Okna 500 Reviews

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The Okna 500 Series aka the Insul-Tec is the most popular model from Okna Windows.  It is certainly a next generation product that provides some features not found on older designs.  The Okna 500 is available in a range of options that allow for very solid energy efficiency ratings.  This model is built with a relatively slim frame which allows for good visible transmittance numbers as well.

okna 500 reviews
This is the optional auto-lock that locks when the window is closed.

It’s important to remember that certain features that may be on a sample window are options so you should be sure they are included if you want them.  Examples of these options are the auto-lock (shown above) and the foam insulated frames (shown below)

okna windows foam filled frames
The foam filled frames are a popular option to increase efficiency.

Two standard features that are certainly part of the next generation design are the fully welded sloped sill which drains water to the outside rather than through the frame and the mortised sill dam which provides for a very tight seal.  Okna windows consistently offer excellent ratings and these features contribute to that result.

Okna 500 air infiltration
See the mortised sill dam on the Okna 500 window. This feature allows for a very tight seal.

One aspect of this design that we’re not huge fans of is the exterior of the frame.  The design has a lot of details and shape which is supposed to look fancy, but we just find it busy.  It fits with the look of some homes, but not all and at the end of the day we’d prefer a window blend in with the home rather than standout.

okna 500 ratings and reviews
Notice all of the fancy designs on the exterior of the frame. For us this is just too busy.

What should an Okna 500 cost?

I used to have a range of price estimates for Okna 500 windows with installation listed here and I discovered that I was frustrating about as many readers as I was helping.  A friend of mine is an Okna dealer in Milwaukee and after learning more about his business I understood why.  There can be a lot of variation in the final price due to a number of factors.  Your best bet is to find a great local company and talk through the options with them.

You can be sure that a basic Okna 500 window installation should be substantially less than the $1,200 to $1,500 per window prices that we sometimes see folks post about.  This is a nice mid-range window that should work well for many people.

Remember, there are MANY factors that contribute to the overall cost of your project.  I would encourage you not to get a price in your head before you call a local company.  The best strategy is to get a few quotes from reputable local companies and see how they compare.  Some companies may try to charge more than others, so if you’re not comfortable with a quote you’ve received just get another quote.

Here’s a post I wrote on understanding window pricing. This is a fine window, but there are lots of fine windows out there.  Don’t feel like you need to work with a company just to get a certain product.

If you’re unsure about the window prices that you’ve received just post a comment and we’ll do our best to help you sort through it.

What’s the bottom line?

Overall the 500 Series windows from Okna are an updated design with solid performance numbers and a legion of devoted fans.  The model is the most popular product from Okna Windows and we can see why.

Other than the basic concerns about Okna Windows as a manufacturer the product performs well compared with most of it’s peers.  When comparing this model to options from other manufacturers make sure you’re comparing relatively new designs.  Older designs from generally well regarded companies (like Simonton for example) just don’t compare.

Find additional reviews on more Okna window models along with several competing options here.

If you’re looking for a window company right now, the best advice we have is to check out our list of the best window companies all over the country.  You can find it right here. 

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98 thoughts on “Okna 500 Reviews”

  1. Christina E Davenport says:

    I have to get some replacement windows for my home. I’ve read most of your reviews and see pros and cons for many of these. I am interested first in energy efficiency and durability, with design coming in second. I’m also interested in a company that will stand behind their product with no hassles!
    Are you willing to make a recommendation on which brand I should choose? What windows do you have in YOUR home?? 🙂

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Christina, as you’ve probably noticed we’ve stayed away from explicitly endorsing any window products just yet. There is really no “best replacement window” as the right product for you is so dependent on your specific situation.

      To give you a little inside info, as soon as we have the bulk of the reviews and the rest of the other basic content completed we’re going to be starting a new feature to help folks pick the right windows for their project. This is probably still a little ways off so unfortunately it may be too late for you.

      I notice you posted your question in the Okna 500 section so I will tell you that you can find our general feelings on Okna here. At the end of the day there are many fine products, but selecting a reputable installation company can be a larger factor in the overall success of the project.

      I would suggest starting with our post on Angie’s List From a Contractor’s Perspective to try to find a company to work with in your area.

  2. I plan to replace 8 double hung, 2 small basement windows, 1 geometric and 2 large bow windows. I’ve done a lot of homework and narrowed down my choices to OKNA 500, Soft-Lite Elements or Andersen 400 Woodwright. Andersen is good but pretty pricy. I have a hard time to decide between OKBA and Soft-Lite. What’s your opinion? I wish I could find a showroom that has both so that I can compare them side by side. I live around Boston.

    1. Sorry forgot to mention that my contractor recommend Harvey Classic. I don’t like Harvey Tribute due to low VT. How does Harvey stack up against OKNA 500 and Soft-Lite Elements? I’m cost conscious but want to choose the best product as well.

      1. thewindowdog says:

        In addition to the info in the previous response, focus on the quality of the installation company that is offering each. The quality of the end result is at least 50% determined by the quality of the installation. Look for reviews, references, etc. Don’t just trust the salesperson.

    2. thewindowdog says:

      We have reviews for both the Okna 500 and the Soft-Lite Elements that have a lot of info. Remember there is no “best” product. If there was everyone would pick it and every other company would go out of business. Maybe it would help to think about these three factors:

      1. What are the quantifiable differences? Ratings and actual real life benefits of differences in ratings.
      2. What are the qualitative differences? Basically the look. They’re both vinyl windows so the general look is pretty similar, but there are differences.
      3. How much more are you willing to pay for these differences?

      Thinking about it in those terms may help. You might try to also think about how much you will care about those differences 5 years down the road. It’s easy to get all excited about this and that while you’re shopping. In a few years will you care about the shape of this lock vs the shape of that lock? Only you can decide.

  3. I looked at Okna, soft lite, and a few others including sunrise. One contractor was pushing harvey which seemed flimsy and poorly put together, didnt like it at all. He was immediately eliminated from consideration as was the contractor pushing silverline( total junk in my opinion).
    I liked the okna 500 a lot and was wondering how it compares to sunrise and soft lite ?

    1. Forgot to mention, the price for the okna 500 ( insultec) was around 520 per window including install and came with the deluxe package.
      All double hung windows in all white.

      1. thewindowdog says:

        That price is probably a little on the high side, but I don’t know the specifics of your project. The retail pricing is set by the local company so it’s really up to them, but that’s 20%+ higher than we see all the time.

        1. Thanks for the reply. Ive called/ seen various dealers with other higher end products and all were over $500 per window ( soft lite – sunrise- vytex potamic series).
          I actually had 2 quotes for okna 500 and both prices were over $500 . Both companies have good reviews but am leaning towards one because they offer the okna 800 series which i like a little better although more expensive.

      2. Where r u located and which company gave you this quite in the okra installed?

  4. Christopher says:

    I’ve also seen some high prices in the Washington, DC area. I was very interested in Okna 500 Insultec, triple pane, argon gas, standard white, double hung insert package. I was quoted $640 per window. Lifetime install and window warranty. Standard insert for my home. I may have to decide on a different manufacturer because the local company is pricing themselves high. Any thoughts?

  5. Hi. Any input on my quotes would be welcome. I recd quote on six 800 series Okna windows. 5 measure 36″ wide x 42″ high and last window is smaller 24 x 30. No grids. Estimate was $4,050. Thats $675 per window which seems really high. Quote on same six windows for Okna 400 series was $3,350. $558 per window. Thx.

  6. Can anyone comment on the quote I received on Okna 500 series windows? We have a contemporary home with 25 windows. Several are picture windows, of which 2 are trapezoids. We have 4 casement windows and the rest are double sliders.

    There are some double-silled windows, which will require the installers to remove the existing wood trim and then put it back on. Also, the windows are a solid beige color (not plain white).

    All told the quote is $14,600 for the windows with install, which comes to $584 per window. It is the cheapest quote by far we’ve received on windows, but reading here makes me wonder if there still isn’t a better deal to be had.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    1. where are you located? who provided quote? thanks.

      1. I am located in CT and the quote was from Superior Windowland/Superior Remodelers.

        The other quote I received on the same windows was 26,897 from a company named Vista Home Improvement.

        Any thoughts would be great as I’m scheduled to sign the contract tomorrow. However, I have no problem delaying that if needed. I am more interested in a quality product at a good price than I am timeframe to get the work done.


        1. Matt,

          Know this comment is stale, but curious if you ended up going with Superior Windowland/Superior Remodelers? I’m looking at using them for a new window and siding project and wondering if you (or anyone else that has used them) have any thoughts on them.


          1. I did end up using them, and we were happy with the finished project. There were a few hiccups along the way, but I love the windows. For example, the bead of silicone around the flashing of some of the windows looked like it was smeared on instead of placed on and then blended in. I asked them to fix that, and to their credit they did, but I shouldn’t have to tell them that.

            It’s been 3 years now, so I can’t remember some of the other quibbles we had, but all in all, I would recommend them. The finished product still looks great now.

            And by the way, the Okna windows are awesome. Easy enough to clean and they have dramatically increased our home heating/cooling efficiency.

            Good luck!

  7. I am getting a quote of 700 per window for okna 500 in the washington dc area. I think it is too high. I also got a quote on soft-lite pro for around 480 per window. Is okna 500 that much better?. Reading the comments here I think the quote for okna 500 is too high but wanted to make sure please respond.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      For a little perspective the wholesale costs of the Okna and Soft-Lite models are about the same, probably within $20 per window. One company may be proposing different options or different installation details. It would need to be pretty substantially different to justify that kind of cost difference in my mind.

    2. Rich Payne says:

      I signed up just to respond to you guys… I just had a dozen Okna 500s installed in NH. Granted, I probably should have gotten that third quote for price comparison, but we needed to move fast because of the season. Anyway, we found a highly reputable installer that did a GREAT job, the windows have been in for two weeks now and we’re thrilled.

      The facts:
      We had (8) Single-hung windows, (1) Twin-Casement, (1) 3-Lite Casement(picture window) and (1) Sliding Patio door.

      The Window: Okna 500 Series Insul-Tec Deluxe : XR-5 Double-pane, with Argon. U-Factor: .25 White/White – NO GRIDS (I dont like those).

      The Price in NH from the guys with a list of referrals 25 pages deep, in 2015: $9300

      1. thewindowdog says:

        Thanks for posting, we appreciate it!

      2. Could you tell me who you used? We are in the Boston area and looking for OKNA windows. Thanks!

        1. Rich Payne says:

          Hi Jane,

          We used Morgan Exteriors to perform the install. These guys were so great that I would hire them for another job, without hesitation.

          You’ll be happy with the work they do.


      3. Hoping you are still around to answer this question. We are considering these Okna windows for our home in NH and are awaiting a quote. Can you tell me who you used and are you still happy with the windows and installation? Thanks!

    3. I just got a quote for the Okna 500 window in the D.C. Area and each double hung oversized window was over $900 a window. I received a quote of about $540 a window for the best Mezzo window. Is there that much of a difference in quality that the price of the Okna is worth it?

    4. If you want OKNA windows in the DC area go through Windows on Washington WOW based out of Dulles. I am getting 11 sliders installed with the foam, argon gas, 500 series, white for $8k installed. Their reviews are awesome too, that was my biggest concern was the install and not outsourcing installation.

  8. I wanted your input on pella 250 series vs okna 500. Pella has the name but I’m not getting as good of a warranty. Okna is lifetime on parts and labor and pella is lifetime only on parts but 2 years on labor. Please send your advice on the two windows as soon as possible. Btw, Awesome site!

  9. I was just quoted 11 okna 500 series windows for 5600. The 2 dealers i saw were both in the same range of pricing but am leaning towards one because the owner himself did the estimate and i feel very comfortable with him. I am located in new jersey. The window looks and feels solid plus the energy efficiency ratings look impressive. The dealer is going to also show us the okna 800 series since i read a lot of good reviews about it. However, i was wondering how common it is to maybe go for okna casement windows rather than double hungs in a center hall colonial? Most colonials i see do have double hungs, wondering if casements would go?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      It’s really just a style difference so go with whatever you prefer. If you’re thinking about selling soon double hungs are a little more common, but if you’re going to be around for a while you should probably get what you prefer. A prospective buyer may never notice the difference anyway.

  10. k (a different k) says:

    I just wanted to throw this out here, i wish more data like this were available and this is easily the most available information I’ve seen – though I too question the pricing of the Okna 500s! Regardless thank you so much for putting this out there.

    My quote from one of the best reviewed installers I’ve seen on Angie’s List for these windows – all per window, double hung 102-110 UL, two pane, deluxe package (all they sell), installed, NO grids
    Okna 500 – $512/window
    Okna 800 – $553/window
    Softlite Bainbridge – $521/window
    Softlite Elements – $645/window
    I wish there was a Softlite Bainbridge review!! =)
    With grids, the Okna 500 and Bainbridge are virtually the same price, and I think my preference is the 500 over the 800 just b/c of glass area, though I considered it.

    But…I can’t find another Okna or Softlite dealer in Atlanta to do a real price study.

    I can say that I was quoted Simonton 5050 windows by another well rated installer for $584/window with similar options, and having read your review there, I’m certain that guy was taking me to the cleaners.

    My third quote was a cellular PVC window, and it really seems that the performance is much worse, pricing similar (they didn’t break it out, so I don’t know exactly).

    Mostly just information, but if you’re still seeing $400-450 a window for Okna 500s, I might keep looking for a better price.

  11. I just finished getting a quote from a contractor on the Okna 500s with Deluxe package. 19 double hungs, 6 with tempered glass due to size and location of window from floor. Total price installed, $10,700, that’s $563 per window. This is in central NJ where labor costs are a little higher than most parts of the country. I got several other quotes for different brands, Affinity, Alside Mezzo, and they were all around the same price. I know window dog said $450 was about the top end to pay for this window, but in my opinion the window does look nicer than the other options, and had some nicer features, like the block and tackle weights instead of the constant force balance, it also has a very thin frame so it has more glass for looking through. But most important the contractor that is putting these in is rated VERY highly on both homeadvisor.com and Angie’s list, so I feel even if I’m paying a little more per window, at least I know I’m getting a good installer. Just my two cents.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      If you’re happy with it, go for it! We hope you’ve found the site to be helpful.

    2. Just purchased a home and need to replace 20 windows and I’m considering the Onka 500….What is the name of the NJ installer that you used?

      1. The company is Earth Smart Remodeling. Check them out on both homeadvisor.com and angie’s list. They are highly rated on both. Again, they weren’t the cheapest company to quote our windows, but given their reviews and the quality of the Okna window 500 that they install, I decided to go with them. They also have access to financing for 6 months no interest which I am taking advantage of, just to help budget several projects I have going on at my home. Good luck, I hope you have as good of an experience with them as I have, the owner, Joe, is who I dealt with, but his sons seem equally as nice.

  12. I’ve recently received quotes for 26 Okna 500 Deluxe, all double hung including 1 – 5’x6′ picture. I’m contemplating using the Sunseal Deluxe on the 9 rear (west) facing windows due to the heat load in the afternoon. The SHGC on the Sunseal drops from .30 to .21.

    TheWindowDog – do you know approximately what the cost difference is between standard Deluxe and Sunseal Deluxe?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi there. I don’t know what Okna charges for this option, but we charge $37 per window for that upgrade in our Richmond, VA office. Hope that helps!

  13. Thanks for the quick response.

    If you can share, what Richmond, VA office would that be?

  14. I have a house that I’m selling and I have double hung windows that I need to replace. I have two windows that I have narrowed it down too. I know which way I would go if I were to stay in the house, but I’m torn at this point. I can get Okna 500 Deluxe installed for under $400 each installed, and Soft-Lite Barringtons for under $300 each. Both are low e/argon. If I were keeping the house I would spend the extra $100 or so for the Okna, because it seems like a much better product. Any insight? Is the Barrington a bad window.

  15. What balance system does the Okna 500 use?

    Love the site! It would be great to see some key specs for each window in the reviews; e.g. frame & sash width, balance system type, energy ratings, etc.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I believe they use a block and tackle balance system in their windows.

  16. Looking for the best place to go in CT for a quote on the Okna 500 or 800. We will need 26 dh and one picture. Thanks

    1. Can I ask what your quotes were?

  17. HomeSealed Brandon says:

    Great advice on pricing in the article. After the “gougers” have been disqualified, the best advice is to simply get a few quotes for comparison purposes.

  18. Bewildered says:

    I live in the DC area and I am considering 2 companies to replace my windows. I am replacing 15 windows of varying sizes–mostly vynil double hung Windows. The total cost of Apex Insignia (triple pane) is $8700 and the cost of Okna 500 Series Deluxe package (double pane) is $9400. Two of my neighbors had the Insignia Windows installed 4 or 5 years ago and are very happy with them. What do you recommend?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I may be biased, but I bet you lunch you’ll like what Window Universe has to offer. Same manufacturer as the windows you’ve seen with tighter air infiltration rates and likely about $1000 less expensive. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about anything.

  19. Hello I am about to buy the house I am in and had HD over who wanted near 750 per window for their terrible 2100 series (low end). I found this site and am leaning towards okna 500 but I dont know WHERE to start for an installer for these 12 + windows plus I would really like to convert two living room windows into a bay if its not a fortune more.

    Scott M

    1. Scooter, you should be able to pretty much take your pick of window products with that budget unless you have a complicated installation and are optioning your windows to the hilt. If there is a specific window product that you like, a couple effective ways of finding an installer would be 1) contacting the manufacturer for a reference in your area (an added benefit of this also is that manufacturers typically recommend their larger, more reputable dealers). Option 2) is simply googling your metro area or closest large city + whatever product you are searching for (IE: Okna windows Milwaukee).

  20. Hello I had an OKNA auth installer come by and quote 480 per installed for 400 series and about 520 installed for the 500 series (both with deluxe upgrade). I wonder if the 40 bucks it worth it AND – more importantly on the invoice there is an option “OPTIONAL EXTERIOR CAPPING” at $95 per window. Is this option worth it? I know he said just a replace means some of the wood would still be exposed on the sill or something? Thoughts?

    1. I would definitely recommend the upgrade to the 500. Much better window. The 400 still gets decent ratings, but there are several downgrades that affect the integrity of the window. I’d also recommend the exterior capping. This is done on the vast majority of replacement windows (at least in my area), and makes the entire opening shiny, new, and low maintenance. If you do not do that, all of your old wood trim on the exterior is exposed.

      On the plus side, even with those options it sounds like it comes in a good bit below your other quote for a better product. That’s a win!

  21. Veda Wild says:

    Hey window dog, does your company do installations on lake Gaston? Looking at 22 full frame double hung, okna or similar. If not, can you suggest someone reputable? Being 1-1/2 hrs from a major city is making this hard. Everyone around here seems to use aside.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I’ll admit I had to google Lake Gaston. We could probably work it out for you out of Raleigh or Richmond. Check out this page and fill out the form to get a quote.

  22. Love this blog!

    Wondering if a quote for three OKNA 500 series double hung windows is reasonable. The quote is $2,350. However, the windows are large. One window is 48″ by 52″ and the other two are 39″ by 52″. I am in Northern Virginia.

    Thanks all for any advice.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Mike, that’s probably a reasonable price for a small project like that. It can be hard for a company to offer the very best per unit price on a smaller project as it just takes up a lot of time to do a 3 window project.

      Have you checked this page to find our recommended company in your area? Might be able to save you a few bucks.

  23. I recieved a quote for Okna as well as soft lite. They both seem like excellent windows. We also saw MI Windows , Reliabilt, and silverline which we immediately dismissed since they felt and looked like cheap garbage, plus the reviews are very bad. Okna and soft lite both seem to get great reviews.
    The okna contractor showed me the 800 series and 500 series which both came with the deluxe package with grids between the glass. We have 17 windows which are all double hung except one which is a larger picture/ fixed window. The 800 series was about 592 per window and the 500 was about 546 per window. My wife is pushing for the 800 because she likes the lift handle opposed to the standard lift rail and of course she wants the upgraded hardware ( nickel) which is an upcharge.
    We also saw Elements by soft lite which seemed very nice as well as the bainbridge. Both were comparable to the okna prices although the soft lite elements was about $25 more per window than the okna 800. I am leaning towards okna but the elements is still a consideration. I dont mind paying extra but are these windows basically on par with each other?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Brad, thanks for sharing your experience. Where do you live? We’re starting to offer an Okna model in one of our stores, but it’s a newer design that has some great options. Maybe we can help.

  24. Hi windowdog
    Awesome website. It seems like a saw about a million windows but have narrowed my choice to okna. I am leaning towards the Okna 600 series , which is also called the ” EcoPro”. We saw the 800 and 500 series as well. We were’nt huge fans of the metal handles on the 800 series, although the 600 has a metal handle on the top sash only and it doesnt seem to stick out as much as the handles on the 800 did. From what we have researched, it seems that the magnetic seal on the 800 is more of a gimmick and doesnt actually do anything? Is the bulb seal on the bottom sash of the 600 series more functional?
    The 600 also had a slimmer frame( more glass) but had all the engineering features the 800 has and at a better price. The 500 was maybe a tad less in price but it seems the 600 had reinforcement and a nice sill interlock. The 500 lacked those features.
    Is the 600 series close in performance to the okna 800? Opinion?
    Thank you

    1. thewindowdog says:

      HI Gary, we offer the Okna 600 series at our stores in Northeast Ohio and I think it’s a very nice option. If you’ve found a good dealer that you’d like to work with I think it’s a fine choice. Good luck with the project.

  25. Irene Reed says:

    I have been shopping for windows, my first time. I need 10 windows. I was very interested in the Okna 500 but upon further research I find out that I have to have bronze exterior with half screens and 6 over 6 grids. My installer has told me that if I have a exterior color with a half screen then the color warranty is voided. Also the grids can only be one color, so either I would see bronze on the inside or white on the outside. Am I really the only one with these strange requests? Any other windows that are recommended?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Check here to see if we have a recommended company in your area. If we do I bet they’ll have a good option for you.

    2. Irene, the grids can be two-toned unless the color is a custom match. Bronze is a standard color with Okna and most manufacturers, so that is a non-issue here. As far as the screen, again, pretty common. Manufacturers do not want the rubbing on the paint coating which could scratch if used excessively. Some manufacturers will affix that half screen in place. Even if it is not, the only thing about the warranty that would not be covered would be damage due specifically to the screen scratching it. If your paint coating for instance would peel off in an area where the screen does not contact, that would still be a valid claim.

  26. Hi Window Dog,
    I really appreciate your web site and have learned a lot from it.

    I live in NJ and I asked for a quote from a highly rated window installer that I found on Angie’s List. The sales person came in and showed me the Okna 500 double hang window. He measured my 24 windows, which varies in size from 70 units to 120 units. He gave me an average price of $575 per window(deluxe glass package), which includes flat grids and screens on all of the windows. Is this a fair price in your opinion?

    As a side note, but important in my opinion, I really liked the sale person. He was very relaxed about the sale. Didn’t even feel like a sale presentation. He made me one offer to which he applied the advertised Angie’s List discount and than he was on his way. Other then telling me to think about, he didn’t even tried to get a reaction or answer from me.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      If you like the product and you like the company then you should go for it. That pricing isn’t out of line.

  27. Hi, I recently received quotes for Okna 500 deluxe, tri-state window factory 4100, and window world 6000 windows on Long Island. Total is for 12 windows with a mix of double hung, sliders, pictures, grills/no grills. Okna was $6500, window world $7100, and tri-state $7200. Am between Okna and tri-state as tri-state looked like it used higher quality materials (thicker glass, better foam insulation, automatic locks). Ratings overall are about the same, Okna has .01 better u value and VT rating is .03 better. Do you have an opinion on how Okna compares to tri-state?

  28. Comparing windows through local companies here in Baltimore area. We’ve narrowed down to Okna 500, Provia endure, or Alside Mezzo. Is the Okna a more overall better quality window than these?

  29. Looking at the Okna 500, Provia endure or Alside Mezzo. Is the Okna much better quality than the other ones?

  30. I recieved a quote for Ideal “ Majestic” series windows for $520 per window. We like the look of the window a lot. We also saw the Okna 500 window and the price was $565 per window. The Majestic had structural reinforcement whereas the okna 500 did not. We have about 20 double hung windows.
    Both windows have similar ufactors and the same exact air infiltration number of .02 .
    I see a few reviews a on majestic which seem positive and alot on okna. The majestic series is also much higher end than the standard Ideal windows. We kind of like the look of the Majestic better than the okna.
    The fact that its $45 per window cheaper also helps. Any opinion on the majestic Window? Ideal has been around for more than 50 years.
    Thank you and you have a great site.

  31. I am also looking at Okna 500 ($649/window) and Ideal Majestic ($522/window). Looking to replace 14 windows. Danny, which did you end up going with? Anyone have any pros/cons or comparison between Okna 500 and Ideal Majestic?

  32. Robert Hoover says:

    We are interested in the Okna Eco-Pro 600 series. The one concern we have is about possible condensation building up between the panes. How often does this happen? Is it a frequent or a rare problem?

    We live in the Atlanta GA area.


    1. thewindowdog says:

      Condensation BETWEEN the panes of glass is a sign that the seal has failed and it’s pretty unusual in nicer windows. The Okna warranty would cover that as would the warranties from most reputable manufacturers. Talk to the dealer to make sure you’re comfortable with how that would be handled. I wouldn’t loose a lot of sleep over it. Anything could fail, but it’s not too likely.

  33. Jeffrey Sbonik says:

    Getting 9 windows replaced with Okna 700 casement coco finish for $6400. This is replacing Weather Shield Windows so this is a pocket replacement. Is this a good price?

  34. Any Updates on Pricing. This forum started in 2014/15. My quote for the 400 series for Okna was only $50 less than the Okna 800. for a twin unit DH 800 in a 51*49 opening was around $1,775. One DH 800 35*35 was $685. In in the chicago area. I want okna but i only have one company that has these in the Chicago

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Unfortunately some manufacturers have very limited distribution so there may only be one choice in town. If you’re not happy with the pricing or the service from that one company just find another. There’s no need to fall in love with one product and feel like you’re forced to deal with a company you don’t like. There are plenty of fish in the sea as they say.

  35. I am considering having a local company replace four of my existing vinyl double hungs with Okna casement windows. Any thoughts on the quality and efficiency of these types of units?

  36. J in Buffalo says:

    I have been receiving quotes from several window companies and like everyone else figuring out the best options are daunting. I just received a quote from Wonder Windows (Buffalo, NY) who has the Okna 500 double pane with full screens, exterior aluminum trim on all windows, wood stops on most windows (previous homeowner installed his own replacements back in the 80’s and took them out), and removing some mulls where windows need to be joined together. The quote is for $11,871 and includes 1 slider, 4 normal double hung windows, 2 sets of combined double hungs, 2 larger windows that each have a double hung/picture/double hung configuration, and one awning window in the bathroom. So in total there are 16 windows. This appears to be a good reputable installer which I know is important. All windows are white on white with the normal white locking mechanism so really the only upgrade to the window is the full screen. Each window as the low e and argon. Knowing they are replacement windows and not full tear outs is this a good price? I have a few other quotes for the same job but with windows like the Berkshire Elite (less quality window from what I read on this site) that are a couple thousand less. I know Wonder Windows does not contract out so I like that factor plus its a window place as opposed to a roofing, siding and window place like some of my other quotes. $740 a window seems steep to me for vinyl replacement. But like mentioned above it does need to have stops added, cladding outside etc. Any information you can share would be super helpful.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      First of all I the quality between those two models, Okna 500 and Berkshire Elite is essentialy the same. I don’t think that’s a differentiator. I’d tend to suggest the Berkshire Elite model over the 500 series. At the end of the day they’re relatively similar, a salesperson could tout the benefits of either one. I’d say the question before you is do you feel the difference in installer and company is worth the difference in cost?

      Several thousand dollars can be used in a lot of ways, but I typically don’t advocate buying from the lowest price person around. In my experience a lot of companies include capping the trim in their quotes and the stops might be $50 per window installed, maybe less.

      I’d ask the lower priced guy if the capping and stops are included or how much that would add. Then you have a good number to compare. If the difference is worth the difference in installation in your opinion then your answer is easy.

  37. Hello there,

    I’m currently doing some shopping around for windows and would like your thoughts on my most recent estimate from Window King. For a total of 42 windows and 1 sliding door I was given a discounted quote for $24,000, which works out to be about $520 per window for the Okna 500 series. I’ve been reading your reviews on this window, this company, and this manufacturer. From my understanding Okna 500 are decent windows, Window King are a great local company in NY, but the manufacturer can be a little risky.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I know the guys at Window King and I think that’s a pretty solid price, especially for being in New York City. If you’re comfortable with what they were offering I’d say go for it.

    2. Melissa Banuelos says:

      I wish this was the price today, same company, same windows, same area. I’m crying… 🙁

  38. Heather Maher says:

    We are shopping around for windows and have had a couple of estimates done already. From just the 2 companies we have talked to, the look, style, type of spacer, warranty’s, screen availability, etc have been about the same. We had Universal Windows Direct and Lowe’s (the Reliabilt 3900 series) shown to us. We have another company coming to give and estimate for Linsay windows on Friday. Which of these products would you recommend based on quality?

  39. I am looking to replace 20 double hung windows in my home, along with 2 casement windows. I had 10 double hungs replaced 7 years ago with Soft-Lite Imperial LS. I am using a different contractor who is not a Soft-Lite “Dealer”. They make it nearly impossible to purchase their windows if you’re not part of their club so I am looking elsewhere. I plan on selling my home in about 5 years so I don’t need top of the line windows. I do want a good quality mid range window, and would like to maintain as much glass as possible. I lost 3″-4″ with my Soft-Lites. I am going with full New Construction replacements on the front of my house and regular replacements with the others. I am trying to decide on Harvey Classics or Okna 500’s. Everything I see shows that the Okna’s are much better windows, so I am leaning that way. My question is the price comparison. Are the Okna’s more expensive than the Harvey’s? I’ve found some older cost comparisons on line and it seems the Okna’s are about the same cost, maybe even slightly less? Also, are Okna’s available for purchase in Massachusetts? Any help, ideas or suggestions for perhaps another window cpmpany would be greatly appreciated!

    1. I see that in Hookset, NH is the company I need to go through. My contractor was also given that name directly by Okna. He has made several attempts to get prices from them without success. I just don’t understand why they make it so difficult. I am going to have to end up going with Harvey (which I do not want to do) since Soft-Lite refuses to sell to my contractor. It looks like Okna is pulling the same stunt. I don’t know how these companies stay in business when they refuse to sell their product to the general public.

      1. thewindowdog says:

        Usually smaller manufacturers like that will only sell through 1 or 2 dealers in any town and those dealers will want to do the installation. They don’t want to sell the windows to your contractor. I would assume it’s because they’d make less money without charing for installation. There are plenty of great windows out there. If it’s hard to find one, just find another. I think falling in love with a particular window before you know if it’s available or if it’s offered by a company you want to deal with is a very common window shopping mistake.

        1. I understand. Can you recommend a quality window company that will sell outside of their private club?

          1. thewindowdog says:

            In New Hampshire? Sure. Check this section. My company would be happy to help you with an order from the warehouse in Manchester.

  40. San Jorge Santiago says:

    WindowDog, I have two quotes that I’m liking: one is for the Soft-Lite Classic Windows at $670 each, the other is for the Insul-Tec 500 Series Deluxe by Okna for $600-700. I need ten double hung white vinyl windows, and the prices includes installation. Both companies offer very good warranties. Any suggestions?

  41. Hello,

    I got a quote for replacement windows, Okna 500 DX w/out grid for 14 windows for $12K and one bay window for $6k. With life time warranty on all parts and labor. Does this price sounds fair with current inflation’s cost?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Olivia, the window price seems reasonable, hard to tell about the bay window. If you’d like more info we recently started a quote review service where we can look over your quotes and offer any feedback. It’s usually easier to offer more info with the actual quote vs just a quick summary. There’s no charge and the link for that program is here.

  42. Hello!

    Looking at your post above, you shared this: “You can be sure that a basic Okna 500 window installation should be substantially less than the $1,200 to $1,500 per window prices that we sometimes see folks post about.” But that looks like it was written in 2014. Wondering what the situation appears to be now. Right now, with estimates, we’re seeing Okna 500 just slightly higher than $1,500/window, and the 800 about $250/window more than that. Feels a bit steep, but don’t know if it’s reasonable right now. Any thoughts on this? Thank you!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Mark, where are you located? The prices and options are different in different areas. With location info I can probably make a recommendation or two.

      1. Hi. I’m in the SE Wisconsin (Milwaukee) area. I utilized one of the companies you mentioned on your site for a quote as well.

  43. Andrew Hoover says:

    Replacing 20 double hung and 2 casement windows. Would appreciate any feedback on the following quotes in Maryland:

    Option 1: V5000 Restoration (Sunrise)
    The installation company said the V5000 Restorations are the Sunrise Restoration windows rebranded by the Manufacturer that bought them (MI Windows). They also said MI has not made any changes to the windows. Does anyone have any more information on this? Should I be concerned since MI has a reputation for being cheap but Sunrise Restorations have a solid reputation? The install company for this quote is top notch

    Option 2: Okna Insul-tec 500 Series – DX Heat Seal Spacer Glass System
    The install company here is a decent size but no where near as much info as the company in option 1.

    Appreciate the feedback!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Andy, thanks for reaching out. Those are both decent options. Did you see anything in the quote for the Sunrise Windows that would be worth $2000 more? Generally I’d say the two product lines are pretty similar.

      If you’d like another option you an get a quote online from Window Universe in Maryland. Generally skipping the in-home sales pitch and commission based salesman can provide a better value as you’re not paying for those costs. You can find info here.

      For anyone else reading this from another part of the country you can find our recommendations for the best local window companies all over the country here.

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