Alside Ultramaxx Windows Reviews

Alside Ultramaxx review vs Sheffield and Mezzo

Disclaimer: We recently started offering Alside windows (almost) nationwide for you to install yourself or with professional installation by the manufacturer.  We do it all with no in-home salespeople.  Details here

For our Alside Ultramaxx window review we’ll compare the Ultramaxx to the other Alside window products.  The Ultramaxx windows sit near the top of the Alside window line.  Very similar products are sold under various brand names including Alside Sheffield and Comfort World 6000 series.  When we say they sit near the top of the line that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s  a better product than anything else, but it does tend to cost more than some other products out there.

When comparing and reviewing Alside windows, the Alside Mezzo window (which we reviewed recently) stacks up pretty well.   The Ultramaxx doesn’t compare very well except in a few specific situations.  For example, the Alside Ultramaxx window is available with triple pane glass while the Mezzo window was not available with this option when initially launched.  The Mezzo model does now offer this option so there’s one less reason to pick the Alside Ultramaxx window..  Obviously this only matter to you if you’re interested in triple pane glass.

Another difference is in the weatherstripping that the Ultramaxx window comes with.  This sounds good and the salesperson might tell a great story to go with it, but if you compare the air infiltration ratings you’ll see the Mezzo is typically better.  This tells you the extra weather stripping on the Alside Ultramaxx isn’t doing you much good.

One important factor to consider is that the Alside Ultramaxx window uses a substantially thicker frame which reduces the glass area considerably.  If you’re looking at samples in person take a look at the thickness of the frame, especially the sill at the bottom.   Only you can decide if that’s what you want in your home, but it will reduce the visible glass area and reduce the visible transmittance rating.

Alside Ultramaxx vs Alside Sheffield

The Alside Ultramaxx and the Alside Sheffield share the same frame and ALMOST all of the same parts.  There are only 2 two differences between these 2 products.  One is the type of sill.  The Ultramaxx uses a Pocket sill that allows water to run down through the frame and the Sheffield uses a sloped sill that lets water run down and out.  There are advocates for both designs, but at the end of the day they’re pretty similar.   Even the Sheffield here doesn’t use a true sloped sill, but perhaps that’s a discussion for another day.

Alside Sheffield vs Ultramaxx
The Alside Ultramaxx and Sheffield models are almost identical the differences are the design of the sill and the lift rail at the top of the bottom sash.

The second difference between the Ultramaxx vs the Sheffield is the lift rail on the top of the bottom sash.  The Sheffield has a lift rail at the very top and at the very bottom of the window, but it does not have one in the middle.  The Ultramaxx adds another in the middle of the window.  Having trouble visualizing what I’m saying in this section?  Don’t sweat it, these two windows are essentially the exact same product with different names.

Why do they make these small differences between the Ultramaxx and the Alside Sheffield?

Just so the folks selling them can tell you why one is better than the other.  They’re really 99% the same window.

To sum up the Alside Ultramaxx review I’ll say if you’re getting triple pane glass it’s a perfectly fine option.  If you’re not this window might not make sense and you’ll be better off saving some money with the Alside Mezzo.

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54 thoughts on “Alside Ultramaxx Windows Reviews”

  1. I I purchased 12 Ultra Maxx windows for my home and need to get registered in order to be covered with the warranty. How do I go about doing this?

    1. The company that installed the windows should provide you with the warranty info from the manufacturer. If they didn’t and they refuse to I would wonder why. Just ask them, I expect they’ll get you everything you need. If not you can contact the manufacturer. The number for Alside is 800-922-6009.

  2. I purchased the Ultramaxx windows under the name Revelation windows. They are Argon Triple Pane/TG2 windows with Solarban 60. I got so many quotes on windows and everyone says theirs is the best. All I want to know is: Did I get good windows? Do they qualify for tax and energy credits? I was told they have a U value of .15 and an R value of 7 (although my contract does not specify this)

    1. I don’t think you have a U-Factor of 0.15 with those windows, which is probably why it’s not specified on the paperwork. The windows will come with an NFRC sticker that lists the actual ratings. The U-Factor will probably be 0.22 or so.


        This is the company where I’m getting my windows.

        I’ve done some more reading. The R Value on these windows is 7. The U Value 1/7=.15

        They said no other window has a higher R Value.

        I’m replacing wood Pella, which I’ve never liked.

        1. The NFRC sticker on the window is not going to show 0.15 U-Factor. What is your plan when you see that the windows you paid thousands for do not match the ratings you were promised? Buy any windows you like, but be prepared to learn that they were not being honest with you.

          I would suggest getting them to put in writing that the window will have a U-Facotor of 0.15 so you’ll have something to stand on when you discover that they don’t.

          …and if we’re wrong please post a picture of the NFRC sticker that comes on the windows. We’ll be happy to post it and update all of our comments.

          1. No Argon filled triple pane can achieve a .15 U-Factor. Only Krypton filled can achieve that.

          2. I know. I wonder if we’ll hear from this reader again. I would love to know what happened when the sticker didn’t match the promises.

          3. The gas they use is krypton on the triple pane windows. I just finished listening to a presentation and am researching. I live in Texas so my homes windows are larger. I was quoted $7484 for 9 windows. I just don’t know if that’s a good price or not.

          4. You’ll probably save a fair number of bucks going with argon gas. Krypton makes a little more sense in the north and almost no sense in Texas. Good luck!

    2. Call Alside and ask them to send you something. This guy just assumes the U value is higher. How us he getting 22?

      1. Calling them is a good suggestion. Give them the serial number and they should be able to give you the details.

        You can find all of the options and ratings here:

        There is no Ultramaxx double hung with a .15 u-factor. The lowest is a 0.18 and that’s a relatively uncommon option. It would be called TK2 and not TG2. The most common triple pane option is the Climatech TG2 which has a U-Factor of 0.22. Since they told you it was TG2, I’ll bet that’s the one you got.

        Good luck and be sure to let everyone know what you find out. I’ll be curious to see what they sold you vs what they told you.

  3. I am ashamed to admit that I fell for the “model home tactic” I had a representative stop by the other night to tell me all about the “showcase home” and only 1 house left in the promotion. I was busy with my 4 kids so I set up an appointment with the representative for when my husband would be home, set the brochures down and I am doing my research after the fact. Luckily we have not signed the monetary paperwork and were told we have until Monday to “change our minds.”
    I was told the same thing as Sharon as far as an R value of 7 on these Revelation windows: triple pane, solarban 60, Climatex, water drainage system, etc. I have young children, the youngest being infant twins (who were awake during the visit) so I don’t recall all the bells and whistles he told us. I want to know if this is truly a good value. Our quote was $680/window, this per the representative included everything, no hidden costs, They state that they offer a 50 year warranty on all parts and labor, fully transferable with no penalty.
    Our house is 11 years old, to say that they builder used cookie cutter builder stock is an understatement. He was an awful builder and is no longer in business (we are the 2nd owners.) The windows are drafty, moldy, moist, full of fog etc. I know they need to be replaced, I also know that windows aren’t cheap. We have no trees or coverage to offer wind blockage (basically we live in a field). Thank you!!!

  4. We almost fell for the LEI neighborhood scam and Alside windows. I felt too pressured so we exercised our right to cancel and I have been gathering more information about windows. We were quoted about $550 per window, but something just didn’t feel right. I am looking into a local company now and will see how they compare. Alside Revelation sounded great, but I just don’t know how much is true and if they are really that great!

    1. I got the Revelation windows, and I love them. I noticed a difference right away. I can leave my shades open all day. I only close them for privacy. After the week we just had, I now know I no longer have to close them for the heat.

      1. LEI stopped by our home in Centerville, OH – 35 years old with original, double-pane, wood sash Crestline windows. Many are rotted out, don’t open, don’t close. We just bought the home at a great price because of this (and other needs).

        We opted for the dark cherry woodgrain interior and white exterior for 24 windows including some crank-out awning types in the basement. Our quote was for $530 per window for the UltraMaxx with all the whistles. I was surprised that it was this low considering the woodgrain finish seems like it would really jack the price up.

        We’re on a 8-12 week waiting list. I’ll report again when we have them put in.

        1. That comment should have read “Revelation” widows not “UltraMaxx”. The showroom home tactic made me laugh. I said to the sales rep that our home is so hidden from the street that it couldn’t possibly be a “model” for anyone. He caved and said it was a sales tactic…
          I still think the price is fair. I might have to check out the Mezzo, however, because we do love our sunlight!

  5. I am in the process of purchasing the Revelation triple pane windows through LEI from Alside, just as Rob did.
    They did advertise a little bit about the showcase homes, but told us the point of offering us a discount is really just that they are trying to get some homes in the area in homes that they will gain additional sales…….duh.
    I was more concerned with four things:
    1. Do the windows perform well.
    2. Will they be installed by qualified individuals.
    3. Am I getting an appropriate price.
    4. Is the warranty decent.

    I will update you on the items above.
    I was also told of the R7 rating. Will call Alside to ask them about this.
    What else should I ask them?
    On #2, LEI says they only utilize Alside contractors for installation and don’t use subcontractors. This is reassuring if it is true as the guys that do it everyday and are held to their performance will likely do a better job than the guy that was painting houses the week before.
    On #3, I have 12 double hung windows and 5ft sliding glass door, at about $9,300 total. After a little review and discussion with a family member that directs a large remodeling firm in Ohio this price seems very reasonable considering a known product installed by guys that know what they are doing.
    On #4, we were also told the warranty is 50 years. When I asked if it was prorated, I was surprised that the reps said no, all was covered for 50 years. Usually windows have a “lifetime warranty” related to the lifetime of the window at 100% for 10 years and then prorated after……..

    Rob, what have you learned about the above?


    1. Hi Jake, thanks for sharing your info. I think you have a few details that are not quite right. First, the “Alside contractors” are subcontractors. They’re just subcontractors that Alside pays instead of subcontractors that the company you’re buying from pays. That doesn’t mean they’re good or bad guys (they may be great), but to say they don’t use subcontractors is not true.

      I would suggest you make sure you’re comfortable with the amount of light that will come in those windows. With the triple pane glass and thicker frames they’re relatively dark. Since you’re in a moderate climate you may want to consider something that blocks less light. We just heard from someone in the midwest who was very unhappy with her triple pane windows after they were installed because of that issue. Of course different things are important to different people.

      Good luck with the project and please feel free to ask any questions or share any additional info.

      1. Alside ultramaxx vs Simonton Madeira—any comments? We are at altitude and in a smaller rural area. Dry, not a lot of rain. Both of these brands offer argon at our altitude. Price similar.
        Some brands not available here but these are.

  6. Danger, Will Robinson!

    After reading your daily emails, I mustered some confidence to put the brakes on the LEI order for the Revelation and switch to Mezzo. We live in a shady area and need as much light as possible. I received a reply that the entire $13k order would drop by a mere $1200 or about $50 per window. But then – he stopped replying when I asked for these references (of which they claim to have hundreds). Silence! I followed up with a deadline of noon today else we cancel the order and find our own installer/salesperson.
    As they say on TV: To be Continued. /dramatic music/ Dun. dun. DUUUUUNNNN.

  7. I’m more confused than ever. I just signed the paperwork to purchase the Revelation window from LEI/Alside.

    First let me say that I saw the sales pitch for what it was and don’t care.

    The only think I care about is if $621 per window is a fair price for the quality of the window I’m getting. I’m fine with triple pane and don’t need the sunlight.

    I have 2 days to cancel the order. I don’t mind paying slightly more, I just don’t want to be scammed and have to replace my windows because the Revelation windows are of low quality.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re asking. I think the windows are of fine quality. The fact that you’re asking tells me you’r not confident. I would suggest canceling it any getting another quote or two so you have something to compare it to. If you find it was a fair deal, they’ll take you back. There is no need to feel rushed.

  8. I obtained the spec sheets on both the Mezzo and Ultramaxx to verify exactly what you’ve been talking about. The U and SHGC rating between the two are comparable, with the Ultramaxx being only slightly better.

    U – .24 (Ultra) verses .29 (Mezzo)
    SHGC .22 (Ultra) verses .30 (Mezzo)

    However, the Air Infiltration number is vastly superior on the Mezzo.

    .24 (Ultra) verses .04 (Mezzo)

    I cancelled my Ultramaxx contract.

    LEI does sell the Mezzo, so I told them that if they would sell me the Mezzo for under $500 per window, I would sign a contract to purchase the Mezzo window. I am waiting to hear back from the distributor.

    1. John, any update on this project? LEI approached me as well and after going through this thread I’ll likely ask for Mezzo with better spacers (like SuperSpacer if possible). They estimated us 16k for 21 ultramaxx Windows with their “advertising promotion”.

      1. Update! We sent in our cancel notice, LEI “director” suddenly found two end of the year rebates to drop the cost to 13k. So shady.

  9. LEI got back to me and quoted the Mezzo at $500 per window, but it was with the U-shaped Interceptor Spacer. I did not think to get a quote on Mezzo with the SuperSpacer system. They removed the time constraint and I got a quote from ThermoTwin in our area that uses the SuperSpacer system in their double hung window. My “All-In” price was $629 per window for double hung, double paned, SuperSpacer windows with grids on 8 of my 14 windows.

    The guy from LEI was great. From a fairness perspective, I regret not giving him opportunity to re-quote the Mezzo windows with SuperSpacer. He certainly deserved the opportunity, but I was afraid he would feel I wasted his time if I didn’t purchase from him. Had price been equal, I would have went with ThermoTwin because they are local, and because my neighbor who is a anal retentive as they come, got ThermoTwin windows and recommended the company.

  10. I had my LEI Windows installed and I truly love them. From the initial person that came to my house to the end result. I got my windows for $9920 for 15 Windows and not a single second questioned it because I had quotes from Anderson and a local company for triple pane and LEI was charging half what the other companies were. Warranties we really great. And honesty I think they were like every other company out there, they come to your home looking for the yes so I don’t think it was pressure. Energy having same great too, I’m saving almost 40% from last year and the windows are paying for them self so can’t complain. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi John,

      Glad to know it worked. LEI is coming to our home to give us estimate. Any tips/suggestions?
      We have a 25 year old home with original windows. Their sales guy stopped by last week and offered us 50% (effective) on windows, with having to put a sign in our front yard for 30 days.


  11. Had the LEI person here last night. Haven’t signed any paperwork. Never do on these type of buys until I’ve slept on it. I appreciate all the reviews and info. I will be definitely looking at other quotes and options although I thought the window was solid. I also thought their quote seemed high as I am reading what others were quoted. As some said I am in no rush on this project.

  12. Had a representative come out after having a few other quotes from various credible companies so when presented with the Revelation series window I was actually very impressed. I spoke with a few previous clients that have went forward with the Lei and the Revelation series window and they seemed to be very happy with their purchase and our representative was great also so we are deciding to go ahead and move forward with the project. Great quality, Great warranty and great credibility… ill take it.

    1. I’ve been told they use the same manufacturer’s installation service that we use through this program. If that’s the case I have no doubt the quality of installation is good. I know we see great results and many happy customers using that same service, same installation managers, same installers, etc.

      Good luck with the project.

  13. This review is 2 years old. Is there any update? We’re trying to decide between the Ultramaxx and Mezzo windows. Leaning towards Mezzo because of the sill issue and decreased glass space, but do the Mezzo really have better air infiltration rates? Is the energy star rating on the Mezzo just as good as Ultramaxx?

    1. Nothing has changed. The Mezzo windows get better ratings and they’re less expensive. Sounds like an easy choice to me!

  14. First off, if you are window shopping please visit this amazing Windows AMA that will provide you with all the information you need to be better equipped when looking for replacement windows.

    So, we were approached by a door to door ‘salesman’ for LEI Home Enhancements (who was technically a teenager) about replacement windows and a promotional offer in the neighborhood that if we put a sign in our frontyard after installation for 30 days that we would get new windows and installation at upwards of 50% off the original price TODAY. We thought that sounded great and went the next step to talk to another person the next day about the windows and a price. Oh, and both me and my wife had to be present, no exceptions (red flag already).

    The next day we met with what appeared to be another teenager who was the ‘director of marketing’ (and per his words recently graduated from college) who proceeded to go through all the window features. They were presenting the Revelation Series which is just another fancy name for AMI’s Alside’s Ultramaxx Triple Pane windows with the PPG stainless steel Intercept spacers from 1991/92. Long story short, we signed a contract to replace about 22 windows at a price of 17k. We though that compared to the original price and their competitors which we were told were between 30k-38k, this seemed like a bargain.

    However, since we had a few days before we could cancel we went and did some research. It seems that Alside doesn’t have the best reputation and the Ultramaxx is a window that has a smaller glass size and the intercept spacer system is not that great when compared to SuperSpacers (aka Mylan Foam, or any other Foam equivalent – video here to show comparisons of how Super Spacer is far superior – So we signed the section of the contract where you can cancel and set the wheels in motion. Then we got a call from LEI about a follow-up, this is when the fun started.

    I informed the kid that we had cancelled and sent in the paperwork to cancel, he then says ok, we hang up, and after a few hours we get a call and it’s him again! He informs us that his Director of Operations had suddenly found TWO rebates available that would drop our price from 18k to 13k! Amazing! Why didn’t you mention these at the original ‘pitch’ meeting? After reading some info on The Window Dog, we determined that the Ultramaxx line was not what we needed at that perhaps the Mezzo by Alside would be better ( so we asked LEI about a cost estimate for those WITH super spacers.

    After an hour, the Director of Operations is the one on the phone now, he claims the Mezzo has a poorer R Rating (3.4) compared to Ultramaxx (7.0), and that triple pane is the way to go. The spacer system is already upgraded to the best available (PPG intercept) and the foam is not an option on either the Ultramaxx or Mezzo. In addition, he never mentions any of the glass options (Climatech, TG2, etc) only that Mezzo does not contain Solarban 60 and is ‘basic Low e’ only. In addition, they do not use foam in their installation but ‘expandable headers’, no idea what that is or how it works. He also reiterates that our ‘promotion’ could soon be gone if another family signs up in our neighborhood…..who cares.

    Overall, from the scummy ‘your home could be featured in our promotion’ to the FOUR phone calls after we told them we’d cancel, and the ‘sudden rebates’ available, I wouldn’t go near this business. Terrible sales tactics and the windows they are selling have a history of issues and problems. AVOID LEI HOME ENHANCEMENTS.

    1. Oh man, I’m sorry to hear you went through that, but it’s a great representation of how many of these companies treat people. Of course you probably already know, but it sounds like they make several claims that were factually untrue about the products.

      If you haven’t already, check this page to see if we have a recommended company in your area. We probably do.

  15. I was Just quoted $750 per window Alside/Ultramaxx which includes installion and outer window trim. They’re all custom sizes.

    Is this a good price?

    1. Probably a little steep unless there are some expensive options included. Did you end up ordering them?

  16. I’m leaving a question even though from prior answers I think you won’t approve of a purchase. I have 16 windows in my home. The original quote was $12485 with the showcase discount. (Yes, I assumed that was BS.) I asked to do nine windows cutting out four front that would require designer aspects (arches and the pane look). That quote was $7484. These are triple hung with krypton gas. Price includes installation. I had a quote last year from Sears who wanted $3000 for only two windows. Thoughts please? I’ve only ever purchased cheap Home Depot windows before.

    1. I’m not like Suze Orman over here approving and not approving of things.

      Krypton gas typically doesn’t provide a great bang for your buck. You might look for an option without that option and it will likely save a reasonable about. Good luck!

  17. Hi! I was quoted about $450 per window for Ultra Maxx. I am comparing to Berkshire Elite which is about $100 more per window. I live in the MD/DC/VA metro area.
    To me, they seem pretty comparable. Is there a reason why the Berkshire would be a better choice?

    1. Hi Kelly, I do think the Berkshire Elite is a nicer window, and it typically doesn’t need to be $100 more per window. The wholesale cost is about the same. If you’d like my company can help you with an order in the DC area. Find us here and I can get you a quote online so you have something to compare.

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