Window World Reviews

window world reviews

Window World is the largest replacement window installation company in the country. They must be doing something right. While often criticized it is important to understand what Window World offers.

Is Window World a franchise?

Yes, as far as I know all of their stores are franchises. This means the service you’re likely to get is dependent on the individual franchise owner. Some of their franchise owners own many locations across the country and some just own one. Some of their owners run great businesses that provide great service to their customers and some don’t. That’s why you’ll find some Window World complaints online.

Over the last few years they have started selling products from different manufacturers. They don’t make their own windows (despite the impression that a salesman might give you). They’re buying windows from a manufacturer and reselling them under a private brand. This can make it challenging to compare the options.

Here we’ll review the following models:

  • Comfort World 2000
  • Comfort World 4000
  • Comfort World 6000
  • Sliding patio doors
  • Casement windows

We’ll also look at:

  • Window World pricing
  • Window World warranty
  • Window World service

Remember you can easily find a decent amount of negative information about Window World online. Most of it isn’t really relevant to your project, but it is important to search out reviews and feedback from folks who live in your city. That will give you the best idea of how the local franchise operates.

A common criticism they receive is related to their marketing strategy. They advertise new windows for low prices. In reality most of their quotes will be significantly higher and some folks feel this is a little deceptive. They do tend to offer pretty competitive prices, but they typically have about average prices.

What about Window World installers?

It is common to hear feedback that Window World doesn’t pay their installation crews well. Their installation teams are typically subcontracted and paid on a per window basis. This means the more they get done in a day the more money they’ll make. That typically leads to an efficient work crew, but it can also lead to folks working too fast and rushing to complete a project.

I think it’s important to take this with a grain of salt as any company installing that many windows per year will always have a few issues. I don’t think this is necessarily an indicator of the quality you’re likely to receive.

We do also hear negative feedback about their salespeople from time to time. A company with hundreds of salespeople will always have a bad apple from time to time so this isn’t something to be too worried about. Just be cautious of claims about them making their own windows or trim products. Window World doesn’t make anything, but they do install a lot of windows and sliding patio doors.

As we get the window reviews uploaded you’ll see that their Comfort World line of windows is of decent quality. There’s nothing too bad about them, but there’s nothing too great about them either. Window World offers pretty good prices, but you may be able to find a better value out there.

For now you can find the best replacement windows reviews here and you can also find information on common window sales tactics to avoid right here.

What should you avoid when considering Window World windows?

One challenge is that it can be difficult for the customer to tell what window product is actually being offered. Here’s some insider info: I was recently talking with a window customer in North Carolina who was sure Window World was offering Alside Mezzo windows with a black interior. The trick is that Alside doesn’t make windows with a black interior.

I told the customer that they must have been offering something else. He told me he went back to the salesperson and the salesperson confirmed he was offering Mezzo windows with a black interior.

I then went to Alside to see if this was something new and they confirmed that they do not offer that option.

What product was the Window World salesperson actually offering? I have no idea and neither did the customer. That’s a challenge.

That also makes it difficult to understand the efficiency ratings. Your best bet is to confirm with them in writing which product they’re offering and what efficiency ratings you’ll be getting. Then you’ll have something to refer back to if what you get isn’t want you expected.

Is Window World any good?

Well, they’re known for being cheap which usually comes with compromises. We mentioned that they’re known for paying installers less than other companies. Imagine if you got fired from your job today and your boss tried to replace you by offering half as much money to the next person. He may be able to fill your seat but he likely wouldn’t get the same caliber person. That’s one challenge Window World faces.

Another is that they’ve switched to using some of the cheapest windows available. They call all the windows they sell Comfort World” so it’s hard to tell what the product really is, I have to think that’s intentional.

Many of their franchises are offering windows from Mi Windows which is a company known for making the cheapest possible windows. Even their executives told me they make cheap windows, not nice windows. That might work great for a flip house or something but it’s not the best solution for everyone.

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314 thoughts on “Window World Reviews”

  1. hello, thanks for all the reviews for they are helpful. I had Window World done an estimate and I am comparing them to Alside. I have to make a decision soon and I need your help.
    could please review their 4000 series?
    how are their warranty, they seem to throw in labor too?

    1. Window World windows are essentially the same as Alside windows with different locks. It’s important to be 100% sure that you know which model they’re proposing and then check when the actual windows arrive to make sure they are the correct model. We’ve heard stories from homeowners about being shown the brochure for one model and then being given another. Stories like that could absolutely have been an honest misunderstanding, but it’s prudent to be clear upfront.

      Regarding the 4000 series, as far as we’re aware that is the same as the Alside Excalibur window which is an older design. It was a fine window in its day, but most would say that day has passed. In my mind it would be a mistake to buy an Alside Excalibur window today. There are better options for the same money. If you’re comparing to the newer Alside Mezzo window you will get a much better window with the Mezzo.

      You’re right that Window World’s warranty is stronger than many smaller companies, but it is no better than what you will get from many large well established companies. You should compare written warranties from both companies to make sure you know what you’re getting. Window World is certainly not the only company to cover labor for as long as you own the home. Don’t take one company’s word for it, read the actual warranty or you could be out of luck in the future. We know it’s dull reading, but it’ll be 10 minutes well spent.

      Thanks for writing and feel free to report back as things move along!

      1. Thanks for the information at this site.

        Where do I find the model number on my newly installed Window World window?

        1. If it’s a double hung window you can open the top sash and look up into the frame. There should be a sticker and I bet it will have the model number on it.

          1. Can you tell me if Window World is still using an alside excalibur window for their Comfort 4000 series when referencing AMI or is it now an Alside Mezzo since I read Excalibur is discontinued? On the WW website, cross reference is made to an AMI window and a MIWD xact window relating to the 4000 series based on select features. So what other factors determine which manufacturer is making the comfort 4000 series window for window world?

      2. I realize this is an older post. However, I wanted to update this as there are some newer posts in this thread. I am having my local Window World install four new double hung windows in my house. I have six windows that need need immediate replacement. The local Window World franchise is rated highly. I am also having two other larger windows replaced with Sunrise windows. My goal is to do my entire house in Sunrise, and the Window World windows are just to buy me time as I could not afford to do all of my windows I absolutely needed to replace with the Sunrise dealer (labor from them alone is about one Window World window). I am fully aware of the old adage that you get what you pay for, but I am doing this out of necessity. This is the part I really wanted to update. My local Window World installs MI windows. I am assuming a host of other Window World outlets do as well. The Window World specs are identical to MI 1650 series. Those windows do not get good reviews, and I am hoping to have them off my house in less than three years. My house is stucco, and that is making my Sunrise window install a quite bit pricier which is the reason for the Window World install. I just wanted to throw that out there.

        1. What are MI windows. We just had window world do ours and have several things not happy with. They are the high impact windows be cause we live in Fl. Space coast.

          1. They’re really cheap. They know they make cheaper windows and people buy them for the price and not the quality. Not a product I would recommend. Sorry to hear about your trouble.

          2. I used to work with Pulte Homes (mid 2000s) and we used MI Windows (PA) as did a number of other builders. In essence, they are cheap crap. My team and I went to there facility to see what all the issue were… MI was pretty embarrassed as we were pointing out issues right on their own production line. Some time later they had a class action suit. I’d just stay away from these guys.

      3. We just signed a contract with with window world 12000 for 10 windows. Soft-lite envision model they show you high prices for your area then you write your “guess “at what it would cost per window low and behold he adjusted the” high” price to my guess. Based on that I’m sure I over paid. We like the window if they install it as promised I’m sure it will be fine. So did I get taken a little or a lot?

        1. In my experience a company that is trying to offer you a fair deal won’t play sill games with the prices. Can you think of any reason a company would act like that? Seems really strange, even for a used car salesman. What area are you in? I wasn’t aware Window World was even selling Soft-Lite windows. Seems like a lot has changed with their organization.

    2. I am an architect that often assists clients with the window orders for their project. I worked with many window companies before. Window World is by far the worst. For my order I dealt with Window World of DC (Chantilly office).
      Their contract states installation will start in 4-6 weeks, same thing that the sales person is telling you at the beginning.
      My window order came 11 weeks after we had a signed contract.
      In clear breach of the contract, they blamed it all on the weather. Needless to say, the windows are manufactured in a factory, so that part doesn’t depend on the weather at all. As for being able to install: it didn’t rain for 7 weeks, on the contrary, we had a very warm fall and winter, with little precipitation. As a matter of fact, after they got the windows they installed within 5 days, so obviously it wasn’t that they couldn’t install, it was that it took 11 weeks to make the windows, instead of 4-6 as promised.
      The way they handled the situation was also really pathetic. Never called to inform of anything, I had to call numerous times to inquire about status, only to be told each time that my order is on the next shipment. It never was. So they were just lying me straight in the face.
      Even the small courtesy things, like when they finally scheduled the installation, and gave a rather large time frame for arrival, I asked if I can get a phone call half an hour before the crew arrives, since it’s a house in construction, nobody lives there and I don’t want to wait for 2 hours. The answer was “I don’t know their phone number”. Another obvious lie!
      The owner lost thousands of dollars due to the huge delay of the window order and not being able to finish the renovation and sell the house as planned.
      The only discount Window World offered was $120. This was for a whole house window order of thousands of dollars.
      The only good point: the installation crew was very quick, professional and cleaned up everything at the end.
      But even with the installation – part of the order there was a sliding door. It wasn’t installed that well in the sense that it doesn’t slide easily and you have to push very hard to close it completely in order to be able to lock it. When I asked for it to be fixed I was told that this is how new sliding doors are, they are difficult to open and close. NO!! On the contrary, a new sliding door is supposed to look and function great.
      They think nobody saw windows and sliding doors before, and the way they lie people in their face is appalling!

      1. I agree with your post and suggest yo everyone to use a different company! I would give zero stars if possible. They forgot our screens after the job was “completed” so I had to call them and they dropped them off. When we finally went to put them in the windows in the Spring, they did not fit. I have contacted them two more times with no response. Now Here we are in June without screens, unable to open our windows. I expect when I have paid for a job that it is fully finished and installed. Do you have time to contact a company multiple times to finish a job correctly? If you have the time and would like the added stress as well as being unable to open your windows, then this is the company for you! Otherwise, steer clear. I would not recommend them and I would not use them again.

      2. I am dealing with the same thing these clowns put a 100 inch door into a 107 1/4 opening one side has never opened and closed right…last visit to my home I was told maybe I needed to lift weights 🤬 they have had every excuse in the book…this is clearly a breach in the warranty and installation! I also have had 5 windows that make a howling sound other problems with every window in the house🤬 originally they tried to blame that on my soffits…guess I will have to hirer a lawyer. Window World SUCKS and doesn’t stand behind the crap products! Neither did the manufacturer 🤬. I had another company come look they said every window in my house was measured wrong🤬. My install was 02/2020 first window failed only 1 month after install. Window World are the BIGGEST LIERS!

    3. They can’t seem to get anything right. Windows were supposed to be installed by June 25th instead they were being shipped on that date. The interior was to be light oak since that is the color of all the wood in the house along with old windows but yet replaced them with white windows. The exterior was supposed to be bronze but that also is white. The only thing they got right was the trim wrap which is bronze. I would never buy or tell anyone else to buy from Window World Of Southern Maine. Now they are telling me there is nothing that they can do.

      My husband called the salesperson, he remembered everything, no surprise he spend 4 hours at our house. He told us he would talk to his boss and get back to us. After talking to his boss, he is now saying he takes pictures at all houses. Mysteriously now on the Spec Sheet the color White is written in. We have the zerox copy to prove this is false. We also have another page where he wrote the colors correctly but never transferred the colors to the spec sheet. Now he is saying you can’t have two different colors. One has to be white. We have a booklet the salesman gave us that says you can. We were told the windows and doors are made by two different companies and you don’t have the same options. We didn’t order the doors for that reason.

      1. I only wish I had read your post, it could have saved us a lot of headaches! My husband handled this matter, and had friends that were happy with their service, but as it turned out there is nothing good to say! They were fast was suppose to take 2 days not even here a full day!!, did not fully seal the windows, left a Mess and worst thing There goes our hard earned money that we had.

    4. I have window world windows in my house for TEN years and no problems they will be installing a new window in my living room because I did not replace that one yet in April I love the windows that is why I am going back to them very good JOB.

    5. We have used Window World of Waynesboro, VA for the past 15 years for a number of rental properties. We have been very satisfied with the operation and quality of the windows and they DO stand behind their warranty. We have had several panes of glass replaced over the years. We call in the window number listed on the sash and within a few weeks their installer replaces the entire sash. We have never received a repair bill and they will also replace broken latches under the warranty. Even though we could get windows a little cheaper elsewhere, their honest warranty is what keeps us only buying from them. It is nice to be able to tell our owners that the company really did stand behind their warranty and there isn’t a junk fee added to the repair.

        1. Are you a Window World representative? We are having issues with a bay window in our trailer in VA. We are having issues with getting the company to fix the problem. It seems that the seal has broke and now you can barely see out the windows. We have been contacting the Wythville VA office. Any help in getting this fixed would be greatly appreciated.

          Rodney Hansen

          1. Hi Rodney, I’m not a Window World representative so I can’t help directly. Most companies will have a pretty straightforward warranty claim process. That would be the place to start. It sounds like you have a seal failure which is also pretty easy to fix. I’d give them a ring and ask how you file a warranty claim. Or, check any paperwork you have from the original purchase, that might explain the process. Good luck with the Window World warranty claim and let us know how it goes.

        1. You should let the company that installed the windows know about that, they can probably get them replaced for you.

          1. Hey Window Dog My son daughter in law and 1 year old granddaughter are sick from mold from the improper installation of windows in their home The mold is so bad around the windows and walls they are staying in a Motel. Bill from Window World Bryant Ar denies any responsibility. What can we do?

          2. Hi Eugene, sounds like a pretty extreme situation. Mold would be caused by wanter. Seems like it would be either from a leak or from condensation on the window that drips down. Which are you thinking it was?

  2. okna windows –
    i learned a lot reading all your views on installing windows –
    pls help we have signed on to install OKNA windows – they have good reviews
    what would be a cost of four double hung, installed windows, which are approximately 5ft x 2.5 ft 500 series

    1. The costs really vary a lot depending on the specifics of your project and the options you pick. It’s pretty easy to get good quality windows in the $350-$450 per window range including installation. If your project is simple and you’re not looking for anything fancy you may be able to find good quality options for less than $350. If you’re seeing total prices above $450 you should be clear as to why it’s so high. Once you start getting to $500+ per window you’re likely (but perhaps not necessarily) paying too much.

      1. I questioned your abilities to clearly think about what you’re even saying I get some of the best priced windows offered hands down. most homes of the homes where I do my business require grids that brings the value of the window up sometimes close to 300 this is using pretty decent Simonton prison platinum windows now if you factor laminate wood grain or anything like that you could easily have $350 into the window or if you change the color even more but let’s just say I got 300 into the window I still have to buy the insulation to insulate it right what about the two tubes of caulk one for the inside and one for the outside okay now I’ve got to spend my time ordering them picking them up and driving to Who know where to install them, what about the coil or is that free, do I have to spend time bending the metal or does it just pop on if your you’re running a legit business and you have insurance and you spent the time and money getting licensed lead certified and keeping the tires on the wheels on your truck & trailer it got electronic brakes as well your tranny will go out on your truck it’s in definite that will eventually happen besides all that half the time the trim needs to be redone on the inside yet they go to Home Depot pick it up stain it or painted and then put it on, so more time, say you do the job and there’s 10 Windows you and two helpers do it all you use some cheap trim for the inside kept all the windows and put them in one day each guy made $150 so you paid $300 in labor now doing your math say I overcharged at roughly 400 a window so I install 10 windows looks like I made a Quick thousand dollars wait I got to pay those two guys wait I got to pay for the gas cause I have a drive to the job twice wait I got to pay myself wait I got to pay Uncle Sam about one third of my profit wait I don’t have health insurance wait I’ve been looking caulk for the last 15 years I’m gonna die 20 years sooner than you. How can you be so naïve to tell someone how much to charge to stay in business have you been in business before and for yourself do you run a window crew do you have any idea what you’re talking about no you sit there and type on the keyboard does your back feel anywhere near like ours no you’ve never act all over because you’ve been on your hands and knees for someone vacuuming the carpet making sure every speck of the home was perfectly clean and lead free because of our new lead laws you really have no idea what you’re talking about and to take on your website. Don’t forget about Workmen’s Comp. and everything else you have to pay for your missing so much man it’s not even funny!!!

        1. Sounds like I touched a nerve there. I’ve been in the business for a pretty long time too. We install thousands of windows every month. I won’t go through your comment point by point, but if you’re paying $300 for a Simonton window you’re getting ripped off.

          It can be a tough business and I know it’s hard for a small company to compete sometimes. I started my company from nothing and now we operate in 35 states. If you’d like any help send me an email.

          1. Hi,
            I am building a new home in Monmouth county NJ. I have priced out the now Silverline 3000 series with the argon gas Ufactor 0.29 and SHGC 0.28 ratings. A total of 38 windows came in at $11,800. I am looking at the Window World 4000 series with a Ufactor of 0.28 and a SHGC of 0.21 for $317 per window total of $12,046. The installation will be done by my framer so my ask is which window is better? I plan on being in this hoe for at least 15 years. I do appreciate your thoughts. Windows is a very complicated and confusing industry. So many choices. Thanks Drew

        2. I been installing Windows for 35 years and since doing them . At 58 I can install 10 + metal or 24 wood replacement depending on job a day. Never need to run a ad , my phone always rings. Close Jan-April , go south to St Maarten and chill. They all just wait for me…
          To return. Looking for someone to take over my business

      2. What’s your take on Potomac HP Series replacement windows?
        10 windows for $8,033/ $803.30 per window installed disposal of old

        1. Hi Roman, I’m not a huge fan of the Potomac HP series from Vytex. The windows are ok, but there are a few drawbacks and I don’t think they’re worth the cost. My company tend to operate in all of the areas where Vytex windows are available and I’d be happy to help you with an order.

          At least we can get you another option to compare. What is the project zip code so I can see if we can help? Or, check this section to find the best window companies all over the country. I think you can probably get a nicer option and save some money too.

    2. I got my OKNA wwindows years ago, sometimes i feel i overpaid a little, but I have to say, Im happy.

  3. What about the comfort series 6000 triple pane argon? I have a quote from window world for $3600 to replace 7 single pane windows about 35″x62″ with their triple panes. I also got a quote for a sunrise restorations triple pane argon for $4800. Are the sunrise worth the price difference? Looking at data on window forums I really like what I’m hearing about the restorations windows…but I’m having a tough time accepting the price.

    1. The Comfort World 6000 tends to have a pretty thick frame which will block a lot of light. The triple pane glass also has a low-e coating on 2 surfaces which will block more light. I’d look at the VT rating and ask yourself if you really need triple pane. This ComfortWorld window is the same product as the Alside Sheffield, our review here.

      The visible light is a big deal for me because I’m a sunlight person. Some people don’t care and that’s fine, but make sure you understand what you’re getting before it’s too late. Info on VT ratings here.

      What is it that you like about Sunrise Restorations windows?

  4. We bought a home which has the original wood single pane slider windows. We had Window World give us a quote to replace 6 of them (we’re having the 7th dining room window refitted to patio doors). They quoted us for a Window called 2 lite slider with the Solarzone Energy Star package.

    The salesman was upfront and said they use AMI/Alside Windows out of Cedar Rapids, IA.

    Do you have any info on the 2 Lite slider window?

  5. Great information and this could become the next Angie’s list; specializing in windows and doors….nice work!

    Anyway, we are in the Cincinnati area and we are looking to replace 9 windows & patio door (5′ width X 80in tall); 6 windows are standard size windows for 15 year old home & 3 windows are smaller. Do you have an opinion as to what product and what installer in this area work? (We actually live in Northern KY, 10 minutes to downtown Cincinnati.

    Also, I am disabled; are there companies that will remove and replace the blinds or is that even an issue? LEI, who pushes the Alside triple pane requires you to remove all blinds and wall hangings (i.e. picture frames etc) before installation.
    Thanks a bunch; will tell others about this wealth of info.

    Final thought; seems like using thermal backed curtains and spending money on a higher efficiency furnace/AC may be better than the windows

    1. Well thanks for the kind words and please do spread the word! The window business is very deliberately made to be vague and difficult to navigate. It feels like the right thing to do to shine a little light on things.

      We’re not too familiar with the local companies in Cincinnati, but maybe someone else will chime in with a suggestion.

      Regarding the blinds, many companies will want folks to remove them, but it’s not uncommon to meet a customer who can’t. If you explain the situation and the company still won’t remove and replace your blinds then they’re not the kind of company you’d want to work with anyway. They may charge a fee and that’s reasonable, but refusing to do it all together even when the customer is disabled just makes them look like jerks.

      Good luck with the project and be sure to let us know how things go!

      1. Thanks for the quick response; must be a “labor of love” so to speak.

        I meant to tell you that I sold Kirby vacuums for 5 years; so I’m very familiar with the general tactics that are used to “get the sale now”.

        I do have another question. How much emphasis or what is a reasonable expectation when it come to the “labor aspect” of any warranty?

        Last thing, I called LEI to cancel our scheduled Wednesday appointment and they use Alside, but on LEI’s website they are pushing the triple pane “Revelation” window, which Alside does not mention as a category. When I told the person at LEI, they said what you said they would say “they make this specifically for us”..LOL It is the Alside Ultramaxx triple pane and the folks up the street paid an average price of $750-$800 per window. I kept quiet 🙂

        1. Yep, that’s a serious chuck of change for a very common window model.

          Regarding a labor warranty, it’s just like any warranty in that it gives you a definite idea of what you can expect down the road. A company that doesn’t expect any problems typically offers a great warranty as it’s cheap to do so. A company that has frequent problems offers a shorter warranty because they know servicing those problems will be expensive.

          Sometimes folks say, “I’m not concerned about the warranty I’d rather not have a problem in the first place”. That is misguided logic. Nobody wants to have a problem, but how can you tell if you’re likely to have a problem? The warranty tells you.

          When you see a short labor warranty or no written labor warranty at all you can be confident that the company knows there is the potential for problems and they don’t want to pay for them. If you see a long and comprehensive warranty you know that the company doesn’t expect to have issues so they will take care of the rare problem that does come up.

          The strength of the warranty tells you quite a bit. You can find more detailed info on replacement window warranty issues here. Good luck with your project!

  6. I have read through a few window reviews you have provided on your site. Thank you for the info! I have gotten 3 different quotes for windows. Could you Bottomline your experience for me by telling me if you were getting replacement windows in your home (not vinyl) what would you get? I’ve looked at pella, Andersen and Marvin thus far. Thank you in advance for your time

    1. Exactly my question. Would love to get thewindowdog’s recommendation on non vinyl windows. Performance and warranty on a vinyl window made be superior, but appearance and matching of replacement windows to other windows in the home is also important.

      1. We use Jeld-Wen wood windows in historic projects in DC and we install a lot of WeatherShield wood windows at our office in Cleveland. Those are two brands you might check out.

  7. Really appreciate all the information on this site. I am looking to replace 14 windows in my home and my head is spinning with all the opinions/reviews out there. I noticed that the Window World review here says “Comfort World Series 4000” and you say that it is equivalent to the Alside Excalibur. Perhaps the “Comfort World Series 4000” is. I had a salesman come to my home today and he showed me his “4000 Series” (no Comfort World text on the brochure) window and left the brochure. In looking at the picture of the window and comparing it to the Excalibur, it looks similar but I then looked at the Mezzo and it is identical. I thought I would put my finding on here for others who may be doing the comparisons.

    The price is much better than the estimate I received for Okna, $6,200 vs $9,800. I know the reviews say Okna is much better but are they worth $3,600 more? I am getting a couple more estimates for Sunrise windows but I just don’t see them coming close to the 4000 series price.

  8. My windows were made by MI (9000 series), so far so good. In comparison to the Alside, they looked like the better choice. This was in VA – the windows were made in PA. Was about $325 a window for 12 windows.

    1. Are you sure they were the 9000 series? I remember the 9000 series to be a new construction product which wouldn’t be right for most replacement projects. Since this is a new product for Window World I’m curious to hear about your experience. I think our readers would appreciate any feedback on what you thought was better or worse about the Alside vs the MI windows. Any thoughts?

    1. You should be able to find companies offering models that meet the 2015 Energy Star guidelines. Most companies will offer many options so if the option they quoted you does not meet the requirements just ask if they have another option. I bet they will have what you’re looking for.

  9. Hi – thank you so much for this site. There is such a void of real information on replacement windows. We are in the final phase of replacing 25 old wood windows in our home in CT…all casement. We have narrowed down our choices to Window World casement windows or Harvey casement windows. Unfortunately cost is an issue for us due to the large number of windows. My questions are:
    1) Can you offer any insight into Window World casement windows (Alside I believe) vs Harvey windows? I have to say I was impressed by the WW salesperson as being very low pressure and knowledgeable and it sounds like from reviews the franchise owner and installer may be one of the good ones. The lifetime labor warranty impresses me in comparsion to the NO labor warranty for Harvey especially considering the local company I will have install them although reputable could “retire” in 5 years and still would be charging me for a service call…..thoughts?

    2) We are considering (need) a split color option on the vinyl windows (sandtone on outside and white on inside) for aesthetic reasons and am curious of your appears WW uses a laminate coating on the outside while Harvey uses a paint. I have read limited opinions online but seem to point to the laminate as being the better option…any thoughts?

    I am ever so slightly leaning toward WW as being the better value compared to Harvey…..but yes around here Harvey seems to be the defacto contractor choice.

    Thanks again

    Marc in CT

    1. Well, when I worked in Boston I was really surprised by the dominance of Harvey up there. They were everywhere and that must mean folks are happy with them. I would say that Alside makes a nice casement window so if you’re comfortable with the Window World franchisee and the price seems good you’ll probably be happy with the results.

  10. We are looking to replace 8 casement windows, two of which are picture windows. We just recently received a quote for Alliance windows for $8,300. We had a year old quote for Simonton Reflections 5500 Series for $7,144 and from WeatherGard for $6,450. Quotes for beige color outside and white inside. Thinking about contacting Window World to see how much their windows are. Any other suggestions for the Greater Lansing area in Michigan?

  11. We are looking to replace two of our 23 year old Anderson windows with window world 4000 series windows. Is this a good idea or should we just buy new sashes from Anderson? One of the windows has a problem where the two sashes are no longer even with each other so the window allows heat to escape in winter. The other window has a film between the two panes which suggests to,me the thermal seal is broken. Please advise. Thanks.

    1. Depends on the result you’re looking for. With new sashes you’ll still have old widows, but they will have the exact same look that you’re used to. New replacement windows will look new and they’ll all work well. The cost will certainly be higher for new windows, but that may or may not be relevant. Just depends what end result you’re looking for.

    2. I am looking for comparisons between WW 4000 series for $249+49$ for solar zone glass vs Alside UltraMaxx or Sheffield. What is better window. WW came in 1000$ more for 12 windows.

      1. Window World was $1000 more than another company offering Sheffield? That seems unusual. What city are you in? The Alside Ultramaxx and Sheffield windows are some of their higher end windows, but everything has some drawbacks. What did you like or not like about one vs the other?

  12. WW was here yesterday and the rep said that in PA they use MI windows. He said they could pull in the Alside ones that are used in the southern US. We are near York, PA. Our current windows are MI junk that are part of their class action lawsuit so we don’t have any interest in MI windows.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to write. I have heard that Window World was offering different windows now, but I don’t know which products are being offered where.

        1. That would be news to me, thanks for writing. I’ve heard of them offering AMI or Alside and MI, but I hadn’t heard of them offering Wincore. Did he have anything in writing about that?

  13. Hello, I am trying to decide between Window world 6000 series or Apex Insignia (by ALside) any thoughts on the two? There is about a $2000 difference with the Apex being more.

    Thanks so much for all your knowledge.

    1. How many windows are you looking at? It would be interesting to hear the price difference on a per window basis.

      The Window World 6000 series used to be the same as the Alside Sheffield or Ultramaxx. I’ve heard some stores have changed their models, but I think most of them still offer the Alside line. Depending on the options they’re including those two windows are going to have pretty similar ratings. There may be some differences, but I don’t think they’ll be substantial.

      What did the Apex rep say that made you think they might be worth $2k more?

      1. It was for 12 window…the quote for Apex was actually $2600 more I am not say they are worth more but those were triple pain and the window world 4000. I think I am going to go with window world.

        Thanks for the feedback

        1. Ok so $2600 more for 12 windows is a little over $200 more per window. For example, our company charges $99 to add triple pane. If the Window World quote was not including triple pane that would explain at least part of the difference. Good luck with your project!

          1. That is correct. Do you think it is worth upgrading the window world windows to triple pain or is it not really worth the gain?

            Thanks again

  14. Looking for two large casement windows (142 X 66 and 176 X 76) and replacing 97 X 82 sliding with out opening french door to sunroom. Used Gilkey in Kentucky home and was very satisfied, in western Indiana and having problems finding these sizes.

    1. You likely won’t find single casements that go that wide, but you should have no problem finding twin casements or 3-lite casements that will fill those openings. I’m sure Window World offers them and just about any other company should too.

      If you’re anywhere near Lafayette, our company can probably help if you’d like.

  15. Hi, We are in the Louisville area and have a 72×80 double pain glass patio sliding door, It slides smoothly but takes quite a bit of mussle to slide The center rail is worn down where it slides the most and is even harder to move at that spot. Is there a way to just replace the track and rollers. I don’t see a brand. It looks like a quality product and is otherwise in fine shape. Or do we need to replace everything?

    Thanks for the great info.

    1. You can try to replace the rollers and or the track, but without knowing the manufacturer it will be hard to find the right parts. It sounds like it’s not installed quite right if the wear is inconsistent. That might be the root cause of your problem and new wheels might not fix the problem.

  16. Hello Window Dog,
    I posted on Alside Mezzo thread by mistake. I had Window World of Boston sales person this morning. Here are the details. We are in Boston, Ma suburb.
    Project is for 14 Double Hung windows.
    1. Window World 4000 Series DH cost -$205-/window
    2. Solar Zone Elite Glass Option – $99-/window
    3. Aluminium Cladding – $75-/window
    4. Interior Door Stops – $50-/window
    5. Repair Sill – $50-/window
    Cost Per Window: $ 479-/Each

    Additional Cost:
    6. Disposal and Delivery Fee: 195-
    7. Permit Fee: $150-

    Total Cost for 14 Window World 4000 DH windows with No Grids = $7051-.
    Total Cost per window including other expenses is $ 504-.

    Please comment on if the total cost for 14 windows is reasonable or higher? Is Window World of Boston 4000 Series DH window same as Alside Excalibur or Mezzo? Sales person couldn’t say!! Thanks.

    1. No worries, here’s the response I wrote on the other page:

      Let’s see several questions to answer here. First, I don’t think Window World is offering the Alside Excalibur anymore. We’ve heard that they’re now offering multiple models in different stores and calling them all the 4000 series so it’s hard to tell what model they’re offering you. If you want to find out, ask them for the CPD# and we’ll show you how to look it up.

      The biggest thing that stands out is the SolarZone Elite glass. That may not be the right choice for Boston. I lived up there for one winter and I remember it being pretty cold. That’s a glass option designed for a very high sun environment. In Boston you want the heat from the sun on many more days per year than you would in other places.

      Regarding the pricing it looks like you have a lot of labor charges going on. I haven’t seen your project, but you’re getting $75 for aluminum capping, $50 for new stops and $50 to repair each sill for a total of $175 in labor per window? That feels a bit steep, but it is possible that your project is more complicated than I’m imagining.

      I’d get another quote or two to see how it compares.

      …and I just noticed that you said the salesperson “couldn’t say” what model it was? That makes me curious. Of course he can say so why wouldn’t he? Ask him for the CPD# for the exact option he quoted you and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

  17. It sounds like it is best to avoid the Comfort World 4000 since it’s an old design with a thick frame. Does Window World sell an equivalent to the Alside Mezzo or not? If not, who sells the Mezzo that will be comparable in price (low) to Window World?

    1. It depends on which product that the local Window World store is offering. We’ve heard of them offering different models now which is relatively new. Just ask them which model they’re calling the 4000 series, and be sure to let everyone know.

      If you can’t get a straight answer you can ask them for the CPD# and we’ll show you how to look it up. If they won’t give you that you should probably call someone else.

  18. Hello Again,

    Thanks for comments. My projext for 14 wood window replacement with vinyl replacement windows is straight forward. House is 26+ years old. Original owner here. The salesperson said that it is a straight forward installation and it will take maximum of 2 days. The cost for the 4000 widnow and otehr items. 1. Cladding, 2. Interioor sill repair and 3. Rapairing rotted sill are standard pricing on their estimate form. WIndow is $205-, Solar Zone Elite glass is $99-. SO the base cost for each window is $304- plus other things. Also, have to add local permit fees and Disposal fees which are $150- and $195- respectfully. What glass package should I look for in Boston suburbs? The frame of this window was very thick. I don’t know what Mezzo frame looks like. Anyone has installed 4000 series windows in Boston area this year? I will get another estimate for Alside Mezoo windows and will publish it here. Thank you again for your quick comments. By the way, Window World sales person said that most of the clients sign the contract right then! Is it true? Lead time is between 8-12 weeks after contract is signed? True?

  19. I have gotten two estimates one from Window world and one from Home Depot. There is only a $150 difference. Window world quoted 4000 series and home depot quoted 6100 Simonton. Are these comparable windows or is one significantly better. Both quotes were for sliders ? Window world offers swing out sliders and a larger frame patio door. Window world wraps the out side a different color and home depots is one color on the whole window. Which is better ?Home depot charged for color when tan and white are standard on the 6100 series windows. Is there a lot of difference in the 6100 to the 6500 other than extra options? I really would like the swing out sliders I have had one side lift out sliders for 37 years and they are a tad heavy when you are approaching sixty, especially if they are over a sink or washer and drier. Anyone out there have swing out sliders, would love to hear your take on them? Also, answering any of my other questions would be appreciated. windowdog do you have an opinion?

    1. We also have quotes from Home Depot and WW. HD’s quote was $3500 more than WW for practically the same window. Turn around time for the install was double though for WW.

  20. Looking for windows is worth then looking for a job. I was happy to find this site with sooo much useful information. I’ve had around 8 different quotes in total.

    I’m finally down to OKNA and WindowWorld. It’s a total of 13 windows and 8′ patio door. For OKNA I’m looking at the 500 series and for WW it’s the 4000 series.

    After some negotiations OKNA is coming out $1700 more than WW (7300 vs 9000). Would you say the difference is worth it?

      1. Thanks for the question. Honestly, I can tell the structural difference in quality. OKNA do feel more so on a higher end, however, i guess i wanted a professional opinion if the price difference is actually worth it, or just go with the cheaper ones and it will be ok.

  21. How much does the size of your windows matter in pricing? A Window World rep at a home show told me that they charge the same amount regardless of size. Other reps (from other companies) who came to my house and saw my 8′ × 5′ window seemed to think that they should charge me a lot more.

    1. It really depends on how the company sets up their pricing. Our company charges the same price regardless of the size, but we do charge different amounts for different styles of windows. For example a 3-part casement window costs more than a single double hung window.

      I would suggest you focus on comparing the total cost of the project rather than focusing on each itemized line. Really the total price is the most important, although I do understand the detail is important to understanding the offering.

      1. where are you located? i’ve been in my home 34 years. have anderson roll out windows. looking to replace with vinyl double hung windows. have had a price from window world 4000 series (which doesn’t seem to have a high rating) and from champion ($6000 more than Ww)
        what midline vinyl window do you recommend? i don’t plan move. this is my forever home. i have 12 windows. 8 are 48×58 and the other 4 or much smaller. any help appreciated. i’m in NC.

  22. Hello, I’ve had both Window World and Window Depot USA come out and give me estimates. Window World used AMI windows (I was quoted on the 4000 series) and Window Depot uses MI windows (I was quoted on the 1600 series). I’ve asked both company reps to tell me the differences between the windows and either they are lying to me, or they don’t know what they are talking about. I cannot find a comparison anywhere online between those two vinyl windows and the differences between them. I’m trying to make an educated decision, but I can’t get the proper information from either company to make a decision. Do you know of an actual true comparison to both those windows, or how I can find all the facts on each window please? Thanks.

  23. Angie’s List isn’t always the end all be all either. I know a very dishonest contractor who claims to be top of the line by angie’s list. The truth is buyer beware anytime you contract anything.

    1. Well that’s true, you should always be sure you’re comfortable with the company you pick no matter where you found them. Good advice!

  24. Window World is offering us double hung “4000 series” windows with a CPD code ASO-A-89-00244-00001. Is that the Alside Mezzo? My apologies in advance if I missed this info elsewhere on your site!!! Thanks!!!

    1. Yes that window is a model 3001 which is the same as the Alside Mezzo. It looks like that option has a very low SHGC and a relatively low VT rating. Unless you’re in the deep south you may want to look for an option that will let in more light. Good luck with your project!

  25. From what i can see, window world stopped using Alside / associated materials . They are now using windows made by
    MI Windows ( metal industries). Although im not a fan of alside at all, isnt the Mi Window a step down? The 4000 series is actually the MI 1600. Its a rather flimsy window.
    Can you confim.

    1. I believe you’re right that some Window World stores changed products, but I believe others are still using the Alside windows. From what I can tell they’re calling all of them the 4000 series so it’s hard to tell which one they’re actually offering without seeing a sample.

  26. I saw one if their windows and they were telling me its new. It was obviously an MI Window( the 1600) and they were claiming it was made by window world. Many of the cheap handy man type guys around me use MI Windows because its cheap. I do know MI do not make a good window. I do think at least one of window worlds window models are still alside ( ami materials).

    1. To the best of my knowledge Window World does not make their own windows or their own trim coil, but we’ve heard their salespeople claim they make both. They should be able to tell you who is making the window so you can make an educated decision. If they won’t you can always ask them for the CPD# and we can help you look it up.

  27. Ok.. Maybe the window world 4000 is just an alside mezzo. The window world 6000 is definitely MI Windows ( yuck). The 6000 is supposed to be their top offering; whatever…..
    I will try and get a cpd if i can.

  28. Our local Window World has given us a quote for Alside Mezzo windows. We are gathering other quotes but my question is about the installation techniques Window World has described. When they install windows with siding (not brick or stone) they don’t remove the outside trim . They use a vinyl “trim piece” between the window and the outside house trim to bridge the gap. They do say they install expanding foam and caulk around the windows. Can you really install a replacement window without removing the outside trim? They also say they do not do any touch up painting if there is any damage. That statement alone isn’t making me feel very confident. They are also warning me that I will lose 1/2 – 5/8″ of interior window header and sill area on the windows installed with outside siding which may mean the blinds on those windows will need to be moved out away from the window to accommodate the new window. I haven’t seen any comments on this issue so I’m wondering if other people have had any issues related to this. I appreciate Window World being up front about these items and wondered if this was ‘standard’ installation practices.

    1. Sounds to me like they’re being pretty clear about how the installation will go so that’s a positive in my book. I would guess you probably have old metal windows. Almost all replacement windows have the same jamb depth of 3 1/4″. Your old windows are probably thinner which is why they’re saying you’ll loose a little space on the sill. This is perfectly normal.

      I bet they could replace the exterior trim if you want. Sounds like they’re just saying they don’t have to.

      Just be sure to ask the other companies about those factors to see how their offering compares.

  29. Greetings from Santa Barbara, CA.

    I am researching replacing 6 windows (most are 32X56) and an 80-inch sliding door. Current windows are aluminum from 1983. They let in lots of noise and dust because they don’t click closed. Simple single pane glazing.

    Window World quoted $6,600 for the double hung 4000 Series, with the SolarZone package, with 3/4 grids.

    I have about 4 other quotes for Milgard Tuscany windows at around $9,000, also double hung.

    I was very impressed with the Window World salesman and comfortable to move forward until I started reading online. There is always more negative online information for a larger business. Still it is a concern.

    I love all the sunlight in my home. I gather that replacement windows will reduce the window opening and amount of light shining in due to size as well as the low e film.

    This is my home now and it could be rented in future years. I would like good quality operational windows. The 50% cost difference is hard to understand, so far. What considerations should I be thinking on.

    Window World is down in Los Angeles (2 hours away). All other vendors are local small business owned and operated for decades.

    1. Do your best to deal with the owner if at all possible. Owners have more at stake and will often do more to ensure you’re happy. I can’t speak to Window World but since you mentioned local, small business, my two cents is to lean in that direction to get better customer service.

      1. Thank you very much for your comment, Andrew. One question, if I may.

        Does your comment include the knowledge that the local business comes at a nearly 50% premium in price? $6,600 for Window World vs. $9,000 for a local window company. I certainly want good windows and good service.

        1. You’re most welcome Jim!

          If you can deal with the owner of WW, great. Though not all salespeople are untrustworthily, many will often tell you what you want to hear to get the sale.

          I personally often chose to buy locally and sometimes do pay more for better quality/service rather than going with a large company.

  30. I am about 99.9% certain Window World is using alside Mezzo for the 4000 series – at least in St. Louis.

    How would you compare the Mezzo to Atrium 8300 series? To me they seem fairly similar, but I’m not sure what to look for. I have a bid for both (Window world and Lowes) at bid price is also similar for comparable options.

    1. How did the ratings compare? I believe the Mezzo window gets much better air infiltration rates than the Atrium options. Would be interested to hear what you saw as the main differences.

      1. Top of the sunny morning window dog! Where can I find reliable info on replacement aluminum windows here in st. Louis, mo. I’ve gotten a number of quotes for 11 windows. The range is over $12,000. For basically the same type of windows! Wanting good quality to last until they carry me out the door for the last time. Like u I work very hard for what I have.
        Thanks for u’r time, looking forward to u’r recommendes???

  31. We are replacing 20 windows in our house. The builder’s grade windows (Jeld Wen brand) have warped and sagged. The window frames have all peeled, blistered, and crumbled. They started deteriorating about two years after we bought our house. And after the warranty had expired.

    In looking for replacement windows we have had several companies come out for estimates. We are leaning towards using Window World because their bid fit our budget.

    Window World in our area uses Comfort World AMI windows for their 4,000 series. We are upgrading to full screens for our vinyl frame windows and adding their solar zone low e glass package. We decided to add solar zone even though we don’t live in the deep South because our two story home gets really hot in the summer.

    Installation is a big deal to us as we have had contractors that didn’t respect our home doing previous home repairs. Window World has told us they will send out a crew from a nearby larger city to handle the work. Not knowing the installers or having recommendations makes us a little nervous.

    We are on a tight budget and needing to get 20 windows done in a timely manner as they are really deteriorating. We just want to make the best possible choice that will allow us to enjoy our windows for years to come.

    We would appreciate any and all advice on the 4,000 series Window World/Comfort World AMI windows.

  32. Looking for some help – Many thanks in advance, does any of WW 2 pane windows match these two stats? and are they energy star rated? Many thanks in advance –

    2 MSG Low-E
    Ufactor 0.23-0.30
    SHGC 0.26-0.40
    VT 0.51-0.60

    2 LSG Low-E
    Ufactor 0.23-0.30
    SHGC ≤0.25
    VT 0.41-0.50

    1. Maybe, that’s a pretty strange way to list the ratings. With ranges that large just about anything will match those.

      1. Hi, we just recently purchased a bunch of windows through window world. The CPD for the 4000 was ASO-A-89-13838-00001 and 6000 was ASO-A-38-02730-00002. I think these are Alside windows but want to confirm they are the Mezzo and not Excalibur. Also, I was surprised that there was a little hole on both the left and right side below the screen on the 6000 and two large slits between the window and the screen on the 4000. I assume these are for drainage, but I thought there was no drainage holes in the alside windows. I am a bit worried about bugs getting in when the windows are open but probably am worrying over nothing.

        1. Bugs getting in really isn’t an issue if the windows are installed right. I think you’ll be fine. Time to sit back an enjoy this beautiful spring weather with your new windows!

      2. Understood, apologize in advance, I was reading a rating system for upstate NY and what would be best in terms of window type/ratings. Let me hyperlink – Albany NY is the table. Page 3

        1. I see. A good starting point is to look at the Energy Star requirements for your area. In the Northern Zone the most common way to get there is with a U-Factor of 0.27 or less. There are other ways to get there as you can see in the chart below. They involve higher solar heat gain numbers to allow the solar heat on a cold day. Packages like that are out there, but not very common.

          Energy Star window requiremetns for northern zone.

          1. Many thanks – Ill call some quotes in, anyone know of any good competition in upstate NY? I looked at the recent reddit comments and here, I dont have an angies list account. Thanks

  33. I have Pella Pro Line windows in my 20 year old house. They are not very well constructed and they rot and leak rather quickly. I have had to replace 7 or 8 of the windows and one of the windows is rotted again for the third time, meaning I have already replaced it twice. I have contacted Pella twice over the last 10 years or so asking for some help with the cost of replacing these defective windows. The letters to their CEOs over the 10 year period have not produced any help. They keep telling me that the windows are beyond the warranty period which I think is one year for parts and workmanship, obviously not a very good product if they only guarantee it for one year. They also go on to say that they have no control over environmental conditions, do they mean they have no control over rain and snow which we have lots of all over the planet, and that a reasonably well made window should be able to manage quite easily. I will no longer buy any Pella products, and I would strongly suggest that anyone looking for windows for their home would think very hard about buying any Pella products.

  34. What are your thoughts on Alside Mezzo double pane versus Great Lakes Seabrook triple pane? I have an estimate from my realtors husband for eleven double hung , 5 hopper windows and a bay window in the Alside Mezzo that are double pain for $9,980. The Great Lakes Seabrooke are 9 double hung, 1 slider, 5 hoppers and a bay window, all triple pane for $15,045. The outfit that would be installing the Great Lakes have a current special for purchasing the windows and getting the triple pain at no additional charge. My husband thinks that the triple pain is the way to go, but wonder if we really need the triple pane for the $5k difference. The so called special will go away in 2 weeks and then that price would be like $3500 higher and would just be double pane then. I’m feeling overwhelmed on the decision and don’t want to make a bad choice I’ll regret down the line. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Sounds like you’re getting a sales pitch. The windows are $5k more and the triple pane is “free”? You could add triple pane to the Alside order for probably less than $2k. The Great Lakes windows are a fine product. Did they tell you what the air infiltration rating was? You’ll probably find a difference there.

      1. Well the cheaper price is in fact my friends husband so that’s probably why so much cheaper. Not sure about air filtration rating. Although the triple pane is probably good, the double pain is 100 things better than we have now.

  35. Currently just bought the 4000 series windows from window world in Florida. Salesman measured windows wrong installer install them with 2″ gaps. They also installed them on my existing windowsill is this something that’s normally done ?I’m debating if I should still have replace there mistake or should I find a new installer and window company ? What are your recommendations any better windows here in Florida?

  36. I’ve noticed a green tinge on some of the Window World windows – also the green tinge is visible around the grids. What causes this? Is this only specific to Window World windows (4,000 series)? Or is this common for all Low E coated windows? If the green tinge is only specific to Window World windows, then what windows would you recommend that don’t show a green tinge? Thank you.

    1. It’s probably caused by the type of low-e coating. There are options, some are better for certain areas that others. Just ask them about it.

  37. Window World 4000 series is the Mezzo window. You get what you pay for obviously. If you want to pay $350-450 a window with a crappy subcontractor install then it’s the company for you. The window has a DP40 rating which makes it a really flimsy and weak frame. It’s a hollow frame with no foam and uses a metal spacer not super spacer or duralite. We’ve replaced thousands of these Windows because they either warp or from seal failure.

    1. You can get foam in the frames and super spacer with Mezzo windows if you want to. You also get a 0.04 air infiltration rate which is pretty good. Mezzo windows have barely been out for 2 years so I doubt you’re replaced thousands of them. What products do you sell? You’re right that some Window World stores developed bad reputations, but I bet there are some good ones out there too. It’s always smart to understand what you’re buying.

  38. Foam is not available in 4000 series and only metal intercept spacer. You can get those upgrades in the 6000 series offering. 0.04ai is good but what would it be without those fuzzy pads on the corners? Much better products out there from Soft-lite,Vytex or Okna. Also what happens when the franchise you buy from closes down? Also would you allow subcontractors to install on your home or no?

    1. I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about that. I’ve sold Mezzo windows with foam in the frames and with Super Spacer. We don’t deal with them much, but those options are available. I don’t know what Window World offers. Regarding subcontractors, pretty much every company pays their installers on 1099s. Many lie about it, but that fact alone doesn’t make the installers bad human beings. There are many top quality installers out there paid on 1099s, and I suspect you know that.

      1. I wouldn’t say many but could you sometimes get lucky and get a good crew? Sure but not a risk I would take. I’d put my trust more on the installers from the factory where the window is made. Mezzo is not a terrible window. But much better Windows out there for a little more money. You keep telling people on here not to pay more than $350 for a quality window installed and that’s just ridiculously inaccurate. A more realistic view point would be expect to pay $400-600 at big box stores and $600-800 for premium quality offerings from professional well established companies.

  39. Great site, thanks for putting in all the time for replies.

    Replacing windows in a beachside home approx. 4 blocks from the ocean in Brevard County, FL. Received a quote from WW for 14 double hung, 1 single hung, and 2 picture windows, all impact windows, for $721 per window. I know impact windows are more expensive but I about fell out of my chair when I saw the quote. Does that seem reasonable? The quote includes the SolarZone Elite film at $109 per window.

    We are working on getting another quote but at these prices I’m considering buying the windows myself and replacing a couple at a time.

    1. That’s probably not too unreasonable. Impact windows are more expensive and Window World is known for low prices. If you’re not sure get another quote or two to see how they compare.

  40. Could someone please explain the differences in Window worlds Solar Zone packages? They are listed on my quote sheet as Solar Zone, Solar Zone Elite, & Solar Zone w/ Foam Framing. Does this mean that no foam fillers are used in installing unless you get this highest package? How efficient are the Windows without an energy package upgrade? Is the 4000 series still considered energy star efficient? Also, I’m thinking of only doing the solar zone package on the front of the house as the back windows don’t ever get direct sunlight. Is this a reasonable plan or should it be all or nothing?

    1. As far as I know you’ll probably need at least one of the Solar Zone packages to be Energy Star qualified. The rep should be able to explain the options. The Solar Zone Elite uses a heavier low-e coating that is designed for high sun areas. If the Solar Zone is the same as the Alside Climatech then I would recommend getting it on all of the windows. Just ask them about the differences. If they can’t, or won’t, explain them then you may want to buy elsewhere.

      1. I have another company quoting as well. They are quoting the Alside Mezzo, but I’m wondering if replacing with vinyl single hung, Model 0700 is an ok option. Double hung would be nice but if the solar packages can be added to single hung, those would still be better than I have now. Do people replace with single hung or if you are spending the money, go with double hung??

        1. Single hung isn’t a bad option. I would probably stay away from that 0700 model. It’s really cheap. They have a Mezzo single hung that is a much nicer window. Hope that helps!

  41. Dog, I left a comment with factual information on Alside Mezzo and window world, but you deleted or didn’t approve my comment? Not cool.

    1. Hi Chris, I don’t believe I saw it. We get over 1000 spam comments every single day so I have a pretty aggressive spam filter going. Feel free to post again if you’d like.

  42. Dog, I have two very narrow picture windows off setting a larger double hung window. My problem is that the glass width is 9 inches. I’m concerned replacing these picture windows will result in more frame than glass and look ridiculous. I am going with WW 4000 series, I think. Any suggestions to make this issue less problematic?

    1. You’re right that a 9″ picture window will have VERY narrow glass. You could probably replace the whole unit with 2 double hungs, maybe a sliding window, or even a narrower double hung and 2 wider picture windows. The new windows are all custom made so you have a lot of options.

  43. I am about to replace the windows on my 1982 single family home. I currently have the original single glass windows. I just want new windows since im losing lots of heat and air. I looked at Window world and Americas best windows. both guys are really nice. Americas best windows use the 1555 MI double hung windows 10 for $3800 and Window world has a similar price for the AMI windows. I don’t want to spend too much on windows, which in your opinion is the better window.

  44. Hi, can you tell me in a nutshell the main difference between Window world vs Jeld Wen…is WW really a bad cheap product? how to justify the 75% difference between both options? Life warranty is same and specs as well…what am I missing?

    1. Jeld Wen makes vinyl windows, but their business is mostly wood windows. Are you comparing a vinyl window to a wood window?

  45. Dog,

    We had 18 of the 4000 series Window World windows installed in August 2013.
    Every summer since then the windows have condensation on the OUTSIDE.
    The company says that it is normal and the windows are working the way
    they should. We do keep the temp on 69 in the summer because my wife breathes better when the air is cool. Any suggestions?

    1. All windows will have a condensation resistance rating. It would depend on the glass package you picked from Window World. It is normal under some circumstances. Think of a glass of lemonade sitting on the deck in the summer. There is condensation on the glass. The glass didn’t fail, it’s just physics.

      When the temperature of the glass falls below the dew point of the air condensation will form. A more efficient window will have a higher condensation resistance rating because the glass stays warmer. Ultimately I wouldn’t worry about it too much unless it’s causing a problem.

  46. My WW uses MI windows out of Texas to make their windows. From what I’ve read, it sounds like I should steer clear of these windows correct?

  47. I am considering using Window World here in Southern California, and Cal-Star Windows. I am not too sure what series Window World was offering me, but I did like the product for the most part. Cal-Star doesn’t manufacture the windows, and sells Simonton. They have quoted me using the Simonton Daylight Max and both companies can in around the same price. I am looking to sell my place in the near future but I want to make sure I am putting in a decent product into my house. Do you have any suggestions or preferences?

    1. I bet they’re both pretty similar. If both companies have a decent reputation in the area you’re probably looking at a very similar outcome either way. Did you pick a winner yet?

  48. I ordered and paid for Window World 4000 Series Energy Elite windows (5) but received an invoice from the company after the install that listed the windows as 2- model 3001, 2-model 3002 and 1-model3003. My order form, signed by the owner, lists 3000 Series windows but at approximately 2/3 the cost. Can you tell me the difference between these two window series, please, and how do I tell the difference in the actual products. Thank you so much. Mark

    1. The terminology is tricky. Window World uses their own names for the products they sell. They don’t manufacturer anything themselves, but they sell under private labels. The window they call the 4000 series in many of their stores is made by Associated Materials out of Ohio and their model number for it is 3001. If you bought the window world 4000 series and got a 3001 double hung I’d bet you got the right thing. The names are just tricky.

  49. Also curious about the difference between the WW 4000 and the Atrium 8300 as far as performance for a home in Georgia.

    WW with Solar Elite glass package states minimum U-Value is .29; minimum SHGC is .19.

    Atrium states its values are (not “minimum”, but “are”) .34 and .26.

    I’m assuming lower is better, but don’t know for sure.

    I’ve got aesthetic and cost reasons for preferring the Atrium and its installer (smaller grids = more visible light; able to retain current wood framing instead of either capping or replacing with PVC; something like 3.5k cheaper overall), but I want to make sure I’m not giving up too much in performance to do so.


    1. That is a pretty big difference. The Atrium windows you’re looking at may not be Energy Star certified depending on where in Georgia you are.

      $3500 is a lot. I would just suggest carefully comparing the options. There is likely something different causing that price difference.

      Also, do you know what size the grids are on the Atrium windows? I bet they’re pretty similar.

  50. I’m looking into window world’s 4000 and 6000 series. I was quoted $14,000 for the 4000 series and $17,000 for the 6000 series. This is for 28 double hung windows. What are your thoughts on the price and quality of these 2 windows? I also have another rep selling Simonton reflection windows. Thanks

    1. If you’re looking at the 4000 series made by Associated Materials (not MI windows) I think it’s a much better option than the other two you mentioned. What did you like about one vs the other?

  51. Very excited to find this site. I’m helping my son and family start replacing old aluminum windows in the Denver area. I live in Southern NM. It sounds like Window World is a good place to start. Can you give me any recommendations for such a cold part of the country. Does it matter if they can only afford a few windows at a time? I’m doing the first one in the master as it won’t close at the top by about 1/4 inch. Thanks for any advise.

    1. From what we hear Window World can be pretty hit or miss. Have you checked this page to see if we have a recommended company in your area? That would be a great place to start. Glad to hear you’ve found the site to be helpful!

  52. So WW came out to give us an estimate and it included a 5% ‘Administrative Fee’. This sounds much like the fee car dealerships add to cover their back office doing their job. Is this common among the companies to your knowledge?

    1. No and it makes me chuckle. I wonder why they didn’t just raise their prices if they wanted to make more money. Seems silly to add in a line like that. Ultimately it doesn’t make much difference, just focus on the total cost and it doesn’t much matter what they call it.

      Maybe I should offer to help them with their marketing!

  53. Dog, Looking at getting Window World triple casement – triple pane/6000 series…said they are from MI windows in Pennsylvania. stay away or decent? {dont have a huge budget}

    1. They’re decent. MI windows are typically a budget option. We were just up at their plant in PA a couple months ago. Nice people up there and they make a ton of windows.

  54. since I have been reading a few of the post this man has a lot of good information for all of you and a few small parts we may disagree on but over all you should listen to him. I have different feelings on MI and a few other companies who either go out of business and reopen right away to get out of there lifetime warranties or just make low quality windows for window world and other places. We have been in business for 15 years window world came into our area around 5 years ago I would guess. I cant tell you how often people come to me saying how bad the installer was, how bad the product was, or how they tricked them with pricing. We actually have people call us and say they have a window under warranty they sent us to us because they cant do the work. You get what you pay for and most people understand this. Do your research look into the companies. For the most part I have found local small companies care more about the products they use so you will get a better overall quality

  55. So I just got a quote from Window World for 4000 Series foam filled double hung windows. These windows are manufactured by MIWD in PA. Rep tells me that the u factor on these double pane windows with solarzone glass package (low e, argon gas and the foam in the mainframe) is .24. He stated they are the only company right now offering a .24 u factor in double pane glass. He also stated that the air leakage rating is .0003. Not .03, but .0003. I have read some threads on this site whereby MIWD is not highly thought. The WW rep stated he went to the MIWD in PA and toured the part of the plant that only makes windows for WW. He told me that this particular model window is only made for WW. Lifetime warranty, etc. Price for double hung and trim coil install about $442 total (non tempered glass). Your current thoughts on this window? I am waiting for the CPD # to check the NFRC information.

    1. I’d run for the hills. If MI is using surface 4 low-e they could possibly achieve a .24 u-value, but then the CR rating drops so low you’ll probably get moisture on the glass most of the year. .000003 never heard that one before. I did have a customer tell me that the WW rep said they’re windows are so good they didn’t need argon/solarzone because theirs are air filled? The fact is ww reps are generally not seasoned window people. They are new to the industry and will fake it until they make it, once they make it they’ll realize whats going on and move to a better company. I’d know, I was there 6 years

  56. I’m comparing Window Worlds 4000 dh series with those from Westwood windows of southern Virginia. Do you have any comments on Westwood windows?

    1. I’ve never heard of Westwood Windows in VA. There is a West Window which might be what you’re talking about. I typically don’t recommend working with those smaller manufacturers. What did you like or not like about them?

  57. Window world gave us an estimate for some series 4000 windows. They said they are made by MI windows and doors in Pennsylvania. They said they are made to window world specifications and the warranty is through window world. If you google MI windows most of what you find is bad. What do you think about the quality of MI windows through window world?

    1. I was up at their plant a couple months ago. They’re very nice people and they gave us a great tour. The MI windows are designed to be a price point type product. They’re not great in an regard, but the price is low. If that’s what you want I’d say go for it. If you’re looking for a nicer product you should probably look elsewhere.

  58. I am looking at the 4000 series window from window world. They say that a free upgrade to triple pane window is going on now. Is that possible in the 4000 series because they say only triple pane comes in the 6000 series on their website. Is this a gimmick because I don’t think the 4000 series is wide enough to hold triple pane.

    1. As far as I know they offer different windows under the same names in different parts of the country. If they’re offering the Alside product it is available with triple pane glass. Remember, this is American, there’s no such thing as free anything. If you want double pane you can probably get it for less than the triple pane price. Good luck with the project.

  59. Just got a quote from Andersen. The price was surprisingly high. Do you know anything about their windows and why out would be so much more expensive. My parents got some windows from window world so I’m thinking of calling them. What’s your thoughts

    1. The Renewal by Andersen is known for having higher prices than most. There any many options between them and Window World. You could check here to see if we know someone to recommend in your area.

  60. Hi – looking to getting 7 windows replaced in our home. We received a quote from our local Window World (WW) that includes 4000 series Energy Star Windows (no grid) for $2456 installed. I sales rep that came out was very nice and he didn’t seem to be shady. I would like to avoid going with my local Lowes or Home Depot. Does the WW quote seem on-point? Or you would recommend getting a quote from the big box stores?

    1. Hi Hank, those aren’t the only 2 options. I tend to recommend finding a window company that is not a box store. Did you pick a window yet and how did it work out?

  61. I am in the process of getting estimates for (41) windows and am having a difficult time figuring out if any are truly head and shoulders better than others. I have had WW quote me on their 4000 series, The Aluminum Company with their AMI Preservation, and a local company quoted on the Sunrise (but still waiting to find out which model). WW were the lowest quote with The Preservation $4000 more, and Sunrise over $6000 more. How do I figure out which is the best window for the money. My original thought was “anything is better than what I have now” but not so sure anymore…Thank you for any advice!

  62. Hello,

    We are in the process of getting bids to replace our windows. We have 15 windows that need to be replaced. Some of the windows are pretty large floor to ceiling windows. So far we have quotes from Window World 4000 series for $8,500, Pella 250 series for $9,000 (Lowe’s Installed), and Simonton Clear Value for $10,000 (Home Depot Installed). They are all low e glass, double pane with argon fill. We are looking for a solid window that will cut down on our heating bill and not be drafty. They are all so close in price I would really like some advice from professionals to see what is best. We live in Portland, Oregon where the winters are very wet and can get below freezing. Our current aluminum windows are very drafty and let in a lot of cold air. Any and all advice would be appreciated.

    1. It’s my understanding that window world sells 2 different models under the same 4000 series name so it’s hard to say. Did they tell you who makes the window they’re offering?

  63. We’re looking to replace all 10 windows in our house here in Tulsa, OK, with new vinyl. We’ve gotten a few quotes but are trying to decide if the medium-budget windows are worth the premium over the cheaper ones. We have one quote from the local Window World for around $4200. They are the series 4000, as we’re getting the SolarZone 70 option. This comes with a lifetime warranty for vinyl and mechanical parts and glass breakage. They’ve been in business for 20 yrs with decent reviews online.

    The second bid is closer to $7000 from a family owned business that’s operated for over 30 years. They sell the Preservation line, and we were quoted for the EnergyMax 4 Elite glass with insulated frame and composite reinforcement (not that I know what that means).Their warranty sounds more comprehensive, covering the frame, glass breakage, mechanism, labor, and workmanship all on their own in-house warranty. We’re told that they use their own crews to install as well. They have excellent reviews and ratings on BBB and Angie’s list.

    The question have is this: Is the additional $2800 worth it? That’s over 50% more than the lower bid, and I’m not sure how their windows can be $2800 better. We’re happy to make that investment if it’s worth it, but how bad can the WW offer be?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. From a product standpoint it’s probably not worth it. The difference might be in the quality of the installation. Some Window World stores are known for paying the cheapest labor rates around. That means they typically get the cheapest installers. I’m sure that’s not true in every case, but that may be a contributing factor in the costs.

  64. Window World qutoe $18,848 for 37 of the 4000 series windows (many with custom curves) – not sure of the model but will ask after reading this site – THANKS. Apex quoted 37 Alside Insignia windows for $35,592. Do you get what you pay for are are they probably quoting the same window?

    We have installed WW in two homes but didn’t stay long enough to know if any issues.
    Apex says the width of our windows need the reinforcement they put in so they don’t sag – they say WW’s don’t have this.
    Apex also says they don’t subcontract the lead contractor. We had issues with the quality of work the WW subcontractor did in the past so this sounded good.

    We do have some 8ft high windows. WW said no issue. Apex said they can only do 7ft due to weight of triple pain so will have to put a square picture window over to make up the difference. Not wild about this but if they are better windows will do.

    We are perplexed so any thoughts/suggestions would be helpful. This is our forever home so we don’t mind paying more for quality but don’t want to be taken advantage of. Hope you can help Dog!

    1. They’re probably not the exact same window, but they probably are similar. I know the double hung windows typically offered by Window World get better air infiltration rates than the double hung windows typically offered by Apex. Different styles and models can vary a little.

      Window World does offer reinforcement in any windows that would need it so it sounds like the Apex salesperson may have been uninformed. I probably wouldn’t pay $17k more for the Apex option. Have you made a decision yet?

      If not, my company may be able to help out and I bet you’ll like the difference. Let me know if I can help.

      1. I believe Apex only offers one window, not several different options. It also has significantly more weather stripping than any of the windows WW offers. Where are you getting your air infiltration numbers from? The NFRC shows the models WW offers as all having higher air infiltration rates than the Insignia. I’m trying to make a decision vs the two options as well. Thanks for your help.

  65. Follow up to my previous comment. I just found this on window world website stating they manufacture their windows. True or false?

    Double Hung Windows

    The Double Hung Windows designed, manufactured, and distributed by Window World have become their best-seller. Trained technicians install each replacement window, guaranteeing each new window protects your home from the elements and operates at optimum energy efficiency.

    Can you help me learn truth of who manufactures Window World windows?


    1. They do not manufacture their own windows. To my knowledge they buy from Associated Materials out of Ohio and MI windows out of PA. It’s possible that they also carry other lines, but they do not make their own windows.

  66. Hi!
    We are replacing 9 window units (12 windows) and one sliding door in Gulf Shores, Alabama so we need impact windows. WW quoted us with labor $17,244 for AMI 4000 white vinyl insulated double paned window, double hung, double strengh glass DP50.

    We got another quote for Wincore 8800 series, impact glass, turtle glass, double hung and quoted between $12,500-15,ooo.

    Last estimate is for CWS storm strong 6100 vinyl impact resistant single hung.

    What brand is the best for impact windows and value? Are any of the above a good choice?

  67. I need to replace 13 windows in my home. We have narrowed the choices down to either the Pella 250 or Window World 4000. Do you have an opinion as to which window would be best? The Pella is priced a little higher than Window World, but not sure if the quality is higher or not. Both prices are in our affordable range.

  68. I was quoted 10,500 for 23 double hung windows from window world. 4000 series with solarzone elite glass package.
    I live in Central California. I don’t know what window they will use. Do you think this is a good price?

    1. Hi Johnny, they offer different models in different areas so I don’t know what they offer in California. Did you ask them what window they were suggesting?

  69. I have 28 windows to replace in an old victorian in Westchester, NY. It’s very difficult to decide but I’ve had consultation with Pella windows for a fiberglass -because I would like black exterior and black interior and the other companies don’t offer this. Is this a good company? Their financing looks better than Andersen Renewal and Great Lakes…Also wondering if I should try PGT or Window World.

    1. You’ll probably need something that is paintable to get a black interior. Fiberglass would do the trick and an aluminum clad wood window would also likely work. Have you picked one yet?

  70. Any experience with WW 8100-8200 impact windows? Quote I received today was very reasonable compared to PGT quote I got last week. I live in Florida so expensive impact is my only choice.

    1. Did they say who made that window? It might be an MI window with that model number. I’ve shot MI impact windows with 2×4’s out of an air cannon at their plant and that was pretty fun. The windows are decent, not top of the line.

      Another option is to get other storm protection on the house. Then you can get regular non-impact windows and you’ll have many options.

  71. Hey thanks for the reply. They say CWS (Ocala FL) makes the window. I know code will allow any window with approved shutters. Such a pain to store them, put them up, take them down….. I have considered non-impact on the sliding door to save a few $$$ but still have to store them, put up and take them down.

    Two local installers quoted PGT windows 40% higher than WW 8100.


    1. Sounds good. I understand the storage issue. Growing up my grandparents lived in Ft Lauderdale and they had accordion type shutters on all the windows that were permanent. I guess the downside there is that they’re there all the time and they don’t look that pretty.

      What was the ballpark cost for the impact windows from Window World? My company is considering expanding into an area with impact requirements and we’re trying to gather up a little competitive info.

      Hope the site was helpful.

  72. We are replacing 14 double hung windows in our home. Almost all suggested using sliders in a room with two very close double hung windows. Which would adjust to 12 windows. We have quotes from HD – Simonton (6100), Loews – Reliabilt (3500), Window world – 4000 series / solar zone elite (after some reluctance received copy of sticker, MI windows 1650), and a quote from someone selling Renewal by Andersen that was way out of our budget at $19,000. HD and Loews are almost similar in their quotes $7,500. Windows world is best priced at $5,300. I am a little skeptical of window world salesman. Not sure if he made honest mistake, had the price at $4,912 until we applied for their financing. And price jumped almost $700. He later reduced it by $300. Would you share insights on windows and credibility of companies? Thanks.

      1. I bought a house in central Florida with new instsll Window World throughout house. The house had been ‘flipped’ with lowest quality box store materials which I found out over the next year – Window World included. From deseign to quality to customer service! Windows only open a small amount- for example- one window 50″wide x 24″tall. Double hung. When opened all the way it only opens 4.1/4″! All the windows are like this! These windows are very hot to sit by in summer and currently with 20-40 degrees F. outdoor. cold drafts from these windows. I have rolled up towels and shades drawn to stop drafts. I highly doubt there was any insulation used. Customer service is in the toilet. With ‘100%’ warranty it will take 2-6 months for anyone to come out as they only do warranty work in ‘groups’- meaning when they have several people in one city needing work then they will come out. They will not come out for just one or two customers. Would I EVER consider a WW window- not a chance!!!! I have had Anderson – either 100 or 200 already installed in a home I bought in southern Montana. Large southern facing. Brutal weather- 100+ degrees/direct sun to -40 degrees blizzards. Windows were installed in 1985. I was in that house for 15 years- 1998 to 2013. Windows were tight, draft free and exterior just starting to fade- but a once yearly coat of the auto polishing for the plastic bumpers made them like new. I have forgotten if they were aluminum or Fibrex??? I would do Anderson again due to great quality but may hesitate due to high cost. NEVER BUY WINDOW WORLD!!!

  73. Replacing four windows in NY.
    Marvin Infinity – $4500.
    Window World – $2500.
    Anderson Renewal – $7000.
    Pella – $3000.


    1. I sincerely hope you did not consider WW!! I currently have them and both design, product and customer service are the worst I have ever encountered of any product. In my review of WW I forgot to add thst large amount of bugs get into the house and brtween screen/window. Rep admits bad design (my wife can actually stick her finger between screen and frame). Replaced screens just the same. Florida has many bugs of every size. Cannot have light on in evening to so many bugs getting around screen into house.

      1. What model of Window World windows do you have? The 2000, 4000, or 6000 series? I am asking because I am interested in getting some windows from Window World.

        1. Be a little careful with their model numbers. I’ve heard from some people that they’re offering models from different manufactures under the same model numbers so it can be a trick to find out what you’re actually getting. Ask them for the manufacturer and the model number and you’ll have a better idea.

  74. 2nd winter in my new home and LOTS of condensation on the french doors leading to my patio…they are older wood doors which we attempted to seal but apparently were unsuccessful. I am looking to replace them. On has side lights and I found the WW tilting sidelight with french door to be very attractive.
    My question, being totally clueless is, what kind of rating do I need in MN to assure that I will not have interior condensation on the glass all winter?
    Your feedback would be most appreciated!

    1. Condensation will often be caused by environmental factors. If you have a heat exchanger on your HVAC system that will go a long way towards reducing condensation on your windows. You’ll see all windows do have a Condensation Resistance rating so you can compare one option against another, but the easiest solution lies in your HVAC setup.

  75. hi. i have been doing home improvement 30 yrs. here in nebraska. I go against window world all the time. We sell alot of alside windows (mezzo model). the main thing about window world and a local co. like mine is as you have stated they do not pay their installers very good at all. their aluminum wrap on their windows and doors is basically not very good. no brick mold bends , no bending side wrap at top, just more caulk. alot of caulking in between wrap and window, and they’re mostly in a big hurry, which does not help in their installation or trim work.
    on another note I wanted to ask you what kind of infra red laser light do you use when selling windows or what would you recommend.

    1. That’s definitely a common criticism of Window World. I don’t use an infrared laser when selling, but Alside can probably get you a sample kit with one. The same company makes sample kits for just about every manufacturer out there so they all have the same options.

  76. HI Window Dog: Is it possible to get Okna wndows in Florida?; I don’t see any dealers in this state. Also, can you tell me what it would cost to install 16 new construction Okna 500 series windows? Would single hung be cheaper than double hung? Thank you for all your input. Elaine in central Florida

    1. I don’t believe Okna ships windows to Florida. Most smaller manufacturers don’t make impact windows and you need to offer impact windows if you’re shipping to FL. Step one is to find a great installation company and then look at what products they offer. Don’t fall in love with any particular window first. There are plenty of good options out there.

  77. Worst service imaginable. Will not allow customer to speak. The owner himself is very stubborn, arrogant, and has pride too big to ever be damaged. Surprised with how he runs his business. They measured the wrong size window, put it in crooked, and busted the drywall. The previous drywall was a half inch thick so I’m confused if they measured drywall to drywall with half inch thick drywall then why did they feel the need to add a wood shim to old wood frame and also leave space for new drywall. Owner wouldn’t even take the time to look at my picture of the old window which has a black outline surrounding it where the half inch drywall previously was. The old metal window went from wood frame to wood frame where half inch drywall met up to the metal frame covering it a half inch. But he claims i tampered with it. DO NOT USE. They refuse to allow me the opportunity to compromise and pay the cost of what a bigger window would’ve been they just flat out come in on a mission telling you that you are wrong and they are right bringing you to a point of rage then blame and walk away while you are talking because they are so upset you are enraged…… don’t push me to a point where I can’t speak and all you are saying to me is that I am wrong and there is nothing I can do or you will do. People explode when they can’t get a word in and they are being attacked BY A BUSINESS OWNER and they are out THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. He also told me before he walked off “you need to grow up, stand on your own two feet and own up when you are wrong” The owner himself told me that I need to take accountability that I’m wrong when he can’t even take his own advice. Take the time to read multiple reviews. You will see many of the same complaints about how customers can not get a word in and the owner storms off without resolution. He also comments back to people’s reviews being combative and trying to prove them wrong. Which is exactly why he is so stubborn and wont admit fault in the first place.

    1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. What area are you in? The Window World stores are all franchises as far as I know so the service you get in one area could be different than what you’d get in another.

  78. Which window is better for FL, Window World 4000 series or Pella 350 series , all sliders? These are my options ( price wise) but I cannot decide since I do not know which are better quality.
    Thank you!

    1. As far as I know Window World markets different products under the 4000 series name so I don’t know which one they’d be suggesting in your case. The Pella 350 is a nice product, often sold at a higher price than Window World in my experience.

  79. DO NOT USE if you want so-so quality windows and to wait around half the day being told they are on their way and find out the crew is doing another job. Promise to have it done in one day (it did not happen) Wait another day only to call and find out they were not coming (and did not call to let me know!!!! and the manager was asked to call me by the head of the crew) so a 3rd day will be waisted I am sure. The manager who seemed nice at first, now is an indignant jerk who is too sensitive to criticism

    I have had experienced American widows – same basic widow and they do what they say

  80. I am in Arizona and I have three very different quotes from WW and two others from R&K Windows. WW is giving me a quote of $6,500 installed for 9 windows (all 4000 series, SolarZone Sunshield) and an 8′ slider w/ SunShield.
    For a similar setup (same # of windows and 1 door) I got a quote from R&K offering Anderson AW (100 series) Jeld-Wen (assuming similar model to Anderson, says U-factor 0.32) which are both over $10,500 installed. I am concerned about the price difference…is the WW pricing that good or am I just being sold a lower grade product with the promise it is great quality at a “deal”. When I see a price gap of a few hundred dollars or even $1,000 its not bad, but a gap like this concerns me.

    Any help would be great.

    1. This can definitely be a tricky process to navigate sometimes. We’ve seen a lot of negative feedback on the site lately about Jeld Wen vinyl windows so I would be cautious there. You might want to look at the air infiltration rate on the Andersen 100 series. When you look at the products does one seem like it’s doing anything more for you than another or are they pretty similar? Everything is custom made so it can be hard to know what is included in any given quote just by looking at the window model.

  81. Window World just left. Salesman was ill prepared. First it was $7200 for 17 windows, needed 18. In the end it was $8378 for 18 series 4000 windows. He said they do not subcontract out the install and all of the windows and materials are made in the US, PA to be exact. After reading this it seems to me he was addressing known complaints about them and I don’t know if he was being truthful about where they are made. I am in the Indianapolis area.

    Window Man was here two hours before Window World. They came in at $7426 for single hung. Window World seems like better windows, but now I don’t know.

    The third guy is actually Window Makeover. I have 30 year old wood casement windows. He came in at over 10k for 7 windows.

    1. If you’re looking for windows in Indianapolis I have a great option for you. My good friend runs the Window Universe in Indianapolis. I was just on the phone with him an hour ago. Find them here.

  82. We are in the market of replacing our windows. We have 23 double hung including a specialty window (half circle) and 2 picture windows. I’ve had Window World come out and do an estimate for $10,400 and then Renewal by Andersen came out and gave us an estimate of $69,853 to replace our windows! It was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! There is absolutely no reason for their windows and installation costing so much. I think the “design consultant” tried to take advantage of us. Just imagine if they do that to someone twice a year….they have met their sales quota. I am awaiting someone from our local Lowes to come out and do an estimate for Pella windows. We shall see what they offer… what is your recommendation for replacement windows around the Knoxville, TN area? Thanks!

  83. Hi Windowdog – Thank you for your blog – it’s a wealth of very useful information that I haven’t found anywhere else.
    I recently got an estimate from WW (in California) for 3 windows and 2 patio doors for $6200 (Simonton 3000 windows, which I think are the same as the 5500 series). I also received a quote from a local co. for Anlin Del Mar windows and Malibu patio doors for $6500. Are these prices reasonable? Which product do you think is better?

    Thank you!!

  84. We are looking at Window World replacements. I am trying to loose as little window space to frame as possible. We were looking at the 4000 but today the recommended the 2000 because the frame was smaller.
    I see very little information on the 2000. Do you know anything about them and are they comparable to the 4000 (which they said was the same price)?

    1. Strangely we’ve seen them quote different products using the same model numbers 2000, 4000, 6000 etc in different markets. So, it’s impossible to tell what they’re recommending based on that number. If it’s the Mi product it’s not the nicest window in the world, but the price is low.

      Did they tell you what it was?

      1. Avoid Window World. Here is north central PA, they’re selling cheap Mi windows at premium prices, and Alside siding and coil stock. Check the reviews for both Window world of your area and Mi on the BBB page. The reviews are not good. The businesses cannot manipulate those reviews. WW corporate used to have a review section in their Facebook page, but their reviews were that bad that they removed the review section last year. I have screen shots. A+ ratings on BBB pages? Don’t be fooled. That letter rating they give businesses is based only on number of complaints resolved. Read the reviews from consumers. They can’t be manipulated there. I bought windows and siding from Window World of Altoona. Chad Shirey owns several WW locations in PA. Only one word describes him…slimeball. He manipulates/deletes reviews on social media. He and his other locations like to give each other 5 star reviews as well. Probably friends and relatives in there as well. Also, check the number of reviews given vs the number actually visible. They don’t match. I have been in a 2+ year legal battle against them. The Court ruled against him twice, but he hasn’t paid yet. See their hack work for yourself….type @WWALTOONARIPOFF in a FB search bar or google search bar.

  85. I am getting bids for some very large windows (84”H x 38”W). The prices so far have varied greatly! It’s hard to compare them apples-to-apples. I got a bid for Anderson windows, the simonton 6500 double hung, and Window World 4000 DH SC Solar Zone Plus. The difference in price is more than $1000/per window, the window world being cheaper. The price of the Window World windows is so low it makes me nervous. Is there something I should know in this case?
    Thank you

  86. We had window world out of Theodore/mobile give us a estimate so we signed a contact they rescheduled the appointment three times then we agreed on a installation date and they didn’t show the owner Henery then got upset when I told them they had one day to do install because I had a surgery scheduled he wanted my wife to stay home while I had surgery and when I told him no he cancel our contract and used file language towards me and my wife very unprofessional I would not recommend the gulf coast branch to no one nor the Florence Mississippi branch since the same owner owns both if he is gonna be this unprofessional what can you expect if you have a issue later

  87. I am considering a Window World 4000 series window that has an exterior painted color. The warranty on the paint is 10 years. Do you know anyone who has experience with the pre-painted vinyl windows (these windows or comparable ones)?

    1. That’s pretty common in the last several years. Most manufacturers are offering exterior colors like that now because the market is demanding them. From my chair you can really see the trends developing. For example, a few years ago nobody asked about black windows, now we get requests for black windows every single day. I think HGTV just might be behind it…

  88. We had 5 4000 series double hung windows and one large 6’X6′ (approx) picture window replaced by Window World in Dothan, Al. We ordered the windows in February of this year (2019) and they were installed in March.
    The entire process was painless from start to finish. The windows are great quality, the installers did an excellent job, things were scheduled and completed on time, and we were very happy with the entire process and the results.

    Fast forward to 3 weeks ago. I was cleaning the double hung windows and realized the bottom sash of one window had suffered a seal failure. There were spots between the panes. I photographed it, as well as the window serial number, and shot off an email to the sales rep early on Sunday. I figured I’d hear back early in the week.

    That same Sunday afternoon I received an email which said that he’d get the new sash ordered-it would take about two weeks. Two weeks later he brought it out and put it in for us. Quick and painless, and they did a great job of standing behind their warranty-it really was no hassle at all.

    Would I buy from them again? Absolutely. We’re budgeting for 4 additional windows in August and won’t go any further than Window World.

    1. We just had the last 4 windows installed today. Once again a quick, quality installation and we are extremely happy with the windows from Window World of Dothan.

    2. As a followup, we had the last 4 4000 series windows installed last week. Since they’re in our master bedroom in the front of the house, I had discussed using triple pain windows to help with sound deadening with the salesman (I had no problem with the extra cost if the benefit was there). He actually talked me out of the triple pane-he said for the added cost there was very little benefit and assured me that I’d be happy with the sound deadening of the 4000 series.

      Fast forward to the install, about 4 weeks after ordering. It was quick, done right and done well. And he was right-I am extremely pleased with the sound deadening of the 4000 series. We live on a quiet residential street, but there is occasionally traffic noise-school bus, garbage truck, the harley rider, etc. Now, unless we’re really trying to listen for it, we don’t notice any of those.

      Once again, we’re very happy with Window World.

  89. Hi I could use some advice.

    I am replacing a vinyl 9ft patio sliding door. The options I am considering are window world sliding door triple pane ($3,200), Alside 6100 series triple pane($4300) or Sunrise triple pane ($4,900). I am wondering if there is a considerable difference in quality that would warrant an option besides window world. All prices include installation.

    1. I believe some Window World franchises tend to use cheaper sliding doors. I would guess that’s because it’s often an afterthought. The salesperson spends all of his time talking about the windows and then they say, “oh yeah, we can also include a sliding door in your quote”. People seem to ask far fewer questions about their doors than the windows and that allows companies to use cheap sliding doors.

      If you’re thinking about going that way I’d ask them for the manufacturer and model number of the door so at least you can know what it is before deciding.

  90. In June of 2019, we replaced all the windows in our house with Window World Comfort 4000 series double hung windows. These were touted as being high energy efficient windows to keep the cold out in the winter and the heat out in summer. So far, we have been very pleased with the look and feel of these windows, and that they seem to reduce outside noise. However, now that we are getting into colder weather, we are finding that the windows are sweating on the inside of the house, especially on the lower portions of each pane. We thought that if the window was as well insulated as we were led to believe, that the interior of the windows would not sweat. Have we been duped? Or is this normal for most energy efficient windows?

    1. Hi Phil, there are several factors to consider when dealing with condensation on new windows. It’s basically a function of the relative humidity in the house and the efficiency of the window. If the temperature of the air near the window falls below the dew point of the air you’ll see condensation. We have an upcoming video on the YouTube channel about that soon so you might check that out. Should be online in the next week or so.

      1. Interesting stuff! Looking forward to that video; as I installed a quality window within the last year that had condensation building up on the inside glass which was located in the kitchen.

    1. That’s not the whole number. It will look something like MEI-A-217-06265-00001. The first 3 sections tell you the manufacturer and the model.

  91. Hi there, I saw at the top of the post you were going to review the various Window World window models. Is that available? I didn’t see it in this post. Just had them at my house and I was looking for information. Windows seem nice and price was fair, just looking for some real work opinions about the windows.

    1. Not yet. Window World doesn’t make any windows so you’d need to find out which model they were offering then check out that model. They can sometimes make that tricky by not telling you what the product is that they’re suggesting but I guess that’s just part of their business model.

  92. Do you have any information on the quality of garden windows supplied by Window World and those made by Simonton?

    1. We’ve seen Window World franchises offering different windows under the same brand names so it’s challenging to tell what they’re actually offering. Interestingly many replacement window manufacturers don’t actually make garden windows, they buy them from another company and put their label on it. That can make it challenging to compare options when it comes to garden windows. Sorry I’m not more help with that one.

      1. I’ve seen Window World franchisees offering windows from different manufacturers and calling them all Comfort World so it’s hard to tell which one they quoted you.

  93. I am looking for replacement windows in Columbia, SC. WW or Taylors Windows. Any other recommendations? Need 12 windows. WW offers 8 for under 4K.

  94. I am replacing 36 wood windows, original to the house built in 1987. A few of the sills have wood rot on the sills. Do I need to have a tear out or will a retrofit suffice? The Window World rep. said he would replace the sill and wrap with vinyl. Of course, this was before looking at it. What if the damage is more extensive? I have a second bid coming from a company you recommend on your site–Zen out of Charlotte. But, since they do the bidding online, how will they determine need?

  95. What are your thoughts about Reliabilt 130 series single hung windows vs Pella ThermaStar single hung windows? I am getting quotes to replace 3 windows (5 at the most) and have gotten some quotes from different vendors.

    1. All of the low end Pella windows I’ve seen have not been very nice. I’d say both Reliabilt and ThermaStar are going to be on the lower end. As far as Reliabilt vs ThermaStar it’s hard to say which would be best. I’d probably look for another option all together.

  96. I keep going back and forth on what I think is the best bang for my buck. We live in Essex County, NJ. We’ve received the 4 quotes below. At first I thought I’d go with NJ Windows and Siding because of their U Factor rating of .1, but the windows they quoted me are not the triple pane that gets the .1 rating. From what I’ve read, the Element 2 pane insulated window has the same U Factor rating as the Slocumb 177 (.26) and is $3700 less. Thoughts? Is the higher price tag worth it? Next I want to compare warranties. Thanks!

    15 double hung windows, 6 with grids
    2 picture windows

    NJ Window and Siding, Element $12950
    DuraPlex, Slocumb 177 $9250
    Window World 4000 series Solar Zone Pkg $7950
    Private contractor, Mi Windows, $8510

  97. I received a quote from Window World for the 3000 SolarZone Elite Series. The price on the windows is 437 plus installation of $150 per window. The total on 23 windows was listed at $15,809. I’ve read many of the comments in this thread about being leery of a window quote over $500 which this would come out to $687 per window but I am wondering if you meant installed or hardware only price.

    But what I really want to ask is what your opinion is on the 3000 SolarZone Elite series and if its above “contractor/builder grade” and would last in the desert heat (southern Nevada).

    1. Hi Chris, that pricing info is several years old and not really relevant anymore. I’d say the pricing you received is pretty normal in 2021. We’ve seen Window World offering different models under that same branding so it’s hard to tell what product they’re offering. What did you like or not like about it?

      1. Thank you for replying to my post. Glad to see this website is still being moderated after many years.
        Ok that make sense since all the comments are as you noted several years old but given the amount of comments shown on the pages it seemed, perhaps, that maybe the quotes were regional since pretty much all companies have gone up significantly from the prior year pricing.

        In regards to likes and dislikes, there really is none. The opportunity that comes from a vendor estimate tends to be decided (in every case that I have seen thus far, based on 12 vendor bids and counting) by the vendor at time of visit in terms of what product line they plan to bring forward as well as the series in that line. Thus it becomes necessary (assuming the buyer is interested in learning more about the service being presented) to try and do as much “google” research on the sometimes generalized quote (along with call backs to the vendor to clarify window vendor choice, series choice, and specifications the installer believes is correct to the product they chose to quote).

        TLDR; rather than choosing between series in a installer’s line of product, I find I have to choose between window selection choice by installer to determine where, if any, the margins to trim exist to find the best possible quote for my given project.

  98. Nice post! You can choose from many materials available in the market to change your home’s look and feel. But it is vital to choose the right one among the many window replacement companies in Doylestown, PA, giving you the satisfaction and quality you are looking for.

  99. I received a quote from our local Window World for the following:
    (9) 6000 Series Triple Pane w/ Krypton Insulation Double Hung w/ Grids
    (1) Classic Style Sliding Patio Door w/ Grids
    No other information was provided on the quote.
    Total: $8,862

    I was hoping to get your thoughts on that price and If I need to get more information regarding the specific window(s) manufacturer. I also looked for your recommended businesses in the Delaware area but couldn’t find any. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

      1. Thanks for your reply. Could you provide a quote for 9 windows and a sliding glass door replacement through email?

        1. Sure, that’s what we do. For projects in Delaware, they’ll run out of the Philly location. If you go to this section and click through to Philly you can request an email quote and one of our window experts will email you everything you could possibly be looking for.

  100. Hello! This page says you will review several models of Window World Windows, as well as pricing, warranties and service. However, I’m not finding any reviews.

    1. Hi Stacie, yes we’ve heard from folks that Window World franchises are using the same model numbers for different windows so it’s hard to compare. So one location might call a certain model the 4000 series and another location might call something else the 4000 series. I would guess that’s intentional. They don’t manufacturer anything themselves although we have heard of their salespeople telling customer that they do.

      They have kind of a weird business model in my humble opinion where their franchises are pretty limited in what they’re allowed to offer. Historically they’ve been so focused on being the cheapest possible option and I don’t think that’s what most people really want for their house.

      I guess it’s worked for them as they sell a lot of windows, but I don’t think they’re the company I would call for my house.

  101. Hi Window Dog,

    Please help out ASAP, my mind is turning.

    I live in Queens, NYC, replacing 20+ sliders, and a 5 lite bow. I can’t afford Pella or Anderson.

    This leaves me with:

    Window World – Wincore 5400 and MI 4000 series are low grade but then how are they Energy Star, Good House Keeping awarded with pure virgin vinyl? The franchise in Long Island is highly reviewed.

    Window Depot -I hear OKNA 400 is a good but the local franchise is not highly reviewed. Much more blunt sales tactics if that matters.

    Then there’s:
    Window Rama with Simonton (bad reviews, good window)
    Home Depot, BJ’s, and Power… which I hear to avoid for over pricing

    Hope to hear from you soon, thanks man!


    1. Hi Jack, have you checked with our recommended company in NYC? Find them here along with the best window companies all over the country, I bet you’ll like how they do things.

  102. Hi Window Dog,

    I guess my question comes down to this.

    Window World 4000 (MI 1650) or Wincore 7700? (I hear the 5400 is far worse)

    What’s your take on doing BJ, Lowes, or Home Depot?
    Please help asap!

    1. Hi Jack, I’m not really a fan of any of those options. The Mi from window world is not a great product. Even the folks at Mi told me they’re making cheap windows. That works for some people, but not for most.

      Have you checked this section for recommendations? You might be able to find a better option.

      The box stores are always risky when it comes to windows, not the best option around.

  103. Hi Jack,
    I live in Binghamton, NY and am looking to replace 16 windows + 3 basement windows. I received a quote from Window World for the 2000 series double hung. The description states the 2000 series is SolarZone Glass Package/Duralite Spacer/U Value .27. I’ve read through all the posts but do not see any reviews on this window. The quote is as follows:
    16 double hung 2000 series ($389) = $6224
    3 basement slider with pvc white wrap ($275) + low emissivity/Argon (energy star) ($89) = $2493
    5 obscure glass (2 bathroom + 3 basement) ($40) = $220
    Dryer vent = $200
    Landfill disposable fee = $150
    Total = $7866
    Unfortunately, I cannot find anyone else to get a quote from other than Window World. Anderson near me has horrible reviews on the installation.
    I would very much appreciate your thoughts on Window World and the 2000 series windows.
    Thank you!

  104. Hi Window Dog

    Appreciate your informative site. I live in the middle of nowhere in NC (halfway between Asheville and Charlotte). I had the WW franchise in Asheville quote 12 double hung windows. Their price was $9700 which sounds outrageous. Also bothered me that when I asked the salesman if they sourced the windows from the same place as before he claimed they manufacture their own windows in PA and NC.
    I don’t have many options here, Charlotte companies like Zen, that you recommend don’t service my area and all local remodelers are booked solid and won’t answer calls. Any helpful tips for me? I have a Lowes in town but have heard they quote very high prices.

    1. Hi Ken, sorry to hear about your troubles. I don’t know anyone in the area so I’m afraid I’m not much help. Window World definitely does not make windows. If the salesperson told you they do manufacture windows then I’d probably question anything else he told you. They do not manufacture anything. Those guys can be a funny bunch.

      Good luck with the project. If you do find a great company in the area be sure to let us know. I’m sure you’re not the only person looking.

  105. Spot on with this write-up, I actually think this site needs much more attention. I’ll probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the information!

  106. Your style is so unique in comparison to other people I’ve
    read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity,
    Guess I will just bookmark this site.

  107. A local company has sent me emails regarding replacement windows. Their website indicates they install Protec Custom windows and they have great reviews. I can’t find anything on-line. Have you heard of these windows?

    1. Looks like it’s a private label thing which is usually why you can’t find anything online. Companies do that to make it impossible to compare the options or verify sales claims. It’s usually not a good sign, but you never know.

      To find out what it actually is ask them for the CPD# from the NFRC. With that I can show you how to lookup what it really is. If they won’t give you that info I’d look elsewhere.

  108. We had WW windows installed in our home in Virginia in 2018 and, aside from a minor delay–one window not coming in the right size, we were very pleased. I believe these were the 4000 series Alside Mezzo windows with steel reinforced frames. Compared to the other windows we looked at, Home Depot American Craftsman and Pella, these windows functioned better. Although the price was more than advertised, WW came in lower than the other two competitors. We compared the warranty and WW was the only company with glass breakage protections so for us it was a no brainer.

    Now we live in Florida, last year we ordered new windows from WW. WinCore 8000 series impact windows. This time we experienced significant delays, but we were told up front and understand this was due to Covid issues. We are very happy with the windows. The crews did an excellent job other than minor stucco damage to one of the upstairs windows (which they sent another person to repair- but did not paint – which was fine). All in all we are very pleased with the product. Although we have not experienced any storms. Keep our fingers crossed.

  109. Quality of inspection is bad before being installed which i didn’t see workers fingerprints between the glass until next morning the sun shining through i left them until i cleaned them each time i got so angry its taking forever for them to be replaced the excuses are a joke
    we were told person refiring would get 50.00 by salesman no that person got 25.00 their excuse was that depended on the amount of windows we got also salesman said we would get a discount through our power company which didnt happen reason was they should have inspected our old before the new were installed still waiting for the call for them to be replaced

  110. I have scheduled three appointments with a window World and not one precessional has shown up. Now they are telling me that they don’t see my appointment that I’ve been waiting for four weeks out. They offered me a fourth appointment another three weeks out. I recommend you paying a few dollars extra for the peace of mind of functional equipment and real professionals. I DO NOT RECOMMEND WINDO WORLD to anyone!!!

    1. Wow!!!! That is interesting. I just had a appointment with Window World on Saturday, 26Feb2022, the presentation went well, but I am still looking. Of course your comment makes me wonder about this company. Thanks for the “Heads Up”.

  111. Great post! I read your blog fairly often and you’re always coming out with some great stuff. I shared this on my Facebook and my followers loved it! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  112. I was reading this article “Window World Reviews” and was looking for these articles as stated:
    Here we’ll review the following models:
    *Comfort World 2000
    *Comfort World 4000
    *Comfort World 6000
    *Casement windows
    We’ll also look at:
    *Window World pricing
    *Window World warranty
    *Window World service

    1. I just had a quote from Window World. I live in central Illinois and I have 70’s casement windows (with a stationary middle pane between the two casement sides) as well as 2 awning windows and a sliding glass door that needs to be replaced due to rotting wood. I also have a large picture window, (67″ x 47″) in living room that would need to be replaced, (according to WW it wouldn’t be advantageous to still use it as they couldn’t guarantee the structural soundness).

      So 13 casement windows, 2 awning windows, 1 picture window, and 1 sliding glass door.

      The casement replacement windows quote, along with triple-paned sliding glass door and new picture window, came in at $18,259 (The sales guy said their prices went up in April by 20%).

      So I asked him to quote me on double hung windows. That quote came in at $13,860

      I was kind of dumbfounded reading the lower prices people have paid but those were obviously before 2022 and before April 2022 when prices went up 20%.

      I also got a quote from Griffitts Construction who only deal in Great Lakes windows but their salesman said they couldn’t do double hung windows since I had casement windows. He also said they didn’t make picture windows my size any more and that I’d have to go with a smaller picture window! He also didn’t break down the quote per room as we agreed upon and I emailed him back two days ago asking him to do so but have not heard back from him.

      1. Prices are defininltey up from where they were a year or two ago so there’s nothing too unusual about that. It does seem strange to me that the smaller company selling Great Lakes windows wasn’t able to use double hung windows and they weren’t able to make a big enough picture window. That seems odd, but it’s always possible the salesman is new or doesn’t know exactly what he’s talking about. Dealing with the in-home salespeople can be one of the most challenging aspects of this business. Good luck with the project and let us know how it goes.

      2. We got a quote from WW in Paducah KY after buying a house in Oct 2020 which had the original windows in them from 1995. We have 7 picture windows and 10 double hung to replace. I don’t recall the price quote from WW but I was hesitant about buying them after reading the complaints on the BBB as they use a 3rd party contractor to install them as they don’t have their own crew.

        So I started looking around, finally decided on Renewal by Andersen windows as they service KY, IL, IN and I’m not sure what else. Their window quality far surpasses WW and their price matches their quality. They are made in MN so that is good. Check them out if you get a chance.

        Good isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t good.

        1. Renewal by Andersen is defininltey a different ballgame in terms of price. There are quite a few options in between Window World and Renewal. We’ve heard from other readers that the in-home salespeople from Renewal will typically show you a very high price on an iPad and then lower the price the more times you say no. We’ve heard the pricing can be several thousand dollars per window. Is that what you experienced? It seems like a strange business model to me.

          1. No I did not experience that as the salesman was very professional, not pushy like one company was we got a quote from out of AR. We got one price for all the windows from Renewal and had 30 days to decide.

            He did not try to convince us to buy them and had several payment and financing options also.

            There is only 1 other option between WW and Andersen in western KY.

  113. Why is the company called Window World because their product and installation are so poor you are guaranteed to feel and see the outside world! Windows were crap – excess plastic inhibited opening and closing of windows and screens. They actually cut small velcro like strips and attached them to sashes to try and tighten the window so it would not leak. When wind blows grit settles on window sill – am I reliving the Dust Bowl? Less than 8 years starting to replace the Window World product. When pulled out among the usual problems – no attempt during installation to wrap the window; two windows had a one inch gap from bottom of sill to window frame, no wood, foam or insulation in the gap. We have used Anderson, Applebee, and Simonton windows in replacement all much better and local contractors actually do the work properly. What is Good Housekeeping getting paid by Window world to put their stamp of approval on this scam company?

  114. Hi Window Dog,

    I live in the Sacramento, CA area and just signed a contract with Windows World of Greater Sacramento to have six XO windows replaced with their “Simonton” 5000 slimline series – four of them are 60 x 72, and the other two and 60 x 60; also, their French Patio Door, 92 x 76. The total amount financed at 0% over 1 year is $9200. I put quotes around “Simonton” because their 5000 Slimline series is apparently exclusive to Windows World and does not appear in Simonton’s catalog. I reached out to WW to clarify which Simonton series it compares to the most. Note that I can still cancel this contract and have until next Wednesday, 12/6/23.

    The reason I am conflicted on this WW contract is because Northwest Exteriors gave me their offer once I called them to cancel our appointment. They offered $10,050 cash price, or $11,050 (0% financing price over two years) for Anlin Del Mar for the same six sliders, as well as the Anlin Malibu, the Sun Matrix Low E package to all windows and the patio door, and Sound proof added to the patio door as an upgrade. I was really surprised to receive this price for the Del Mar because I had previously received quotes for the Anlin Catalina for $2-3k more.

    I need your help! Should I cancel my contract and go with the Del Mar? I know Anlin is a good brand, but for WW I can’t find any reviews for their “Simonton” 5000 Slimline Series. Any assistance you can provide is most appreciated.

    1. Hi Grant, I’m not familiar with the Simonton 5000 Slimline windows either so I can’t easily tell you which is a better choice. I’d just look at the products to see which option you think is worth more. If you think the option from Anlin is a better product and worth the price difference then that’s the way to go. If you’re unsure you can always cancel a contract so you have more time to evaluate the options. I’m sure they’ll still take your money if you decide to go back to them in a week or two.

      1. Hi Window Dog,

        Thank you for responding with your advice – to clarify, it is actually Windows World’s exclusive model re-branded from Simonton’s Daylight Max they call the Slimline 5000 series, which is apparently a newer model and doesn’t have really any reviews online yet. My local WW (Greater Sacramento) gets great reviews, but so does NW Exterior, and the Anlin Del Mar is a very nice series, so I’m thinking I shouldn’t pass it up.

        Also to add, all windows and the patio door are retro fit, and the WW contract is actually financing $8800 over 1 year at 0% interest, whereas NW Exterior offered a cash price of $9,750, or $10,403 over 1 year / $10,725 over two years, both 0% financing.

        1. Did they tell you if there are any differences between the Slimline 5000 and the Daylight Max model? I wonder if it’s different in any way or just a private label of the same window. Companies do that from time to time. If you ask them for the NFRC CPD# I could try to look it up to see, but they may not give out that info easily. Sounds like you prefer the Anlin and are ok with the price difference so it may not matter.

          1. They said it is essentially the same thing as the Daylight Max series, and I am waiting for them to send me the NFRC CPD #. I am also trying to find online the CPD # for the Simonton Daylight Max 7200 series but am unable to, as this would be a good indicator of what the WW 5000 series is. What’s odd is Windows World does not show up in the list of manufacturers on the NFRC directory: so I’m assuming they must be piggy backing off the Daylight Max CPD #, but that remains to be seen.

            According to the WW brochure, the U-Factor for the 5000 Slimline series is .28, and the SHGC is .23.
            The Anlin Del Mar brochure shows .26 U-Factor, and .18 SHGC.

          2. That makes sense. Window World is not a manufacturer so they wouldn’t be on that list. They’re the dealer or installer, but they don’t make windows.

  115. Oh you are right, my bad. Windows World uses Associated Materials, Inc (AMI), correct? The same manufacturer for Alside, whereas actual Simonton uses PlyGuard. But then, I can’t find AMI on the NFRC list, either. I suppose I should just wait for WW to send me the CPD # and go from there. Or, if they don’t, I’m thinking to cancel and go with the Del Mar. I’ve read so many positive reviews from homeowners and experts about the Del Mar, whereas, like I mentioned previously, I can’t find any reviews for the WW 5000, except for a thread suggesting to go with the Del Mar over the WW 5000.

    1. No, Window World used to sell windows made by Associated Materials, and they might still sell some, but we’ve seen them recently offering windows from other brands. Since you were quoted Simonton windows that’ll be the manufacturer. It might be listed under Ply Gem.

      1. The NFRC label they sent me shows Windows World 5000 series. I believe the reason it doesn’t show the model on the NFRC site is because it’s exclusive to WW, and they haven’t made it onto NFRC’s database yet. I can’t upload pictures to this thread, but the specs on the label match the NFRC stats, although the label is for single-hung, not single slider, though I’m not sure that makes a difference?

        1. That makes sense, it could actually be a unique model. I don’t know how much time you want to spend on it, but one way to confirm would be to find a CPD# from a DaylightMax model to see if it’s the same. If the label is for single hung and you’re buying a single slider it would mean that the ratings you see on the slider might not be exactly the same, but I expect they’d be essentially the same so I wouldn’t really worry about that.

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