Window Sales Tactics

window salesman scams and tricks

If you’ve spent a little time shopping for replacement windows you’ve probably already discovered that there are some characters out there.  They have all sorts of interesting window sales strategies, tricks and scams.

Before you start thinking all window salespeople are jerks read this.

Some folks can be worse than others, but we’ll explain some of the most manipulative window sales tactics in use out there so you can know how to avoid them.  The fact that a company uses any of these tactics doesn’t necessarily reflect on the quality of the product they offer, but it most certainly does tell you how they treat their customers.

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A few of the more common tactics we’ll cover:

If you want to watch some videos of live and in person window sales training so you can see what it looks like behind the scenes check out this section!

You’ll get the idea pretty quickly.  Whenever we talk to folks about these window sales tactics they will inevitably say “oh, I’d never go for something like that”, but these companies do millions of dollars in business with these exact tactics every single year.  Someone’s buying it.

Window salesmen scams and tactics
Most window salespeople are great folks, but if you’ve been in this business long enough you’ve surely met some characters like this fella!

Why would a company employ tactics like this?  Because they know they’re not offering a great deal.  You can be sure that every real company out there has a pretty good idea of what their competitors are offering and how their pricing compares.  If you did this for a living you’d have all of that info at your fingertips too.

If you were selling a product at a price that you knew was not competitive you would need to do everything in your power to get the customer to buy without shopping around.  You would know for certain that if they did shop around they’d discover a better deal and you’d lose the business.

You couldn’t tell them that you want them to buy on the spot because you’re offering a bad deal so you’d need to come up with a better story.  Whether it’s a manufacturers rebate, an appointment saver discount, a model home program or something else the real reasoning is all the same.  It’s to entice the customer to buy without understanding their options.

Successful companies are pretty good at this so you need to tread carefully.  The important factor to remember is that nothing in this business changes on a daily basis.  A deal they would offer today is a deal they would accept tomorrow no matter what they tell you.  If you remember nothing else, remember that it’s always smart to take your time and consider your options.  You’ll be shocked at how much you will save.

Take a look through the links above for more detailed information on each of these window sales tactics.  We’ll also be posting information on window features that are just hot air like this one on windows with magnetic seals.  Enjoy!

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192 responses to “Window Sales Tactics”

  1. Richard Avatar

    I am looking to get pricing on 20 replacement windows ( I guess it is considered new construction as they will have to remove the vinyl siding and replace from the outside?) for my 1 family colonial near Manchester NH. I have had 4 companies come in and give me pricing. But I am finding it is all over the place. Nothing is close. Each of them is using a different window manufacturer. I got into an argument with one sales person when he told me a discount (which he couldn’t explain the calculation), was void once he walked out. I simply asked if I had time to get other quotes and if I liked his window and price better, would I be able to call in a week and get the same price. Naturally, he said no. That didn’t make sense to me.
    The windows were the Okna Insul-tek 500, Anderson Renewal, Harvey Classic and Pro-via. I asked for all white casings, vinyl, double pane, double hung, argon gas. I am expecting a price on the Okna today. Also, so far, the sales persons have all said the windows are all double lifetime warranties. The company offering Harvey Classic has come in at 20k, the company offering Pro-via is at 28k. Something seems fishy that the pricing is so far apart like that. I don’t know the pricing on the Okna yet but comparing everything (feature wise) and trying to sift through some of the stuff they are telling me is difficult.

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Richard, it certainly can be a frustrating process. Why are you wanting them to remove the siding to install the new windows? That’s not the most common way to do it and will certainly be adding to the cost.

  2. Brian Avatar

    I’m here in Memphis, TN. We’ve had Renewal by Andersen out and their initial quote was $72,ooo for 24 double hung windows! They dropped the price to $51,000 if we’d sign up the same day as the quote. I’m looking for a moderately priced replacement window as we only plan on being in the home for 3-5 years. Any thoughts?

  3. I put out a job qoute request on Angi (Angi’s List) and got a reply from Window Depot of Milwaukee. They state they only did virtual quote due to the pandemic and scheduled a time to meet. They asked me to supply a few pictures before hand for review. The day came and I was invited to a Skype-like video call. The salesman shared his screen and had what looked like a power point slide qued up, as I could see many pages on the left side of the screen. He suggested instead of reviewing each of the 200+ pages I could watch a short video. I chose that option. About 20 seconds into the video the sound was lost. I tried to use a chat feature to inform him there was no sound, but he did not respond until the video was over. He said he was sorry, but did not let me watch it again or explain the pages he had on the left side of screen. Instead he joked about new technology and when into getting the dimensions of the windows I wanted a quote for. After some claims about what wonderful windows he was going to sell me, he danced around specific window ratings and never told me who manufactured the windows he was quoting, we finally got to the prices. Then he acted surprised when the program he was using to calculate prices malfunctioned and he told me a price of $25K for 4 windows. He again tried to blame this on technology or a updated program. Then he seemed to re-enter the window data and came up with a quote of $19K which he was happy with. He then went into a speech about how he could offer a 5% discount now, then when I did not agree, he offered another 10% discount. Leaving the final price around $17K. I told him I would be getting other quotes and we ended the call. The next day a different person called from the same company and offered to quote me some cheaper windows if I was not happy with the original quote. I declined and have not spoke to them since.

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Bob, thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds like some companies are still using the old fashioned pricing gimmicks even without the old fashioned in-home salesman. This is defininltey a funny business.

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