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Alside Fusion Warranty

The Alside Fusion window warranty is one area that this less expensive model compares very well.  We’ll go through the details of Fusion warranty on this page.  When you get to the bottom you can find a pdf of the Alside Fusion warranty.

If you’ve been shopping for vinyl replacement windows you’ve probably seen that most window manufacturers offer “lifetime” warranties.  At first glance it could appear that all of these warranties are the same, but they are certainly not.  There are important differences that are important to notice.

One factor to keep in mind is the difference between parts, labor and installation.  For example, if you get condensation in-between the glass panes in your windows what will you do?  Do you call the company that manufactured the windows or the company that  installed them?  Do you get new glass or a new sash?  Do you know what a sash is?  Will anyone install the new parts for you?  What if you get a leak in your window down the road?  Will the manufacturer say it’s an installation problem and the installation company say it’s a manufacturing problem?  What will you do then?  These questions illustrate the important differences in “lifetime” warranties.

The Alside Fusion warranty includes:

Lifetime warranty on glass seal

  • Lifetime warranty on vinyl
  • Lifetime warranty on screens and screen frames
  • Lifetime warranty on moving parts
  • Glass breakage NOT covered (optional warranty is available and must be purchased or it’s not included)
  • 1 year warranty on labor
  •  Installation NOT covered (may be offered by your installation company)

The Alside Fusion window warranty is transferable, BUT when it transfers it becomes pro-rated after 10 years and is no longer a “lifetime” warranty.  You might say you don’t care much about what happens after the warranty is transferred because you’ve sold the house and that’s not an unreasonable position.  Perhaps it does speak to how long Alside is interested in standing behind the products.

Overall this is a pretty decent warranty as it includes several things that are often excluded (screens, hardware, etc).  Remember that glass breakage is NOT included unless you get the optional warranty.  Make sure you get this in writing if you think you’re supposed to.  You don’t want to find out you don’t have it when the glass breaks 5 years from now.

On a positive note, Alside has been in business for over 60 years and they are owned by a $1 Billion corporation so they are likely to be around to honor their warranty long into the future.

You can download a copy of the Alside Fusion warranty here.

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