do you now have? You have a new window, not secured directly to the wall studs, like the original window did, and you are still going to have any voids that weren’t insulated when the original windows were installed. There goes heating and cooling $$$$ right out the walls! Why bother to put money into new windows and still have the open areas around the windows for cold and warm air to infiltrate? Makes zero sense. I’m a common sense kind of guy, who is very particular when it comes to construction details, insulation and weatherproofing windows and doors and other areas where air intrusion can be a money waster. Replacement window installers will not do installs this way for the cost they quote you. It takes far more time, but is worth every penny once done.

        1. Elisabeth Asche says:

          Do you work in Virginia?

          What do you think of Simonton (Asure) windows?

          1. thewindowdog says:

            Hi Elisabeth, I’m not sure if he works in VA, but my company does. We’d be happy to help if you’d like.

        2. Where are you located? You sound like the guy I need to i stall my windows!

  10. Just received a quote for 570/window for the Grandview Vytex window(19 windows) Also received a quote for the Alside Mezzo for 472/window. Sounds like a no brainer, is it?

  11. I got estimates for Vytex’s Fortis (R-4 Energy Saver Plus) from one company and Georgetown (R-4 Energy Saver Plus). The “per window” difference was only $4 more for the Fortis.

    I’m wondering if there is a significant difference in quality between the Georgetown and the Fortis models. I really liked the company offering the Georgetown window. I’d like to go with them and ask them to use the Fortis model if they will at least match the other company’s price (they quoted me something like $30 more per window over the Georgetown).

    Any advice on significant differences between the two windows I should consider. Thanks!

    1. Clarification —

      Upon re-reading my question, I see I forgot to add the words “from another company” to the end of the first sentence. One company offered Fortis, the other company offered Georgetown. The price difference was insignificant.

      Company offering Georgetown said he’d put in the Fortis windows for $30 more per window. That leads me to think I should choose the other company, but I really liked the more expensive company. Hoping he will come down in price. Trying to get a feel for whether there is a notable difference in quality. Thanks.

      1. thewindowdog says:

        Odd are that the company you like more will do it for the lower price. Just ask them and see what happens. If they stick to their price you may still want to work with them. $30 per window is not too much in the long run.

        1. Thank you.

          So it makes sense to get the higher end window? I don’t intend to live in this house more than 5-10 years.

          Biggest differences seem to be foam core in Fortis, slightly thicker glass (7/8″ vs 3/4″), air infiltration (.05 vs .09), and something called “Lock and Keeper Composite Reinforcement” in the Fortis. Not sure what that is.

          1. thewindowdog says:

            The lock and keeper reinforcement would be a bar or rod inside the sash. The screws for the locks and the keepers would go through the vinyl into the reinforcement bar.

            Regarding which one to get, only you can decide. For example when I bought my car I paid extra to get the model with the big engine. I didn’t need it and it really doesn’t make any difference in my life, but I do like it.

            If you have the cash and you like the Fortis I’d say go for it. If you don’t care much about the differences, skip it. Realistically you’ll probably be perfectly happy either way. In a few years you probably won’t remember the differences anyway.

  12. With a U-factor of .26, an air leakage of .05 and a DP50 rating, plus a slim build that maximizes the glass area, what’s not to like about the Fortis? The advantage of a local manufacturer is so quite obvious, I can’t understand the negativity. Some of the larger brands such as Softlite and Sunrise can take 4 weeks or more to provide a replacement part for a window. I can personally tell you Vytex was able to provide the part in less than 24 hours. If you don’t consider that an advantage when you are sitting in your house in February with broken glass waiting, while the freezing air comes in around the piece of cardboard taped to the sash, I do not know what is.

    Please let me know what a better window is and why.

    Oh, and Constant Force balances are somehow inferior? The only ones who make that claim are salesmen selling something different. Constant force comes with a lifetime warranty as well as block and tackle. Neither has shown a higher rate of failure. In fact, the failure rate on both is so low, it shouldn’t even be a consideration. Unless of course, the window salesman tries to convince a consumer there is.

  13. I saw the vytex fortis at a home show. Its a nice looking window and seems solid. That said, i didnt really get a chance to spend a lot of time to play around with it. I have no issues with a smaller company, as long as they make a good window, have quality control and good service. Thats all that really matters in my view. Ive seen plenty of large companies go under. Vytex really isnt that small of a company.

  14. I actually just saw the vytex potomac and fortis windows. I was impressed with both, they have performance numbers right up there with the top rated windows. Both windows are good looking and seem very well bulit. All their performance numbers are listed with the NFRC . I checked.
    It seems that the potomac is their top offering and the fortis is just below that. Vytex seems like a decent sized company and they have been around for a long time. As a former engineer, i like the constant force balance.
    The Potomac was about 550 per window and the fortis was 512.
    I had my mind made up with another brand and seeing these windows just added more confusion to my decision.
    Another examlle as to why getting too many estimates can be a bad thing. Lol.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Did they show you the air infiltration rates? You may find a difference there.

    2. Window shopper in VA says:

      Can you share who was offering the Fortis at 512 per?

  15. Thanks for responding windowdog. The air infiltration ratings on the vytex double hung windows are a .05 . Both the potomac and fortis have the same air infiltration numbers. From my research, those are very good numbers. The structural number on the potomac was a little higher, i think a 65 whereas the fortis was a 50. Again. Both seem like good numbers.

  16. I’m so confused. So far I have two estimates to replace 7 windows in my townhouse. One estimate for Pella’s 250 Series is $1000 per window. I feel like this is was too much for my 23 year old townhouse and would be overkill. I got another estimate with them using the Encompass Series with single hung rather than double hung which lowered the price to about $800 per window. The other estimate was for Simonton Reflections 5500 Series which is a little less than $700 per window but I read about the Simonton windows and it said they are getting a little “long in the tooth” so I wasn’t sure if they are any good. I’m waiting for my 3rd estimate. This will be on Fortis Series Vytex windows. They are thicker so my blinds that aren’t that old will probably not fit anymore! I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want to be cheap but I also don’t want to overdo it. I am the owner of the house and have lived here since it was built in 1993 and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here, maybe until I retire (another 4 years or so) or maybe as long as I live. Anyone have any opinions that would help me make the decision? Thank you.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Well, the jamb depth of the Simonton and the Vytex will be the same so one will not impact your blinds more than the other. We could probably help you save a bundle if you’d like. Here’s contact info.

  17. Christine says:

    We just had bids for various windows inlcuding pella which seems like very poor quality. I was shocked that pella vinyl windows were that bad. Of course i never did an internet search until yesterday and saw a bunch of bad reviews on both pella and andersen vinyl. One of the brands we saw and liked very much was Vytex. We saw both the potomac and fortis series. The fortis was less money but we liked the look and it seemed built very strong. We liked it more than the okna 500 which also seems very good but for the money the vutex was a no brainer to us.
    We also were worried about the blinds but it seems all new replacement windows will have a deeper jamb depth requiring the blinds to come inward. Our contractor says he isnt responsible if the blinds no longer fit and i fully understand that.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Sounds like you’re off to a good start. What did you like about the Vytex compared to the other options you looked at?

  18. Received a quote from Window Nation for their Vytex Grandview. Seems like a good window and had pretty good ratings. Of course the salesman tried the salesman technique of 2 different prices, each getting lower, then let me call the manufacturer direct to get you the cheapest if you have a number in your head. Price ended up being $13,900 for 19 windows and a bay. I actually have gotten a cheaper quote and one other quote that I want see if the company will come down on.

    All this is to say when comparing windows, Okna 500/800 seem to be the front runner although the quote was about $2000 more expensive when including the bay window. My only question is about SHGC, the Grandview had something like .26 or .28 while the Okna I believe is .30. 1) is that a noticeable difference? 2) I live in a very shaded area (I have like 13 mature trees on my property) and I don’t get as much direct sunlight during the winter, so should I lean towards a higher SHGC?? or does it really matter when windows are in the .26-.30 range? Sorry for the long post

    1. I also will be getting a quote from a local Sunrise dealer as well.

    2. thewindowdog says:

      Think of it this way, if you reward the company that was messing around with you on the pricing then you encourage them to keep operating that way. Don’t feed the animals. You can get a better deal from the friendliest company in town by calling these guys. I bet you’ll save a couple thousand bucks and you’ll enjoy the whole experience.

  19. Chuck Willis says:

    I received a quote from Window Nation for $7500 which includes 10 double hung/double pane window with foam and sliding patio glass door for $7500.00. The model name is Grandview. Of course he started out at $11,000 and went down to $7500 and stated he couldn’t go any further. He also stated that they can match lowest competitor plus give $200 off the total cost. This tells me his price can go lower. By the way the brand name of the windows are Vytex which the manufacturer is 5 minutes from my home. Is the price good? Should I look at other companies?

    1. what size are your double hung windows.

  20. I recently had 27 Vytex windows installed. Although I liked the looks of their thin frames, I cannot speak for their quality. Their screens are cheaply made, they bend left and right when I try to move them for cleaning.

  21. The screen frame on both the vytex fortis and vytex potomac are extruded aluminum which is super strong. There is no way it could bend.
    They used to offer a budget window a while back with a rolled aluminum screen that was flimsy but that was only on the budget window. Vytex no longer used rolled aluminum only extruded.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Great info Barry, thanks for chiming it. An extruded screen frame is a very nice option.

  22. Windowdog
    I recieved a quote for vytex potomac series windows. The windows look sharp and well made. They insulate the frame with a foam filling and use composite reinforcement bars for structural integrity.
    Pricing was $554 per window including installation and capping. However, I have a few questions for you.
    The contractor pointed out 3 things he claimed were very important numbers to look at.
    1) uFactor was .26 ( he said lower was better )
    2) air leakage rating was .05 but it was retested at a .02 . However, they arent changing the number for another 3 months so he says he has to keep it at .05 for now.
    3) the structural rating was a 65 which he said was ” one of the highest in the industry”.

    Do these 3 numbers put the vytex potomac window in the upper end category?
    Finally, is upgrading to triple pane glass worth it for a uFactor of .19 or is that overkill?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Remember, they always leave out the numbers that don’t look good. Ask for the VT rating to see how much light is blocked. They have pretty thick frames which don’t help anything in real life. The ratings are fine, but certainly not in a class all by themselves.

      1. The vytex has a VT rating of 52 without grids. Thats actually high which is good and lets in a lot of light. The shgc number with that VT rating is .29. They also offer an shgc of .26 and .20 ( all double pane options). They also offer triple pane.
        They do have a lower Vt if they use triple silver lowE which my contractor doesnt recommend in my area ( northeast). Vytex has a bunch of different glass packages.
        The vytex potomac frame is actually more narrow than the soft lite window i saw and the vytex fortis has a very narrow frame. We went with the potomac though.
        Quick question windowdog. Why do some customers in the northeast request triple lowE? It doesnt make sense unless im missing something?

        1. thewindowdog says:

          Hi David, glad to her you’re happy with what you found. You’re right that a heavier low-e coating doesn’t make sense most of the time in the North. Sometimes people will pick an option like that on one side of the house or to address a specific issue. More often I think it’s because a salesperson told them that more is better so they buy it without knowing that it makes their home less efficient.

          1. Margaret H. says:

            Hi Windowdog,

            I’m looking for vinyl replacement windows with the highest possible VT (0.7 would be great). I’m willing to take a hit on the SHGC, but of course want to know how much that hit will be. I’m having a heck of a time finding anyone who makes/installs high-VT vinyl windows in the Denver area. There’s a well-reviewed place in Boulder that has some high VT, but their frames are fiberglass & I’ve read bad things about those. Do you know of any companies that make high VT vinyl windows? Or if fiberglass is better than it appears to be, I’d be happy to be educated about that as well. Any advice you have would be very welcome!

          2. thewindowdog says:

            Hi Margaret, I love a good challenge. The highest VT option I could find in our offering was a 0.63 and that’s a window with a very slim frame. Now that’s a double hung window. For a picture window without a meeting rail I could find a 0.67, but that’s the highest.

            Have you checked our section on the best local companies? We may know someone in your area who could help out.

  23. I got a quote of $1975 for two windows with the following details: double hung, equal sashes, match existing pattern, colonial flat full grids, extreme 2 pane/Low-E & Argon/Laminate Glass, full flex screen, white interior and exterior. Is the quote a good price? I know nothing about windows but the sales person says I am asking for all the bells and whistles and that the price quoted is a discounted price.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      $1000 per window probably isn’t a great price, but a 2 window project will typically cost more than a larger project on a per window basis.

  24. Margaret H says:

    Hi Windowdog,

    Thanks for your answer – a VT of 0.63 would be great! Is that brand of window sold/installed in the Denver area?


    1. thewindowdog says:

      We have a recommended company in Denver, check them out. Just ask for their option with a slim frame and no low-e coating. It will be a substantially less efficient window than you could get. It’s not a very popular way to order new windows, but it should be available.

    2. I’d agree with dog that windows with no Low-e is uncommon and would have a high vt rating. But ill ad that with low-e 270 or some other passive low-e i seriously doubt you’ll even notice a vt of .63 to .53. Its actually humorous to me sometime I’ll have a customer that will be super interested in the VT rating and I’lll show a side by side comparison of no Low-e vs SB60 or 270 low-e and they are so confident that one is darker than the other but they’re pointing at the wrong one. I honestly cant visually see the difference and doubt most people can. Also FYI about any manufacture can order the glass w/ no low-e so I think the main thing you should be looking for is narrow frames. Check out Sunrise windows they have some of the smallest frames in the industry but you won’t lose durability or performance. Since this is a Vytex thread I’ll add that the Fortis model has a pretty narrow frame and is an excellent choice for efficiency, durability, and aesthetics.

  25. I recently had Window Nation provide me a price to replace 15 openings with 13 new ones(two pairs of windows are becoming two larger openings) at $518 each. This is the Vytex Barrington model which I don’t see on their website or any of the comments on this site.

    Does anyone have any insight on the Barrington Model?

    Additionally, Window Nation does have a Buy1Get1 deal right now which is why i called, they did give me the $17k price, but with the offer it would be $7,600 and the following day their office called me and dropped the price about another grand. Is it all a sham or is Vytex a good product? I like Window Nations installation and warranty and the Vytex Barrington seems like a good product but can’t seem to find anything. Much appreicate

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Vytex is a decent product, but the buy 1 get 1 free is a total scam. I’d recommend getting a few more quotes so you can see how the pricing in the market compares. I guarantee you won’t find that this price is half of what the market is charging.

      1. Thank you for the feedback. I did get a second price, Alside Mezzo, which i believe is constructed similarly if not better and the price per window(installed) was almost exactly the same. Buy 1 Get 1 is truly a scam to get me in the door – it worked – but I have not proceeded yet. Even after the ’30 day price garauntee’ I was called back and they stated they could do the same price even though the ‘special’ was over…..yeah.

        1. thewindowdog says:

          Ha, of course they can. Glad you got through the sales gimmicks. Let me know if we can help with anything.

  26. Ronald Haje says:

    I am building in St. Marys, GA. The builder does great work but uses 2900 Silverline by Anderson which seem to get poor reviews. I have Vytek installed in my home & have been very happy but are not available in Georgia. Any suggestions for that area on a vinyl window that compares to the Vytek.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      You’d need a new construction window which limits the choices. The Alside Mezzo window is available with an integrated nail fin and j-channel. In that configuration it’s probably one of the nicest new construction vinyl windows I’ve seen in a while.

  27. Ok my neighbor just got Vytex and I have a quote for 15 Windows but I got a quote for Mi 1650 Vinyl double hung Windows.
    Before I get into the cost I am trying to figure out are these good Windows. We are moving within a year and want to upgrade the Windows before we sell.
    Cost for the Windows is under $6200 with 4 widows that have to be mulled two of the Windows are small over the sink types.
    I know nothing about Windows or the Mi 1650. Is the price good? Are the Windows good?
    What should I do?

  28. I recently saw the Vytex potomac series window through a window company that offers vytex windows. Both the wife and i like the look of this window and the salesman seemed nice enough and not pushy. We obviously did some research thanks to some of the info we gathered from this site ( thanks ).
    We also saw okna windows, champion, and power group. Vytex seemed to have very good energy performamce data. Out of those, we thought the vytex felt the strongest ( if thats the correct word).
    Our question is regarding triple pane glass. For an upcharge, we can get triple pane with argon which knocks the Ufactor down to a .19 from .26 in double pane glass.
    We live in the northeast. Is triple pane glass something that is worth getting or is that getting a bit too extreme in your opinion.? I am hearing arguments both ways.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      As you can see in the ratings, triple pane glass makes a decent improvement. It’s impossible for me to say whether or not it’s worth the price. Take a look at the cost difference and then consider if it’s worth that amount of cash to have windows that are about 25% more efficient. If you’re in a cold climate and you’re going to be around a while you might want to upgrade.

  29. Love the site. We just moved into a new home about 6 months ago. The original owner replaced the windows in the spring of 2014 (3 years ago).
    They used MI Windows (1650 series). This winter the home was freezing and you could feel cold air coming through the actual window. From my experience and some reviews on the net, MI Windows seem to be lower quality and flimsy. We had a few contractors come by and take measurements and look at the window. One even tore off the moudling to look deeper. They all say the MI windows were installed properly but the windows themselves are kind of junky. Whatever, the old homeowner bought them, not us.

    Anyway, the one window contractor/ company we like is offering Vytex windows. He showed us the “Fortis series” and it looks very nice and feels sturdy. He says they use it because its ” a very good window”. He said he orders the window without foam wrap around the window. There is foam filling inside the actual window but he orders without actual exterior foam wrap. He says he prefers to use spray foam to insualte the windows and sometimes exterior foam wrap can get in the way of his spray foam. Is this normal? Is spray foam better than foam wrap? Hope im explaining this properly.
    Thank you

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Either option should work fine. Sometimes people order the foam wrap and use the spray foam to fill in extra areas and some guys like to only use the spray foam. Should work out fine either way.

  30. Todd Brock says:


    I am considering the Polaris Ultraweld with SupremeEnergy2 Triple Pane and the Vytex Fortis Energy Saver Max. I have 12 double hung, 1 picture window, and 6 sliders. I was quoted $12,031 for the Vytex and 12,540 for the Polaris, sold by a local window company in business for 55 years that also sells parts and service. The Vytex dealer is a typical window sales type place-very nice folks and no pressure…-

    I like both windows, companies, etc. I am in Cincinnati Ohio so the triple pane is being sought for the sound reduction. I was quoted for laminated glass, but its a 3500 to 4500 upgrade. Any thoughts on either of these 2 windows, using triple pane as sound reductions???

    The only down side is Vytex windows have a low VT. They appear a little tinted at .37.
    HELP !!! Im ready to buy, but not sure which way to go.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Those are both fine options, but there are downsides. 0.37 VT rating is pretty dark. I may be able to help out. Check this page to see if we can help in your area.

    2. Bill Donovan says:


      I’m in Cincinnati too and was just quoted for the Fortis windows from Windows Direct. I’m curious which window you chose?

      1. Todd Brock says:

        Hey Bill,

        I skipped Window Direct. They were nice people and the windows seemed nice. I was leaning that way but the windows are very dark. The VT spec is really low. Plus the sales rep called and asked if I was ready to buy b/c they were having a big sales contest, but I probably wasn’t worried about that. That sealed the deal to look elsewhere b/c nothing about Vytex was so special I couldn’t get the same window elsewhere. I will end up with Polaris from Western Hills Windows

        1. Like for like you will find similiar vt ratings from most manufacturers. I’d assume the Vytex Fortis window was being quoted with a HP triple pane with multiple coatings of low e. Will this is the most effective the glass would be darker. The window could also be ordered with a lighter coating of low e and would have increased VT ratings

          1. thewindowdog says:

            You’re generally right. I always suggest folks compare VT ratings to see how much light is blocked by the window frame. If you can get the numbers with clear glass it makes for an easier comparison. For example, the Alside 8000 series has a lower VT with clear glass than an Alside Mezzo so you know the 8000 series will block more light.

            Remember, lower ratings aren’t always better. A more efficient window that blocks more light and makes the house feel darker will be a worse choice for a lot of people. Sometimes salespeople lose sight of how the windows are actually used.

  31. Does anyone have access to the Vytex window warranty prior to 2007,they are offering a lifetime warranty currently,need to know if they had a similar warranty prior to 2007. Spacers in windows are drooping into the space between panes,first I was told I was covered and then told it would cost almost $2,000. to replace 4 fixed widows and two double hung. Current warranty may suffice but if I have the earlier one it might save a fight.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      They can probably send you a copy of the warranty that applies to your order. That’ll be the easiest way. Are they charging for parts and labor or is that just the labor charge?

  32. I have received quote that are very close in pricing for Simonton 55 Series windows 23 double hung for $15K and Vytex Fortis same price. which one should we choose. each salesman was pushing his.
    this is our forever home
    Also what are thoughts on Thompson Creek, we are in NOVA, VA

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Irina, my company has the best deal going in Northern Virginia. You’ll love what we have to offer. Check this section.

      1. Anyone ever hear of the greenx500 series by Vytex? A company near Philadelphia installs these and I was curious about the quality and ratings of these windows. The information the salesman left behind doesn’t show any actual ratings data. Also, is a price of $13,000 for 12 double hung windows with grids and two bays that each will have 2 casement windows and 2 picture windows?

  33. Finishing that comment… is that price fair? I was expecting closer to $500 per double hung and maybe $1,000 for each bay

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I would expect you could find that pricing in Philadelphia. My company does a lot of work in Philly and I’ll be happy to help with an order if you’d like. You can find info here.

  34. Didnt read through the all the comments, but based on what i know – I’ll share this. Vytex windows is what is pushed right now by Windows Nation folks if you are looking for white plastic windows. Windows Nation currently operates in Northern Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Specifically the latest salesman at our house in Pittsburgh area was pushing Georgetown and higher scale Grandview. Main difference between the two – Georgetown does not appear to have insulated frame and sash (vs polyurethane foam in Grandview), and the sash frame on Georgetown appears to be significantly thicker than on Grandview. Both double pane. Silver oxide.(Grandview DP-45, 0.08 cfm/ft, .26 U-factor with “extereme Low-E/Argon Gas. After all the sales tricks, gimmicks and negotiations for 10 3×3 double hung (no grids) and 1 2×3 tempered slider (yep – bathroom) with demo of old aluminum frame windows in brick circa 1960 salesman came down from alleged $15 K for Grandview down to $7.5K. Prior to that “rock bottom price” for Grandview was $9024 and for Gerogetown was around $8000. Lifetime warranty covers only certain things, and is only on material after i bleieve 1 year.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Thanks for sharing that info. I’d be skeptical of a company that lowers the price by $7,500.

  35. Good morning,
    We recieved a quote from Window Nation for 10 windows for 7,867. They also said they dont subcontract and they manufacture their own windows?.
    Im not sure if I believe this.
    The next quote was from Thompson creek for $9245. Their pitch was better and online even better. But the price is so steep. Im wondering if part of their price is their brand name?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Thanks for writing Danielle. I’m confident that Window Nation does not manufacture their own windows and to the best of my knowledge they do use subcontracted installation crews which isn’t necessary a bad thing. The dishonesty of the salesperson is far worse in my mind.

      $9200 for 10 windows does feel pretty heavy. My company will probably be able to help out if you’re in an area covered by those 2 other companies. If you’d be interested in seeing the difference you can find us here.

      I think you’ll like what we have to offer.

  36. Looking to replace 21 contractor grade windows and 1 patio door. I have a quote for Vytex Fortis at $15,547 (windows & installation). Is this a good price? Location is Middletown, DE.

  37. George Kreamer says:

    We replaced windows in a townhouse we owned back in the late 90’s. 11 double hung windows and a sliding glass door. Back then it was $6500 and the windows were Vytex, the company we bought from was called Better Homes Remodeling in Fairfax, VA. We lived in Woodbridge VA.

    I can say that the windows were very good- we noticed a big difference in comfort and the electric bill did drop about 25% if I recall.

    After a few years one sash developed condensation between the two pieces of glass. I called Vytex, gave some info from the sticker on the frame and picked up a brand new sash within a week (waiting on Better Homes would have meant a 6 week wait). Driving from Woodbridge to Laurel was not ideal but I was grateful Vytex offered that option. The new sash fit perfectly and as far as I know the windows are still in service at that house.

    When Window Nation told me they sold Vytex windows I was pleased, but their price games and the jerky salesman (claimed WN is 90% of Vytex business and that they “in effect own Vytex”- insert eyeroll here) sealed the deal to NOT buy from them.

    I would not hesitate to buy Vytex windows again, just NOT from Window Nation.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Ha, I love their sales pitch because of the number of opportunities for eye rolls! The stories they tell about caulk and capping are also fun. I wonder if Vytex knows that Window Nation owns them?

  38. Kris Hughes says:

    Question: Which window would you choose between Ideal Majestic vs Vytex Fortis?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I probably wouldn’t pick either one. I’m always hesitant in dealing with those smaller manufacturers. What’s your zip code? I might be able to help out with another solution.

  39. G Clayton says:

    Good morning. I consistently read that you’re skeptical of smaller manufacturers, which I understand since they might have less staying power. With that being said, have you heard of many (any?) problems or concerns with the Vytex Potomac series vinyl windows? I’m debating between Vytex and the Sunrise Restoration window, which is noticeably more expensive. Thank you

  40. G Clayton says:

    Hi Dog,
    Want to append to my previous question about Vytex Potomac versus Sunrise Restorations vinyl window replacements. I just got my final quote, which was for Okna Eco-Pro 600 series windows. The installed pricing for Vytex and Okna were similar. The Sunrise windows were quite a bit more expensive. How would you rate these products versus each other? Thanks for a quick answer, as I’d like to make a final decision this week.

  41. David Necikowski says:

    We are in the market for some replacement windows. We’ve interviewed several contractors already and have one more to go on Tuesday before we make our decision. We met with Thompson Creek salesperson today and were given a thorough briefing on how great their windows are etc. etc. He finally took measurements of all our windows then brought in a window to show us how incredible they are. I have to admit they looked good, well built, and had quite a few innovative ideas. But then he showed us the price. quite a bit more than twice as much as the next lowest price. And some of the contractors quote us ProVia Endua and Vitek Grandview. Then the TC salesperson showed us they were having a sale!!! WOW %25 off! Now the price is just over twice the price of the nearest competitor.
    After the 2 hour sales pitch my wife was running late for an appointment so we told the salesman that he was way over priced. So then he explains that he was quoting us their Flag Ship window. IE: Most expensive. We’re supposed to get a call next Wednesday to talk to another guy who will give us a quote for their next lower priced window. Which from what I gather from the salesperson will come in about 10K less than the other window. I doubt we’ll be dealing with TC.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi David, from what we’ve heard that experience is pretty typical. I haven’t seen anything remarkable about their products other than the price. My company does operate in the same areas as Thompson Creek, we actually cover a significantly wider area than they do. If you’d like we’d be happy to help out. In most areas we can do quotes by email with clear and transparent pricing and nicer windows too (in my humble opinion). You can find us here.

  42. Michelle Moseley says:

    We just got a quote for the presidential series vytex window. The specs are welded corners, foam filled frames, thermocore reinforcements in the meeting rails, super spacer system, triple low-e (our house bakes in the sun even in the winter), double hung windows for about $830 per window including installation, old window removal, and capping. Is this a good price? Do these spec sound like they matter?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Michelle, those sound like pretty typical specs. What’s your zip code? We might be able to get you a second opinion. Or, check this section to see if we know someone who can help in your area.

      1. Michelle Moseley says:

        My zip is 22204

  43. Bonnie Henry says:

    Hi WindowDog, I’m glad I found your site. Loads of good info from all the others asked and your comments. My reason for my email. I need help with my final decision on which window and/or company to go with.
    First, I live in a well built 1952 house in the northeast just a ways up from Philly, PA.. I received 4 quotes (the 5th was a no-show). Two of the quotes are high. One from Pella for the 250 series – $10,250 – for 6 double-hung, double pane, argon gas windows with full screens and security latches and transferable lifetime warranty . I was really disappointed with Pella quality I was shown. It was the only vinyl window I was shown. The next quote from Transform Home Improvements came in at $10120.00 for the same type windows, their 7700 series, as above except these were a triple pane with argon gas between each pane with the center being a security (unbreakable) glass. Both have transferable lifetime warranties. Don’t recall if labor is included. This company was very impressive and I liked the windows except for the price. My next quote is from AJ Windows and he offered ONKA 800DX windows with about the same as the two above except triple pane with argon gas but third pane (center) is same as outer two. Price is $6250 with a transferable lifetime warranty including breakage and labor. My last quote comes from Keystone -Vytex Fortis (Platinum – Keystone’s name) with a quote of $5702. Again basically the same type and style of windows except the windows are double pane with the argon gas between. They also have a transferable lifetime warranty that includes labor as well as breakage. I really like the ONKA and Fortis windows and with the price difference of less than $550. , I’m not sure which to go with. Researched both companies and both have very good reviews along with a few dissatisfied customers, nothing crazy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have 18 other windows that need updating ( windows are all original to the house) so whomever I choose will be eventually be doing all of them. The house also has storm windows all around (from either first or previous owner, I’m #3) which is why the casings are in very good shape. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Bonnie, if you’d like another option my company offers windows in the Philly area and we’d be happy to help with an email quote. I think you’ll find we’re a better value than the options you mentioned. Find us here.

  44. Bonnie Henry says:

    I will hit the “Find us Here” site but I am really interested in your opinion about the latter two companies and windows. Both are relatively close. I’m in Berks County. Keystone Window is out of Pottstown, just a hop-skip and a jump away and AJ Window/Door Solutions is from Briston, just down the road apiece. Like I said, I researched as best I could both the company and the window they’re selling. Both salesman were no-pressure, answered my questions and were very courteous. I like what I see and read about both, my reason for seeking out another professional opinion. Please, may I have your professional opinion on each? Thank you sincerely for your time.

    PS: Hit the “Find us here” site and unfortunately for both of us you don’t have anyone in this area (window company). I did go through Home Advisor and they sent me Transforms, good company and windows, just high price.

  45. Hi

    What’s a realistic life expectancy for a vytex window? What about a simonton one?

    I have 15 year old windows that seemed fine. But I also sprung a leak a few years ago due to bad caulking/missing flashing. When some door to door sales person came, I asked them to take a look at the caulk/wrap to see if it was worth them redoing. One thing led to another (including finding one window with a broken seal) and ive just received a quote of $14900 for 13 windows – 11 horizontal sliders, 2 double hung. Before investing in such an expensive endeavor vs “just” replacing the one broken window, I was curious whether I should be expecting the other windows to begin to lose their seals like the first window? Or if that first window can be considered a fluke?

    Also, is this realistically a good price? I feel like I’m magnitudes off prices mentioned on the internet…

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi there, I definitely think that Vytex windows sold by a door to door salesman will be a bad deal. It’s like a 100% probability they will not offer a good deal. I’d highly suggest checking this section to find a quote from a recommended company so you have another option.

      Or, let me know your zip code and I can make a suggestion for someone in your area.

      If one window or a couple windows are currently failing it is pretty likely that more will start to have issues soon. They were all built at the same time with the same materials so they’ll likely all fail around the same time.

      Just let me know if I can help out.

  46. stephane Baz says:

    Good morning – So here i am after reading just about as much of the comments and the great tips form the site . but yet you will feel i will ask the same questions ( but yet need help) – originally we had a quote for replacing all window ( 33) with double hung paradigm 8300 . i saw on your site somehwere that they were better than the Pella lower end and the total price of install was great. Unfortunately our installer ( who we know ) is no longer able to work ( health) and referred us to someone else. now the deal is not so good anymore…. and came along GReenstar exterior who , i believe is branding a version of the Georgetown window form Vytex. i read the concern about smaller window manufacturer , but that aside. Are these windows bad vs paradigm 8300 ? the numbers/ratings are much better on the GReenX500 ( branded name) than the paradigm . what am i missing ?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I wouldn’t worry about reviews for GReenX500 as that’s a made up name anyway. Are you comparing reviews with the Vytex Georgetown vs Paradigm? I do tend to recommend working with larger manufacturers. The lsat comment that came into the site, just a few minutes ago, was from someone who bought Ascu-Weld windows before they went bankrupt. That person is now having problems with them and facing a large bill. Why take the gamble on a small manufacturer?

      Where are you located, we might be able to make a recommendation.

      1. stephane Baz says:

        located in WEst Chester PA and indeed i am a bit worried about smaller manufacturer – i couldn’t find reviews of vytex vs paradigm unfortunately so i had to go over the numbers/ rating on the windows. BTW this site is PRICELESS !

        1. thewindowdog says:

          Glad you’ve been enjoying the site. My company does offer windows in your area. If you’d like another option we can send over pricing and product info by email with no pushy salesman. There’s no easier way to get new windows. Check this section to find us.

  47. Angela Ann Bolden says:

    Has anyone heard of Omni Series Window by Vytex exclusively sold by MWT, in Georgia? I cannot find much information about the quality of the windows or reviews. I am concerned. Salesmen say they are great, but these days you can’t trust anything from the salesman. Vytex does not mention the Omini series on their site only Georgetown and Potomac it appears these are not-so-good reviews on these windows as well.

    I have interviewed so many companies thus far, and this project is indeed exhausting. All I desire are High-quality vinyl windows. The only window company I found credible is the Marvin Manufacturer by North Georgia Window, but I don’t want to spend that much money either.

    Any recommendation is much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Any information you can provide would be exceedingly appreciated.

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