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Alside Windows FAQ

Here we’re looking at our Alside windows Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that has not yet been answered, or if you’d like any clarification on any questions, post a comment below. We read every single comment that comes in and we do our best to respond. If you have an unanswered question the chances are good that other people do too. Help everyone out by asking your question below.

Where are Alside windows made?

Alside windows are produced in 5 US manufacturing plants. They are in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Kinston, NC, Cedar Rapids, IA, Yuma, AZ and Fife, WA.

Are Alside windows custom made?

All Alside windows are custom made for each customer. There is no inventory of finished windows. You must submit the exact dimensions and features required when you place your custom window order.

Who owns Alside?

Alside is owned by Associated Materials, Inc located in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. They produce windows, siding and metal products and have manufacturing and distribution operations all over the US and Canada.

Are Alside windows any good?

Alside makes a wide range of windows with many custom configurations. Some are lower end options and some are nicer or higher end options. There are competitors who will say Alside windows are mid-range or builder grade, but that’s not based in reality.

What is the Alside window warranty?

Most Alside windows come with a lifetime warranty that covers the window structure and the insulated glass unit. Some options will also come with a lifetime labor warranty or glass breakage warranty.

Are Alside windows efficient?

Alside windows are all custom made so they can be ordered in a wide range of configurations. There are very efficient options like triple pane glass and foam filled frames. There are also less efficient options that are less expensive. As a larger manufacturer they’ll offer more options than most companies.

Can anyone buy Alside windows?

Alside sells their windows through dealers all over the US. If you are a contractor or remodeling company you can setup a wholesale account to purchase windows from Alside. If you are a homeowner looking to purchase Alside windows you can order through a dealer.

How much do Alside windows cost?

The pricing for custom made windows will vary based on exactly what you’re ordering. Sometimes window companies can make the pricing confusion but it doesn’t need to be.

Are Mezzo windows good windows?

Alside Mezzo windows are custom made and available with a wide range of features or options. You can order Mezzo windows with nicer features or with lower cost features so the end result depends on how the windows were configured. Overall Alside Mezzo windows can be a very solid choice.

What is Climatech PriME glass?

Climatech is a marketing name for the glass packages offered in Alside windows. There are many Climatech packages including ClimaTech PriME, Elite, ThermD, Plus, S3, TG2 and more. These packages are all different. They have different prices and different efficiency ratings. Your dealer should be able to explain the options so you can pick the best choice. If they’re not able to do you that you should find a different dealer or contact us for more info.

Is the Alside Sheffield a good window?

Not really. The Sheffield is an older design with thick bulky frames and higher air infiltration rates. This was a great window model 20 years ago but the industry has moved on.

Does Alside make Preservation windows?

No. Preservation and Alside are brands that are both owned by Associated Materials, Inc along with several other window brands. Preservation is intended to be the high end option which usually just means it comes with a high price.

Does Alside make Revere windows?

No. Revere and Alside are brands that are both owned by Associated Materials, Inc along with several other window brands. Preservation is intended to be the high end option which usually just means it comes with a high price.

Does Alside make Gentek windows?

No. Gentek and Alside are brands that are both owned by Associated Materials, Inc along with several other window brands. Preservation is intended to be the high end option which usually just means it comes with a high price.

Can you buy Alside windows online?

Yes. You can buy Alside windows online from Window Universe in many cities across the country. This has completely changed the window industry and eliminated the need for a pushy in-home salesman.

Should you buy Alside windows?

That can be a completed question. Alside windows can be a good choice, but they are sometimes installed by some questionable installers. This can cause problems with the windows and can negatively impact the final result. If you’re considering Alside windows be sure to find a top quality installer.

Are Alside windows cheap?

Alside windows can be custom made in lower end configurations to lower the overall cost. Since the windows are custom made many features are options and can be removed in an effort to reduce the price. Be sure to understand what the advantages of each feature are so you can decide if you want to include it or not. We can help with questions about available features for Alside windows.

Are Alside Ultramaxx windows any good?

No. Alside Ultramaxx windows are a very old design that is outdated. It was a great model back in 2000 but those days are long gone. Alside now makes newer models that will perform better than the older Ultramaxx window.

Do Alside windows leak?

No. If an Alside window is installed properly it should not leak water. All windows have air infiltration ratings and they should not let in more air than the rating suggests. If you have Alside windows that are leaking your first call should be to the company you bought them from.

Where is the best place to buy Alside windows?

Alside windows can be ordered through a national network of dealers or they can be ordered online. The online process is newer and has become very popular with homeowners who don’t love the idea of a window salesperson sitting in their living room.

What are Alside Revelation windows?

Alside Revelation is a private label window offered by one company in several markets. In our experience this is not a good value. A similar or identical product can be purchased for less when ordered online. There’s no need to pay the inflated prices offered by in-home salespeople.

Does Alside make 8000 series windows?

Yes, Alside makes a window model called 8000 series. This model is usually sold with different brand names by different dealers around the country. It’s often sold at highly inflated prices. The Alside 8000 series window model is a decent product but it is usually not a good value do to the higher than average prices.

Do Alside windows use virgin vinyl?

Yes. Alside windows are made with virgin vinyl. There is scrap material that results from custom window manufacturing and that material is sold for recycling into other products. This scrap material is typically turned into products that don’t need the same structural integrity as a vinyl window.

Are Alside windows foam filled?

Alside windows are all custom made so they can be ordered with foam in the frames or without that option. To decide if that option makes sense for you look at the efficiency ratings with or without foam in the frames. That option usually only makes a difference in the U-Factor of 0.01 or so. That means it’s usually more sales pitch than a useful feature.

Are Alside windows fully welded?

Yes. Almost nobody still makes windows that are not fusion welded so this is a pretty silly sales pitch. There are still window salesmen out there making a big deal about welded windows. If someone told you that you should buy his windows because they’re fully welded you should probably look for another company to work with.

Are Alside windows on sale?

No. Alside is a wholesale manufacturer so they don’t have specials or sales. Sometimes window salespeople will make up specials or sales to try to pressure you into making a quick decision. If a company tells you the price is expiring soon they are trying to manipulate you. You should look for someone else to work with.

How much do Alside windows cost?

Alside windows are available in a wide range of configurations with a range of prices. The in-home salespeople can make it very difficult to get accurate prices. The best way to get Alside window prices is to get a quote online with no in-home salesman. This online process has been growing very quickly and is very effective.

What’s the difference between an Alside 6100 and 6400 patio door?

The Alside 6100 patio door was the top of the line patio door that Alside offered for many years. Customers loved it, installers loved it, it was a good sliding patio door.

The Alside 6400 door is a newer model that is now very popular. The price is basically the same, but the 6400 model is available in an 8′ tall door as a standard size. You can also get the 6100 door in an 8′ height but that would be a custom size for that model and it would cost a fair bit more to do that.

The 6400 door is also available in a french style sliding door and it’s available with interior blinds which are popular options. I’d say the quality is about the same between the two models and my company primarily offers the 6400 now since it’s the newer design.

Can you order Alside windows without installation?

Yes. Window Universe is the largest online retailer of Alside windows and you can order these windows with or without installation.

Do you have a question about Alside windows that was not answered?

Post a comment below to let us know. We’ll add your question to the list so everyone has more info. If you think we’re wrong about anything post that too and we’ll be happy to address your concern.

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11 responses to “Alside Windows FAQ”

  1. Debbie McGee Avatar
    Debbie McGee

    I had planned to have an Alside 6100 sliding patio door installed, but then learned that the 8 foot high door was not available in that series. The sales person said that the 6400 series will be what I will need to look at. I am wondering which of those is a higher quality door, and if comparing 6100 to 6400 series doors of like dimensions, which would cost more. Looking at the brochure, I can’t get a sense of which is a better door. Thank you for the information.

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Debbie, that’s a perfect question for this page. I’m going to post it with an answer above in just a few minutes. Thanks for writing.

      1. Debbie McGee Avatar
        Debbie McGee

        Great! Thanks, I appreciate your feedback.

      2. Debbie McGee Avatar
        Debbie McGee

        Does the vinyl wrapped wood on the 6100 Alside patio sliding door offer any advantage over the all vinyl 6400 door (no option for foam fill frame)? Also, the Denver company I am purchasing (6400 series door) from initially said there is no need to upgrade to the Elite glass package because there is “negligible performance enhancement”, but when I mentioned Alside’s SHGC numbers for the Elite glass on the slider the salesperson gave it a thumbs up. This door is direct south facing with no roof or covering of any sort. The sales person agreed that it would be a good upgrade and the cost would be about $200 for the Elite glass. I don’t have the official quote yet, but I expect it tomorrow. Is this a reasonable quote for an 8 foot door and am I throwing away $200 on something that will really not be as beneficial as I think it will be?

        1. thewindowdog Avatar

          Well, the Climatech Elite package defininltey does offer lower SHGC numbers than the regular Climatech glass package. If heat from the sun is a concern then that would be a good option. We use that package for most projects in the south where the sun is the major concern.

          The downsides to the Climatech Elite vs the regular Climatech glass is that the Elite is a little darker or greener and you won’t get as much heat from the sun in the winter when you want it. In areas like Austin or Phoenix it’s a no brainer, the heat is the issue almost all the time and the Cliamtech Elite package makes sense. Farther north it’s a bit of a judgement call as there are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Just depends on your specific situation.

          $200 more for the Climatech Elite isn’t totally unreasonable.

  2. Randy Wester Avatar
    Randy Wester

    Is the galvanized steel frame in the Alside Mezzo window a corrosion risk in the hot and humid syayes that border the Gulf of Mexico? How is the steel frame constructed inside the vinyl window?

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Randy, no there’s no corrosion issue. The steel reinforcement is optional and it’s sealed inside the vinyl frames so not exposed to the elements anyway. The steel pieces are installed before the sash components are welded together.

  3. Candice Van Sickle Avatar
    Candice Van Sickle

    What is the spacing between panes on an AlSide 8000 triple pane window?

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Candice, the Alside 8000 series windows use a 1″ insulated glass unit and I believe the space between the panes is 23/64″. Remember, details like that don’t really matter and salespeople bring them up to distract you.

      What you probably actually care about is the efficiency of the window and you can see that by comparing the efficiency ratings. If one window is more efficient than another the efficiency ratings will be better. If the efficiency ratings are not better then the window is not more efficient. There’s no need to worry about the thickness of the glass.

      It could be 1″ think or 1/2″ thick or 3″ thick, that doesn’t really matter. What matters is the efficiency and it’s easy to see how efficient one window is compared to another by comparing the ratings. Hope that helps!

      1. Candice Avatar

        Well, I was interested in the triple pane windows and there should be two spacings for the Argon. A triple pane with Argon is most efficient if each spacing is 0.7inches wide. If the spacing is only o.35inches wide, it is better to use Krypton.
        But I cannot find a cross-sectional drawing of the AlSide 8000 triple pane windows to find out what the actual spacings are.

        1. thewindowdog Avatar

          The spacing is 23/64″ with 3/32″ glass, but remember you can easily tell how efficient it is by looking at the U-Factor. There’s no figuring out or assuming required. You can order these windows in triple pane with single strength or double strength glass and that will change the spacing, but it has very little impact on the efficiency. You don’t really need to worry about any of that. You can just look at the U-Factor to see how efficient the window is in any configuration.

          For example, the U-Factor for the Alside 8000 series windows with argon gas, single strength glass, a popular type of low-e coating and a common spacer is 0.22. If you keep those other factors the same, but change the argon to krypton the U-Factor changes to 0.19. So, the krypton makes a difference, but not a huge difference.

          If you switch that to double strength glass, which means a smaller space between the panes, the U-Factor stays at 0.19. In that case the space between the panes makes absolutely no difference in efficiency. None.

          When you compare the argon configuration in double strength or single strength glass the difference in U-Factor is 0.01. In that case the difference in spacing does make a small difference in efficiency, with the larger spacing offered by single strength glass proving a more efficient result, but a 0.01 difference in U-Factor isn’t too substantial.

          Do you see how I mean it’s significantly easier to just look at the ratings rather than trying to infer something based on some idea that a salesperson had. Most of the window salespeople out there don’t actually know much about windows, but they don’t have a problem making all sorts of claims. By trying to focus you on something like that space between the panes, which is difficult data to get, vs U-Factor, which is easy data to get, they’re trying to make your life more difficult. That’s not someone who is trying to help you.

          The easy way to cut through a lot of that junk is to just look at the ratings to see what you’re trying to see. If the U-Factor is lower the window is more efficient. If the U-Factor is higher the window is less efficient. The salesperson should be able to show you the ratings for every available option. It really is that easy.

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