Window Sales Tactics

window salesman scams and tricks

If you’ve spent a little time shopping for replacement windows you’ve probably already discovered that there are some characters out there.  They have all sorts of interesting window sales strategies, tricks and scams.

Before you start thinking all window salespeople are jerks read this.

Some folks can be worse than others, but we’ll explain some of the most manipulative window sales tactics in use out there so you can know how to avoid them.  The fact that a company uses any of these tactics doesn’t necessarily reflect on the quality of the product they offer, but it most certainly does tell you how they treat their customers.

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A few of the more common tactics we’ll cover:

If you want to watch some videos of live and in person window sales training so you can see what it looks like behind the scenes check out this section!

You’ll get the idea pretty quickly.  Whenever we talk to folks about these window sales tactics they will inevitably say “oh, I’d never go for something like that”, but these companies do millions of dollars in business with these exact tactics every single year.  Someone’s buying it.

Window salesmen scams and tactics
Most window salespeople are great folks, but if you’ve been in this business long enough you’ve surely met some characters like this fella!

Why would a company employ tactics like this?  Because they know they’re not offering a great deal.  You can be sure that every real company out there has a pretty good idea of what their competitors are offering and how their pricing compares.  If you did this for a living you’d have all of that info at your fingertips too.

If you were selling a product at a price that you knew was not competitive you would need to do everything in your power to get the customer to buy without shopping around.  You would know for certain that if they did shop around they’d discover a better deal and you’d lose the business.

You couldn’t tell them that you want them to buy on the spot because you’re offering a bad deal so you’d need to come up with a better story.  Whether it’s a manufacturers rebate, an appointment saver discount, a model home program or something else the real reasoning is all the same.  It’s to entice the customer to buy without understanding their options.

Successful companies are pretty good at this so you need to tread carefully.  The important factor to remember is that nothing in this business changes on a daily basis.  A deal they would offer today is a deal they would accept tomorrow no matter what they tell you.  If you remember nothing else, remember that it’s always smart to take your time and consider your options.  You’ll be shocked at how much you will save.

Take a look through the links above for more detailed information on each of these window sales tactics.  We’ll also be posting information on window features that are just hot air like this one on windows with magnetic seals.  Enjoy!

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192 responses to “Window Sales Tactics”

  1. Tim Avatar

    I ask a window company that gave me a quote if I could watch their guys put in a windows before I made a decision on their bid? They said no because of insurance. Then the salesperson said she would check with the boss to see if they could take some pictures to show me what the process was like. The owner called me back that night and basically told me I was being unreasonable because they had a lifetime guarantee on the windows. Was I being unreasonable to ask for some pictures of the installation process?

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Tim, that seems like a relatively common thing to ask about. I know we don’t usually have one customer go to another installation, but there’s certainly no insurance related reason that would be any issue.

      If they’re not able to explain the installation process to your satisfaction just look elsewhere. There are plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to replacement window companies.

  2. Carlos Avatar

    Are there specific codes for having to use tempered glass in stead of annealed glass?

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Carlos, yes there are. It comes from the international building code so it’s basically the same rules everywhere. It looks like I haven’t written a post about that which is a little surprising. I’ll do that soon. Common situations where tempered glass is required are when the window is near a door, near the floor or near a pool or shower area. The idea is to improve safety so it’s areas where someone might fall into a window. You can still break tempered glass but it breaks into small pieces, like the side windows of a car, rather than big shards that could seriously hurt someone.

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