Okna Windows Reviews

Okna windows reviews, warranty, prices, lawsuit

Okna windows reviews will be posted here as the are available.  Generally speaking Okna windows is a relatively small manufacturer based in PA.  They produce a range of vinyl replacement windows for residential use.

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Okna windows reviews:

The Okna 500 series is a relatively common offering and the Okna 800 series is billed as their top of the line product.

It’s important to note that Okna windows is a pretty small company as far as vinyl window manufacturers go.  Small companies in this arena don’t always fare very well as our old friends at Gorell Windows found out.  Unfortunately, window manufacturing requires relatively high fixed costs to support the operations, machinery and management of a window plant.  This cost structure combined with the financing costs typically associated with such a business makes these smaller manufacturers vulnerable when faced with a slowdown in sales or gross profit.  We don’t know anything about Okna’s finances as they’re a private company, but this is generally the case with any smaller manufacturer.

Okna windows has also been involved in some questionable marketing in the past which may or may not be relevant to todays window shoppers.  They settled a class action lawsuit that was brought by over 1000 angry customers in New Jersey just a few years ago.  The lawsuit stemmed from the fact that there were false marketing claims made during the sales process.  One of their largest dealers went bankrupt as a result and all of those homeowners spent time and energy on the matter.  This is settled and behind them now, but it is probably worth considering.

What if I have more questions about Okna windows?

We can help!  Find our Okna windows FAQ page here.  If you don’t see the answer to your question post a comment and we’ll answer your question for everyone to see.

Looking for any additional information on Okna windows that you’re not finding here?  Post a comment and let us know.  We’ll be glad to help out!

Check back often for detailed Okna windows reviews!

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191 thoughts on “Okna Windows Reviews”

  1. It looks like the OKNA windows are AAMA rated at R50 – is this something different (looking at the “performance” tab of their web site for the double-hung windows…

    1. Their windows are not AAMA certified. They are certified through Keystone Labs, another certification body.

      1. Hi,

        I am considering new construction Okna 500 vs Interstate. Could you tell me which window brand/model would be comparable to Okna 500? Thank you!

        1. I was wondering which windows you chose. I brought Interstate Windows and have major problems. The wind blows right in where they latch. No weather striping in the slide channel. Was wondering how you made out.

      2. Hi, I wanted to post on your site as I used it prior to having my windows installed. People should know how bad these windows really are. I really wanted Okna windows as I heard they were a great replacement window. I previously purchased Paradigm’s and was very happy and their customer service is exemplary. They sent out a tech 10 years after install to fix a window. I heard about Okna and thought they would be great. These windows are terrible and customer service is also terrible. The install was a nightmare, but that is another story. The bottom sashes are not lined up level to the uppers on several of the windows. Now that it is cold outside I’ve noticed that there is air coming in on the sides of the windows…the curf or space that has the stripping is not tight and there are uneven gapping showing up..all of which is why I feel air coming in. I’m super pissed and so disapointed…purchased 22 windows in the 500 series at 17K and they suck big time. Don’t waste your money on these. I would have been better with cheap replacements. In addition, I purchased black windows and they come with a full screen which is so difficult to snap in and inconvenient. I was told it has to be full screen because of the black paint in the half screens won’t withstand the color. with opening and closing them. I noticed the black paint scratches easily. My Paradigms, all 54 of them on another building were bronze in color with 1/2 screens, never an issue with the color and never any air flow coming in on the sides. I made a very costly, big mistake with these Oknas. Buyer beware.

        1. Alot of what you are describing sounds like the windows are not installed square and plumb. Gapping, top not lining up with bottom, etc. These are install issues from the windows not being installed level.

          1. I have to agree, these issues seem to all stem from making bad decisions and bad installer, not the windows themselves. This also seems pretty contradictory to most things I’ve read about Okna while doing my research. I’m still evaluating if they are my go-to or not.

          1. I am also want to replace my 18 old windows with Okna 500, I would like to know the price for your 11 windows. Thanks.

  2. can windowdog recommend residential window products that are aama-certified? places in dc area that sell okna windows? comparable brands from companies without these legal/small size issues?

    1. i should clarify that i was quoted about $700 for okna windows, and your website is saying that price should be around $400. so i’m wondering where else to “shop.” thanks.

      1. If your project is pretty basic that’s awfully spendy. If you don’t know who to call you might check Angie’s List for a few local recommendations. You can get a one month membership for a couple bucks, but the 1-year is a better value. We have special discount pricing here. Spending $700 per window is likely way too much unless your project is pretty complicated.

    2. At this point we’re not recommending specific installation companies, but if you’re not sure who to call Angie’s List is a great resource. Perhaps another reader will be able to make a suggestion.

  3. thanks – i’ll let them know. they’re actually highly rated on angie’s list. don’t know about other distributors in the dc area, i’ve placed an inquiry to okna directly.

    would also appreciate recs for comparable performance (and lower cost) windows that haven’t had okna’s small size and legal issues.

    re: the aama issue, i came across a blurb last night saying that one of their components didn’t meet aama specs.

    1. Where did you find the info on their components meeting AAMA specs? I bet our readers would be interested in that.

  4. would apprciate recs for other brands with comparable energy efficiency that aren’t as “dark” as okna. i’d get depressed!

  5. It is so helpful to have a website like this. Thank you for your time and thoughts! We are looking at the Okna 500 and 800, as well as the Starmark composite by Okna. While the installer will sell us the 500 and 800 windows, he is very convinced that the composites are the best out there because they are very strong and rigid and “won’t shift during the extreme winter temperatures”. Though, in the same breath, he said the houses themselves shift depending on temperatures, so I asked if it wouldn’t be better to have a vinyl window that would also have some ‘give’. Do you know anything about the Starmarks? Are they a wood composite, or made of a different material? The installer claims they are made from something similar to what football helmets are made from. He is selling any size Starmark window at $600 a piece, including installation; 800 is $500/per; and 500 is $400/per window.

    Some installers love fiberglass, some prefer vinyl. Other than cost, why do installers not like fiberglass, like Marvin Infinity?

    We are also looking at the Sunrise window, the Soft-lite Imperial LS, and Polaris UltraWeld. Are there any others we should be looking at? Of these options, are there any pros/cons? We live in the Midwest, so temperatures will shift all year.

    Different spacer systems are used in these windows, as well. Is the Super-Spacer really the best?

    Thank you for your thoughts!

    1. Hi. Did you ever find a good installer for okna Windows ? I am looking for them too ? Any recommendations to where to get the Windows ?? Thanks.

      1. I can’t tell you a good one, but if you are in N.Y. or N.J. don’t go with Window King. I found them on Angie’s list. Installed 15 windows: bronze outside white inside, double hung, picture, and rollers. Double hung and rollers $550 and picture $650 installed. Windows are good, installation is horrible. They did 15 windows in 5 hours. All is misaligned, huge gaps, missing jb channel. They came to fix after I complained and made it even worse. Poured bronze caulk all over, but the huge gaping hole is still there. Rely on their yelp reviews rather than three ones on Angie’s list. Good luck.

  6. I was initially enjoying the information on this site but ultimately it leaves you hanging without any real direction. Seems as if everything points to Angies List. Nobody has agreed/confirmed with you on the low end pricing for $400 per window on any of the major windows or companies. I would like a company with a lifetime manufactures warranty as well as lifetime company service warranty. I’ve had several companies come out to my home they are all listed on Angies List so that really doesn’t help any. I’ll list 3 of the 8 companies I feel had better products. My Windows are as follows:
    All old double hung except 2 2pt sliders single pane alum

    Windows on Washington – uses OKNA windows seems to be the best product I’ve seen and you get the feeling the company does an excellent job. (Highly Rated on Yelp which I tend to trust more than Angies List) quote of $13.5K triple pane highest grade window which even included a Bay Window and Garden Window. Price didn’t seem too bad after removing the bay window and garden the price was around 7K to replace windows with what was originally there with triple pane highest graded window.

    PowerHomeRemodelingGroup – uses own Sl2700 window was very nice window. (Poorly Rated on Yelp because of predatory practices) my quote went from 14K to 10K for 10 windows and one garden in the kitchen. They converted two of the larger connected double hung windows to one 2 pt slider all windows were double pane.

    Neither of these companies provide a cost per window quote and total installation cost as energy.gov websites suggests.

    Windows Universe – (Good ratings Yelp) Most honest and up front about pricing is what I love about the company. Total price for the total 11 windows including a garden and bay window was around 10K double hung not bad pricing but the windows left something to be desired. They just didn’t appeal to me like the OKNA or SL2700.

    Bottom line I want a company that are standard about pricing like Windows Universe and a window like OKNA or equivalent that seems to be on cutting edge all bells and whistle and of course I would like to see these magical prices that you boast should be paid for a window. I will probably choose WindowsOnWashington as of now unless something better comes along but after 8 companies I’m not seeing any magical pricing all are around the same or can’t offer lifetime service/manufactures warranty.

    I won’t ask for you to provide a company because I know you don’t recommend anything. But seems so pointless to have this site and for it not to be identifying the best company and window. Pointing everyone to Angies List just seems like you have a partnership with them to make some money.

    1. It’s important to keep in mind that if there was one “best” product out there everyone would have figured it out and they would be the dominant force in the business. You’re going through the same process that most folks do when trying to make sense of an industry that just doesn’t always make any sense.

      Remember that there isn’t some secret “best” product out there that you just haven’t found yet. There are many great products and many great companies doing the work. What is it that you liked about the Okna windows? To our knowledge there really isn’t anything too remarkable about them, but we’re always interested to hear the perceptions folks get after meeting with local companies. It’s interesting to hear that you liked them enough to pay 30% more for them.

      1. The numbers i was shown surpassed all other windows presented to me. Multi layer low e coating / .01 air filtration rating and the triple pane really sold me on them.

        Not to mention the company is just as important as the window itself. On such a big job you want to hold someone financially responsible. I cannot see myself taking a chance on one of the lower companies who do not offer warranties or won’t be around long enough to honor it if something does go wrong. I prefer peace of mind. What other companies do you know of that sell OKNA windows for cheaper. I will be more than happy to have them come out DC/MD/VA area or what windows do you know of that offer similar or better specs

        Okna’s High Performance Glass w/ 11 layers of Low E protection.
        U factor = .20 SHGC = .23 – Triple Pane DH with foam
        U factor = .26 SHGC = .26 – Double Pane DH with foam
        Air Infiltration Rates of .01 for Double Hung, and .05 for Slider, and .01 for Casement
        Condensation Resistance- 72 (3 pane) & 62 (2 pane)
        AAMA Ratings of: R60 (DH), R50 (SL), and R70 (CS)
        Water Penetration Ratings of: 59 mph (DH), 62 mph (SL), and 64 mph (CS).
        Structural Integrity Ratings of: 187mph (DH), 171mph (SL), and 203 mph (CS).
        Fusion Welded Corners on Sash and Frame
        Okna’s High Performance Heat Seal Non-Metal Spacer provide less condensation.
        Foam Enhanced Insulation in Sash and Frame
        Sloping Sills for water enhanced drainage performance.
        Two Interlocking Sashes (one at the mid point and one at the sill)
        3 layers of Nylon Weather Striping
        Power Lift Balance System for DH’s rated at 28,000 cycles, and brass rollers for Sliders.
        Argon Gas Filled to between Double Panes of Glass
        Locking Half Screens with ThruVision Plus Fiberglass Mesh.
        Stylish Metal Locks Available in: Nickel, Antique Brass, Almond, Coco, and White
        White or Custom Painted Colors on the Exterior.
        3 Dimensional Beveled Exterior Frame.
        100% virgin vinyl
        Lifetime Warranty on manufacturing, installation and glass breakage.

        1. Feels a little like you might be getting a sales job. There really isn’t anything remarkable about any of this. You can get the same from many manufacturers and with Okna’s shaky history I wouldn’t bet on long term stability.

          1. You all an outside vendor selling windows the problem if Okna? You sell mezzio windows correct? I mean come on I don’t even sell Okna but I know it’s a great window. How many sliders do you install with track and wheels? There numbers are on the high end. You are pretty biased on what your backing. Being a smaller company usually means better quality control. Be honest with peoole. This looks like a sales website at least.

          2. Hi Tom, thanks for your feedback. We sell Okna windows at our store in Cleveland and I think they’re a fine product. I can’t tell if you like them or not, what are you trying to say?

  7. companies that carry okna tend to really push/sell it, even if they carry other brands. worth paying more for lifetime labor warranty v. 5-year labor warranty — will most things (aside from seal failure) happen in the first 5 years? if seals fail, will manufacturer pay for labor?

    1. Many manufactures provide lifetime labor warranty. There’s a big different between labor to fix a manufacturing defect, like a seal failure, and labor to fix an installation issue. That’s where most folks get tripped up.

  8. I have great interest in Okna windows, as they are a well made window with some impressive ratings. I see there is a concern about longevity of this company. It looks as though they have moved to a larger production facility. Unless something goes catastrophically wrong, as it could for any company, do you still have the same opinion regarding their longevity?

    1. We certainly don’t have any specific info on the longevity of Okna. They may be around for many years to come. We do often caution folks about the new hot companies that suddenly have “better” windows. We’ve seen enough of those companies come and go to make us cautious. The ratings for Okna windows are decent, but they’re not AAMA certified which has always seemed a little strange. In trying to find good advice, I’d say you should view them with the same skepticism you’d view any company and don’t think they’re too remarkable despite what a salesperson might tell you.

      1. I don’t know why you keep saying that Okna isn’t AAMA certified, when they are AAMA certified? You keep spreading rumors that just aren’t true! You’re obvious bias against Okna really shows through.

        1. I belive Okna is certified through Keystone Labs. I’ve been through the Okna plant, had a great lunch with the founders of the company. I think they’re fine people who make a fine product. I do try to be honest if my feedback and it’s ok if we disagree. Just try to stick to the facts.

  9. windowdog,

    Please provide more guidance on comparable or better windows based on your research and review. I admit that everyone may have different needs and opinions may accordingly vary….it would certainly be nice to have the benefit of your knowledge in this area.

  10. I am the owner of a large home remodeling company. We have been in business 96 years spanning 4 generations. We are based in Long Island New York. I have been in this business 46 years. We specialize in windows. I physically installed windows for the first 24 years of my career working under my father. I installed way over 5000 windows a year, every year for 24 years. I have now been selling windows since I stopped installing windows. I just renovated my entire home top to bottom and I installed OKNA windows. OKNA is without a doubt one of the best windows I have ever sold and represented. I have seen or sold over 200 brands of windows in my career. I would not put a specific brand of anything in my own home if I did not believe in them. For anyone looking for windows, please look at the OKNA windows and other brands, compare their thermal ratings, Guarantees and looks. You will not go wrong!! Anyone knocking this window or OKNA is either the owner of another window manufacturing company, or a salesperson that sells windows other than OKNA or just has a vendetta against OKNA or one of their employees.
    There is a good reason that OKNA just moved into a way larger manufacturing plant. They are that good.
    Good Luck to all.

    1. You personally installed 5000 windows per year and you’ve sold over 200 brands? That’s some fast work. We’re glad to hear you stand behind the products you sell. Thanks for posting!

      1. I am currently looking for sliding patio doors and while they are not windows they do share some common features. OKNA, Simonton and Soft-lite are still in consideration. Any comments or recommendations would be appreciated.

    2. Did you install wood veneer windows? I am looking at wood windows to match the architecture in my home, but don’t want to deal with the required maintenance. I thought maybe the wood veneer windows would fit the bill. What are your thoughts?

  11. I have a trusted contractor to install 23 windows in my house in New Rochelle, NY, I am looking for a supplier who will sell direct to me. Do you have recommended manufacturers for NE window supply with u factors in 20-25 range? I have seen no replacement windows with 2015 Energy Star ratings that run $200 to $300 range plus installation [ around $100 per window. Most are $500 to $900! Do you have Mr. Kersch’s email address or contact info? Thank you.

    1. Bob- Just googled Mitchell Kersch and found his site.

      Major Homes really pushes for Okna, I don’t know why. It could be that they really believe in them or perhaps they have some arrangement with Okna.

      Good luck!

      1. They push Okna because they have the best window in the industry. Their specs speak for themselves. There is no window that I’ve seen that has better air infiltration, lower U-facor’s with argon gas, a better spacer than the Heat Seal, a stronger balance system than the Powerlift, higher condensation resistance ratings, air dams, sill dams that are mortised into the frame, and magnetic technology. There is a reason that the Department of Energy asked them to be in their R-5 window program. In addition to all of that, they have the nicest looking vinyl window inside and out. They have upgraded lift rails that are similar to upscale Anderson, Pella, and Marvin. Their exterior mouldings are the nicest looking that I’ve seen and really give the windows a 3 dimensional look. Just saying…

  12. We recently had 16 Okna 500 windows installed in our home with interior grids. After one day, I noticed the grids on all 16 windows are crooked. It is slight and you wouldn’t notice in passing but is noticeable looking at the window head on. I think it looks very sloppy and the installer is sending a rep from Okna to inspect them. For example, the vertical grids are 1/8 to 1/4 inch wider on the bottom of each sash.

    My question is, am I being too much of a perfectionist asking for the grids to be perfectly square? Is this a common problem? I can’t believe I am the only with this issue since the every grid was crooked.

    Thanks and great site. I am just hoping Okna is accountable.

    1. This can happen once it a while. It’s relatively easy to fix. You’re completely reasonable to want it fixed and I expect Okna will take care of it for you. Be sure to let us know how it goes!

      1. One month later and I can finally give an update on this…

        Okna replaced 31 out of 32 sashes that were installed on Wednesday. One of the reinstalled sashes was still crooked, which will need a second replacement!

        From my experience here are the pros and cons of Okna:

        Pros: The windows function very well and feel very sturdy. The draft in our house was virtually eliminated. Once the grids are straight, they look great. The customer service department does stand by their product and no one gave me a hard time about having the crooked grids fixed.

        Cons: The fact that 31 sashes and then 1 sash in the replacement batch had crooked grids tells me they have some major QA issues. The installer informed me they just moved to a new factory, which may be related.

        The bottom line is, knowing what I know now, I would not have chosen Okna. There is no excuse to produce 16 windows, each of them having a defect. This was purely cosmetic but if they let that get out of the factory, what else do they miss?

        1. Thanks for providing the feedback Ted, I’m sure our readers will appreciate it. It is a hassle when a service is required, but it does happen. One of our crew leaders accidentally dropped a window yesterday causing a reorder and the customer was not happy about it. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way we all want them too. I am glad to hear that everything got fixed up to your satisfaction.

          Typically the grids snap into a notch in the spacer. The notch is usually cut by a computer so 31 sashes with crooked grids does seem odd. I would bet they left the plant looking good and got knocked out of place from the bumping around on the semi truck and then again on the installers truck. The factory would probably not have shipped windows that had a problem. Hard to say for sure, but it is an unusual service.

    2. No, you are expecting a uniform productand should INSIST on such.
      I’m thinking of ordering 4 sets of OKNA patio doors…a lot of money.
      I expect it to be correct. The amount of money I give them will be exact to the penny so should the wi Dow’s and installation! Sharon Callahan

      1. Did you install the Okna patio doors? Please let us know how they worked out, as there is very little on-line regarding Okna patio doors. Thanks!

  13. I recently saw my Sister-In – Laws window replacements (13). I told her they were a nice looking window and asked her the make and cost. She had to call her installer and he advised they were OKNA windows. The cost was reasonable, but she has now informed me that the windows are very drafty. I too am at my wits as to who to call. One of Angie’s list recommended installers uses OKNA.. Do you call everyone and ask which window they use, and then do your research. This is very time consuming. I sure don’t want drafty new windows as my old 1928 windows and storms aren’t drafty, just hard to clean.

    1. I have Okna 500 series windows in my home with zero draft….
      Hopefully your installer installed them properly….also are you sure your sister in law got the series she believes she paid for?

  14. Hi, I wanted to get your opinions on OKNA Deluxe, Envirostar Series 700 Casement vs. Ultraweld 8000 Series Unishield Plus Polaris Casement windows. I am in NJ and evaluating the replacement of approx. 20 windows in my home. Your website has been very helpful. Thanks. CT

  15. I did my research and concluded that OKNA windows, for the money, were my best choice for windows because of the harsh winters and condensation issues in Wisconsin. A couple of years ago, I installed vinyl OKNA 700 casements and 800 double hung series windows in my 2 story brick home. Because the windows I replaced, Semco, which were only 15 years old, leaked from day one, I completely removed the old windows. I found that under some of windows, the board under the window as completely rotted through and had to be replaced. Consequently, when I installed the windows, I also installed a drip pan under the window in case these windows start leaking. They say eventually all windows will leak. I did move the windows toward the inside which made trimming out the windows much more difficult. Moving the windows toward the inside also greatly complicated the window treatments as well. I also had one window in which I miss-measured (whoops).

    However, I too had some issues with the grids in the windows not being symmetrical. I also know that window panes are not manufactured by the window manufacturer. Window panes are manufactured by a glass manufacturer. Until I read this blog, I forgot about my grid issue. I choose to ignore it probably because I was sick of working on the windows.

    Overall, I really like the windows. They look great and operate well. I no longer have to worry about the windows or walls rotting or the mold that occurs because of the condensation.

  16. I am looking at Okna 500DX series, triple pane, 16 windows: double hung and 1 window is a picture with 2 double hung including
    XR9 triple pane glass with argon
    (.19 U value),
    (1) Obscure/privacy glass , Lower sash only in
    (1) Tempered Glass (by code) Bathroom window
    (3) Grids (between glass) 3 Front windows only
    (16) Glass breakage coverage
    Pricing is with front window being (3) Double
    Hungs or Double hung – Picture – Double hung
    With grids
    full frame not including interior casing
    Total: 13,269.00

    Sunrise Restorations:
    R7, Triple Pane, AR-90, U-21
    Same window info as above

    Are these prices ridiculous?

    1. I don’t think so. Considering you’re doing full frame replacements with triple pane glass that’s probably a pretty reasonable price. Depending on the nature of your project there are likely several ways you could lower the cost if you’d like. Unless there’s a distinct reason to tear out the frames I’d recommend going with a normal replacement window and you could look at the cost of double pane glass. I’d bet you could save a decent amount that way and still get a very similar result.

      I know the Okna dealer in your area personally and I know him to be the kind of guy who offers fair pricing. I’d bet that they could show you a few ways to lower the cost if you’d like.

  17. Windowdawg
    I received quotes for okna, 2 different contractors/ companies, although one was quite far away. The pricing was very similar.
    The 500 series was about 525 per window and the 800 series was around 600 per window; both with double pane glass and argon filled. The install is pretty basic. I cant seem to find anyone selling an okna 500 series for anywhere near as low as $450, never mind cheaper.
    I see okna is aama tested through keystone. The salesman showed me the test results and i talked to Keystone. They said okna has the gold label whatever that means.
    What are your thoughts on the kensington quantum window?
    Any thought on heat mirror?

    1. Hi Andrew, I’m meeting with someone from Okna next week and as I understand it their windows are certified through the same tests as AAMA certified window options. I’ve been in touch with the president of Keystone labs and I found him to be very knowledgable and helpful.

      I know everyone wants to get a great price. If you have a great company that will stand behind the windows you probably have a good deal. When I talk about pricing I’m typically talking about a very basic option. It’s hard for me to know what is involved in your project so there may be more going on that is impacting the price. A while back I wrote a post about my pricing examples that you might find helpful.

  18. Here is the aama / keystone confusion. Seems they both do the same thing and test using the same exact standards.

    AAMA was the organization that developed the protocol for testing windows and doors back in the 1960’s. They also certify products as part of their “Gold Label” program as well. The window company needs to belong, read….pay, AAMA for having their products evaluated by AAMA.

    AAMA is one of 4 Certification bodies that are accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). Keystone is another one of those 4 Certification bodies and they current have over 400 companies in their certification program using the same exact standards.
    Keystone’s Gold Label program actually pre-dates the AAMA Gold Label program. Keystone used the Gold Label program before AAMA.
    Okna has been a member of the Keystone Laboratories certification for years and as a result has stayed with them. Keystone is just another certifying body, just like AAMA, that performs exactly the same function of overseeing the certification of products. Okna decided to just stay with them because all the test results are done according to the AAMA standard and hence the reason it is assigned an AAMA rating of R60.
    Keystone certifies products and maintains QA/QC in the exact same manner than AAMA does in accordance with ANSI standards. Quality Assurance, Factory visits, inspections and reviewing of calibration protocols, and verification that products on the factory floor are representative of the submitting test samples are all part of the standard protocol for both organizations.
    AAMA does not actually test any windows. You do not take a window to AAMA and have it tested, you go to a vertified facility. They have a network of certified laboratories that do all the testing. Keystone is the exact same way and if you look at the testing laboratory on this report (Okna 800 report attached), the lab that did the testing is an AAMA certified testing lab conducting the same exact test.

  19. The okna guy is coming by today with a contract. We spoke on the phone last night and he is giving me the Okna 800 deluxe for about $580 per window. I did see other windows and i am confident with my choice. I also tend to be a bit overboard when it comes to research as you guys can see. Seems like AAMA and Keystone both use the same exact testing methods and standards, in fact, on the Keystone lablel, it mentions AAMA.
    The Keystone gold label that Okna has is the same as the aama gold label.
    I will update after the install which unfortunately will be the first or second week of january.

  20. After exhaustive research (mostly from your site-is there anywhere else?) I just had completed a 19 window install of OKNA 400 series (in Central NJ). Some random thoughts about the whole process in no particular order: I did the Angie’s List thing and that proved helpful. However you have to really pay attention and not rely solely on reviews. Remember people are ‘reviewing’ something they really don’t know much about. The more you know the better off you’ll be- hence TWD. I got 7 quotes -one company never even returned my initial email and one kept hounding me with follow up calls and never even gave me a quote–“how much do you want to spend?” Quotes went from $7,800-$14,000 for various brands. One guy, after my asking a bunch of questions withdrew his bid! Sorry, but if I am about to drop $10k I get to ask a few questions. I settled on the company I went with because they were highly rated, a family, local business, I liked the window(local mfg as well), it has good numbers and as the dog says, if it doesn’t add to the performance, it aint worth the cost. I slightly disagree not to pick a window or at least lean toward ones/a style you do/don’t like as you begin your own research. I agree with others that TWD never really seems to be bullish on a particular brand, but if you connect the dots, you will figure out why (and I commend you for your objective content considering your business and YouTube videos). I kept yelling at the screen: ‘Just tell me which one to get!!’ I used an Angie’s List coupon (wait til they quote you, then ask them for it!)and they scaled it up which saved me about a grand. Install took 2 days, guys were competent and the windows look insanely good. They foamed the gaps and I spied the owner using a speed square to mark and cut the capping when most guys (myself included) would’ve just eyed it up. It’s amazing how having 50+ year old windows makes you feel like you live in a shack, but no longer. The light and sound attenuation are fantastic. Total cost was $9128 or $480/window. All in all I don’t think I could have done this with confidence without your site. Thanks.

    1. Hi Steve….I live in South Jersey and was thinking of replacing my windows. I assume the 400 series windows are double pane? How did you determine whether to purchase double versus triple pane? I know money is a factor but other than that…..


      1. I never even considered triple pane due to cost and going from single to double is such a huge improvement on its own. Not really sure when triples are recommended….extreme cold/warm areas?

        1. We’re seeing an uptick in folks picking triple pane glass. It’s typically people who plan on being in the house for the longer term and who want an increase in efficiency. Double pane windows are great too, just depends what you’re trying to accomplish.

    2. Steve, did you consider the 500 series and if so, why did you go with the 400 series? I’m comparing the 400 to a Soft-Lite Imperial LS.

      1. If I remember correctly they were about $100 more per window. Since I was replacing a lot of windows, the budget won out. I am very happy with the 400s so far.

    3. Can you share the installer you used in NJ please? I am looking at 19 windows to replace using OKNA for my windows in NJ as well. Thank you.

    4. I am reading this old post: from Steve December 10, 2015 at 9:19 pm, and because I leave in the same area as he (Central NJ) and I am considering Okna windows, would it be possible to ask Steve about the company that he used to install the windows and if he had any problems with them since installation?

  21. Hi,

    I got a $15,000 for 15 Double Hung Triple pane OKNA 500 windows and one double pane Patio door. Is this a good price?


    1. If the patio door was $2,000 that’s still $860 per window. Feels a little steep to me, but I’m not familiar with the details of your project. If you’re not sure I’d suggest getting another quote to see how it compares.

  22. Hello,

    I recently received a quote for 20 Okna 500DX full frame replacement windows. Roughly $22,900 however if I pay cash they’d knock 5% off so price would drop to $21,755. At first I thought this to be a tad high. I know there are more than just the window cost to factor in but is this price reasonable or was my initial thought right on?

    Average price per window is about $1,145 or $1,087 at 5% off.

    16 double hung windows
    (9 @ 3 @ 45″ X 32″ w/grids)
    (4 @ 45″ X 20″ w/grids)
    (3 @ 66″ X 32″ Cottage sash w/grids and tempered glass),

    2 picture windows
    (46″ x 52″ no grids)

    1 casement window
    (36″ x 20″ w/grids)

    1 slider window
    (36″ x 41″ w/grids)

    1. At over $1,000 per window it does feel a little steep, but you’re asking for a lot of work with the full frame replacement. That may be perfectly reasonable. If you’re not sure get another quote or two to see how it compares. You could also skip the full frame replacement and save a bundle. I think most folks folks don’t understand what that means and end up buying more work than they need. We’ll be writing a post on full frame replacements soon!

      1. By “full frame replacements” are you referring to “new construction” windows(nailing fin or flange on the outside of the frame)?

      2. Sorry, should have included this in my last post: I live in a townhouse, have 9 double hung(2 of which are “twin windows” with no framing between the windows), and one picture window. I’ve been thinking about the Pella 350 series and have heard mixed reviews. What is the problem having a pocket sill? It seems like it’s sealed pretty well by the seals on the lower sash.

        1. A pocket sill is an older design, most newer products are going away from it. The issue is that it drains water through the frame and out the front via weep holes. This causes two potential problems, first it tends to allow more air into the home (you can see this in the air infiltration rating) and over time debris can build up in there preventing the water from draining. Newer designs used a sealed sloped sill that does not allow any water into the frame.

  23. question regarding windows that need to be tempered glass. do all windows below 18 inches from the floor need to be tempered? or is it based on how many square inches are below the sash?

    1. International Building Code is glass edge, 18″ from floor, AND that panel of glass is 9 sq ft or greater… Some companies skip the 9 sq ft part though because local inspectors can enforce tighter requirements at their discretion. Best bet would be to check with your local building inspector, document the answer, and proceed accordingly.

  24. Based on a choice of Okna 400 series or Soft-Lite Imperial LS, which is the best choice? The Soft-Lite is considered a higher end unit but the Okna has better U rating and vt #. Okna rep can get the 500 series but he doesn’t feel it is worth the additional money. Thoughts?

    1. If the Okna window was more efficient and allowed more light in the home, what made the Soft-Lite seem like a high end unit?

      1. I tagged it as “higher end” simply because I thought it was considered that based on this blog’s comments and other websites. If I misunderstood the opinions here then that’s my mistake. I had one Okna rep tell me the 400 line was “builder grade” though based on the data I’m not sure how that could be.

        1. No worries, I was just curious about your perception, not trying to be critical. I’m not that familiar with the Okna 400 series, but I believe it’s pretty similar to the 500 series. Someone else will likely chime in with a little more info on the differences.

        2. The 400 is a fine window, however the 500 is only a few dollars more (literally), and is much better. The 400 is basically made to meet a price point. The frame is a bit flimsier and doesn’t even have a utility groove inside or out, which makes certain installations trickier. Having installed both, the difference in strength and quality is far greater than the numbers show. Again, FAR from a bad window, better certainly than average as the ratings show, however I’d pick the 500 10 times out of 10.

          1. What is the typical dollar amount difference between the 400 and 500 series? I ask because a poster above mentioned he thought he was quoted $100 more per window for the 500 but Brandon seems to be stating something much smaller should be expected.

            Also, based on quotes other posters are making it seems that the $550 area (give or take a little) is the expected price for the 500 series deluxe installed (double hung, double pane, white with grids – assuming it’s a straight forward installation with no additional costs). Would this be correct?

          2. I don’t deal with them, but I believe different dealers offer different lines so one company may not be able to offer both the 400 and 500. I know Brandon is one of their larger dealers so his info is probably accurate.

          3. @Michael, I would say that price is probably in the ball park. Most of what goes into a window price is the business model and overhead of the dealer. Of course the price of the product factors in as well, however it is not the end all, be all as far as pricing goes.

            As I mentioned previously, the difference in COST between the 400 and 500 is not much. That said, you could run into some inconsistency in that area due to the what I mentioned above (various sizes and models of dealer), and even from the same company. For instance, a given company might offer a $400 series at a very low margin and use it for investment properties etc. Ultimately, my recommendation is to opt for the 500 over the 400, however if you find a smashing deal on the 4, it’s not bad.

  25. Hi –

    Initially your older reviews and your comments seemed unimpressed with Okna. However I’ve read your newer reviews and you seem much more positive with their windows. I’m looking to replace 10+ DH windows and I was pretty impressed with the Okna 800 series.

    Could you comment on why your opinions seems to have changed over time? I’m just curious if you have had 1st hand experience in the past 2 years compared to 2014 when you initially started commenting on this brand. I’m also wondering if there was some flaw 2-3 years ago that has been fixed recently which might have changed your opinion.


    1. That’s very observant of you! In the beginning I was responding to some companies that talk about Okna windows like they’re the only great window out there and everything else is somehow less good. I don’t accept that premise. The products are the same now as they were then, but I have met some great Okna dealers and I’ve had a chance to meet the founders of the company and learn more about what they have to offer.

      They do make nice products, but there are many nice products out there. Don’t fall in love with a particular window model because the only dealer in your area may not be great. Then you’ll feel like you need to put up with their junk to get the window you want and that’s a bad buying decision.

      There are many other nice windows too which is why I suggest finding a great company then seeing what they have to offer. Hope that makes sense.

      1. Thanks for such a quick reply! I am in central jersey and I did get a quote from a reputable installer (based on Angie’s list, home advisor, yelp, etc.) I feel the price is fair for Okna 800 double hung (with grids, argon gas, low e, full capping) installed at 600 / window.

        At a similar price point – for similar performing windows, do you have any other recommendations that I should get quotes on? I think Sunrise and Soft-lite were two that I saw on your site but I don’t want to waste the time of installers giving me a quote if they are at a significantly higher price point. My wife and I have decided to go with a vinyl window as I can’t justify spending more for composite (i.e. Anderson or Okna Starmark) w/o any gain in performance.

        Appreciate your time and thanks for providing such a great site with your analysis.

  26. Hello,

    Do not be fooled, you can get them around 300/wind $ installed/window!

    I wanted to replace the builder grade windows. so I got the 500 series installed for 320/window on the 1st and 2nd floor in the DC metro area (Ashburn), it did take me some shopping around.

    Also, if you go by a lowes or home depot in the morning, you can meet/discuss/get the installers who also work on the side.

    I got both double hung and slider for the 2nd floor, like 48 x 52
    check out sizes here.

    Install using Craigslist or DIY:
    If you use installers you can get them around 300, but if you use installers from craigslist then you get them on your own and they install them for 50$/window (min 3 windows).

    Warranty questions:
    I spend less than 2200 for 8 windows, now in-terms of warranty you can always get new windows with the money you saved.

    hope this helps you.

    1. Hi Marty,

      I also live in DC metro area (Ashburn), and looking to replace about 9 of my windows. Any of the following information is greatly appreciated.

      1) Which windows did you got installed?
      2) Who did you order the windows from?
      3) Name or Contact Info of the company/person, you got windows installed from?

      Thank You in advance!

      1. Same question here. Who did you use for Okna 500? I called a few dealers around DC and all of them require the use of their services – I plan on self installation. I can’t find anyone who will sell them without the installation. Thanks!

        1. Don’t fall in love with one model. There are plenty of fine windows out there. If you can’t easily get the one you want just get another. No need to lose any sleep over a brand with limited distribution.

    2. I also live in DC metro area (Herndon), and looking to replace about 13 of my windows and 2 sliding doors. Any of the following information is greatly appreciated.

      1) Which windows did you got installed?
      2) Who did you order the windows from?
      3) Name or Contact Info of the company/person, you got windows installed from?

      1. Hi Kiran, check this section for recommendations including my company that was started in Northern Virginia long ago. You can get pricing and product info completely online to make the process as easy as possible.

  27. I paid about 560 a window installed for the enviro star by OKNA and the company did a fabulous job installing them. This was in the spring of 2014. I love the look of the windows and they have been one of the best choices I made. They also installed 2 ProVia doors for me also. Awesome job very happy.

  28. Hello.

    I am replacing 18 double hung windows and a bay window. I will be replacing siding as well.

    I need to do a full frame replacement due to moisture problems around most of my windows and the current windows were installed wrong.

    I like Okna 800 windows and want to order Okna 800 windows with nail fins.

    Do you know anyone in the Philadelphia area that will just sell me the windows without installation?

    I want to have my contractor put them in my home as they do other remodeling work around the house. My remodeling contractor recommends replacing the windows before siding and one of the window installers I like recommends replacing siding before windows. What’s a better recommendation?

    1. I don’t know any Okna dealers in the Philadelphia area. Maybe someone will chime in here or you can call the plant. They’re based nearby so I would bet they have several dealers in the area. Someone might sell just the windows.

      If you’re doing windows and siding at the same time you’d do the windows first. Like, windows on Monday, siding on Tuesday, but it may depend on the house and the installation method. I would typically suggest leaving decisions like that to the people doing the work. You don’t tell the mechanic which bolt to remove first when he’s working on your car. If they’re professionals they’ll handle it.

    2. Don, as window dog said, best bet is to call the factory. Not too many dealers sell product only without installation. The reason is because when something goes wrong, you get finger pointing. Installer says its a product issue, dealer/manufacturer says its installation. I do sell product only from time to time (in my area, not PA), but I generally recommend that the product is installed by the same outfit that sells it to you. I’d say that this is especially true in your circumstance where you have already had one batch of poor installations….

  29. Thank you for your comments.

    I have decided to abandon the idea of having my remodeling contractor install Okna windows. Instead he gave me a quote for Simonton 5500 windows (with nail flanges). Most of his window installation jobs have been full tear, which he said involves removing the window to the studs, taking the siding off and putting the siding back on after window installation. I have brick walls and siding and I plan to have my current vinyl siding with 6 inch foam back siding. For the brick wall, he states he will use the nail flange whenever possible. Since I will be having my replaced, he also said he would leave the windows “sealed and ready for siding installation.”

    I also received quotes for Okna 800 DX and 500 DX from 3 Okna dealers and a quote for Sunrise (“standard Sunrise”) from one Sunrise dealer. All suggest different “full frame replacement” installation methods.

    One of the Okna dealers that doesn’t install siding states that they don’t need to use a nail flange for full frame replacement and the other two that do install siding strongly suggest using nail fins.

    Is full frame replacement without a nail flange advisable if the siding is replaced later by a different contractor?

    It seems that this particular dealer does this type of installation regularly. The dealer states he would use the existing J channel and foam should keep the weather elements out until new siding is installed.

    All of my quotes for 29 windows are between $21,500 and $25,500. One of the contractor knocked down $12,000 from his initial quote for siding and windows after asking me about my budget and talking about other contractors that overcharge. Another one also mentioned “manager’s discount until the end of the week” and knocked down 10% with another 10% cash discount. I assume that these are contractors to avoid. All of these contractors, including this particular contractor, however, have great reviews online.

    My preference is to have one contractor install siding and windows but I am also open to using two different contractors for siding and windows.

    I am ready to move forward with this project now. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.

    1. Sounds like the prices are all pretty similar despite the pricing gimmicks. Since you’re doing both the siding and windows at the same time it’s not a bad idea to use a nail flange window. It’s not necessary for a good result, but you have the opportunity since the siding will be off.

  30. I am having 7 okna 500 windows installed on Oct 26th. 2016. I looked at window World, Bristol windows. was set to go with window world for about 2400 for 7 double hung the 4000 model. Happened onto a Okna dealer. Called him while at work told him I’d stop by in a couple hours. When I got there he showed me pictures of my house and the windows I wanted changed out. I told him about the quote from WW. What I don’t know he filled me in on. My house has very bad capping. he quoted me 4200 for 7 triple hung okna 500 installed with the proper capping. he advised me that he would have to have his own hourly paid crew who I now have met the team leader of the crew, but they would have to cut 2 inches around each window to do the proper capping etc. I signed with him right away. Went to my house and I didn’t ask him to go. I hope all is well with install and I will let everyone know how it goes but boy am I excited.

    1. ps. I have looked at the windows in his showroom and feel that they would blow away any competitor. WW told me 2400 Bristol windows for triple hung was 9726 and double hung was 5725 . I will let everyone know and if you live in Altoona PA or around here I can give you the company name.

    2. Sounds great, thanks for taking the time to share your experience so far. Be sure to let us know how it goes!

  31. Hi I’m looking to replace 16 double hung windows. I received a quote for 7100 with the Okna 500. Another installer gave me a 8500 quote for soflite. What’s your take?

  32. Hi!
    Very useful site. Thanks so much for all the information you’ve pulled together; it’s been instrumental in my research!

    I’ve received a few quotes and have decided to move forward with a vendor and Okna 500 windows. However, one important factor to me is acoustical performance and I can’t find a lot about that and no objective measures listed by manufacturers. I live in NYC and there can be considerable street noise. The vendor said there are two upgrade options: the triple pane version of the Okna 500 (+$100 per window), or a laminate on the double pane (+$300 per window). His recommendation aligned with information elsewhere on your site that triple pane helps a bit, and laminate would be better for sound insulation. Do you have an opinion or know where to find objective measures of db values for double pane/triple pane/laminated glass? Would Okna provide that information?

    Thanks so much for the great site.

    1. They should be able to give you the STC ratings for Okna windows. I don’t have them handy. That’ll give you an idea as to how well they’ll stop sound.

  33. Hello,
    I am in NYC, and live in Rockaway, down the block from the beach. I am becoming very overwhelmed at this process. I need to replace 26 double hung windows and have received prices around $650 per window for either the sunrise season tec or okna window (must check if it’s the 400 or 500 series). Two questions, which window, or another, would you prefer. And two, would you have someone to recommend in the area. Thank you

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t have someone to recommend in NYC yet. If you find a great company be sure to let us know. I think those 2 windows are going to be relatively similar.

      Someone did recently tell me that Sunrise double pane windows have relatively low (bad) condensation resistance ratings in the North. I haven’t verified that myself yet. Be sure to ask both companies about the CR rating that they’re proposing and let us know if you have a minute. You don’t want to get new windows and then have condensation on the inside on a cold day.

  34. Hi all,

    I am looking to get 10 DH replacement windows. My first quote for Alside Mezzo is $6600. After a little research, I am trying to locate someone to quote Oknas. Anyone have a recommendation for a dealer/installer in the Philadelphia suburbs?

  35. I have received quotes for Okna (400 series), Pella (Encompass), and Window World (MI- Comfort 4000 Series) replacement windows. We have 10 windows (2 large- 2 lite sliders, 2 small awnings (one tempered),5 smallish sliders, and 1 large slider). They all seem pretty similar in terms of U Factor and SHGC. Pella and Okna are definitely better for VT. Pella came in the highest at $10K, Window World was cheapest at $5400, and the local guy selling Okna’s was middle of the road $6900. I’m so torn because they all seem like relatively similar quality. I don’t want to break the bank as we won’t be staying in this house forever, but I don’t want to waste my money either. Any advice?

    1. We researched the the heck out of windows and this site has been extremely helpful and informative. We have our choices narrowed down to 2 windows : soft lite ” elements” and Okna 600 series ” eco pro “. They both come across as very good quality and have a higher end look to them.

      We also looked at window world and although they were cheaper, they seem to be cheaper for a reason. We eliminated them from consideration and dont see many good reviews about the window they use.
      Both the soft lite and okna contractor seem to be in good standing and explained the installation process in a very similar way. Soft lite is touting the fact that they have been in business for 50 years and okna almost 30 years. Is that really something that should be considered?
      The other difference was soft lite uses solarban 70, at least the contractor by us did. He said it was because it gives a lower solar gain? Is that true and is that helpful in an way in terms of efficiency? The glass looked rather dark.

      1. Most companies will offer different glass options. The SolarBan70 is a common option in the souther part of the country to meet the Energy Star standards. If you’re not in the south I wouldn’t suggest it as it is a little darker. Just compare the SHGC ratings and you’ll see the difference.

  36. We may be in the same area Amy. We saw the same windows. I thought both the pella and window world looked rather cheap looking and the reviews arent good. Window World use MI windows from what i am told which get bad reviews.

    We are actually interested in the Okna 600 series window. Seems to be well made and is kind of sharp looking. So far, the nicest we saw. We were shown the okna 400 by the same company and the okna 500 series from another but the 600 series seemed a few notched better in quality than those two. The okna 400 is okna’s budget window but it still seemed ok.

    Window dog, Okna offers SDL grids as an option but the price is much higher than regular grids that are between the glass. Is that standard for SDL grids to be priced much higher the grids inside the glass?

    1. Yes, SDL grids are typically quite a bit more than internal grids. We offer the Okna 600 series in some of our stores and I also think it’s a fine option.

  37. After quite a bit of research we have decided Okna 800 or Starmark windows is a good option for us. The frustrating part is there is only one dealer in Iowa. We prefer not to use this dealer. The contractor we prefer to use is interested in being a dealer of this window and is in a different territory. Okna will not follow up with the numerous messages the contractor has left. Are we out of luck? Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. I’d say your best bet is to pick another window. Companies like that tend to restrict distribution which isn’t bad if the local guy is someone you want to work with, but if not there’s no point in fighting it. If they wanted to have your guy as a dealer they would have called him back. There are plenty of good windows out there.

  38. I had Taylor and Young, also known as the Window Nerds, install new okra 800 windows in my home. They cover the Philadelphia and New Jersey area. They are one professional group. They showed up on time with a crew of 5 and in 10 minutes all 5 were ripping windows out of my house. They were extremely careful and did not damage anything in my home. The installation was perfect. The crew was extremely professional. Everything was please and thank you. I recommend them for anyone in their area. Hire them with confidence that the job will be done correctly down to the smallest detail. Trim and caulking neat as a pin. I don’t have a single item I can complain about. They work hard and efficiently all day. I am a very happy customer. The Okna is a nice window. I’m not a technical person so I won’t try to talk numbers. They look good. Operate well. And don’t leak. I did a lot of research and the combination of window and installer made my decision. Both are important.

  39. I’m a window installer south of Buffalo, and I was hoping to sell Okna as the windows themselves seem to have good reviews. However, my experience has mirrored that mentioned a few messages above mine — They simply don’t respond to inquiries. I don’t care how good your window is if your customer support is nonexistent. Just go read some of their Google reviews.

    Perhaps they’re too small/busy to take on anymore dealers, but it’d be nice if they’d at least let you know that.

    1. It does seem strange that they didn’t respond. Often time smaller manufacturers will limit their distribution to the larger companies in town. You have more options when you install several hundred windows per month, but even then some companies will only sign up 1 or 2 dealers in any market. They think the limited distribution helps their sales. I don’t think that’s the best business model, but it’s their business so they don’t need to agree with me!

  40. We are looking to replace 30 , 34 x 69 , double hung windows in Rockport Texas because of Hurricane Harvey . We currently have Anderson Windows but want to go back with a vinyl that has much better Specs than Anderson. We have gotten bids from Pella ,PGT and Simonton . We are having problems finding a Soft Lite dealer in Texas which we would really like to look at these windows ,Okna is also another one we would like to look at .
    We were first looking for impact windows until we found out about the warranties , definitely need windows with the lowest wind leakage numbers to help keep moisture out of the home .

  41. Okna 600 or Sunrise Restorations? Okna quote is $520 per window installed. Sunrise is $690 per installed (26 windows). Is the Sunrise that much better, or no?
    Colonial in NJ: grids in window or SDL?

    Thanks. Great site.

    1. We are also considering OKNA 600 and wanted to know if the price was including installation – pocket replacement vs full frame. I am looking for a full frame replacement of 32 wood windows and hence very curious as this is a big project and will also cost us a lot..Hence appreciate your feedback

  42. I’m looking for a wood-look window. The rep selling Okna windows in the Milwaukee area quoted approximately 13K for 2 large sliders, 2 small transoms, 2 small sliders and a patio slider in the 1000 series. We need tempered glass on the large sliders. I haven’t seen any comments on the Okna 1000 series. The rep said the difference between double and triple pane is only about $100. Any thoughts?

    1. Did you end up going with this? Who was the installer? I am in the Milwaukee area and trying to find the best company/price.

      1. I am currently looking to sign a contract with HomeSealed based out of New Berlin as they are a top rated installer in the MKE area, they are also recommended on this website as the top installer in the Waukesha area, and in general I have just had a good experience talking with them.

        We were quoted $52,000 for 30 windows across 16 openings, 1 patio door and 1 front entry door with sidelights and transom. Casements, full frame replacement job using the Okna 1000 series. Our great room has 8′ tall openings some with 6 windows in each so it’s very expensive for us unfortunately.

        I have talked to 6 or 7 companies now in the Milwaukee area and HomeSealed by far seems to be the best, and they have a great reputation and craftsman installation warranty.

  43. What is fair price in Maryland/DC area for Okna 500 deluxe window when replacing 15-20 DH? Range in size of 30X60 and 30×72.

    1. There ins’t one price as there are many options. My company operates in the DC area and will likely be able to provide a better option. Okna 500 is fine, but an older design. Find us here.

    1. Not the best deal if there is nothing fancy about the project. Sometimes there is more involved than you might know about, but as an example we’re typically in the $400-$500 range for an option that is just as nice if not better in the DC area.

  44. I’ll have six 31 x57″ OKNA 500 windows installed in my condo next week for $3648, including a slight upcharge for full length screens. Pinnacle (Atlanta area), who also carries Soft Lite, is the installer and they seem to get stellar reviews on a variety of review sites. The salesman mentioned that the bronze exterior required by the HOA contributed to the cost. Of about 8 offers, some of which featured builder quality windows, this was the best deal.

  45. I am replacing Pella aluminum clad double hung wood windows that are starting to rot out after only 18 years. I have gotten quotes from 6 local companies and I do like the Okna 500 deluxe window. I have been quoted $666 a window to do a retrofit and $953 a window to do a new construction installation. I don’t know which way to go and the prices seem awfully high compared to other posts I have read. Most local companies are in a similar price range with Window World being substantially lower and Renewal by Anderson being the most expensive by far. I am leaning towards a quality vinyl window after not knowing what I wanted (I definitely didn’t want wood again) but the prices seem much higher than you and other posters are saying. Your comments? I am in the Buffalo NY area.

    1. I’d probably get another quote or two. $600+ for a regular replacement window install is a little on the pricy side in my experience, but it’s possible there is more involved than I’m aware of. If you’ve met with a few companies and you have a feel for where the market is then I’d suggest you pick the one you’re happiest with and move on. My company doesn’t operate in Buffalo so I don’t know that market specifically. Some markets are more expensive than others and it’s not always intuitive.

    2. My wife and I are currently in the market for windows too in the Buffalo Area. We have only talked to two companies so far, one quoting $14,000 “but if you buy now it will be $10,000”. We were quoted by a company just yesterday (which is the reason I am doing research on this window) for the Onka 800 and Onka 500. For three windows the the price including installation was $2103 for the Onka 800 and $1977 for the Onka 500. Price per window is between $643-$658 for the 800 series and $594-$602 for the 500 specifically for the sizes of my windows. The installation cost is $660 which is priced for Ext Alum Full Trim $100 each, Ext Wood Stop Trim 60 each and Int Wood Stop Trim $60 each. Contour grids/slash $40 a piece. I was also quoted on a sliding glass door for about $2400. I am definitely going to call more companies to see if I can get them in a price battle and maybe then Ill get all the windows in my house done.

  46. My husband and I are wanting to replace a north facing wall and rebuild installing a twelve foot, four panel, sliding patio door and place a 3 foot wide by 5 foot tall casement window on each side of the patio door. This is for a cottage in Michigan. We were looking at the vinyl windows and doors made by Sunrise, Softlite, Okna, Polaris and Paradigm. Only Paradigm offers the 4 panel door and perhaps Okna. I’m still waiting to hear back from Okna. I’m wondering if there is a problem that is occuring as to why these companies aren’t offering the 4 panel 12 foot wide doors. How are these vinyl doors holding up over time? Are they still easily operated? Okna is located a great distance from me so it leaves Paradigm as the only company near me that manufactures what I’m looking for in a door. I’ve even looked at Marvin Integrity but reviews are scaring me away. What are your experiences with the vinyl patio doors?

    1. I wouldn’t worry about the proximity of the manufacturer. Any company that ships windows to Michigan probably runs a truck or two each week so there shouldn’t be any issue with delivery. Almost every company we deal with offers a 4 panel 12′ patio door. That’s a common model. Some of the companies you mentioned are pretty small so perhaps that’s why their offering is more limited.

      Were you able to find a door that worked for you and which one did you pick?

      1. Hi! Thanks for your reply! I had a very hard time getting any type of reply from Okna. My husband wasn’t interested in the 3 panel 12 foot door so that eliminated Sunrise, Softlite and I believe Polaris. We were nervous about going with Paradigm because they were the only one I saw offering the 4 panel in vinyl. We ended up going with Marvin’s Integrity line. We are going up to the cottage tonight to take a look at them since being installed. We loved the look on the showroom. Hoping they hold up!!

  47. I am having 8 windows replaced and have received many quotes. I have narrowed it down the following windows:

    PlyGem Pro: $3500
    Alside Mezzo: $3550
    Okna Eco Pro: $4600

    This house isnt a very expensive house, and I plan to live here maybe 5-7 years. I have been told the Okna Eco Pro are very nice windows, but are they worth an extra $1100 for 8 windows $137 more per window?

    1. Hi Matthew, ultimately only you can decide what is worth it. What did you see as the advantages or disadvantages of those models?

      1. The Okna overall seemed higher quality. I couldnt compare side by side sadly, but it seemed the window opened up further than the Alside. The Okna advertising makes it seem like a higher quality window (Foam filled, reinforcements, etc), but I am not sure this is a $1000 better. I was wondering if you have compared the two and whats your thoughts on them.

        The screen seems nicer on the Alside for example, (more flimsy on the Okna).

  48. I had three estimates for replacing 24 windows in my house: The first was from HD, who offered Simonton 6500 for just under $18000. Anyway I followed the advice of this site and looked Angie’s list and found two contractors with excellent reviews. The first contractor suggested Okna 600 series eco pro delux for just under $12000. The the second offered sunrise restorations for just under $22000. He also emphasized they did a more thorough installation than most companies. All three offer lifetime warranty on the installation and double lifetime on the windows. I guess the question is whether the sunrise are worth the extra $10000 as the Okna 600 a much inferior window. It seems the main difference is to do with structural strength

    1. What makes you think the Sunrise is a better product there? From looking at the info you sent I’d pick the Okna without hesitation.

  49. We got a whole-house quote from an Okna dealer that seemed outrageous, but since we were impressed with the composite sales pitch we signed on for one window for starters. It’s a Starmark, slider 72″x 63″. Quoted at $3900. Did we get taken? Have to cancel by tomorrow if we’re going to bail out. Thanks.

  50. I am replacing my windows in stages. I started putting wood flooring down in a few rooms and discovered my windows were leaking, so window replacement became necessary. Ready to finish out the windows and found no one in my area now installs Okna. Dayton, Ohio. Any suggestions? I would like them to match and we really like our Oknas

    1. Hi Alan, just catching up on the comments today. Let us know what you think about the option we sent the other day. Our customers in Dayton have been happy with that model.

  51. I am looking for a single drop in replacement window to replace myself. Nothing in the exterior needs to be repaired just an old Andersen wood sash starting to rot. The side jamb to jamb dimension is 35 7/8″ and top jamb to the sill is 61 3/8″. Getting good quality windows at a box store is not easy. Where in St. Louis, MO can I get a single DIY window?

  52. I’m replacing 16 windows (11 double hung, 4 casement, and one 2-lite slider), and received a quote from HomeSealed – the only Okna dealer in the Milwaukee area, and your highest rated dealer in this area (who has been amazing to work with btw). For all of these windows in white/no grids/triple pane installed as replacements, I was quoted about $935/window for the Okna 800 series. Is this excessively expensive? This seems really high compared to any estimates anyone else on this site have received, but it is largely in line with other similarly high quality windows in this area (a Soft-Lite dealer quoted me the same price for their equivalent Elements windows, a Kensington dealer quoted me substantially more for theirs). I’ve even received quotes for double pane white Simonton 6500 and PlyGem windows, and they still came out to around $700-800 a window (for a vastly inferior product to the Okna or Soft-Lite windows). Are window replacements simply very high priced in this area of the country? The only place to quote me less than $500/window was Window World, and I’d rather not buy from them. I don’t mind paying extra for high quality, I just want to be sure what I’m paying is reasonable.

  53. I installed Okna windows at my house and a rental property around 2009. I went through the sale pitch from Anderson, Sears and a bunch of others that gave me a quote much higher than Okna. For my house I got the top of the line, the fiberglass composite one and the my rental I got the 800 double hung. All triple pane. I did not feel pressured like I felt with the other brands. Yeah, the 10% discount if you sign up on the spot. I did had some installation issues, which was fixed without further problems. I immediately noticed the noise reduction and the heating oil bill when down dramatically. After having a good experience with the ones at my house, then I replaced the ones at my rental property.

  54. Dog, Love your site! It has helped me a lot in my research. I need to replace 33 windows in my home and I got a quote from a very reputable dealer for OKNA 800’s (double pane, with grid lines). Most are standard size double hung with some being a little larger. I’ve used them about 8 years ago and the price per window has increased by about $180-$200. I don’t know if i’m being taken since its been a while since I had to buy windows – They do fantastic job with installation though. In your opinion, could the price of windows gone up that much in 8 years – or am I probably paying for their growing reputation and reputable service? Thanks Dog.

    1. Prices have certainly gone up for a lot of companies over the last few years. I don’t think a difference like that over 8 years is completely out of line.

  55. I am in the market to replace 29 windows with OKNA Starmark-EVO, double hung, Colonial Contour Grids between the glass, double pane, and white hardware. I was quoted a retail price of $39,576 and was able to get out the door price to $25,500 which includes installation and remove existing storm windows, remove existing windows, install new windows, insulate, caulk, and full aluminum wrap of exterior trim in white.

    I have the following sized windows:
    4 – 48 x 64
    20 – 28 x 64
    3 – 28 x 42
    2 – 24x 30

    I’m interested in your opinion or feedback on the price. The installer is Wonder Windows in Western NY. Its roughly $69 per square foot of window.

  56. Hey Dog,

    Curious on a couple quotes I received on 17 double hung with 3 smaller fixed framed windows
    (over 3 of the double hungs in our great room) installed…2020.

    Window Word 4000 series $12,000 with interior wood grain vinyl add-on

    2nd installer quoted the Alside Mezzo with triple pane $12,600 w/wood grain add-on

    I read somewhere online that WW utilizes the Mezzo double pane for their 4000 series.
    What are your thoughts. Importantly I need these windows to last 15 years or so before our next move. Heard the newest version 2020 Mezzo has improved in quality, so a very good mid-grade Vinyl replacement window that can last 15 years before failures start to occur, or do I need to step up to the next level of quality. Was considering Okna if I need to go to the next level. What series Okna (or another best suggestion) do I need for 15+ years & what can I expect to pay at the next level. Thanks.
    Joe W – Chicagoland

  57. Hi there – I have 3 window quotes from different manufactures and am looking for some advice on which way to go. I recently moved into a home and it has solid single pane wood windows with vinyl storms. The windows don’t leak etc. But are supper sticky, saggy, and just overall are hard to deal with.
    I will be in this house at least 10 years and quite possibly longer. I live in WI and have dealt with bad vinyl windows in other places I have lived and I don’t want that here. I want a solid good looking window that I won’t be replacing in 5 years.
    These quotes are for 7 windows total, normal size, 2 of them sliders the rest are double hung, replacement, aluminum exterior trim included.

    Lindsay Pinnacle: $5,100
    Soft-lite Elite: $6,000
    Okna Starmark 7500: $7,600

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  58. Hi! I have a major renovation going on and am replacing all the windows. Who do you recommend in Houston for a good vinyl or composite window? Thanks!

  59. Quick question. You seem to be very down on Okna windows, according to comments posted thus far. Yet you recommend an installer here in Cleveland that only sells Okna. Is that a contradiction? Presumably a great installer would sell a great window, right? Or am I missing something?

    1. It’s true that I’m not a huge fan of some of the Okna dealers out there. I’ve known the guys in Cleveland since we were all starting out in this business and I’m sure you can’t find better people to work with. You’ll be very happy with the results with them, I’m sure of that.

  60. I am in the Dayton-Cincinnati area and reached out to Okna primarily thanks to all of you and your help. I found out that we do not have a dealer in our area. Does that mean there is no other way? Above there was another person from the Dayton area who found out they had no dealer at that time. WindowDog, do you have any other ideas?

    1. Hi Cory, yes last I heard the Okna dealer that was in the Dayton area had stopped working with them and I don’t know of any other option. My company does offer windows in the Dayton area. If you’d be interested in an easy quote by email with no pushy salesman we’d be happy to help out. Find us in this section.

  61. What are the main differences between OKNA ECO-Pro 600 series vs. the OKNA Insul-Tec 500 series. Both are deluxe package with heatseal.

    We also have 3 patio door that need to be replaced, how is OKNA 8800 Patio doors compared to Sunrise Verde doors?

    Thank you

  62. I agree sounds like bad installers. I just had some okna windows installed. They look wonderful and have been great.

  63. I have some general questions about patio doors… posting it here because I’m looking at Okna windows and patio doors, mainly because they seem to be the only brand carried by the installer you recommend in my area (NYC). I like most of what I’ve found out about them, though I’m not crazy about the busy look of the exterior. My main hang-up is that the patio door has what looks to me like a very thick frame. I assume this is good for structural stability but it also obviously cuts down on the glass area, which I would love to maximize and which the Okna windows seem otherwise to be pretty good on.
    Is there some general advice you can give about choosing a patio door with a narrow frame? Is there a big downside to a narrow frame? Are there particular makes and models of high quality with narrow frames?

  64. Hello all, I’ve been reading this forum and there’s great advice on here. I’m looking to replace
    14 – double hung
    4 – casement
    1 – picture window
    I had ridiculous quotes from Anderson ($35 – 45K). Home Depot quoted me $13K for the Simonton 6100 and $15.7K for the Simonton 6500. Lastly I was quoted $14.9k by a Okna installer for the 800 Deluxe and $13.4 for the 500 series. The Pella guy never called back, he just quoted me over the phone $1500 – 1700 per window so he’s definitely out.

    While it appears to me that the Okna 800 is the best window of the bunch,
    1. Is $785 per window (14,900/19)a reasonable price in NY on Long Island?
    1a. Would I be happy with the 500 series at $705 per window?
    2. Are there better vinyl windows in this price range or less?
    3. What are thoughts on the HD Simonton window?

    Thanks in advance for any and all replies

  65. I had 34 OKNA windows installed in 2012 at my home in Maryland. I used the 500 series on my top floor bedroom level and the 800 series and Starmark series on my main level. These were installed by Windows on Washington out of Northern VA. I have not had one issue with any of the windows. The OKNA windows area a great product.

    1. Hi Jeff, thanks for writing. Why did you pick three different window models in your house? That seems like a slightly unusual choice.

  66. The 800 series was chosen for the main level because of their look from the inside. They have a more high end look and finish. I have four starmark double hung on the main level because of their size. Each of the four starmark double hungs are roughly 50w” x 90″h and that size exceeded the max size in the 800 series. I replaced two double hungs and a transom combo in the four starmark areas with a single huge double hung.

    We chose the 500 series for the bedroom level because no one sees the insides of those windows except us. Saved us a little money and we still got a good window. There were no metal lock or handle options at that time in the 500 series. The lock and handles are all white on the 500s.

    You cannot tell the difference from the outside of the house whether there are 800s, 500s, or starmarks, although I’m sure that there are slight differences.

  67. Hi! I replaced all the windows on my 1980’s town home with Okna 700 casement windows. These were replacement windows using the existing wooden frames. I opted for triple panes on all windows.

    I am noting that the crank handle gets extremely cold. I am also noticing that the “seam” between the new windows and the old frames is also cold, especially on the bottom of the window (the installer covered these seams with quarter round molding). Everything appears to be well caulked, and the installer used spray foam from the outside. The installer trimmed out the exterior with extruded aluminum molding. Everything looks professionally done, but I am shocked by how cold the windows feel on the inside. Has anybody experienced this?

    Many thanks!

  68. 10 years later and OKNA is still around, they are pitching in my area – a high-end neighborhood in NYC suburb. Given that 10 years has passed, would you have more confidence in them now, in terms of staying power?

  69. Hi–The Okna regional manager is coming to my home next week. Thus far, the Okna 700 triple pane windows that I had installed throughout my home are a big disappointment. Despite claims that the windows would not have condensation at 35% inside humidity and 20 degrees outside temp, I had quite a bit of condensation last week during the Northeast cold snap. I used a thermal imaging camera to check the windows, and they were at freezing temps along the perimeter. The windows are cold, way colder than the Anderson 400 windows I have at another home, which did not show condensation under the same conditions. Let’s see what the rep says.

      1. Hi! The installer and regional rep came by this week. It was a bit of a waste of time. The main thrust of the dialogue was to convince me that condensation was normal, because the windows are more airtight. I don’t fully buy that. All I can say is that folks should stay away from the Okna 700 casement windows. The comfort in my home has noticeably decreased since installing them. In going with what I believed to be a high end window and opting for triple glazing, I was expecting a good experience. Now I have to consider next steps.

          1. Hi There! Yessir, I monitor the humidity in my house constantly. When I had the bad condensation issue a few weeks ago, it was 15 degrees outside and 30% humidity indoors. The issue is that the windows were so cold around the inner edges of the sashes. I have a thermal imaging camera, and I was getting readings of 34 degrees on the inside corners of the sashes when the room itself was at 72 degrees. I have never seen windows so cold on the inside. I have another home with new Andersen 400 windows, and in that home I have an Aprilaire 800 whole house steam humidifier, and there was no condensation under the same conditions. What bothers me is that I specifically paid up for triple glazing to prevent this, because I wanted the high anti-condensation rating that Okna advertises.

          2. Interesting. Do you have heavy curtains over the windows or are they in a room that is typically left with the door shut? Letting air circulate around the windows will sometimes help to reduce condensation.

            I’ve seen windows that had heavy curtains showing condensation on a cold day and when the curtains were left open there was no condensation.

  70. Hi There! The condensation occurred on every window of the second floor of the home. None have heavy curtains. All the doors were open. That’s why I don’t think air circulation was the culprit.

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